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New Era Newspaper - 16/06/2017 - Vol22 No216

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26 Friday, June

26 Friday, June 16, 2017 | NEW ERA entertainment FRIDAY 16 JUNE 00:00 Prime News ® 00:45 Soccer Pitch ® 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 06:00 Good Morning Namibia (Live) 08:00 Healing Power Of Nature ® 08:30 Prime Minister’s Question Time ® 09:00 Soccer Pitch ® 10:00 Morning News (Live) 10:30 Roofless 11:00 S.A’s Got Talent 12:00 Los Rey ® 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 CNN Global Update (Live) 14:30 Africa’s Child 15:00 And the Letter to the Children 15:30 Sunshine Club 16:20 Just Teenz 17:00 Life in Slow Motion Drama 17:30 Club 808 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Los Rey 18:45 Roofless 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Absolute Rugby ® 19:30 Tutaleni 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Business Today (Live) 21:15 Sport News 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 Generations 22:30 Prime News ® 23:15 Shuga – Season 5 SATURDAY 17 JUNE 00:00 Modern Family 00:30 The Mechanic (R16) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ® 07:30 Mister Maker ® 08:00 Max Steel ® 08:30 Regal Academy ® 09:00 Sunshine Club ® 10:00 Rhythm City (Omnibus) 12:00 America’s Got Talent ® 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 Totally Rubbish 14:00 Inter Sport 16:00 Whatagwan ® 17:00 SAF 3 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Stars in Style 18:30 Session Studio 6 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 The T-Boy Show (PG) 19:30 Whata-Lifestyle 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 NBC Jukebox (Live) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Sink Hole (PG13) (VC) SUNDAY 18 JUNE 00:15 Fled (R16) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 Gospel Mix 07:30 A New Season 08:30 Universal Church 09:00 Los Rey (Omnibus) 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 A New Season ® 14:30 Inter Sport 17:00 News Journal 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Once We Were Hunters 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Green Horizon 19:30 Healing Power of Nature 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Session Studio 6 21:30 Demigods (PG) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Anthrax (PG13) FRIDAY 16 JUNE 00:00 Chosen - 1 (PG13) 02:00 Al Jazeera News (Live) 06:00 Fitness First Class 06:30 Kasi Living: Edladleni 07:00 Sport Specials 11:00 WWE Wrestling 12:00 Broken Vows ® 12:30 Scandal! ® 13:00 Paternity Court 13:30 Shikisha 14:00 India a Love Story ® 15:00 Turn Up and Dance ® 15:30 Run the Adventure 16:00 Steve Harvey 17:00 Whatagwan ® 18:00 Kasi-Licious: My VIP Recipe 18:30 Generations 19:00 India a Love Story 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Session Studio 6 20:30 Scandal! 21:00 NBC Jukebox ® 22:00 Broken Vows 22:30 Rapid Fire (PG16) (VC) SATURDAY 17 JUNE 00:00 The Mirror Has Two Faces (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Good Boy (PG) 08:30 Epic (PG) 10:00 Sport 13:00 Broken Vows (Omnibus) 15:00 Generations (Omnibus) 17:00 The Do-Deca Penthathlon (PG13) 18:30 Hollywood Ultimate Countdown 19:00 Revenge 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Necessary Roughness 21:00 Missing – Season 1 21:45 Free Your Mind 22:00 Conviction (R16) (VC) SUNDAY 18 JUNE 00:00 Mr. Bones (PG13) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Hook (All Age) 08:30 Gospel Mix ® 09:00 On Case With Paula Zahn 10:00 Sport 13:00 Scandal! (Omnibus) 15:00 India Love Story (Omnibus) 19:00 America’s Got Talent 19:45 Sport News 20:00 The Black List 21:00 Jumping For Joy (PG) 22:30 White House Down (R16) (VC) 22:30 Rapid Fire 22:30 White House Down 22:45 Sink Hole 22:00 Conviction = Movie ® = Repeat (VC) = Viewers Choice Times and programmes are subject to change. Buy once. Get Digital TV forever. No monthly fees.

20 entertainment Friday, June 16 2017 | NEW ERA COMEDY Classy ‘The Avenue’ hosts comic Courage Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Popular comic, Courage Condo, who has provided Namibians many bouts of laughter with his hilarious jokes over the past few years, is set to make a comeback on the local comic circuit. Tomorrow he hosts a comedy night at Windhoek’s newly opened café and restaurant, ‘The Avenue’. With the night themed “Comedy and Class”, Courage promises a special comedy night tomorrow night. “It’s a collaboration between myself and the newly opened restaurant. It’s also the first time I return to comedy after my recent mugging by unknown gangsters, because I stayed away from comedy for a while,” Courage says. He has been absent from the comedy scene for close to a year, apart from Free Your Mind appearances. “As some say, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ and tomorrow night, audience can expect strong punchlines, good food and great dining,” he promised. The performance will also serve as an opportunity for people to give their dads the best Father’s Day presents ever because June 17 is Father’s Day. In addition, the show features renowned comedian Slick the Dick, Chiro and a bubbling under card, the comic Max the Entertainer! Courage hinted that he would start off with some Father’s Day jokes as a starter, and then move onto his new jokes on, Facelift, relating to his recent mugging, the College of the Arts, Nguvi, SME Bank and food. His jokes are based on things that are currently happening in the country, and he says he pokes fun at things as way to open up people’s minds to the truth. Ryan Lehmann from ‘The Avenue’ says that on the night they will have many of their items on special. “The Avenue hopes to draw a good mix of people to our new upmarket venue where they can enjoy themselves with good food, good friends and good times, which is our slogan at the restaurant,” Lehmann says. The DJs will play some old school music to entertain guests. The Avenue is an upmarket, funky restaurant and lounge with an old school vibe situated on Independence Avenue. Courage is one of the biggest stand-up comedians in Namibia, and is best known for his comedy focusing on life in Zimbabwe. He has won awards such as “Last Comic Standing 2011” and “Male Comedian of the Year 2014”. He was born in Zimbabwe’s third biggest city, Gweru, and moved to Bulawayo at a very young age, Courage had the opportunity to learn both Zimbabwe’s principal languages. This earned him the nickname, coloured, since he was fluent in both of the two most commonly spoken indigenous languages. He moved to Namibia in 2010 to pursue his tertiary education at the University of Namibia (Unam), at a time when Zimbabwe faced a serious economic crisis. In 2014, he summoned up enough courage to present his first one-person show titled “University of comedy, a history lecture on Courage”, which was all about showing who Courage was. Two months down the line he won the crown of Male comedian of the Year at the Free Your Mind comedy awards. The same year he also joined forces with another Free Your Mind comedian, Chiro, and together they became C-square. The duo has staged numerous shows, but they are best known for their viral video series called ‘Boot News’ focusing on Namibian current affairs, and the rest of the world. Tickets for the show cost N Courage the Comedian who features at the classy new joint, The Avenue, during a comedy night tomorrow night. DANCE Sascha the belly dancing ‘goddess’ (Photo: Donna Collins) Sascha Olivier- Sampson is Namibia’s belly dancing ‘goddess’, and someone who has taken entertainment to a completely new level. Donna Collins Swakopmund Professional belly dancer Sascha Olivier-Sampson is about as close to a goddess as you may find. She is an exotic beauty, and creative dancer who has shimmied her hips in countless belly dance spectacles in Namibia, and around the world. She started belly dancing over ten years ago, when she established her ‘Moon Goddess Dance Studio’ in Windhoek, and has since wowed audiences with her grace and radiance. She is also a lecturer at the University of Namibia (Unam), where she heads the Visual and Performing Arts Department, inspiring young people to embrace their creative talents. Through her arts she has danced on stages around the world, in particular Sweden and Switzerland’s Orient Alps Festival. The latter being part of a Unam exchange workshop. Sascha works tirelessly at being a world class belly dancer. She has shifted perceptions of this particular dance genre, which has entered a new level of entertainment in Namibia. Her major achievement to date, must be the annual ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ belly dancing extravaganza, choreographed by the ‘Moon Goddess Dance Studio’ for the past eight years. ‘Shimmy’ is a showcase of local belly dancing talent, and is hosted every year in Windhoek and Swakopmund, to coincide with the celebration of World Belly Dance Day during May. With a heart of gold to add to her string of attributes – in particular a compassion for animals – Sascha produced the ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ as a fund raising platform for various animal charity causes in Namibia. Having recently taken a welldeserved curtain call from her twohour sell out shows, this year’s theme ‘Myths and Legends”, was everything and more. The fabulous costumes and props were designed mostly by the dancers themselves, who comprised a cast of around 40. Local dancers were joined by groups from South Africa, Zambia and America, with the youngest cast member being nine years old. This year, the generous funds collected through the Windhoek show were donated to ISAP (Intelligence Service Against Poaching), while they will donate the money raised in Swakopmund to the much needed Desert Lion project. In previous years Sascha has been focusing on donating the funds raised to the Windhoek SPCA, Have-A-Heart which sterilises underprivileged pets, as well as the Swakopmund township Feed-A-Paw charity. “I am concerned with animal welfare and am a huge animal lover, so I have used my platform as a belly dancer to create awareness for animals in need,” she says. “Belly dancing has really grown from when I first started, and ‘Shimmy’ has done a lot to change audience’s perception, whilst putting Namibian belly dancers on the map,” Sascha says. “This is a show enjoyed by the whole family, and has become so popular, I have repeated requests to take the show internationally.” She also said that she now offers belly dancing workshops as the demand has increased. “I am proud of what ‘Shimmy’ has become, as I didn’t start out with expectations, and was just producing a show to raise funds for a charity of my choice,” Sascha adds. But her work doesn’t stop here. In addition to holding workshops, and judging competitions, Sascha has been invited to perform at a major Belly Dance Festival’ in Johannesburg. She also has been asked to perform in fund raiser for the deaf, as well as a Cancer Association charity event in October. She will wrap up her busy year with the not-to-be missed ‘Carnival of Flames’ held in Swakopmund during the December festive season.

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