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New Era Newpaper Wednesday October 4, 2017

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4 NEWS Wednesday, October 4 2017 | NEW ERA State appeals Pupkewitz fraud acquittal Roland Routh Windhoek T General is appealing the acquittal of two men implicated in a multi-milliondollar scam involving building material giant Pupkewitz Megabuild and northern business mogul, Bennie Hauwanga. Acting Judge Petrus Unengu found the two men, Immanuel Freitas Dias and Edgar Cardoso Alves not guilty on a host of fraud, alternatively theft, charges at the end of their trial in October 2014. Dias was, however, convicted on a charge of theft for removing building materials worth N9 054 from the Oshikango branch of Pupkewitz where he was employed as branch manager. He was sentenced to six years imprisonment of which three years were suspended. Dias served his sentence. Alves was convicted on the same charge of theft and one count years with three years suspended. He is currently missing and a warrant for his arrest was issued in June this year when the appeal was initially launched and was made with immediate effect on Monday when the appeal was heard. In their appeal, the State argued that Judge Unengu did not apply his mind properly to the evidence of Hauwanga, who seems to be the victim of the alleged fraudulent actions. Dias, Alves and a third accused, Mark Paul Alves, pleaded not guilty to 139 counts of fraud, alternatively theft, and two further charges of theft when their trial started before Acting Judge Unengu at the start of their trial. After the close of the prosecution’s case, Mark Alves was found not guilty after Judge Unengu found that none of the State witnesses linked him to any of the offences. Leaving Dias and Alves to face the music. They were accused of having defrauded Pupkewitz Megabuild and Hauwanga of more than N.2 million while employed at Pupkewitz Megabuild’s Oshikango branch. It was further alleged they stole building material valued at about N3 000 from the company between August 2007 and March 2008. Dias was the manager of the Oshikango branch of Pupkewitz Megabuild at that time. In the disputed judgment, Unengu found that Hauwanga was a poor witness who was contradicted by other State witnesses. The Prosecutor-General’s Officer, however, argues that the Judge did not consider his (Hauwanga) explanations on how he operates his business with an open mind. According to Deputy Prosecutor General, Ingrid Husselman, the Judge way the businessman conducted his affairs, which was not his domain. She further said he did not consider all the circumstantial evidence in its totality. Advocate Slysken Makando, who appeared on behalf of Dias, vehemently denied the Judge erred when he found the State failed to prove the allegations against his client. According to Makando, the could in the circumstances. Advocate Zagrys Grobler appeared for Alves. Deputy Chief Justice Petrus Damaseb together with Judges of Appeal Elton Hoff and Sylvester Mainga reserved their judgment. Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Keetmanshoop has resumed after repeated delays this year due to lack of funds. The project, which was set for completion last year, remains incomplete but construction work Notice Take note that IDC TOWN & REGIONAL PLANNING, on behalf of the owners of Erf 4386, Katutura, intends to apply to the Windhoek City Council for: Consent in terms of 23 (1) of the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme not exceeding 50% of the approved ‘Business bulk’ area of the erf, which shall be devoted solely for ‘General Residential’ use. Enough parking will be provided in accordance with the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme. Erf 4386 Nasarener Street, Katutura, is zoned ‘Business’ with a bulk of 1 and is 1 158 m² in extent. Take note that the locality plan of the erf lies for inspection on the Town Planning Notice Board at Customer Care Centre, Municipal Windhoek. Further take note that any person objecting to the proposed rezoning as set out above may lodge such objection together with grounds thereof with the City Council or the applicant within 14 days of the last publication of this notice ( 2017). APPLICANT: IDC TOWN & REGIONAL PLANNERS PO BOX 2325 WINDHOEK has now at least resumed. During a recent visit to the minister Bernhard Esau slammed the main contractor, Edison Building Enterprises cc, for failing to complete the project in the stipulated time, saying contractors like them do not deserve to get tenders from government. “I was told that this individual bought new cars instead of putting the money into the project. So, the project is years behind because of an individual. This is unacceptable,” Esau fumed during the visit. A few weeks after the minister’s visit, the contractor responded positively, as work has started and PUBLIC INVITATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR THE PROPOSED OFFICE BUILDING, SINGLE DWELLINGS & RESTAURANT DEVELOPMENT AT LISELO COMMUNAL AREA IN ZAMBEZI REGION Project Name: PUBLIC INVITATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR THE PROPOSED PETROLIUM FILLING STATION DEVELOPMENT AT LISELO COMMUNAL AREA IN ZAMBEZI REGION Project Name: SI MASTER TRADING CC is in full swing. Simasiku, told New Era that while there was doubt whether the contractor would be able to complete the project, the response has been encouraging. He said it was agreed during a meeting at the site last week that the contractor be given time to complete the project, after he indicated that he was ready and “The effort put in by the contractor has been positive. He came on site and made sure that work was being done properly. This showed commitment and his he said. Simasiku said work is now 100 percent in progress, and he is hopeful the project could be completed soon if there are no obstacles. However, he could not give the exact date of completion, Child raped while parents attend church Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop saying it is not easy to give a date considering unexpected obstacles that might hinder the construction. “There were some shortcomings, and there might still be some challenges. So, it is not easy to say when construction will be done,” he said. The foreman, Collin Hekemo, concurred with the farm manager that unforeseen circumstances can always come up, but he continues at the current pace, construction can be done in two months’ time. “If there are no challenges, I work by the end of November this year,” he stated. The N million upgrade of the facility will see an increase in per year to about 30 tonnes once completed. A 12-year-old girl was raped while alone at her parents’ house on Sunday morning after a man sneaked into the family house and had sexual intercourse with her. The girl was left alone at home, as her parents had gone to church. Between 08h00 and 10h00, the suspect, aged 27, allegedly entered the house and forcefully had sex with the girl. The suspect was caught in the act after one of the neighbours heard the girl screaming, and went to the house to establish why she was screaming. Only then was the girl rescued from her traumatic experience. expected to appear in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court today.

Wednesday, October 4 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Council, villagers argue over dam Lüderitz mourns death of chief electrician Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz Water woes… A tanker drawing water from the earth dam last week. Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Community members from villages surrounding Omuthiya are at loggerheads with the Omuthiya Town Council for drawing water from a community earth dam. The dam is within the town boundaries. The issue started when council permitted a local contractor to draw water from the dam to be used in the construction of a soc- This did not go down well with the community members, who raised concerns that this move would leave their livestock without water, as it might not last until the rainy season. According to a community activist, Moses Amukoto, it was inconsiderate for the town council to allow someone to draw water from the dam without consulting the communities whose animals drink from the dam. “We were not consulted in this matter. To our surprise, we only saw a tanker drawing water. It is a very big tanker, and we are worried that if they continue to draw Photo: Obrein Simasiku water our animals might not have enough water,” he stressed. Amukoto added that if the contractor needed water, he would have to pay a levy for their ben- that the dam is indeed within the town lands but argued that this was the only source of water for the animals in the area. Amukoto, who was in company of the area headman and some community members, vowed that they would not allow the contractor to draw water from the earth dam. Meanwhile, Simon Nghulondo, a representative of the town council, last week met the community and apologised for having acted in that manner without consulting them. “We met with the community and apologised, and asked if they could allow us to fetch water from the dam. This water is for development purposes, we are stated Nghulondo Previously, the contractor used ground water from Omuthiya. that the contractor could no longer use the water because it is salty and cannot be used on the layer the contractor is working on. The Lüderitz community and town council are grieving over the death of the town’s chief electrical Langer. Langer passed on last week on Town Council in 1999 as an electrician. In 2002, he was promoted to the position of Chief Technician Electrical, a position he held until his death. A memorial service was held where the Lüderitz Town Council employees, family and community members gathered to celebrate the life of Langer. Langer was born on 11 October 1960. To the community of Lüderitz and his colleagues, Langer was the true son of the soil, who was always available to support the Lüderitz people wife, Jadine, four children and grandchildren. This is not a brick This is the beginning of hope. The promise of shelter, warmth and safety. This is your chance to contribute to a better Namibia. The Standard Bank Buy-a-Brick initiative contributes funds to the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia in order to provide brick homes for thousands of low- to no-income Namibians, and erase shacks from the country. You can donate with just N. Send a Direct Deposit to Standard Bank Buy a Brick, Acc. No.: 60001469613.

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