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New Era Newspaper - 20/06/2017 - Vol22 No218

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12 Inside BUSINESS

12 Inside BUSINESS Tuesday, June 20 2017 | NEW ERA Standard Bank Auto Show not deterred by challenging economic climate MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ARTS AND CULTURE Staff Reporter “Although we find ourselves in a Windhoek challenging economic environment MANAGEMENT this year, CADRE with new vehicle sales It’s DEPARTMENT all systems go, for the FINANCE 2017 declining AND ADMINISTRATION by N0 million in the Standard Bank Auto Show slated first quarter of 2017, our decline for June 30 and the July 1. The is still less than that of some of auto show, which DIRECTORATE is said to be bigger our PLANNING competitors. We AND can only and better this year, will be DEVELOPMENT held at survive in this tough market with the SKW Sport Fields in Windhoek. solid partnerships like those we Standard Bank DIVISION: is hosting the CORPORATE Auto have forged PLANNING with each one of you Show together with the ‘Biltong (automotive industry representatives Fees’, which has been a partner and dealers),” Standard Bank’s head since 2011. of vehicle and asset finance (VAF), VACANCY Republic of Namibia Career Opportunities at the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture VACANCY DEPARTMENT LIFE LONG LEARNING, ARTS AND CULTURE DIRECTORATE NATIONAL HERITAGE AND CULTURE PROGRAMMES, DIVISION: NATIONAL MUSEUM, SUB-DIVISION: SOCIAL SCIENCE. Wim Lotter, said at the launch, further urging dealers to continue collaborating with the bank for the auto show. Standard Bank’s head of personal and business banking, Mercia Geises, concurred with Lotter, adding that the auto show would aid in driving the dealers’ sales. “We take full cognisance of the fact that the current hard economic time has affected all sectors in our country and the vehicle industry is no exception. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to drive your sales during these tough times by continuing to host the much anticipated auto show,” she said. Geises also commended the dealers for the impeccable relationship they have cemented with the bank, noting that it has manifested itself through increased market share in the industry, with 57 percent of new business last year for the bank owing to that. Since its inception in 2006, the auto show has gone from having 2,500 revellers visit it for a one-day event, to over 20,000 revellers visit it last year for a two-day event. Over 30 dealers are expected to participate in the auto show this year as well. This makes the Standard Bank Auto Show has become an important event on the motoring calendar. “Based on last year’s success of the Standard Bank Auto Show with a total turn-over N20 million, I am optimistic that this year’s Auto Show will exceed all expectations. We are offering up to prime less 1.75 percent on the interest rate, residual value offering of up to 25 percent and an annual insurance offering with one-month holiday on credit life offering. Visitors can also look forward to entertainment by leading Namibian and South African artists, entertainment for the children and for the first time in Namibia, motorbike freestyle by World Champion Libor Podmol,” Geises said. Visitors to the Auto Show can have pre-approval the week before or can bring all required documents to the Auto Show as the bank’s full team will be on site for approval. Also speaking at the launch, Dominee Frans Ras, the brain behind the Biltong Fees which started in his church hall in 1992, said the Biltong Fees has grown exponentially over the years, making profits between N$20 million and N million last year, excluding that the bank made. “This is a considerable amount that we invested back into Windhoek; as such we should use the current economic challenges to inspire us to work even harder for the success of the Biltong Fees and Standard Bank Auto Show. Inspite of the challenges we are facing, we will one day look back at our 2017 event and smile because it was a success,” he stressed. The Standard Bank Auto Show not only gives automotive industry representatives and dealers an opportunity to showcase their latest car models, but also gives prospective buyers the chance to test latest vehicles on the market, all the while jumping the queue to get pre-approval for their dream car at affordable financing rates. Post Designation: Curator Grade 8 1 x Post: Oranjemund Salary Scale: N$ 220 828 xP- N$ 263 911 Minimum Requirements: An appropriate Degree on NQF L8. Supplementary Selection Requirements: • Four (4) years tertiary qualification in under water archaeology plus appropriate experience. • Curation and conservation of underwater archaeology collection according to national and international standards. • Driver License. SUB-DIVISION: CULTURAL SOCIAL SCIENCE Post Designation: Curator Grade 8 1 x Post: Windhoek Salary Scale: N$ 220 828 xP- N$ 263 911 Minimum Requirements: An appropriate Degree on NQF L8. Supplementary Selection Requirements: • Four (4) years tertiary qualification in archaeology plus appropriate experience. • Curation of heritage object and human remains collection to national and international approved standards. • Driver License. Enquiries: Ms. Esther Moombolah- Goagoses, Tel: 061 276813 Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture Human Resource Officer Private Bag 13186 Windhoek OR Hand delivered to: Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture Government Office Park, Luther Street Human Resource Office, 2nd Floor East Wing, Room No. 275 Closing date: 18 July 2017 Please Note: Racially disadvantaged persons, women and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be Namibian Citizens and/or Public Servants (proof of citizenship), or SADC Citizens with a Namibian Work Permit. All foreign qualifications must be submitted with evaluation reports from Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA). Qualifications/transcripts not indicating the duration of the qualification must be accompanied with a testimonial testifying the duration e.g. 3 year qualification or student completed/passed 3 year qualification. An attractive range of benefits for permanent full-time staff members include a housing benefit, Transport Allowance, Pension Fund, Medical Aid Scheme, Social Security and ample Vacation and Sick leave, Certified copies of educational qualifications and a complete CV including history of employment must accompany application on Form 156043 and 156094 obtainable at all Government Offices as the contents of these will be used to determine suitability for further selection. Failure to complete all items on the application form for employment and not attaching the necessary documents will disqualify the application. Interested persons from designated groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Photo: Contributed Working together… Standard Bank executives pose with the Biltong Fees organisers and automobile dealers in marking the launch of the Bank’s 2017 Auto Show. Father’s Day guide to handling finances With Father’s Day just past, a lot of people are reflecting on the joys of having a good father to steer them through life, mending scraped knees and broken hearts. “The job of a father is never done, no matter how old your children are. One thing that we know is on every parent or father’s mind is providing a financially stable home for their children. We at Standard Bank know just how important creating a financially stable life for their children is to fathers and we are dedicating this Father’s Day to give them a few financial tips,” Standard Bank’s public relations and communications manager, Surihe Gaomas-Guchu, said this week. She adds that many responsible fathers have a lot of family obligations which can stretch their money to its thinnest so the key is to make their money work for them by following a few guidelines. “The first thing that every father needs is to draw up two very realistic budgets, the family budget which accounts for all the families’ expenses and a personal budget. A lot of fathers overlook making these two distinct budgets which can be detrimental to the pocket and cause a lot of overspending,” she said. She stressed that the overspending comes as a result of issues such as having to pay for things such as having the car repaired, personal grooming/ upkeep or paying for the home loan, which does not necessarily fall into the family’s day to day budget can result in overspending. “Every parent needs to plan for a rainy day or for a day when they can no longer provide for their family financially the way they used to. We advise all fathers to set-up an automatic savings account for their children, which will come in handy when they most need it. In addition to a savings account, also have an emergency funds account, that way you do not have to dip into the savings account and have disposable cash in case of an emergency,” Gaomas-Guchu advised. Fathers enjoying splurging on their children and sometimes are not aware of how costly that can be. Gaomas-Guchu advised that fathers find inexpensive activities that they can do to have fun, while saving at the same time. “Additionally, father’s should put tomorrow’s needs before today’s wants, and that is only effective when they also teach their children about value of money and how to manage it responsibly for the benefit of themselves and their future families. This allows them to be understanding when you as a father are trying to cut down on costs and save more,” she noted. In conclusion, she stressed that the overall important thing to remember is to spend less than you earn and never deviate from the budget to ensure that you can always provide for your family.

Tuesday, June 20 2017 | NEW ERA Inside BUSINESS 13 Tourism performance better but low occupancy remained challenging in first quarter Staff Reporter Windhoek to the latest figures, the tour- “According ism sector had a tough first quarter to the year. Based on the FNB/Fenata Travel Index, growth in real terms subsided to -20 percent quarter-on-quarter as the stronger currency coupled with low occupancy rates drove down the index. Inflation in the sector remains rampant at 13 percent for the quarter as various operators aim to remain abreast of global pricing patterns. International arrivals recorded notable improvement during the first quarter - of 4.3% q-o-q - beating prior expectations. While the downturn in the index was expected for the first quarter, the trend should continue on the downside if the rand remains on its current path of recovery,” states Daniel Kavishe, market research manager in the latest FNB/ Fenata Tourism and Travel Index. According to the latest survey, business performance dipped marginally since December, with 12 percent of the respondents stating that business was poor. However, when compared to a year ago, the business performance indicator increased from 3.3 to 4.6. The improvement during the quarter was mainly because of an increase in the number of tourists (evidenced in the international flight arrivals) compared to the same quarter last year. 49.4 percent of the respondents stated that they received an increased number of tourists compared to 2016Q1. The respondents were mainly lodge owners and tour operators who believed this year the industry would grow faster than last year, based on an improved first quarter performance. Overall, respondents felt the second quarter of the year would show strong and robust growth. The sentiment index, which captures future expectations, was at an all-time high recording 3.6 on the back of 17 percent q-o-q growth in business performance expectations. Revenue expectations have also lifted for the quarter to 4.0 from 2.7, mainly on the back of an increased number of tourists. The respondents expect a 5 percent increase in tourists during the second quarter as compared to 2016Q2. The latest labour force survey showed that there has been an increase of 63.5 percent in the accommodation and food service activities, which relate to the tourism sector. According to the survey, respondents are more bullish of their employment prospects since the final quarter of 2015. Currently, over 30 percent of the respondents stated there will be an increase in the workforce during the second quarter of the year as the market stabilises. The concern among respondents remains the high turnover in the sector followed by poor service delivery from staff. The malignant problem in the sector needs to be addressed effectively in case the tourism sector suffers substantial setbacks. Tourism sector’s biggest challenges Kavishe elaborates: “The overall challenge during the first quarter was the poor occupancy rate within the sector. The first quarter is deemed as off-season in the tourism sector and as such most vendors rely on government conferences to support their businesses but this has not been the case this year due to government running a tighter budget. Government is also once again under fire for the lack of strategic importance of the tourism sector, according to the respondents. Moreover, dated laws are decreasing the ease of doing business and have become counter-productive for several sectorial developments.” A pertinent theme has been the fluctuation of the currency that makes securing business in the accommodation sector difficult. Tour operators stated that current strengthening of the exchange rate has led to declines in their activities. Furthermore, the increase in the prices at accommodation sites has meant that there has been meaningful reduction in bookings for tours. The influx of French tourists has increased demand for qualified tour guides who have an affinity for the language, and these are presumably not readily available in the market. Crime is on the increase and this is affecting the tourism sector negatively as robberies targeting tourists are on the increase. In conclusion Kavishe stated that the tourism sector remained resilient over the course of 2016, but the marked slowdown in the economy has invariably Money Market Change Latest 3 months 0.00% 7.32% 6 months -0.01% 7.83% 9 months 0.00% 7.98% 12 months 0.02% 8.15% Bonds Change Latest GC17 (R203 : 7.43%) 0.03% 8.10% GC18 (R204 : 7.43%) 0.03% 8.34% GC21 (R208 : 7.61%) 0.04% 8.43% GC24 (R186 : 8.55%) 0.07% 9.77% GC27 (R186 : 8.55%) 0.07% 10.16% GC30 (R2030 : 9.12%) 0.08% 10.79% GC32 (R213 : 9.21%) 0.08% 10.92% GC35 (R209 : 9.53%) 0.08% 10.96% MARKET OVERVIEW Commodities %Change Latest Gold -0.42% $ 1,248.45 Platinum -0.56% $ 924.68 Copper 0.00% $ 5,663.00 Brent Crude 0.71% $ 46.98 130 125 120 115 110 105 100 12/31/2013 3/31/2014 6/30/2014 Daniel Kavishe affected the sector. Significantly, fewer bed nights were sold to domestic tourists during the first quarter, as disposable income came under pressure and accommodation prices rose. “With the rand expected to depreciate over the remainder of the year, coupled with higher tourist arrival numbers, we anticipate a slightly better tourism season in 2017 compared to 9/30/2014 12/31/2014 3/31/2015 6/30/2015 9/30/2015 12/31/2015 last year. This, however, is largely contingent on currency volatility and the price of accommodation relative to neighbouring countries. The sentiment index bodes favourably, thus leaning towards improved trading activity and revenue flows for the sector. Additionally, we have seen an uptick in coastal property prices, a positive sign for the unpredictable tourism sector.” The investment performance of N0 in the STEFi Index from 31 December 2013 to yesterday 3/31/2016 6/30/2016 9/30/2016 12/31/2016 3/31/2017 19-Jun-17 Republic of Namibia MINISTER URBAN AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT GENERAL NOTICE WINDHOEK TOWN PLANNING AMENDMENT SCHEME NO. 96 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 23 of the Town Planning Ordinance 1954, (Ordinance 18 of 1954), as amended, that the Windhoek Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 96, has been submitted to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development for approval. Copies of the Windhoek Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 96 and the maps, plans, documents and other relevant matters are lying for inspection during office hours at the Municipality of Windhoek and also at the Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB), Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, 2 nd Floor, Room 234, GRN Office Park, Windhoek. Any person who wishes to object to the approval of the Town Planning Scheme, should lodge objections in writing to the Secretary, Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB), Private Bag 13289, Windhoek on or before 01 August 2017. D. D. BEUKES CHAIRMAN NAMIBIA PLANNING ADVISORY BOARD WINDHOEK, 2017 Main Indices %Change Latest NSX (Delayed) -1.07% 988.58 JSE All Share 1.21% 51,448.92 SP500 0.03% 2,433.15 FTSE 100 0.78% 7,521.54 Hangseng 1.16% 25,924.55 DAX 1.16% 12,900.35 JSE Sectors %Change Latest Financials 0.33% 14,415.03 Resources 1.82% 29,809.02 Industrials 1.87% 70,464.53 Forex %Change Latest N$/US dollar 1.16% 12.9623 N$/Pound 1.05% 16.5514 N$/Euro 1.01% 14.4889 US dollar/ Euro -0.18% 1.1178 Namibia Monthly Data Latest Previous Namibia Inflation (May 17) 6.3 6.7 Bank Prime 10.75 10.75 BoN Repo Rate 7.00 7.00

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