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New Era Newspaper - 20/06/2017 - Vol22 No218

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16 ADVERT Tuesday, June

16 ADVERT Tuesday, June 20 2017 | NEW ERA HE DID IT! Herman Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo 1924 - 2017 HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONQUERED...

17 Tuesday, June 20 2017 | NEW ERA TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at City of Windhoek 25 April 2017 Servicing of Land and/or Construction of Low Cost Housing Fifty-seven expressions of interest were received for the Servicing of Land and/or construction of Low Cost Housing to the City of Windhoek when tender nr. M28/2017 closed at Windhoek City Council’s Town House Complex in Windhoek at 14H30 on Tuesday, 25 April 2017. Tender prices (if available) as announced for: 1. Fermour Investments stand alone without bulk services 461.54 per square meter with bulk services 2.31 per square meter combination without bulk services option 1 000.00 per square meter option 2 230.77 per square meter with bulk services option 1 0.00 per square meter option 2 6.16 per square meter 2. OAS Engineering and Construction Namibia 3. AMLH Holdings 4. Nexus Building Contractors 5. LMH Investment 6. OSHO Business Group 7. Uundenge Investments servicing of land 0.00 per square meter 8. Ndeuza joint venture Rivoli 9. Oluzizi Engineering Company joint venture Amibex ultra-low income earners top structure 0 000.00 to 0 000.00 low income earners top structure 0 000.00 to 0 000.00 middle income earners top structure 0 000.00 to 0 000.00 10. Shamrock Holdings 11. Unistrat Property Investments 12. Earthmoving and Construction two-bedroom house 600.00 per unit three-bedroom house 100.00 per unit 13. Ongoma Trading Enterprises 14. Lithon Developers 15. SHEV Property Development 16. LMN Investments 17. Konigstein Capital 18. MOME The Modular Home 19. Degraba Multi Design and Construction 20. Barkat Investments one-bedroom unit 2 500.00 two-bedroom unit 9 500.00 three-bedroom unit 4 500.00 21. Shetu Properties 22. Oshipe Turnkey Projects 4 700.00 for 50 square meter 1 831.00 for 60 square meter 2 161.00 for 77 square meter 23. Kalkrand Construction 24. Etushi-P Investments 900.00 per square meter 25. Calgrokuumba Planning and Design 26. VIAII Trading Enterprises 27. Labor Investment Holdings 28. MUSA Group 29. Capo Investments 500.00 per square meter 30. Eagle Customs Clearance 31. Norafrica Engenharaia joint venture Road Contractor Company of Namibia House Construction 500.00 per square meter servicing of land 0.00 per square meter 32. Deka Consulting Engineers 33. Wynnic Plant Hire and Construction 2- bedroom core type 5 0.00 2- bedroom conventional type 1:5 0.00 3-bedroom conventional type 2:5 0.00 34. Zing Civil Engineering and Electrical Works 35. Aplha Innovation Home Solution joint venture 36. K & G Bricks joint venture Kitago Investments 37. Tuna Ehalo Holdings 38. Jiangsu Nantong Sanjian Construction Group 39. INO Investment Holdings 40. ENGCO Consulting Engineers 41. Guinas Investments 42. Tjivera Trading 43. Otjomuise Consortium construction of low and medium cost housing starting at 4 000.00 44. Earth Ethicks 45. New Solution Construction 46. Old Mutual Investment Group 47. SWASA Global Investments 48. DMS Engineering Category A 000.00-0 000.00 Category B 1 000.00-$200 000.00 Category C $201 000.00-+++ 49. Conselect Engineering 50. Uiheni 51. Amontia Property 52. China Civil Engineering Construction 53. MPP Civils Namibia 54. Harambee Project Solutions 55. Shaopala Investments 56. Top International Engineering (Namibia) Corporation servicing of land 2.00 per square meter construction of houses type A 850.00 per square meter type B 700.00 per square meter type C 650.00 per square meter 57. Stingperk Investment DEFINITIONS IN NEW PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT “procurement” means to obtain/get hold of goods, services, works, non/consultancy services by means of purchase (buying), rental, lease or hire-purchase “Minister” referred to in this Act means the Minister of Finance “public entity” means an office, ministry or agency of the Government, including: · A Local Authority · A Regional Council · A Public Enterprises as referred to in the Public Enterprises Governance Act · A body or trust that is owned or controlled by the Government, when engaged in any procurement individually or in a consortium and · An entity declared as public entity by the Minister of Finance “accounting officer” means the accounting officer of a public entity “bid” means an offer or proposal submitted in response to a request to supply goods, works or services, or any combination thereof, and, where applicable, includes any pre-qualification process “bidder” (tenderer/ contractor) means a participant in procurement or prequalification process, and includes a contractor “bidding document”- (a) means any document issued by a public entity on the basis of which bidders prepare bids; and (b) includes any document which contains instructions to bidders, specification, maps, designs, terms of reference, work schedules, evaluation criteria, bills of quantities, conditions of contract or other similar items “bid evaluations committee” means an ad hoc (needed only for a specific purpose/interim) bid evaluation committee established for the evaluation of bids required and in terms of section 26 of the Act “bid security” mean security/guarantee that may be required for the original bid submission/performance of a contract “Board” means the juristic body (consisting of nine members), appointed by the Minister of Finance to be known as the Central Procurement Board of Namibia. “consultancy services” means services of an advisory or intellectual nature not necessarily related to the provision of goods and services or execution of works “goods” means objects of every kind and description, including commodities, raw materials, manufactured products and equipment, industrial plant, objects in solid, liquid or gaseous form, electricity as well as services incidental to the supply of the goods such as freight and insurance “procurement management unit” means the division or department in the public entity that is responsible to carry out procurement functions as required “procurement contract” means an agreement between a public entity and supplier resulting from a procurement process “responsive” , in relation to a bid, means responsive to the basic requirements of a bid regarding ability to perform and complete on time “services” means any object of procurement, a contract or framework agreement for consultancy and nonconsultancy services “supplier” means a person delivering goods, works, consultancy services or other services “threshold” means a threshold amount prescribed for the procurement of goods, works, and consultancy services or non-consultancy services, including disposal of assets for the mandatory application of prescribed procedures “works” means any work associated with the construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation , site preparation, excavation, erection, building installation of equipment or materials, decoration and finishing, as well as services incidental to construction such as drilling, maping, satellite photography, seismic investigations and similar services DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

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