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New Era Newspaper - 16/06/2017 - Vol22 No216

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22 entertainment Friday,

22 entertainment Friday, June 09, 2017 | NEW ERA Arriving… Kamuni, Tamaa and Kakena at the premiere of the documentary Skulls Of My People last Saturday in Windhoek. Buddies... Gerlly and EMZ at the Reloaded Show. Goo Relo OUT Twining… Gerlly and EMZ at the Reloaded Show. For a laugh... Damara Dikdig and Slick The Dick at Mark Reloaded show. Friends… Trina, Sally and Treza at NTN.

Friday, June 09, 2017 | NEW ERA entertainment 23 d Friends… Luci, Patricia and Jeff at NTN for the Mark aded Show. Comedy lovers… Sam, Felix and Ingo at NTN. & about Friends… Collin and Jay Jay taking it slow on a Saturday afternoon at home. Happy vibes… MeeShetu and Cota Efe enjoying Maperes birthday after-party at his lounge in Eveline Street. Partying… Bonz, Eveline, MeeAusiku, Selma Kapselah at Maperes birthday after

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