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New Era Newspaper - 16/06/2017 - Vol22 No216

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4 NEWS Friday, June

4 NEWS Friday, June 16 2017 | NEW ERA Final remand in mafia-style murder Maria Amakali Windhoek Forty-year-old Yemeni national Murad Esmail Ali Al-Hersh, accused of killing a 35-year-old Malian national Gamby Maya, whose body was found at a dumping site in Kleine Kuppe, will remain in custody after the prosecution informed the court investigations are ongoing. “One statement is still outstanding and it has to be obtained from South Africa and lab results are still not available,” explained public prosecutor Laura Mabuku, consequently having the case pushed to August. Al-Hersh has been in custody since August 2, 2016 after the court refused to release him on bail in November 2016 in light of the seriousness of the offence and he being a flight risk. Al-Hersh’s defence counsel Norman Tjombe told the court it should be a final remand since his client has now been sitting in prison for almost a year waiting for investigations to be finalized. According to the substantial facts in the charge sheet, Al-Hersh killed Maya in an open space in Kleine Kuppe, where residents usually discard their rubbish, during the night of July 31 to August 1, 2016. Maya died from a penetrating shot between his eyes while he was seated in his green Hyundai Elantra, 2014 model. Maya’s corpse was discovered by a passer-by at the dumping site in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek. Maya’s execution was the result of unlawful money dealings gone sour. The duo apparently had a dealing agreement in which the deceased was meant to convert US0 000 (N.4 million) into Namibian dollars but he later failed to account for US0 000 (N.9 million) which led to him being shot. According to the prosecution Al-Hersh dumped the body and discarded the deceased’s vehicle in Olympia residential area. Al-Hersh was later arrested in Ongwediva with a huge stack of money in his possession. Magistrate Ilge Rheent postponed the case to August 4 for further investigation and Al- Hersh will remain in custody at the Windhoek police station. State to appeal Narimab acquittal oland Routh indhoek tate Advocate Ethel Ndlovu on Tuesday odged an application for leave to appeal the cquittal of Franciscus Narimab on one count f murder, two counts of rape, one count f robbery with aggravating circumstances nd one count of defeating or obstructing or ttempting to defeat or obstruct the course f justice. Narimab was acquitted on all charges after is State-funded lawyer, Mbanga Siyomunji, pplied for discharge in terms of Section 174 f the Criminal Procedure Act at the close f the State’s case. Siyomunji submitted that here was no evidence presented upon which reasonable court may convict Narimab and therefore he should be discharged on all counts. Judge Boas Usiku agreed with Siyomunji and discharged Narimab on March 15 this year. Not satisfied with the decision of the judge, the State is now applying for leave to appeal that decision in the Supreme Court. However, it must pass the hurdle of convincing Judge Usiku that the Supreme Court may come to a different conclusion than the trial court. Judge Usiku set down the date of June 27 for the hearing of the appeal application. In the meantime the trial of Narimab’s coaccused Ruben Fritz is on hold until the appeal is finalized one way or the other. According to the State, the judge misdirected himself, alternatively erred in law and/or in fact when he ruled in favour of Narimab when enough circumstantial evidence was presented that warranted answers from Narimab. The State will argue that the court did not put enough emphasis on the credibility of the State’s witnesses whose evidence was not of such poor quality that no reasonable person would accept it. Narimab and Fritz have been in custody since their arrest five days after the discovery of the victim in a bushy area between Shandumbala and the Western Bypass near Katutura, until Narimab was released after spending at least four years trial-awaiting. Fritz remains in custody. The State alleges the two accused took turns to rape 18-year-old Alwina Uri-Khos during the period March 28 and 29 in 2013, while the other held her down after taking her to a bushy area between Shandumbala and the Western Bypass in Windhoek. It is further alleged that both accused killed the deceased by hitting her with stones on her head and she died at the scene from severe head injuries due to blunt force impact trauma. The accused then allegedly robbed Uri- Khos of her cellphone, SIM card, one pair of shoes and trousers. It is further alleged they destroyed the SIM card and sold the cellular phone and instructed the mother of Fritz to give false information to the police. It is further alleged they disposed of the shoes and trousers of the deceased in a way unknown to the police. We salute you Cde Andimba • Hero • Determined • Humble • Liberation Era Icon • Role Model Iipumbu Shiimi Tatekulu rest in peace. From the Board, Management and Staff of August 26 Group of Companies Our Star of the Week is the Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Iipumbu Shiimi, who this week announced that the repo rate, or the rate at which banks borrow money from the central bank, would remain unchanged at 7 percent. This means the interest rate of consumer repayments at commercial banks will also remain unchanged, thereby not exerting any more financial pressure on consumers. While maintaining the repo rate does not provide relief to consumers, it at least does not exert any more pressure on consumers who are also beginning to feel the pinch of the government’s fiscal consolidation. Shiimi also noted that the country’s inflation rate slowed from 8.2 percent in January 2017 to 6.7 percent in April. The decline in inflation has been attributed mainly to lower food inflation and going forward, inflation is expected to average 6.9 percent at the end of 2017.

Friday, June 16 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Thieving kids prompt farm to a premature harvest Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Fonteintjie Fish Farm at Keetmanshoop was forced to harvest its fruit produce earlier than the day of the anticipated harvest, after almost 70 percent of the fruits were stolen last week. The thieves allegedly cut through the fence during the night and started illegally harvesting the lemons, oranges and naartjies, leaving only about 30 percent of the produce. Farm manager Peter Simasiku Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek informed New Era that although the farm mostly focuses on aquaculture, they had started planting various types of fruit trees, aimed diversifying production of the farm. Simasiku said, by doing this they hope to expand operations and employ more people, and produce fresh fruits for the community, noting the first harvest was set to be donated to community members living near the farm, but this is now impossible, because of the recent theft. “Seventy percent of the production was stolen. It was going to be Botswana Genocide Committee spokesperson Jezenga Kuhanga says the Ovaherero/ Ovambanderu and Namas in Botswana are capable of representing themselves in seeking reparations for what Germany has acknowledged was genocide. Between 1904 and 1908 large numbers of Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama people fled from what was then German South West Africa to Botswana to escape the genocidal wrath of German colonial troops, who were acting on an extermination order from General Lothar von Trotha. “We are the citizens of a sovereign independent state with peculiar socio-economic and demographic dynamics. We better understand our conditions and are the only ones Photo: Matheus Hamutenya Security breach… Farm manager Peter Simasiku at one of the areas where the fence to the farm was cut, before trespassers reportedly entered and stole almost all the produce. a good harvest, the soil is good and the trees are growing well, but this is a setback,” he stated. The thieves seem to be the same culprits that stole fish from the farm last year, and Simasiku expressed concern that some parents were that can best articulate them,” Kuhanga said in a telephonic interview with New Era last week. Kuhanga made it very clear the group would be willing to cooperate with genocide committees in Namibia, but would not be subordinate to anyone. “We seek to work with others on equal footings as citizens of equal states,” he said. He added that - like in Namibia - there are also two different genocide committees in Botswana with different goals and objectives. Kuhanga said talks between his committee and the Botswana government are at an advanced stage and they had several meetings with that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation director, Charles Masole, with Namibian High Commissioner to Botswana Mbapeua Muvangua, as well collaborating with their children to get onto the farm to steal, with the elders cutting the fence open and the younger children climbing through under the fence. He further said the police had informed him that the minors that We can represent ourselves – Botswana genocide committee as the German ambassador in Botswana. Further, he said the group had already put forward three names to the authorities for approval. Once approved their organisation would become a legal entity. Briefing the media after meeting with President Hage Geingob recently, Ovaherero Chief Vekuii Rukoro described the meeting on the genocide issue as positive. He were questioned, informed the police that they were sent by their parents. “It seems to be one household, and the elders cut the fence open and sent in the ones who are under-age, so that even if they are caught, they will not be sent to jail.” He stressed the need for the community to protect the little government is trying to provide, especially during a time when the country is faced with financial constraints, saying such projects should be able to not only sustain themselves, but expand and create jobs for many. “The project should sustain itself. We do not want to kneel down to government and beg for money again, we want to stand on our own, but we cannot do that if we do not harvest because some people have stolen it,” he said. Simasiku said they expected to harvest over 500 kg of fruit before the theft. said they made certain proposals to Geingob on how to iron out differences in perspectives on the genocide negotiations. He said the majority of proposals they put forward constituted a sound basis for bridging any potential disagreement between them and the government. The negotiations between Germany and Namibia include discussions about an official apology for the genocide. MEMORIAL SERVICE Republic of Namibia *BORN: 22 August 1924 +DIED: 9 June 2017 THEME: “The unity of our people is the most important precondition to obtain the goals we have set for ourselves. We cannot maintain and nurture unity if we permit inequality to fester.” “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” PROGRAMME MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR/ OSHITUTHIDHIMBULUTHO SHEPENDAFULE COMRADE HON. HERMAN ANDIMBA TOIVO YA TOIVO DATE: 16 June 2017 VENUE: Ondangwa Trade Fair Center Ondangwa, Oshana Region PART B / OSHITOPOLWA SHA B DATE: FRIDAY / ESIKU: ETITANO, 16 JUNE 2017 12:00 : Arrival of the Public / Okuthika kwaakwashigwana 13:00 : Arrival of Dignitaries / Okuthika kwaasimanekwa 13:30 : Casket leaves the mortuary 13:45 : Arrival of the Hearse at Ondangwa Trade Fair 14:00 : National and AU Anthems - Introductory Remarks - Prayer by Rev. Dr. Shekutaamba V.V. Nambala - Welcoming Remarks by Governor of Oshana Region, Hon. Clemens Kashuupulwa - A Poem in honour of the fallen Hero/ Okateyo kesimaneko lyependafule lyakalala: Meme Magano Shipinge - Choir Performance TRIBUTES/ OMAWI - On behalf of Friends by Hon. Dr. Iyambo Iindongo - On behalf of Mangundu Community by Mr. Martin Elago - On behalf of Onayena Community by H.E Dr. Nickey Iyambo, Vice President of the Republic of Namibia - On behalf of Odibo Community by Bishop Shihala Hamupembe - On behalf of Ondjondjo Community by Dr. Frans Indongo - On behalf of Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary School - Hymn - Message by Namibia-Cuba Association by Cde Sisco Elago - On behalf of NCCI by Mr. Tomas Iindji - On behalf of ELCIN by Rev. Dr. Shekutaamba V.V. Nambala - On behalf of Robben Island Ex-Prisoners by Cde Peter Iilonga - Message of Omukwaniilwa gwaNdonga, Tatekulu Kauluma Elifas - Hymn - On behalf of the Oshikoto Region by Hon. Henock Kankoshi, Governor of Oshikoto Region - On behalf of SWAPO Party by Cde Erastus Kapolo, Oshana Regional Party Coordinator - Message of the Government of the Republic of Namibia by Major General (Rtd) Hon. Charles Namoloh - On behalf of Namesakes (Oombushe) by Toivo E. Kamati - On behalf of the Patrilineal Family by Rev. H. Nashihanga - On behalf of the Matrilineal Family by Hon. Fillemon Malima - On behalf of Siblings by Mr. Nestor ya Toivo - On behalf of Grandchildren by Dr. Elizabeth Kamati - Tribute by the Children: All 3 Children - Tribute by the Widow: Mrs. Vicky E. ya Toivo - Choir - Eulogy by Hon.Nahas Angula - Hymn/ Eimbilo 391 or 392 Ehangano - Vote of thanks by Mr. Shali Kamati - Sermon & Benediction: Rev. Shihala Hamupembe - Announcements by the Director of Ceremonies - AU and National Anthems - Viewing of the body 18:00 END OF PROGRAMME “THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES...”

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