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New Era Newspaper 30/06/2017

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4 NEWS Friday, June

4 NEWS Friday, June 30 2017 | NEW ERA Resettlement farms not for sub-leasing - McLeod-Katjirua Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Khomas Regional Governor Laura McLeod- Katjirua has strongly spoken out against resettled farmers acquiring farming units just to let them stand idle. Equally, the governor cautioned resettlement farmers in Khomas Region to take seriously their farming activities, saying she will not take lightly farmers in the region not adhering to lease agreement conditions. One such typical example in the Khomas Region is the farm Ongombo West that paints a gloomy picture of resettled people sitting Our Star of the Week is Namibia’s indoor hockey ladies team, which idly and desperately awaiting government handouts, instead of farming on the fertile soil under their feet. Although the farm used to be the European market and a generator of employment for 15 families, Ongombo West has deteriorated into a retirement home inhabited mostly by destitute families seeking food handouts from the government. This farm once pro- that were exported to Europe, generating muchneeded foreign exchange. “Note that you got this farm to farm and not to sublease the farm or let the farm lay idle without any visible farming activities,” she cautioned. She revealed that the Ministry of Land Reform through its programme for post-settlement support has rehabilitated infrastructure on resettlement farms in the region to the tune of N.9 million. This development aims to ensure proper control of livestock movements and grazing to promote sustainable rangeland management. During the period under review, she revealed, a total number of 71 farming units were advertised in the local media inviting any interested Namibians countrywide to apply for consideration for resettlement under the government’s resettlement programme. Of the above-mentioned farming units, she said, Khomas only contributed one farm with two farming units. Although there were Khomas Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua only two farming units demarcated in Khomas, she explained, the Khomas Regional Resettlement Committee’s recommendations to the Commission managed to secure 11 applications, which were approved and allocated by the Minister of Land Reform, Utoni Nujoma. Equally, she said the Ministry of Land Reform came up with an initiative to ensure that allocated farmers are trained in basic farming techniques prior to physical occupation of their farming units. This initiative aims to equip farmers with basic skills and knowledge in farming, so that they can be able to farm sustainably. Additionally, she said Khomas Reginal Resettlement Committee received 4,040 applications. “The received applications were considered by the committee in order to select and recommend suitable applicants to the minister through the Land Reform Advisory Commission. As the chairperson of the Khomas Regional Resettlement Committee it was practically impossible to recommend all applicants – as the demand for resettlement in terms of the number of applications received, compared to the number of farming units advertised, is not equitable,” she noted. Further, she said, the Ministry of Land Reform is among only four line ministries that have managed to decentralize its functions to the Khomas Regional Council through the government’s decentralization policy. The decentralization process aims to bring services closer to the people for the enhancement of improved service delivery. She noted that on September 21, 2016, Khomas witnessed the handover of the Ministry of Land Reform’s functions to the Khomas Regional Council. Moreover, she added, the ministry’ Khomas regional staff component is currently under the management and supervision of the Khomas Regional Council. “The transfer of relevant resources including induction training is current and ongoing and at an advanced stage. The induction and training are part of capacity building aimed to ensure that regional councils are equipped with knowledge and skills pertaining to relevant legislation and policies, to make the delegation phase a success,” she maintained. Therefore, she applauded the prevailing mutual coordination, understanding and cooperation among the Ministry of Land Reform, the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, and the Khomas Regional Council towards ensuring that all legal requirements for decentralization are adhered to. LOOKING FOR A VENUE TO HOST YOUR EVENT? CONTACT PERSON; Ms. Violet Simataa Dorado Main Campus Tel: 061-4336000 / Ext. 6127 Email: / IUM OFFERS GREAT VENUES ON HIRE FOR DIFFERENT EVENTS,WHICH CAN BE SETUP IN VARIOUS CONFIGURATIONS AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE.

Friday, June 30 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 GDR kids thank Swapo Resilient children… Founding president Sam Nujoma launched the book with a collection of photos illustrating the lives of children in refugee camps in Angola and Zambia and the then Germany Democratic Republic. WINDHOEK Namibian children, who lived in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) while in exile during Namibia’s struggle for independence from South Africa, commended the Swapo party for taking care of them while in exile. They were referred to as ‘GDR kids’. Over 430 destitute, injured and orphaned children were sent to East Germany after the Cassinga Massacre in May 1978. They only came back in 1990 when the country gained Independence. “Swapo ensured that we were educated and instilled in us the seeds of discipline, patriotism, fairness, equality and justice for all,” Iipumbu Sakaria said. He was speaking on behalf of fellow GDR children here on Wednesday at the launch of a book titled ‘Children in Exile: A Pictorial Record’ by Jürgen Krause and Besse Kaplan. Founding President Sam Nujoma launched the book. It is a collection of photos illustrating their lives in refugee camps in southern Angola, Zambia and then Germany. Sakaria emphasised that the party united them and they never saw each other as children from different tribes. “Only when we came to Namibia did we realise and notice that as children we did not all come from the same tribe or family,” Sakaria said. He urged Namibians to see themselves as ‘one people’ instead of persons of different tribes and creeds as this was the only way to build Namibia. “If we do not work together in the spirit of unity, it will lead us to fall short on our developmental and humanitarian goals as a nation,” Sakaria added. He highlighted that most of them were now engaged in various trades and professions that contributed to the development of the country. Nujoma said the book would give a face to the children who lived without their families in a foreign country, learned a foreign language at a tender age and were separated from their motherland – some for more than 11 years. He acknowledged all teachers and officials who helped to make the children strong and resilient by providing them with love, care, good health, guidance and a good education. “I challenge Swapo’s former GDR children to compile your own stories that capture the historical events and personal experiences, or to contribute to the overall history of Swapo during the liberation struggle,” Nujoma said. – Nampa Namibian refugees incensed with veteran affairs Ngaevarue Katjangua Windhoek Chairperson of the Namibia Refugees Repatriated group (NRR) Ueshitile Shekupe on Wednesday rubbished a statement made by Veterans Affairs permanent secretary Hopelong Ipinge. Ipinge earlier said it was a lie that the United Nations would pay out millions of dollars it owed to war veterans as the NRR claimed. Shekupe and Tito Kamanya, a legal advisor for the group, responded angrily to the article published by New Era quoting Ipinge. NRR has invited the country’s war veterans to register themselves to receive millions purportedly owed to them by the UN, but in the article Ipinge dismissed the NRR claims as lies. “The leader of Namibian refugees went on radio calling all registered Veterans of the National Liberation Struggle to report themselves with their repatriation forms in Ongwediva, Oshana region as from the 1 st of July 2017. “This was to register so they could benefit from millions of dollars owed to them as United Nations,” Ipinge, a former ambassador said. Kamanya and Shekupe rejected Ipinge’s statement, saying they were not registering veterans for dollars. They said they were simply carrying out a request from the UN to present data on how many refugees the UN ought to be responsible for. “We are simply registering refugees who were brought to Namibia by the UN after independence that the UN was supposed to integrate into the social and economic mainstream, but failed to do. “We did not promise anyone any millions, because the UN does not owe anyone, and we therefore dismiss that point. “We further demand respect from Ipinge because we are a people’s group, representing the needs of the refugees and we want to do just that,” thundered a visibly upset Shekupe. Leaders of the NRR argue they have “the interest of the refugees dumped into Namibia from exile by the UN at heart. “They were neglected and we simply want the UN to account for this, and that is the only registration we are conducting from 1 July to know how many people there are,” they said. However, Veterans Affairs spokesperson Edson Haufiku said the department stands by its statement that the group is misleading veterans. He noted that if the United Nations had given such information it would be disseminated through permanent secretary of Veterans Affairs or the Namibia National Liberation Veterans Association (NNVLA). “If it is database information needed by UN as they say, information is available at the Ministry of Home Affairs and the UN could easily request it from government,” the veteran affairs spokesperson added. Veterans Affairs also distanced itself from what it says is an unrecognised group spreading these mischievous untruths. “Their strange intentions are not in the interest of the Namibian government and the plight of the veterans of the liberation struggle,” Haufiku said, and cautioned veterans not to fall prey to the group’s antics. Party interests override individual concerns: Mumbala Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala has called on delegates to elect the right leaders who will act as servants of the people and work for the Swapo party. Speaking to New Era about the upcoming Swapo //Kharas regional conference slated for this Saturday at Keetmanshoop, he said all is set for the conference. It was now up to the delegates from each of the seven districts to elect the right people into the right positions, saying the party could not afford to make mistakes with the people it elected. He wants delegates to vote for people who will put the interests of the Namibian people and those of Swapo before their own interests. He cautioned that delegates should avoid voting for people who will treat their positions as jobs, because when you are a leader you work for the people. “You have to have the right people, people who want to work and unify the people of Swapo, and not people that want to break Swapo. “We need people who put the to avoid people who use their position for self-enrichment,” Mumbala said. So far he was not aware of and had not received any complaints about irregularities with the elections at section, branch or district level. The party had kept all structures alive by constantly revisiting them, and this ensured there was no room for irregularities when elections took place. “Our situation is good; our structures are always in place, and that’s why we say it is important to keep in touch with all structures, because not doing so can lead to irregularities. However, //Kharas is not in that situation,” he stated. He urged candidates to come to the conference in the spirit of unity and comradeship and accept the outcome of the elections, and reiterated that the most important thing was to work for the party. The conference will see the election of a new regional coordinator, information officer, mobiliser and It will also elect 10 members from the regional executive committee to represent the region at the party’s national congress, and nominate four members for election to the central committee. OPENING SPECIAL ATTRACTIVE PACKAGES on all vehicles 2 MONTHS HOLIDAY PERIOD PRIME LESS 1% (only pay your first installment in September.) MEET OUR WORLD-CLASS SALES TEAM Hendrik Johannes 081 148 2529 Selma Shoombe 081 144 1113 Jason Nautende 081 124 8049 * Offer by Standard Bank * Exclusive to Indongo Toyota Ongwediva * Limited period only! Hurry to negotiate your special deal. T’s & C’s Apply.

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