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New Era Newspaper - 19/06/2017 - Vol22 No217

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12 ADVERT Monday, June

12 ADVERT Monday, June 19 2017 | NEW ERA Republic of Namibia Ministry of Information and Communication Technology REQUEST FOR THE SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILES FOR THE CREATION OF A DATABASE FOR PROVISION OF GOODS, WORKS AND SERVICES TO MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY 1. PURPOSE: To obtained company profiles from suppliers interested in conducting business with the Ministry of ICT, in respect of the needs in the form of goods, service and works, to be procured by Ministry of ICT during 2017/2018 financial year. Companies are requested to submit the relevant documentation, as well as identify the needs for which they are submitting the profile for. Your submission should be in line with the core principal business as outlined in your Founding Statement or Amended Statement. 2. THE NEEDS OF THE MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE 2017/2018 FINANCIAL YEAR ARE AS FOLLOWS, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: GOODS: • Supply of Stationery/General Office Supplies/Cartridges/any computer peripherals • Supply of periodicals, books, newspapers and other publicity materials • Supply of lapel pins, flags, identification cards • Supply of cleaning materials and equipment and related goods • Supply of plumbing, electrical and any other maintenance material and equipment • Supply of computer equipment, audio-visual equipment, sound systems / speakers and software - ICT Equipment • Supply of Security equipment (CCTV, Scanners, etc.) (Computers, laptops, printers, and switchers etc.…) • Supply of Data and communication network and related equipment • Supply of communication devices (Cell phones, phones, recorders, etc.) • Supply of refreshment • Supply of office furniture • Supply of uniform • Supply of air-conditioners and related materials • Supply of Promotional Materials and Services • Supply of Public Address Systems and services WORKS: • Repair of Office Equipment/and Operational Equipment • Supply and repair / service of Electrical, Mechanical Services, Joinery and related services • Provisioning of Civil works • Construction and renovations of Office infrastructure • Provisioning of pre-fabricated structures and material • Plumbing (fitting of pipes, fitting of tapes and related services) • Minor Renovations to Office Buildings and official Government accommodation • Installation of data and telephone networks and ICT related services CONSULTANCY SERVICE: • Cooperatives development consultancy services • Citizen satisfaction survey consultancy services • Team building services • Employee Wellness services • Organisation planning related consultancies • Any other urgent consultancy services NON CONSULTANCY SERVICES: • Supply of Air Tickets and Transport services (Hiring of vehicles, busses) • Service of operational equipment (Escalators, elevators, ICT Equipment, Video Conferencing equipment etc.) • Service of Air conditioners, fire extinguisher, fax machines, photocopy machines • Service of Security system (Access control etc.) • Printing lay-out and design of Annual reports, pamphlets, booklets, etc. • Short courses, training, symposiums and workshops • Supply of event management, Hospitality and catering services and decorations • Provisioning of Services for National and or International events/Campaigns • Licenses and related computer software • Refuse removal services • Rental/hiring of photocopy machines • Branding services • Security services • Cleaning services • Supply of flowers and gifts • Advertisements • Normal Printing and or Braille NB: The documents outlined below are mandatory in order to be eligible to participate: 1. Valid Company Registration Certificate clearly indicating Shareholders and Principles business 2. An Original valid Good Standing Tax Certificate 3. An Original valid Good Standing Social Security Certificate 4. Certified copy of original Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate/proof from Employment Equity Commissioner that bidder is not a relevant employer or exemption issued in term of Section 42 of the Affirmative Action Act, 1998 5. A written undertaking as contemplated in section 138 (2) of the Labour Act, 2007 6. Certified copy of valid certificate of Registration as an SME (for bids reserved for SMEs) The public entity shall have the right to: • (a) Ask for clarifications at time of evaluating company profiles • (b) Conduct site inspection at the company’s premise. A clear physical address and contact details must be provided. • (c) Reject all company profiles, if the above-mentioned is not adhered to CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: FRIDAY, 07 JULY 2017, TIME: 11H00 NB: Submissions of profiles are to be submitted in sealed envelopes and should be submitted at Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Procurement Office, Capital Centre 7 th floor. NOTICE TO TENDER IT01/2017 The Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA) is seeking for services of a qualified and reputable Information Technology service providers to design, supply and implement ICT hardware and software technologies. The Tender Document can be collected from NAMPA office, C/O Keller and Eugene Marais Street, Windhoek upon paying a fee of N$ 300 through EFT or cash. Enquiries: Immanuel Sheehama (061) 374000/0812791235 ENQUIRES: Ms Susana Kasheeta 061-2832370 Ms Laurencia Gowaseb 061-2832073

Monday, June 19 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERT 13 48/29/03/2017 247/15/06/2017 OUR EFFICIENCY DELIVERS BY THE CARAT 140 meters beneath the ocean’s surface is a playing field where every move matters. This is because marine diamond mining is an expensive endeavour. This means operations have to be well planned and precise. Following these virtues in everything we do has made us number one in marine diamond mining globally. Further, it leads us to contributing 70% of Namibia’s diamond output. It appears when it comes to efficiency, the carats we produce definitely speak for themselves. #INVESTINGININNOVATION

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