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New Era Newspaper - 18/03/2014 - Vol19 No152

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New Era Newspaper - 18/03/2014 - Vol19

says the NSBA presents this school 2014. Friday, July 15 2011 1 NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA NEW ERA NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA N$ 3.00 (incl VAT) A N N I V E R S A R Y Newspaper for a New Namibia Product Vol. 16 of No. New Era 226 Publication Corporation Windhoek, Namibia Friday, July 15 2011 Vol. 19 No. 152 Windhoek, Namibia Tuesday, March 18 2014 WINDHOEK - President Hifikepunye Pohamba was on Monday admitted to a local private hospital for an unconfirmed illness. Haufiku never resigned from RDP WINDHOEK – Is it ‘informed consent’ or ‘forced consent’ when a woman deep in labour pains signs a document that allows health care givers to perform a sterilisation procedure on her as a patient? ‘Shape up or ship Govt appeals landmark out’ N.00 (incl VAT) Bester can’t Inside wait Today for Spurs News... sterilisation ruling Page 4 Page 5 Page 32 • Pohamba stole President hospitalised free education By Roland Routh This question formed the over “forced sterilisations” they are HIV positive. In idea – Opposition basis of the appeal hearing focused their arguments on his landmark ruling made yesterday before a full bench whether the women gave two years ago, Judge Elton of the Supreme Court in their “informed consent” Hoff ruled that the women Windhoek. Counsels for both or not. did not give ‘informed consent” government and three women The women who may not before the procedure, By Staff Reporter litigants who two years ago be named dragged government won a claim for damages in to court after they were the Windhoek High Court sterilised ostensibly because landmark page 2 Pohamba demands workers have Youths ready to flock the polls • Van Wyk acquitted on theft under false pretence • No sick leave for 'babalas' Finance... • Namibia 3rd on growing retail market index By Albertina Nakale the number of registered Notemba Tjipueja said the Prime Minister Nahas Angula youth voters at 508 459 or high number of young voters indicate that Namibian confirmed yesterday that the President was hospitalised, but the Prime ple make up a significant 366 people registered with youths have come of age. WINDHOEK – Young peo- 44 percent of the total 1 162 job security Minister maintained it was for an number of voters registered the Electoral Commission “Clearly, the youth have “annual routine medical By Jemima checkup”. national general elections. completed voter registration Beukes to participate in this year’s of Namibia (ECN) in the just NAUTE News of the - President President’s Hifikepunye alleged Pohamba publicly Provisional figures put exercise. ECN chairperson youths page 2 ill health spread like wildfire denounced the working conditions at the Namibia Development Wednesday night, with unconfirmed reports Corporation claiming (NDC) that the fruit farm at Naute dam, A wet-wet week Head tearing of State into was the gravely management ill. of the farming enterprise. He • Otavi prepares for But was Premier particularly Angula upset said he at finding was that workers who’ve informed worked that on the farm President for the was last in two years are employed bigger, better hospital on one-month for his contracts, regular medical while the harvesting season lasts examination. three to four months. expo “He went for his annual checkup. I “If am a person not aware works that for he three has to four months then they suffered must sign from a stroke, contract only for medical three or four months. A person people should can then confirm have that,” security said for the three months at least, but Sport... Prime for a Minister, person working responding for two to years a to be employed on a question one-month whether contract the basis President is not right. had suffered a stroke. Where is the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Angula, who visited the First Citizen why don’t at a local they see private this? hospital on Wednesday, A person should said have President a job security of at least six Pohamba months,” was Pohamba scheduled said to in be criticism dischargement of yesterday. the fruit farm, which is a joint of An the Ordinance NDC manage- Clearance Team of the Namibian Police on Tuesday detected a TMA-3 anti-tank landmine of former Yugoslavian origin “I don’t know if he finally got at venture Otunganga between village in Ohangwena and detonated it on Wednesday. This was one of the type of mines used by the Swapo military the NDC and the UAE-based Al-dhahra discharged but he was expected wing, Agricultural PLAN, during the war of liberation in Namibia. Squatting is the head of the team, Chief Inspector Mathias Neshunga, pointing to Company. come out today (yesterday),” at some of the ammunition and other war materials that his team also detected in its operation. Photo: Nampa Angula “When told New you Era. renew workers’ contracts every month, is it done by law?” the president enquired. NWR in red The fruit farm is located at the Naute dam, roughly 40 kilometres outside Keetmanshoop. The farm primarily Simon’s claim Opposition grows grows dates and table grapes for export to Europe. Manager of the By Al-dhara Toivo Ndjebela company at Naute dam, Sahle Abdul Karda, confirmed that some workers have WINDHOEK – The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is flattens MVA to MTC • towers Nm multi-sports battling to meet its financial obligations after its liabilities complex for By Desie Heita skyrocketed to N2 million in WORKERS May this year. page 2 By Desie Heita of the financial woes of the Financials at the company show that the NWR liabilities women, girls MVA. WINDHOEK - Renewed international debate on mobile stood at some N million, but board chairperson Jackie Asheeke disputed this, saying there has been “under-reporting” of some road accident in which prises 30 percent of current class suburb residents who oppose the erection of a mobile WINDHOEK – The grue- That claim alone com- phones and cancer has given strength to Windhoek’s upper the real financial situation at the hospitality parastaral. several Belgian nationals outstanding claims that telecommunication tower in their residential Farmers area Forum to continue What remains true though is that the NWR is swimming in lost their lives and for which the MVA has to pay out to to resist its erection near their homes. a pool of debts, such that the company is struggling to meet former Namibian world Supplement Inside victims who sued the fund This has irritated the country’s largest mobile network its immediate financial obligations. champion boxer Harry Simon was jailed, continues tion system. munication towers in the country. based on the old compensa- operator, MTC, which says it is not the only one with com- To arrest the deteriorating situation, the company’s board of directors decided to draw money, believed to be N mil- to haunt the Motor Vehicle Residents at Bowker Hill, Windhoek, have now added the Accident (MVA) Fund and NWR page 2 is one of the main causes MVA page 2 MTC page 2 FARMERS FORUM By Deon Schlechter Compiled by Deon Schlechter Your weekly Agriculture Corner NSBA Second Meat School: ‘Increased production for survival’ Dr Dietmar Holm of the University of Pretoria. increased profitability. He has years of experience in the field WINDHOEK - The Namibian of animal nutrition and strategic Stock Breeders Association (NSBA) supplementation. Dr. Dietmar is presenting, in co laboration with Holm, a veterinary surgeon FNB Namibia, the second Meat and lecturer at Onderstepoort, Production School which wi l start University of Pretoria in South tomo row, ending on Friday at Heja Africa, wi l address the issue Lodge, outside Windhoek. of fertility and how increased The theme for this year is: management for fertility fits into “Increased production for survival.” the beef production system. NSBA Chairperson , Jacques Els, Orange Free State (UFS) will talk on selection for adaptability and fertility for increased production. These are very important aspects of livestock production in a semi-arid environment such as Namibia’s. Dr. Michael Bradfield of AgriBSA will give a talk on the use of Daysto-Calving (DtC) as a genetic parameter for fertility rather than “The programme of the afternoon of March 19 is split into two para lel (AFC). every two years as a platform not sessions; a practical demonstration only for stud breeders but also of the deboning of a mu ton carcass for commercial producers and and the preparation of di ferent emerging commercial producers, dishes from the carcass, and the where they can come and learn other a presentation by Norbert about meat production, the di ferent Dörgeloh on uses of solar energy factors that influence production, as an alternative energy source and be updated on the development and a practical demonstration on of new technologies in the livestock equipment that is available. Derek industry. Various experts from South Wright, President of the Namibia Africa, and from Namibia, wi l Agricultural Union (NAU) wi l present lectures on a range of topics. give a talk on the role of organised Professor Johann Wi lemse from agriculture in Namibia. the University of the Orange Free On March 20, Dr. Munro Marx State will speak on th economics wi l talk on the development in, and of production, and what the the use of Inter Calving Period (ICP) or Age at First Calving The programme on the afternoon of March 20 is split into two parallel sessions; gardening, sponsored by Efekto. The public is invited to a tend. They can contact Jacques Els at 081 128 1032 or Rian Momberg at 081 124 0288 to register. The cost for this Gardening session is N0-00. The other session is lectures by local presenters. Mecki Schneider, Chairman of the Lifestock Producers Organization wi l talk on the Namibian National Grazing Strategy which has been Professor Johann Wilemse of the University of the Orange Free State. results of a case study on her farm on increasing production through Rangeland Management . Pieter Hugo, a known personality in the Swakara industry wi l give a talk on the use of Swakara as an alternative sma l stock option. The cost for the Meat Production Workers harvesting dates in the south. Rain continues to fall over large parts of the country as the Weather Bureau forecasts more heavy showers in several parts of the country including Otjozondjupa, Kavango West, Kavango East and Zambezi regions, with partly cloudy and warm to hot conditions, accompanied by scattered showers and thundershowers over the central high grounds and the south. Photo: Fifi Rhodes Jacques Els, Chairperson of the Namibian Stock Breeders Association. School is N 100-00 for a implemented. Leon Lubbe of the person a tending both days and the uses of genomics in livestock Ministry of Agriculture, Water and includes all meals, presentations producers can expect over the next production. He wi l especia ly be Forestry wi l talk about the use of and refreshments, N0-00 for decade. Professor Izak Groenewaldt looking a the practical application dry land planted pastures to increase a tendance of 1 day and N0-00 wi l speak on the importance of of genomics. Professor Frikkie livestock production. Judith Isele, a for a person who wishes to a tend strategic supplementation for Neser of the University of the we l-known farmer, wi l talk on the the gardening programme. The effect of an increased price and rain in the NCA’s WINDHOEK - The three Communal Areas (NCAs) wi l Products from the NCAs are Region and therefore Meatco factors that play an important continue to struggle because only marketed in Africa and cannot make predictions a this role in the success of Meatco’s the NCAs aba toirs don’t have not overseas where returns stage, possibly only towards the aba toirs are the quality of the European Union (EU) status are muc higher. So while we end of March. ca tle received, the number of and as such, products from pay a higher price for the same To make ma ters worse, cattle received and the available this area cannot enter high animal, the market where the markets for products. value markets. The increased meat goes still pays the same. grass is going to take much When these three factors price means good prices for If the NCAs manages to longer to grow as a result of last are aligned, the abattoirs producers but not necessarily align the above-mentioned three year’s drought, and the NCAs wi l be successful, says Neu- good returns for Meatco. factors, there definitely be a is already overgrazed as it is. Nique Wi liams, Corporate According to Cyprianus succes story to tell. Therefore we can’t foresee that Communications Officer of Khaiseb, Meatco’s executive When it comes to rain in the quality of animals is going Meatco. Thanks to the increased for the NCAs, the company the NCAs, things don’t look to change drastica ly, but we Meatco producer price, wi l slaughter more ca tle in very promising yet. While the hope to see an improvement Meatco pays the same price to the area but will not necessarily Zambezi region received fairly in terms of quality from April producers north and south of receive the desired quality. Also, good rains, the eastern area the Veterinary Cordon Fence while the same price is paid of the Kunene Region hasn’t (VCF). Although this is good for animals in the NCAs, the Received much at a l. Between In the NCAs, 70% of the news for producers, Meatco’s markets where these products 60% and 70% of the ca tle in animals received are grades 0 operations in the Northern go are not high value markets. the NCA come from the Kunene and 1 and 70% are C-grades. Cyprianus Khaiseb, Meatco’s executive for the NCAs

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