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New Era Newspaper - 20/06/2017 - Vol22 No218

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18 AFRICA/WORLD Tuesday,

18 AFRICA/WORLD Tuesday, June 20 2017 | NEW ERA Portugal in mourning over deadly wildfire PEDRÓGÃO GRANDE More than 1,000 firefighters were still battling Monday a giant forest fire that swept through central Portugal at the weekend, killing at least 62 people. The country was in mourning after the deadliest such disaster in Portugal’s recent history, with many victims burnt as they were trapped in their cars. “The fire has reached a level of human tragedy that we have never seen before,” said a visibly moved Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who announced three days of mourning from Sunday. Portugal’s national route 236 was transformed into a road of hell as the ferocious blaze ripped through the wooded countryside around the epicentre in Pedrogao Grande. A l t h o u g h t h e s e a r i n g temperatures in Portutal had dropped slightly on Monday, the fire was still raging, spreading to neighbouring regions of Castelo Branco and Coimbra. Firefighters were continuing a grim search for bodies, with Costa warning on Sunday that the death toll could still rise. Police chief Almeida Rodrigues blamed dry thunderstorms for the blaze which broke out on Saturday in Pedrogao Grande, saying a tree had been struck by lightning. “Everything burnt very quickly given the strong winds. The flames passed within two or three kilometres of my house,” said local resident Isabel Ferreira, 62. “I knew several of the victims. One of my colleagues lost her mother and her four-year-old girl as she could not get them out of the back of the car.” The expanse of wooded hills in the area north of Lisbon, which 24 hours before had glowed bright green with eucalyptus plants and pine trees, was gutted by the flames. A thick layer of white smoke blanketed either side of a motorway for about 20 kilometres (12 miles) on Sunday, as blackened trees leaned listlessly over charred soil. A burnt-out car sat outside partly destroyed and abandoned houses, while a few metres away police in face masks surrounded the corpse of a man hidden under a white sheet. Secretary of State for the Interior Jorge Gomes said 18 of those burned to death had been trapped in their cars engulfed by flames on the road between Figueiro dos Vinhos and Castanheira de Pera. Other bodies were found in houses in isolated areas. At least three villages near Pedrogao Grande were evacuated. Another 62 people were injured, with five in a critical state including a child and four firefighters. Luisilda Malheiro and her husband Eduardo Abreu, a couple of farmers, both 62, escaped the hellish route N-236. “We escaped in time, me on the tractor and he with our van,” Luisilda said. “Our house is still there but we lost everything else: the chickens, the rabbits and the ducks. We were only able to save two goats,” she said. The international community stepped in to help, with the European Union and neighbouring Spain offering water-bombing planes “I am shocked and horrified by the many lives claimed by today’s devastating fires,” said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who comes from Portugal. “The United Nations stands ready to assist in any way possible,” he said. Portugal was sweltering under a severe heat-wave over the weekend, with temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in several regions. About 35 forest fires continued to burn across the country on Monday, with more than 2,000 firefighters and 660 vehicles mobilised. – Nampa/AFP Suicide MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, bombers ARTS AND kill 16 in NE Nigeria CULTURE MAIDUGURI MANAGEMENT CADRE pm (1945 GMT) on Sunday close to DEPARTMENT FINANCE the AND Dalori camp at Kofa village, near At least 16 people were killed in the Borno state capital Maiduguri. ADMINISTRATION suicide bomb attacks near a camp NEMA northeast region for those made homeless by Boko spokesman Abdulkadir Ibrahim Haram DIRECTORATE violence in northeast Nigeria, PLANNING said two female suicide bombers emergency services said on Monday. tried to get into the camp but were The AND National DEVELOPMENT Emergency thwarted by security personnel. Management DIVISION: Agency (NEMA) CORPORATE said “Two other female suicide bombers the attacks took place at about 8:45 also detonated their explosives at the PLANNIN Career Opportunities at the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture VACANCY DIVISION: INTERNAL AUDIT Post Designation: Chief Internal Auditor Grade 6 1 x Post: Windhoek Salary Scale: N$ 328 139 xP – N$ 392 158 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: An appropriate B. Degree or equivalent qualification on NQF Level 7 plus 3 years appropriate experience. SUPPLEMENTARY SELECTION REQUIREMENTS: • Preference will be given to applicant in possession of a Degree in Internal Auditing, 4 years or more experience as an Internal Auditor. Enquiries: Ms. A. K Tjaveondja-Ndjoze, Tel: 061 – 293 3124. Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture Human Resource Office Private Bag 13186, Windhoek OR Hand delivered to: The Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture Government Office Park, Luther Street Human Resource Office, 2nd Floor, East Wing, Room No. 275 Closing date: 18 July 2017 Please Note: Racially disadvantaged persons, women and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be Namibian Citizens and/or Public Servants (proof of citizenship), or SADC Citizens with a Namibian Work Permit. All foreign qualifications must be submitted with evaluation reports from Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA). All Qualifications/transcripts not indicating the duration of the qualification must be accompanied with a testimonial testifying the duration e.g. 3 year qualification or student completed/ passed 3 year qualification. An attractive range of benefits for permanent full-time staff members include a housing benefit, Transport Allowance, Pension Fund, Medical Aid Scheme, Social Security and ample Vacation and Sick leave. Certified copies of educational qualifications and a complete CV including history of employment must accompany application on Form 156043 and 156094 obtainable at all Government Offices and on as the contents of these will be used to determine suitability for further selection. Failure to complete all items on the application form for employment and not attaching the necessary documents will disqualify the application. Interested persons from designated groups are strongly encouraged to apply. adjoining Dalori Kofa village, where they killed 16 people,” he added in a statement. Earlier tolls given by local people said at least 12 or 13 people had been killed but Abdulkadir said three of those injured and taken to hospital had since died. “The 16 does not include the bombers,” he told AFP. Dalori is about 10 kilometres REZONING NOTICE: Please note that URBAN GREEN TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNING CONSULTANTS, on behalf of the owner of Erf 6225, No 13, Windhoek, Heliodoor Street, intends to apply to the City of Windhoek for the: Consent in terms of Section 23 (1) of the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme for free residential bulk equal to 50% of the office bulk. Erf 6225, Windhoek is situated at the c/o of Nossob- and Heliodoor Street within the Windhoek Township (Eros). The erf is 1,454m² in extent and zoned ‘office’ with a bulk of 0.4, with the consent to use the erf for a ‘business building’ for medical and dental consulting rooms. The proposed free residential bulk consent will allow the owner to construct a total floor area of 291m² for purpose of flats), apart from the medical practise (582m²). Access to the erf will continue be obtained from Nossob Street. Parking will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme. Further note that the locality plan of the erf is available for inspection on the town planning notice board at the Customer Care Centre, Main Municipal Offices, Rev Michael Scott Street, Windhoek. Further take note that any person objecting to the proposed use of land set out above may lodge such objection, together with the grounds therefore, with the City of Windhoek and with the applicant in writing within 14 days after the appearance of the last notice (final date for objection is 4 July 2017). Applicant: Urban Green Town and Regional Planning Consultants PO Box 11929 Klein Windhoek Contact details: 061 - 300 820 Email: (six miles) southeast of Maiduguri and is one of the largest camps for internally displaced people (IDP) in the remote region. Boko Haram has previously tried to target the camp: at least 85 people were killed in January last year when insurgents rampaged through communities near Dalori. Residents were shot and their homes burned down while female suicide bombers blew themselves up among the crowds of people fleeing the violence. The latest attack is the most deadly in Nigeria since June 8, when 11 people were killed in a rare combined gun and suicide attack in the Jiddari Polo area of Maiduguri. Boko Haram has repeatedly targeted the strategic city, particularly its outlying communities, IDP camps and the city’s university. The bombings and sporadic hitand-run attacks underline the threat still posed by the jihadists, despite claims from the authorities they are a spent force. Gunmen killed eight members of a civilian militia force assisting the military on June 11 in the Konduga area, which is on the same road as the Dalori camp. At least 20,000 people have been killed in the conflict since 2009 and more than 2.6 million made homeless, many of whom are facing severe food shortages or starvation. – Nampa/AFP 79 presumed dead in London tower block fire LONDON Seventy-nine people are dead or missing and presumed dead following a devastating blaze in a London tower block last week, police said on Monday, as Britain held a minute’s silence for the victims. “As of this morning, I’m afraid to say there are now 79 people that we believe are either dead or missing and I sadly have to presume are dead,” police commander Stuart Cundy told reporters. Police had earlier put the toll at 58 presumed dead. He said only five people had been formally identified so far by police, after officers earlier warned that some may never be identified due to the condition of the remains. Cundy said the search and recovery operation was ongoing in the burnt-out 24-storey tower. “This is an incredible distressing time for families and they have my commitment that we will do this as quickly as we possibly can,” he said. Cundy promised an “exhaustive” criminal investigation into the fire that would also look at a major refurbishment of the building completed last year. “We will go where the evidence may take us,” and do everything possible “to ensure that those responsible will be brought to justice,” he said. “If I identify... an issue that is a risk to public safety, we will be sharing that immediately with the relevant authorities,” he added. Cundy warned that the toll of 79 people could change. “I believe there may be people who were in Grenfell Tower that people may not know were missing and may not have realised they were in there on the night. “Equally, there may be people who thankfully may have managed to escape the fire and for whatever reason have not let their family or friends or police know,” he said. – Nampa/AFP

NEW ERA Khoekhoegowab Air Namibias ge ǂguro tarekhoesa gaxu ǁkhana daogu !aroma go !gae Sîsenao-i xa xoahe hâ ǀAeǁgams Air Namibias ge Cornelia Hahnsa ǂguro anikuni !nari-aos gaxu daogu dis ase Anikunib A330-200ba ni !narise go !gae. ǁÎs di sîsenni ge 1 !Hoaǂkhaib disa xu ge tsoatsoa ǁnāpas ge ǁîs di ǁkhāǁkhākhâis nē anikuniba !nari ǁkhās disaC ǂoaǂamsa tsî ǂgaoǀkhāsa !harib ai ǁguiǂamde dīǀoaǀoas !nâ-ū a dītoas khao!gâ. Kaptein Cornelia Hahns, 42 kurixas ge !kharu ge 20 kuriga, 1997ǁî kuriba xuta ga a !gôao, ǀnai anikunide gere !nari !hūb !nās, ǀkhrigu ǁgas tsî !auga!hūsises tsîna. Tarekhoese nē ǂharugub hîa aorekhoesib xa ǁgoeǂamhe hâb !nâ mî māse is ge ǀō-aisa khoesis tsî ǁkhāsiga ǂgan hâ. Hahns ge 1997ǁî kurib !nâ ǀnai ǁîs anikuni!naris ǀkha Westair Wings Charters tawa ge tsoatsoa. ǀGam kurin khao!gâs ge Air Namibias tawa ǂGuro Ofisierse Beechcraft B1900sa ge ǁkhanatsoatsoa Namibiab !nâ ǀgui. Hôasoreb 2001 kurib dis ais ge Kaptein Hahnsa ǁîs di mâǂoa gere ǁkhāsigu tsî ǁguiǂgāsens !aroma ǂnûikhâiǂai!nâhe tsî kapteinse Beechcrat B1900ba ge !naritsoatsoa. ǁKhāǁkhāsen-i huka toa tama amagas ge Hahnsa ge ai!gû ǁîs di ǁkhāǁkhāsendi ǀkha ǁkhana!oaba !naris !nâ tsîs ge ǂGuro Ofisiers ase Boeing 737 !aroma ǀKhūǁkhâb 2003ǁî kurib !nâ Comair’s ǁKhâǁkhâkhâidi tawa ǂguro tarekhoes ase ge ǁkhāǁkhākhâihe. ǁÎs ge ge ǂguro tare khoe kai ǀkharisi ǁkhanade nē Boeingi ǀkha 2008ǁî kurib !Hoaǂkhaib ai ge !naritsoatsoasa. “ǀHōǂgaeb 2014ǁî kurib dib ai ta ge mîǁguiba ge ū î ta gaxu ǁkhana!oabas !âba ǁhao tsî ǁnās !nâ-ū ǂans tsî khāsiga hōbasen, Airbus A330-200 anikunib ai tsî ǁnās ǀkha Frankfurti !naridi !nâ ǂguro ofisirse ge tsoatsoa,” tis ge Hahnsa ra ǁgui!ā. Nēsa xus ge îsa nē kurib di ǂguro hakaǁî !âb !nâ ǂguro tarekhoes ase Anikunib A330-200 nî kapteins ase !narise ge ǂnûikhâiǂai!nâhe. Hahns ge ǁîs tsâsigas gere ǀgoragu soab ai gere mî “ǁGuiǂgāsens tsî ǂâisa sī!nâ ǂgaots ra xū-i ai ūǀgaras nēn hoana a īǁkhā kaisa”. Ya Toivob tsâbaǁhaodi ge mā tama hâ Sîsenao-i xa xoahe hâ ǀAeǁgams Ida Jimmys, Namibiab !norasasib !khamaon mâǂoa hâ !gari-aos tsîn ge ǂauna tsâbaǁhao-aona ǁhao tsî ǁîs di tsâbaǁhaosa ǁōǂoa ge Herman Andimba Toivo Ya Toivob, ai!â gere ǂoa Fraitaxtsēs ai ge 92 kurin ǀkha ǀAeǁgams !nâ a ǀomǀunib !aroma gere mā. ǁÎs ge ge mî kai !oab tsî tsûb ǀkhas ge nēti ī ǁōǂoas ǁîs di kurisa ǂgiǂgosi !khōsabe tsî !norasasib !khams !gari-aob, Ya Toivob disa ǂansa. Jimmys ge Ya Toivob ǀkha !norasasib !khams kurigu !nâ Robben Islands !Khōsaben !Gaeǁares !nâ gere ǀhū. Ya Toivob ge ǁîsa ǁgûb ase tsî ǂguina ǂgurihaise ge ība i “ǂgui sekondegu, minutgu, irgu, !oedi, tsēdi, ǁkhâgu tsî kurigu !khōsis !nân ǁîb ǀkha ge hâ igu !nâ-ū”. ǁÎs !oagub ge Ya Toivoba !gao!gaob ai !gaoǁguisa, hāba hāb ti gere mî khoe tsî ǂhanu-aisib tsî ǀguitikōsiba gere !khamba. Jimmys ge !hūǁîna gere ǂgan in ǀû tamase ûiǂui !gâin George Sanzilab Rundus Kavangob Aiǂoas tsî Kavangob Huriǂoas hâra ǀaeǁgâudi ge ǀgaisa ǁgâiba ra hō!â sao ran namipe !nubusib ǀaedī-aon tsî ǀae!khō-aon dib, ǂâuǀoasa tama ǀae!khō-ūxūn tsî ǀaeǁgâugu di ǀoa!nās hîa ǂharo ra ǂgui !gôab ǀae-aon dib xa ra !aromaheb hâna. Parlents Komites hîa Surigu ǀGuitikōsib, ǀHûhâsib Omkhâis tsî Omaridi ǂHôan ǀkha a !nao-aisas ge nē mâsiba ǀgūǁaes ge ǁnā ǀkharikha ǁga ūhâ i saris khao!gâ ǁgoaǂuidi ase ge ǂanǂan. Kuzeeko Tjitemisa ǀAeǁgams Ministeris ǂUrusib tsî ǀHûhâsi !Oabadi dis ge ra mî, ǁîsa I a !gomba !khaisa ǀaesen hâ khoena ǀaeǁgâude xu sîbēsa, nausab Auditeer Xenerali Junias Kandjekeba, ǁîna ge a ǀawemā in ǀaeǁgâub hâ!khaib nî ǀoas karao tā ǀasa ǀae-aona ūǂgā tis hâ xawe. Nē mâsib ge ǀgūǁae ge ǂoaxa !nurigu hîa ministeris di sîsenxasiga 2012/13, 2013/14 tsî 2014/15 marikurigu !aroma !khōǂgā hâb hîa ge ǂoago wekheb Denstaxtsēs ai !Haosiǂnûsa gere !gari-aob Namibiab dib ge mâba hâ ina tsî ǀgora ǁîb gere mâ!oa xūn, ǂgaiǀons ai ǀhôakao!naris, aitsama !khū!khūsens tsî aitsama ǀgapiǀgapisens tsîna xu. “Sida !gâsas Vickys, ǀgôan tsî hoa !oahâ ǀaokhoedo ǂgaoba xu hâ tsâbaǁhaosa ū!oaba te re tsî !gôa!gâs ǁnā buruxa ǂkhâ!nâs hîa du Cde Ya Toivoba !gâi ge ī tsēdi tsî au ge īdi ǁîb di ûiǁaeb !nâ di !nâ gere mādi !aroma.” ǁÎs ge ge mî, Namibiab ǁaes tsî Swapo !Nans tsîn ge !norasasib !khams ǂnuwiaogu ǀguiba a ǂoa!nâsa. Jimmys ge ge mî nē !khams ge tātsē supu tama hâ isa tsî Ya Toivob ge ǁîb di ǁnâu!gâdi ǀguis !nâ Suid Afrikab !nâ a mî gowa-ais “!Norasasib !khams ge gaxu tsî nî au” ti hâsa gere ǁgaeǁgae. Mâǂoa hâ !gari-aos, Jimmys ge !aruǀî ge mî, ǁîs !gâi!gâ khoen di ǀguise ra !gôasensa Ya Toivob khami ī ǁgûba ǁîs di ûib !nâ ūhâs !aroma tsîs tātsē ǁîb di ǂgōǀaudi tsî ǂgaoǂgao!nâdi hoa !hūǁîna ǀguitikōse sîsenūs dide ǀuru tidesa. “ǂKhîb !nâ sâ re ti ǁgû tsî kurisatse”. ǁgui-ai!âhes !nâ a !gara!āsa. Nē !nurib di !khōǂgāb hîa ge !hūb a ǂhabase hâ ǂurusib !khaigu tawa ǀae-aon tsî sîsenaona dî!nâs tsî mû!haras !nâ-ū ǀhaoǀhaosab ge ge !nuri !nāsa ǀaeǁgâugu taniǁkhāsib mâtikō kharogan ūhâb dib xa !nāsa ǀae-aona gere ūǂgāsa tsîn ǀnîna nē mâsib xa ǁgarihe hâse ǂaiǂgawagu, sâu!nâ-!nē-omdi tsî soaron hâ !khaigu hoagu !nâ gere ǁgoe kaihesa. Nē mâsib ge !gōsase ǂōǂōsib ǀae!khōdi, ǁorasa !âuhâ ǁgûdi, !hôas ǀae-aon tsî ǀgôaron ǀae!khōdi salgu !nâ gere hō!âhe nau salgu !nâ i !nāsa ǁaega kharoga ǂâu hâse ǀae-aona gere ǁNā ǁaegu !nâ … Ida Jimmysa, !khōsisa xus 1985 a ǁnāxūhe o, Herman Andimba Toivo Ya Toivob kikis ǀkha māse. Kavangob ǂurusib !khaigu ge ǀoa!nō hâ Nē saris ge komites nēs SADC- PF tsî nau !âǀhuru-aon, !gōsase Namibiab Sîsenǁaredi AIDS !Oabadi ǂNûiǂgās (NANASO) tsî !Hûǁaresa ǁAedi !Gôakhâib ǂGaes (UNFPA) ǀkha ūhâ !ereamxasiba sîsenǂuis !âb ase ǀae!khō!khaiga ge sari hâ i sorosiǁgoeǀhaos ǂurusib ǂhanugu tsî HIVs tsî AIDS mâsiga ǂanǂuis ase. Kavangob Aiǂoas ǀkharib direkteri ǂurusib !âb dib Timea Ngwirab, ge nē komitesa ǁnāpan ge ūhâ i ǂnû-i !nâ ge mîba, ǀkharaǀkharasiba ǂgâxa-ūhe tama is nē ǀgam Kavango ǀkharikha di ǂurusib !oabade ǀgaisase ge khaooa kaisa. “ǀNai da ǀgaisa ǁgoaǂuidi ǀkha ǂnôa sida ǂurusib !khaigu tawa hîab ge mâsiba noxopa ais ǁga ra ǁgaiǂoa, sida ǁanǁare !hūb Angolaba xu ra ǂgâxa ǀae-aona da a ǁgaub ǁoas diba,” tib ge Ngwiraba gere mî. Nē ǀgam ǀkharikha di ǁaupexa 200,000 ǁanǂgāsaben hîa !nāsa !âba !garo!ā ǀkhariga xu hâb tsî ǀgaisase nē ǂurusib !oabadi ǀguide nî sîsenūse īn !aroma da ǀgaisase ūhâ ǁgoaǂuis ge gaxu ǁaeba !goaxa ǀorosib ǀae!khō-aon diba tsî nēs ǀkha ǂurusib !oabade māsa !gâi tama ǀgaugu ai ra !khom!nâsa. Parlements ǁanin ge kaise ge !huri ūǂgāhese. Kandjekeb gere mîs ge “ Habagus !kharaga ǀaena ūhâ ǀae-aon dis ǀgaisa !gâi tama sîsenǂuiba ǁîn ǂurusib ai ūhâ ǁkhā tsî ǂkhawusa ǀae!khōs !oabade ǀae-aona māsa ra !aromasa”. “Ministeris ge nî ǁawoǁawo î di tā ǀaeǁgâude ǁîdi di taniǁkhāsiba !nā hâse ǀae-aona ūǂgā,” tib ge !aruǀî Kandjekeba ra mî. Ministeris ge nēs ai !eream tsî ra mî, ǀae-aona ǁgaubēs a īǁoasa !khaisa !nāsa !garo!ā ǀae!khō!khaigu ǂhâbasa ǀae!khōs huisenxūn, ǀae!khōaon tsî ǀaedī-aona ūhâ tama hâ amaga. Ministeris ge ge mî ǁîs !gâi ai!gûsa ra dīsa ǁkhāǁkhākhâi ǁoraǁgûdi sali tawan ge sī-ūhe tsî a mû mâtikōseb ǁîba ǀoa!nō hâ tsî di ǀnî ǁgûde soagu !nâ !hūb ai !nūde kuru tsî ǁgoe ǀgausa o. “Sida ge 9,328 !nae!khaidi sorosiǁhoeǀhaos !nâ-ū ra ǂhīguhe ǁōn (STIs) dide 2015ǁî kurib !nâ ge ūhâ i, xaweb ge nē !gôaba 12,890 kōse 2016ǁî kurib !nâ ge ǂharo, sida gen ē ǁhōba tātsē dan tama hâ. ǁKhāti da ge ǂgui !gôab di ǂkhamǀgôa ǀgamǀkhāb !nae!khaidi tsîn ǀkha ra ǂnû. ǁKhā da ana da ge ra dītsâ tsî ra ǂgom nē ǁgoaǂuide da nî !khamdansa,” tib ge Ngwiraba ge ǀamǀam. Kai!ā ǀaeǁgâudi ge taniǁkhāsiba ra !nā mās tsî dī-ūnude ǂgâxa-ūs !nâ ǂkhari!ā ǀae!khō!khaigu tawa tsîs nēsa ǁgâiba kai!ā ǀaeǁgâuga xu nî ūǁnâsa. “Dî!nâgamǁarede xu ge ǂoaxas ge ambulandi !garo!ā ǀkharigu didi kaise gaxuse ra ūsa ǂōǂōsigu ǁaegu !nâ di ra ǂgaihe o, tsî di !aromadi nē mâsib dide ǀnî ǁaega !nari-aona ǀkhais tamas ka ios ambulansa ǀnî ǀae!oabas tawa a ǀhawe amagasa,” tib ge Kandjekeba ge mî. Ministeris ge ge mî, ǁîs nē !nurib tsî Kandjekeb ǀawemāde ra ǀgapi!gôasa tsîs ǁkhāsib !nâs a oe-am ǁkhā mâsiga nî dīūnutsâsa.

New Era

New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167