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New Era Newpaper Wednesday October 4, 2017

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Wednesday, October 4 2017 | NEW ERA Inside BUSINESS: ICT & GADGETS 10 MTC services down at Leonardville Staff Reporter Windhoek The village of Leonardville has been without MTC services since Saturday. According to MTC, on Saturday, at around 17H30, during the repair of a bent guy rope on an MTC 150-metre guy mast tower, an incident occurred resulting in the collapse of the Leonardville tower. No injuries were recorded. network teams are on site in an effort to minimise the down time. The mobile telecommunications operator anticipates restoring services by today. However, coverage to the outskirts of Leonardville will not be possible until the tower has been rebuilt, MTC has said. Photo: BBC News Facebook set to hand over Russia-bought ads Facebook will give copies of more than 3 000 adverts it says were bought in Russia around the time of the US presidential election to US investigators on Monday. The technology giant also said it would share at whom the adverts had been targeted and how much they had cost. Google is also reported to be investigating whether Russia used its advertising services around that time. Russia denies was won by Donald Trump. In a recent statement, Colin Stretch said the decision to “Disclosing content is not something we do lightly under any circumstances,” he wrote. However, the data would not be made public. “We believe the public deserves a full accounting of what happened in the 2016 discovered, in a manner that is consistent with our obligations to protect user information, can help,” he said. Last week, Twitter was criticised by the US Senate Intelligence Committee for about Russian interference during the election. The social network said it had shut down about 200 accounts linked to a Russian misinformation campaign. Google said in a statement that it would “cooperate with any inquiries”. – BBC News Photo: Equifax Equifax raises the impact of data breach Equifax has revealed 2.5 million more Americans than previously thought may have had information compromised in a The credit report giant said on Monday about 145.5 million of its US customers might have been affected, up from a previous estimate of 143 million. The update came a day before in Congress about the attack. Smith apologised ahead of the hearing for Critics say the company failed to take proper steps to guard information - such as Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses - and waited too long to inform the public. Equifax disclosed the attack last month, estimating that about 400 000 Britons and 100 000 Canadians may also have had data compromised. estimate for US customers, but lowered it to only 8 000 Canadians after further investigation. In remarks prepared for Congress, which were published on Monday, Smith urged the US to adopt new standards for customer credit information. Smith, who resigned last month, said the attack made him believe consumers should have sole control over when their credit information may be accessed. former chief executive and chairman also offered a chronology of the happened in May, with hackers taking advantage of a software vulnerability that Equifax was warned about in March and did not address. Equifax said he learned about the problem two days later. An investigation ordered by the company revealed the enormity of the attack by mid-August. Smith said Equifax faced a “massive” task to prepare to respond to customers. by calls after the breach became public, and faced problems with the website it created to address customer complaints. Equifax holds data on more than 820 million consumers as well as – BBC News 1. The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) hereby invites Namibian professional engineering consulting firms to tender for the Walvis Bay and Outapi land development. The invitation is open to 100% Namibian companies only. TOWN DESCRIPTION REFERENCE NUMBER Walvis Bay a. Design of water reticulation, sewer, roads + sidewalks, electrical reticulation and storm water management. b. Provision of tender documents after designing. c. Provision of estimates after designing. d. Supervision of the Actual Installation. CS/RFP/NHE 05/2017 Outapi a. Design of water reticulation, sewer, roads + sidewalks, electrical reticulation and storm water management. b. Provision of tender documents after designing. c. Provision of estimates after designing. d. Supervision of the Actual Installation 2. Qualifications requirements include: CS/RP/NHE 03/2017 I. A company profile indicating all services rendered II. Company registration document/Founding statement III. A valid original good standing Tax Certificate; IV. A valid original good standing social security certificate; V. A valid certified copy of the Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate; VI. A certificate indicating SME Status (for Tenders reserved to SMEs); Additional details are provided in the Bidding Documents. VII. Certificate of registration with the Namibian Engineering Council. 3. A complete set of Bidding Documents with detailed specifications may be purchased by interested bidders from the National Housing Enterprise Head office in Eros, Windhoek as from 18 September 2017 upon payment of a non-refundable fee of N$ 500.00 4. Bids clearly marked with description and reference number must be delivered at Reception, Tender box, NHE Head Office 7 Gen. Murtala Muhammed Ave, Windhoek by closing date and time on Friday 20 th October 2017 at 11h00. Electronic bidding will not be accepted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids opening will be on 20 th October 2017 at 11h00 at NHE Head Eros, Windhoek. Procurement Management Unit,Contact: Ms. Noreen Siyanga or Mr Lebeus Kangandjela on 061 2927208/2927240

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