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New Era Newpaper Wednesday October 4, 2017

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2 NEWS Wednesday, October 4 2017 | NEW ERA Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 273 328 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 OTJOMUISE VICTIM From page 1 The fact that she paid for most of the household needs, including her unemployed boyfriend, did not seemingly matter as she suffered abuse day after another. The boyfriend, 41-year-old Erastus Heita, allegedly sold and abused drugs. When he was not high on drugs, he was a dream boyfriend, those close to the couple told us. But he was a different animal when high, they said. Her family was well aware of what she was going through, but, says her stepmother Peneyambeko Moses, it was culturally impossible to intervene in the couple’s personal affairs. Her father, Lucas Kamati, was a broken man when New Era visited his house in Golgota yesterday. He left all the talking to his wife, the deceased’s stepmother. “I can’t talk. I just came from the mortuary,” said a visibly overwhelmed and emotional Kamati when New Era visited the family home in Golgota yesterday. The grieving Kamati could barely keep his head up as he tried hard to hold back tears. He consoled himself by looking The New Era team visited the Kamati family home at around 10h00 yesterday. It is here where the late Maria Megameno Kamati’s stepmother, siblings as well as other relatives were preparing to receive mourners who would visit the residence during the day. Moses repeatedly described the deceased as “a good girl”. She said Maria, who celebrated her 31st birthday just last week, was generous and always ready to through other means. She also related how Maria, who recently ventured into business, constantly looked out for her younger siblings by assisting with some needs, whenever she could. “If she wanted to spoil her siblings she would come and take them for shopping and then bring them back again,” related an emotional Moses while wiping tears from her eyes. She also spoke of her oshitenya (in-law), Erastus Heita, saying he was a man with "a good heart". Moses said that the family does not know where Heita – who appeared in court yesterday - got a gun because the one he previously police. “But he used and sold drugs and that is where the bad temperament stemmed from,” explained Moses. The deceased’s family recollected that the couple often fought when Heita was under the “She used to call me to tell me about the challenges they had in their relationship. When he was that is when they had problems,” a family member said. Moses said that she and her husband could not interfere much in the relationship, except to give advice from time to time. Culturally, it is never advisable to interfere in people’s relationships, she said. “They were not married. They only lived together and culturally in Oshiwambo when that happens we cannot really get involved when conflicts arose because proper formalities were not followed for them to move in together,” explained Moses. She also said that at times Maria would visit her father’s home to share the differences she had with her boyfriend. Other times, New Era was further told, she would relay her pains to other relatives and friends. a friend that she was "tired". On several occasions, she she occupied with her two children and partner but he always insisted that they get back together and that things would get better, related Moses. “What can we do? We cannot do anything but to accept,” remarked Moses, saying holding grudges and being resentful towards Heita would not bring the deceased back. “Even his (Heita) family did not know that he would kill her. It’s not their fault.” Moses and Kamati were already at work when they received a phone call that their daughter had been shot dead. could not utter a word for one hour and her father held his hands on the head in shock,” said Moses. Gender activist, Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi yesterday stressed that enslaving cultural practices contribute to gender-based violence. Such cultural practices children to openly discuss matters of relationships, he explained. “Culture as it is right now is not helping,” said Karuaihe-Upi, also calling for an end to enslaving cultural practices. “We need to embrace new ways that work for us. If your culture is not working for you change it,” said Karuaihe-Upi. The couple had two minor children. Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 CONTRACEPTIVES From page 1 Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa proposes compulsory contraceptive to prevent pregnancies among school-going children. Photo for illustrative purposes only. The minister made her input during the national gender advisory committee high-level dialogue on the national gender policy, organised by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. Hanse-Himarwa proposed the idea after the gender ministry’s permanent secretary Wilhencia Uiras pointed out that high teen- a problem at the regional gender permanent task force. The one-day event was held in Windhoek and was attended by regional governors, their advisors and ministers, deputy ministers and permanent secretaries, Hanse-Himarwa maintained the country has done and continues to do everything in its power to create awareness and sensitise learners to abstain from sex. “I know this is a controversial one and I will get a lot of opposition and pressure from parents and churches but as I said, the problem is with us and sometimes we need to take unpopular decisions,” she said. “Why can’t we have public hearings to gather input from society, parents, learners, churches and whomever are the necessary stakeholders that compulsory contraception be given to learners?” she remarked. The minister said a lot of discussion is expected to go into this. She added that at school level, parents and the concered girls should give their consent. “Of course, there will be those who will say ‘my daughter will not be given contraception’ or the learner saying ‘I will not take contraceptives’, but at least let’s have a starting point. I say when they are sexually active, let’s give them contraceptives to prevent these escalating pregnancies. Those who choose not to take will not take but at least we will be able to help a quarter of those who say ‘indeed I need this or I want my girl to take this’,” she stated. The minister added that forms will be designed and parents will give approval along with the daughters’ consent. According to a newspaper report, Ohangwena Region has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies. The report stated that 109 pupils fell pregnant in Ohang- year, which includes 16 primary school learners. Tel: +264 61 - 273 326 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - 273 322 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 WARMBAD From page 1 He said the provision of animal feed to the farmers by government is not sustainable, and farmers will be back to square one when the lucerne provided is up. Statistics show that about 18 795 animals face death due to lack of grazing, with 8 679 goats, 7 297 sheep, 1 996 cattle, 456 horses and 367 donkeys from 29 communal and 28 resettled farmers within the Warmbad area. been up and down seeking assistance for the farmers, but thus far only the regional council has extended a helping hand. This, according to him, is why farmers should help themselves by selling some of their livestock rather than waiting for help that might never come. He also informed New Era that one of the offices he approached was that of the deputy Prime Minister. Although the response has been positive, with a team already dispatched to assess the situation, nothing has yet been received. “A delegation from the deputy Prime are willing to assist but so far they have not indicated when we can expect to get assistance, so I really do not know when they will be able to help,” he stated. Warmbad is situated south of Karasburg in the //Kharas Region

Wednesday, October 4 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Hero’s funeral for Governor Muharukua Staff Reporter Windhoek A call to boycott... TUN Secretary General Mahongora Kavihuha with Zambezi TUN Acting Chairperson Hasters Muhamubi in Katima Mulilo yesterday. TUN to boycott World Teachers’ Day celebrations President Hage Geingob has conferred national hero status on Kunene Regional Govenor Angelika Muharukua, who died at her residence in Windhoek on Sunday from a suspected heart attack. She was 59 at the time of her death. “The Presidency wishes to announce that His Excellency President Hage G. Geingob has decided to accord the status of national hero to the late Honourable Angelika Kazetjindire Muharukua,” presidential press secretary Albertus Aochamub stated on Monday. “To that end the late Honourable Muharukua will be bestowed a full hero’s funeral and all the relevant arrangements that accompany such a burial will be followed. Further funeral arrangements will be made available as soon in the media release. Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo The Teacher’s Union of Namibia (TUN) has decided to boycott this year’s commemoration of World Teacher’s Day, as they feel they are being sidelined by the education, arts and culture ministry. Speaking to the media in Katima Mulilo yesterday, secretary-general of TUN Mahongora Kavihuha said the union feels that the education ministry does not recognise TUN as a valued stakeholder. This follows a circular which was released by the ministry on September 26, outlining various activities which will take Heita in court for girlfriend’s murder place prior to Teacher’s Day celebrations. Kavihuha says the fact that TUN was not mentioned in the circular as a valuable stakeholder and has been sidelined from all the preparations, was clear testimony that the ministry does not recognise TUN as a union representing some of the teachers in the country. “In our guessing, we are assuming that the exclusion of TUN members by the ministry is on the basis that they are regarding TUN members not being their voice, neither valued partners nor stakeholders or at its minimum maybe on the basis of exclusive bargaining recognition agreement,” stated Kavihuha. Kavihuha further called on members of TUN and teachers’ at large to boycott this year’s celebrations. “There is very little if any for the teachers to celebrate this year, except mourning individually in their homes… hence the TUN position in urging all teachers to boycott the so-called ministry’s World Teachers Day organised activities.” Efforts to get comment from the education ministry proved futile. This year’s World Teacher’s Day will be commemorated in the Oshana Region tomorrow, where Education, Arts and Culture Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa will be the keynote speaker, while regional of- where the minister’s speech will be read. The late Angelika Muharukua Maria Amakali Windhoek The man who is currently the talk of the nation for allegedly killing his long-term girlfriend and mother pearance in court yesterday were he was denied bail. Erastus Heita, 41, who appeared to be very calm when he took the stand in Windhoek Magistrates’ Court in Katutura is accused of fatally shooting his live-in girlfriend of nine years, Maria Megameno Kamati, in the early hours of Monday morning. The prosecution is charging Heita with murder, read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act. The substantial facts on the charge sheet indicate that Heita unlawfully and intentionally killed 29-yearold Kamati on Monday morning in Otjomuise, a Windhoek residential suburb. According to police reports, the mother of two was shot in the head with a 9mm Makarov pistol. The report further indicates that after the fatal shooting, Heita drove himself to the police to report the incident. However, he got involved in a car crash the Windhoek police station. Murder accused Erastus Heita in court yesterday During his short appearance in court, Heita was very reluctant to answer the court’s question about legal representation. “I am not ready to do anything now…I will only be able to make a decision maybe on my second appearance,” explained Heita. However in the end Heita informed the court that he will be using a private lawyer. Heita could not be released on bail as the state strongly opposed the notion, citing that the accused faces a serious charge and that it would not be in the interest of justice to release him on bail. Prosecutors also cited the state’s fear that once Heita is released on bail, chances are that he might interfere with the ongoing investigations. Nonetheless, the court informed Heita that he still had the right to approach the court with a formal bail application should he wish to lodge one. Magistrate Michelle Kubersky postponed the matter to January 23, 2018 for further investigations and for the accused to have ample time to acquire legal representative of his choice. Victoria Thompson prosecuted. TO ALL TRANSNAMIB HOLDINGS LTD SERVICE PROVIDERS AND SUPPLIERS PURCHASE OF GOODS AND SERVICES Please be advised that in order for TransNamib Holdings Ltd to effectively manage its procurement and payment processes, all suppliers of goods and services are reminded to adhere to the following procurement procedures: the supply of the actual goods and/or the rendering of a particular service. the Company may refuse payment for such. For any further enquiries please contact: Mr Hennie Boshoff, Senior Buyer at Tel. (061) 298 2471 or by email at: or

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