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New Era Newspaper - 16/06/2017 - Vol22 No216

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Friday, June

Friday, June 16, 2017 | NEW ERA MODELING Model set on becoming world class act entertainment 21 Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Just like any other aspiring models in Namibia, Selma Mulunga, has big plans of becoming a top class model around the world. She is one of the youngest and most ambitious local models, and has already won many accolades Selma says she was inspired to pursue her career in modelling by the winner of Miss Namibia 2003, Petrina Thomas. “A few months after she (Petrina) won the crown, I had the chance to spend some time with her; talk to her and even get a ride in the car she won at Miss Namibia. “Just by talking to her, I felt inspired. She is very beautiful, friendly and humble. She was my inspiration,” Selma says. Selma started modelling in 2013 by taking part in small pageants. The same year, after she won the title of first princess at Miss //Kharas FM, she decided to put her full effort into modelling. “It was a very hard decision to take part, but I was positive about it and got to the first stage. From there, I couldn’t stop. I kept on taking part in different pageants and actually never lost a pageant,” Selma says, and adds that she always walks away with something. Some of the successes she has achieved in modelling include being crowned Miss Independence last year; Miss IUM Walvis Bay 2016, Miss Energy 100 FM 2015, first princess at Miss IUM 2015 and first princess of Miss // Kharas FM 2013. She has also won titles as first princess at Miss Keetmanshoop Show 2013, second princess at Miss Diamond 2014 and first princess at Miss Keetmanshoop 2015. S e l m a s a y s s h e w a n t s t o take part in Miss Namibia one day, and win the Miss Namibia crown to enhance her career internationally. Born 22 years ago in Windhoek, she grew up in Keetmanshoop where she learnt how to present herself on the catwalk. “ I ’ m v e r y a m b i t i o u s a n d focused. I grew up in a small town but my dreams are big. When I set my mind on something, it must be achieved,” she says. She grew up loving pageants and always believed she had to win every pageant. Selma Mulunga has a big dream of becoming a top class model. COMEDY Mark leaves audience craving more Mark Kariahua, also known as The Fresh Prince of Okakarara, performing at his reloaded show at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) last Friday. Sabina Elago Windhoek Comic Mark Kariahua, also known as ‘The Fresh Prince of Okakarara’, had the audience in stitches as he humorously took them down the memory lane to his life story, especially relating to years gone by. The Fresh Prince of Okakarara proved at his reloaded show last Friday that he remains a charming and skilful comedian. He had hardly climbed onto the stage as he plunged into a narrative a b o u t h i s l i f e , w o r k and how famous he is becoming. “I finally got a job at 99FM and what I like most about my job is my parents can finally l e a v e m e a l o n e . T h e y were always asking, ‘so you tell jokes opuwo?’ And I felt sorry for them because they were often asked ‘your child hapo is he Mr. Bean (Is your child Mr. Bean?)”. “ B u t I p e r s o n a l l y d o n ’ t c a r e , ” r e t o r t e d Mark jokingly. He kept joking about how hard it is out there, particularly because he is famous now. “It is so hard to be on billboards and not have a car of your own. When I am taking a taxi I always try to hide my face, because someone might recognise me and ask a hundred questions. It’s a really a difficult lifestyle to maintain,” Mark added. For 60 minutes, Marked babbled about every detail of his life much to the amusement of the crowd. He further told the story of how he was once mugged and robbed of his phone late at night, jokingly attributing his fate on the night to his small stature, which made him an easy target for the robbers. “I need to get a big bodyguard to protect me,” Mark joked. The audience kept asking for more as they could not have enough of Mark’s jokes. MUSIC Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Profit comes out from hiding Local hip-hop singer, Panash Pieters, best known as Profit, is not new to the music industry. Many have seen him performing alongside well-known rap and hip-hop acts such as Jericho and Bertholdt at various local festivals for the past seven years. But now, Profit has come out from the shadows to claim his own spot in the limelight. Not only that, he has also announced the release date of his much anticipated debut album titled ‘The Fallen Angel’, which is apparently taking the industry by storm. The album is due for release on June 24. “Even though I haven’t reached the peak of success in the music industry after having been it for seven years, I’ve done my homework on the industry. “I am still going strong. This goes to show that music is not only a hobby or a talent, but for me it’s a lifestyle. Therefore I will never go quiet for as long as God gives me the honour to live,” Profit says. He is well known for hit songs like ‘Let Me Go’, featuring Kanibal, which he says was an eye opener in the music industry. The song has enjoyed a good amount of air-play on local radio stations like Base FM and Fresh FM. Other hit songs include ‘Genesis’ featuring Jericho and ‘Pycr’ and ‘Unique’. He recently released a song called ‘Do Dab Dab’ featuring Don Kamati, which is busy making waves. “I chose to name the album ‘The Fallen Angel’ because it speaks about people who have been jaded by life, but have not let that destroy their inner beauty or their compassion. “They still believe in themselves and have gone over and above to make it in life,” Profit says about his upcoming 11-track album. DJ Mentoz recorded and mastered the album. He says nowadays people forget about the entertainment aspect of music, and about the way it used to spread the message to people. “I am more of a midstream/commercial artist. I have music people can relate to, whether it be household issues, what’s happening in the world or for those with broken hearts. “There are also songs that can attract hip-hop lovers; the type of sound trending in hip hop,” he says. Working on the album was a satisfying experience, with almost every established artist he has worked with contributing, Profit says. His fan base in music started at the age of 13 when he was part of the musical group, Young Damage. He was under Jericho’s wing, and performed at various school shows as well as at different music festivals. Last year he performed at the South African singer Cassper Nyovest’s show and also filled up the Kuisebmond show hosted at the Coast. He also performed at the Micasa show in Swakopmund. He will launch his exclusive preview album at the DMT Lounge, where established Profit is back to take the music industry by storm. artists such as Bertholdt, Djay and John Gregarious will perform. “I am planning on an invading the south tour later in the year, so please stay tuned to my social media for updates,” he says.

22 Friday, June 09, 2017 | NEW ERA Friday, June 09, 2017 | NEW ERA entertainment entertainment 23 Arriving… Kamuni, Tamaa and Kakena at the premiere of the documentary Skulls Of My People last Saturday in Windhoek. Buddies... Gerlly and EMZ at the Reloaded Show. Good Friends… Luci, Patricia and Jeff at NTN for the Mark Reloaded Show. Comedy lovers… Sam, Felix and Ingo at NTN. OUT & about Twining… Gerlly and EMZ at the Reloaded Show. Friends… Collin and Jay Jay taking it slow on a Saturday afternoon at home. Friends… Trina, Sally and Treza at NTN. For a laugh... Damara Dikdig and Slick The Dick at Mark Reloaded show. Happy vibes… MeeShetu and Cota Efe enjoying Maperes birthday after-party at his lounge in Eveline Street. Partying… Bonz, Eveline, MeeAusiku, Selma Kapselah at Maperes birthday after

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