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New Era Newspaper - 19/03/2014 - Vol19 No153

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New Era Newspaper - 19/03/2014 - Vol19

Friday, July 15 2011 1 NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA NEW ERA NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA N$ 3.00 (incl VAT) A N N I V E R S A R Y Newspaper for a New Namibia Product Vol. 16 of No. New Era 226 Publication Corporation Windhoek, Namibia Friday, July 15 2011 Vol. 19 No. 153 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday, March 19 2014 Haufiku never resigned from RDP ‘Shape up or ship out’ Bester can’t Inside wait Today for Spurs over fuel cards Page 4 Page 5 News... Page 32 President hospitalised By Kuzeeko Tjitemisa • Kavango land use WINDHOEK – Yesterday’s public statement by the Namibia Competition Commission on a decision made by draft plan in final the Bank of Namibia has set off alarm bells of uncertainty, albeit subtle ones, on the level of communication between By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - President Hifikepunye Pohamba was on Monday admitted to a local private hospital for an unconfirmed illness. Prime Minister Nahas Angula confirmed yesterday that the President was hospitalised, but the Prime Minister maintained it was for an “annual routine medical checkup”. NaCC, BoN in spat Heinrich Gaomab II A pinching absence of the two regulatory institutions. The Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC) called a media briefing yesterday to express its “concern” with the possible stiffling of consumers’ right to “fair, reasonable and just” choices of alternative payment methods, as a result of the Bank FUEL page 2 Ndangi Katoma Museveni defends Africa’s stance on gay love N.00 (incl VAT) • Accident shocks MCA Namibia staff • 'Shape up or ship out' - Makgone • New market and complex opens in Katima Mulilo News of the President’s alleged ill health spread like wildfire on Wednesday qualified night, with unconfirmed reports claiming that the valuators Head of State was gravely By Albertina ill. Nakale But Premier Angula said he was Finance... informed WINDHOEK that the President – The Food was and in Agriculture Organisation (FAO) funded report on the absence of qualified we are threatened with sanc- of industrialisation and • Catering centre By Mathias Haufiku vis-a-vis traditional values, He singled out the lack hospital for his regular medical examination. “He valuators went contributing for his annual to checkup. needs I am to not be aware taken seriously that he has and acted on fast. – Attempts are being made Museveni. unprocessed raw materi- high land prices in the country MIDRAND, South Africa tions. This is contempt,” said the continuing export of requests help suffered “We from need stroke, to listen only and medical share what it is that contributes to attack core African family values on matters such to blame for being held in money than those who Africa, he says, has itself als, adding: “We get less people to the can price confirm increase that,” on said agricultural the land. We have no Prime time Minister, to play blame responding games. to Our a upcoming young professionals as the rejection of homosexuality, Ugandan Presi- have not yet used our tremenals and also export jobs to at Hangana contempt by the West. “We convert those raw materi- • New appointments question on whether the President had suffered a cannot stroke. afford a house even in Okuryangava. Angula, Most of us who will visited retire without the First a piece of land. Let us look dent Yoweri Museveni dous, unequalled potential by other countries.” Citizen at factors at a local and see private if there hospital is something that we can do. said during yesterday’s converting it into strength,” “Lack of ideology is Seafood on If Wednesday, our Land of the said Brave President is not affordable to us, where Pan-African Parliament he said. creating a criminal state, Pohamba do we was go buy scheduled land? Is to it be in discharged South Africa An Ordinance or Zambia? Clearance 10-year Team of anniversary the Namibian cel-Policebrations Ohangwena in South and Africa. detonated son it on African Wednesday. states are This not was one judicially of the instead type of of mines up- used by the Swapo military Museveni on Tuesday said detected the rea- a TMA-3 a state anti-tank that kills landmine people of former Yugoslavian origin We need yesterday. to find solutions,” said Dr Nashilongo “I don’t know if he finally got at Otunganga Shivute, village in discharged Under Secretary but he was for Land expected Management wing, the PLAN, Ministry during the war “In of the liberation West they in criminalise and polygamy other war by materials law, small that his internal team markets also detected that in people its operation. and their inalien- Photo: Nampa Namibia. developing Squatting is is because the head of of the holding team, Chief the dignity Inspector of the Mathias Sport... Neshunga, pointing to come of Lands out and today Resettlement. (yesterday),” at some of the ammunition Angula The told FAO New report Era. higlights the shortage of qualified while in Africa it is, and cannot stimulate and sustain NWR valuators and the risks in that come the from such red shortcomings. Shivute confirmed the shortage, saying Namibia our way of life. Yet we do providing adequate demand. has always been, part of large-scale production by GAY page 2 has no specific legislation that governs valuation as is not Simon’s complain. When we claim Opposition grows the case in other countries. legislate homosexuality, The report found By Toivo that one Ndjebela of the reasons for high in response to the western sponsored non-gov- WINDHOEK farmland prices – The stems Namibia from Namibia Wildlife being Resorts faced (NWR) with is flattens MVA to MTC towers battling an acute to meet shortage its financial of skilled obligations land valuers. after Valuations its liabilities ernmental organisations • Sea robbers bay for By Desie Heita skyrocketed therefore to tend N2 to be million self-fulfilling in May as this transaction year. comparables are, at the to a company certain degree, show the that result the NWR of ‘in-house’ liabilities blood against Reds By Desie Heita of the financial woes of the Financials MVA. WINDHOEK - Renewed international debate on mobile stood valuations. at some N To some million, extent, but board the report chairperson says, valuations Jackie Asheeke WINDHOEK – The gruesome road accident in which prises 30 percent of current class suburb residents who oppose the erection of a mobile That claim alone com- phones and cancer has given strength to Windhoek’s upper are disputed ‘making’ this, the saying market, there rather has been than “under-reporting” ‘following’ the of the real financial situation at the hospitality parastaral. several Belgian nationals outstanding claims that telecommunication tower in their residential Youth Supplement area to continue What market. remains The report, true though released is that last week, the NWR indicates is swimming that the in lost their lives and for which the MVA has to pay out to to resist its erection near their homes. a pool valuation of debts, profession such that in the Namibia company is not is struggling well developed, to meet former Namibian world Inside victims who sued the fund This has irritated the country’s largest mobile network its immediate with farmers financial particular obligations. receiving little or no professional arrest advice. the deteriorating situation, the company’s board mon was jailed, continues tion system. munication towers in the country. champion boxer Harry Si- based on the old compensa- operator, MTC, which says it is not the only one with com- To of directors Additionally, decided the to draw Directorate money, of believed Valuation to be and N Estate mil- to haunt the Motor Vehicle Residents at Bowker Hill, Windhoek, have now added the Accident (MVA) Fund and NWR Management page 2 in the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement needs to be strengthened, and there is no uniform is one of the main causes MVA page 2 MTC page 2 valuation methodology or standards to which farmers, government or Agribank subscribe. The report says valuation inconsistencies and variations when tracking market transactions due to weak institutional capacity have added an extra dimension to the problem. “This lack of consistency, together with the dependency of the market on government and Agribank valu- VALUATORS page 2 Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. Learners find Career Fair useful Tel.: 061-273300; Fax: 061-220 584; Private Bag 13364, Windhoek E-mail:; Website: - find us on facebook!

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