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8 IN OTHER NEWS Friday, June 30 2017 | NEW ERA 23 June This day in history... 1921: The South African Reserve Bank is established. 1924: J. B. M. Hertzog becomes Primes Minister, head of a coalition government between the National and Labour parties in South Africa. 1963: International Labour Organisation excludes South Africa from its two-day meeting because of its apartheid policies. 1966: Leopoldville Congo is renamed Kinshasa. Darwin’s theory of evolution held at Oxford University Museum and dominated by arguments between Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce. 1992: South African ANC president Nelson Mandela meets with UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali at Dakar. 2012: Mohamed Morsi is sworn in as President of Egypt, and he served for a short 1894: Korea declares independence from China, asks for Japanese aid. 1936: Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie asks the League of Nations for sanctions against Italy. 1952: Hussein Sirri Pasha forms Egyptian government. 1967: Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. astronaut. In Arts, Entertainment, and Sports… 1975: Heavyweight Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Bugner in Malaysia. 1914: Mahatma Ghandhi’s 1st arrest after campaigning for Indian rights in South Africa. 1960: Zaire, the former Belgian Congo, and now the Democratic Republic of Congo, declares independence from Belgium, Prime Minister. 1962: Rwanda and Burundi become independent. 1981: Zwelakhe Sisulu, president of the Black Media Workers Association of South Africa, is detained. 1991: South Africa’s government repeals the infamous 1913 Native Land Act, an important part of the system of Apartheid (Racially Based Land Measures Act). TO LET PRIME BUSINESS PREMISES AT KATWITWI INDUSTRIAL PARK LEASING NOTICE In keeping with its mandate of investment promotion, enterprise development, light manufacturing and cross-border trade to stimulate economic growth and jobs creation, the Offshore Development Company (Pty) Ltd, through the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development has constructed business to interested investors, entrepreneurs, large and SME operators at economic rates. The Offshore Development Company hereby invites interested business operators to apply for lease of details given below: Location Size and description of business unit Monthly Rent (N$) (Located near the Namibia-Angola border post, Kavango West 1088.1 m² e units have air-conditioning systems and kitchenettes) APPLICATIONS Interested parties should submit written applications with supporting documentation on their business Offshore Development Company (Pty) Ltd Private Bag 13397 6 th WINDHOEK ENQUIRIES Ms. Anna-Liisa Hango at Tel: (061) 283 7360 and Fax: (061) 231001 (Windhoek); and 6,865.20 6,865.20 6,877.20 6,877.20 3,500.40 3,500.40 13,057.20 Man admits to stealing more than 500 roadside signs Police near Cleveland, Ohio said they arrested a man accused of stealing more than 500 roadside signs posted on public land because he thought they were distracting to drivers. The Avon Lake Police Department said it has received numerous complaints in recent months about signs being removed from cityowned tree lawns at the side of roads, and video footage recently emerged showing John Hoelzl, 62, taking one of the signs. Police searched Hoelzl’s home, where they recovered more than 500 signs, valued at an estimated ,500. Police said most of the signs, which advertised local events and businesses, had been placed with proper permits from the city. Hoelzl told police he took the signs because he feared they would Load of boxes leaves woman hanging off back of scooter A traveller in China captured video of a woman transporting so many cardboard boxes on her motor scooter that she had to lie down atop the vehicle. be distracting to drivers. “I never thought I’d get arrested for it. I wasn’t really arrested. They came and asked me and I said, ‘Yeah, I got ‘em’ ... I gave them all my signs – it was over 500 of them,” he told WJW-TV. He said he has been removing signs from city-owned right-of-ways for about 10 years. “There was nothing on the sign saying this sign is allowed to be here. I probably shouldn’t have done it because, you know, I’m in trouble now,” said Hoelzl. Hoelzl said he wanted to apologize for taking the signs. “I’m not taking them no more,” he said. Hoelzl is facing a felony count of receiving stolen property. - UPI the woman travelling at a high speed down a Changsha, Hunan Province, road with several collapsed cardboard boxes on the scooter. The boxes occupy the entire seat area of the scooter, leaving the woman lying on her stomach atop the stack with her feet hanging off the back of the vehicle. The stunt was similar to an incident this month in North Carolina, where a man was photographed carrying an entire couch balanced across his scooter. - UPI

Friday, June 30 2017 | NEW ERA IN OTHER NEWS 9 Photos: hsufayfay Instagram Younger mama…In case you are wondering the woman in the middle is the 63-year-old mother to the girls, the third of which is not in this picture. When they look 20-years younger Three sisters from the Hsu family in Taiwan have taken the Internet by storm thanks to their incredibly youthful looks. The pictures make them look like 20-something-olds, even though the youngest of the three is 36-years old. The eldest celebrated her 40th birthday on 26 June, while the older sister is poised to celebrate her 42nd birthday soon. Yet, they do not look like they are that old. Lure Hsu, a 41-year-old interior designer, hit the headlines two years ago when she appeared on an entertainment show in her home country and people couldn’t believe her age. same beautiful complexion and there isn’t a wrinkle in sight. In fact, FayFay Hsu celebrated her 40th birthday just Forever young… From left are FayFay who is turning 40, Lure, who will soon celebrate her 42nd birthday, and 36-year-old sister Sharon. days ago on June 26 – not that you would be able to tell. It seems the ladies have inherited their youthful looks from their mum, who is 63 but doesn’t look a day older than them. FayFay told MailOnline that their mum is responsible for their good genes. She said: ‘When our mother was young, she was incredible youthful looking. Now she still looks great.’ The social media star has more than 70,000 followers on Facebook and 12,000 on Instagram, where she often shares photos with her little girl. Their other sister, Sharon, a celebrity and model in Taiwan, is 36 but looks more like 19. Lure Hsu told Friday Magazine: “Moisturising is so lines and other skin problems. “In addition, to keep skin healthy the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it – especially in the summer.” She also recommended eating less - bre, swapping it for more high-protein foods – and plenty of exercise, of course. – Compiled from Mirror. A man in India set a new world record by balancing a spinning basketball on a toothbrush in his mouth for nearly a minute. Sandeep Singh, a 25-year-old from Punjab, broke the Guinness World Record for “Longest duration spinning a basketball on a toothbrush” by balancing the ball on the brush for 53 seconds. “It was my dream to break a world record,” Singh said. He performed the attempt in front of a crowd in his hometown, where he began by spinning the ball on toothbrush. Once the ball was on the toothbrush, he leaned his head to the side and placed the bristles in his mouth as the ball continued to spin. The ball began to wobble and eventually fell after almost a minute, but Singh’s attempt was almost nine times longer than the previous record of 6.84 seconds. – UPI EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Hardcore… It is believed that hardcore spa-goers say the rhythmic motion of the blades, which are whacked all over the body and face are extremely relaxing. Photos: Carter News Agency/ Mirror A massage under the blade A strange health craze where spa-goers get hit in the face and body with knives is becoming popular as people seek new ways to feel relaxed. Sharpened cleavers are pressed in rhythmic motions with nothing but a thin piece of material between the patient and the blade. Hsiao Mei Fang, the owner of Ancient Art of Knife Therapy Education Centre, in Taipei, Taiwan, has been performing the strange procedure for more than 13 years. But she says people now seek out the treatment, which starts from around N8. Ms Fang said: “The treatment is originally from China and is 2,500 years old. “But here we have created an original and new knife therapy. “Everything has a Yin and a Yang, so instead of using one knife we use two - this represents the Yin and Yang. “The massage changes the energy inside the person and makes them more relaxed. “The knife is specially made so it’s very safe. We wouldn’t use a kitchen knife to do this.” She added: “A lot of people think it’s just for fun but people don’t realise this will change their lives. After they have experienced it they tell their friends and they all come to us.” After sharpening her tools, Hsiao uses a stick to loosen up the blood vessels and improve the circulation of the client before moving onto the massage itself. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, in the midst of the massage the masseuse makes a burping sound, which is apparently them spitting out the bad energy they draw from the client. – Mirror The Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) is hereby inviting all potential suppliers and service providers that are aspiring to render goods and services to BIPA, in order to be shortlisted and added on BIPA’s Supplier Database for the 2017/2018 financial year. The goods and services on offer are as follow; Goods Printing of CC1 and CC2 Business Registration Forms Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment and Furniture Supply and Delivery of Office Stationeries and Consumables Supply of Printing Services (Forms, Books, T-shirts etc.) Consultancy Services Provision of Travelling Agency Services Provision of Accommodation Hire (Hotels, B&Bs, Guest House etc.) Provision of Business Consulting Services MANDATORY DOCUMENTS: Works Public Private Partnership to Construct Head Office/Office Buildings Provision of Land/Buildings for Offices (Country wide/Regions) Provision of Leased Premises for Office use (Country wide/Regions) Supply of Repairs and Plumbing Services (Air conditioning, Doors, Taps, Toilets etc.) Supply of Motor Vehicle Maintenance Services (Wheel Alignment and Balancing, Panel Beating etc.) Non- Consultancy Services Provision of Safety and Security Services Provision of Catering and Decoration Services Provision of Utility Services (Courier Services, Telephones and Fax Services, Internet) 1. Expression of Interest Form (Obtainable from the Procurement Office, BIPA Head Office) 2. Company Profile 3. Company owner’s Identity Documents 4. Company’s Founding Statement (Latest) 5. SME Registration Certificate (If SME) 6. Employment Equity Commissioner Letter 7. Good Standing Certificate (Ministry of Finance- Inland Revenue) 8. Good Standing Certificate (Social Security Commission) All prospective suppliers must complete an Expression of Interest form obtainable from BIPA’s Head Office in Windhoek- Procurement Division or via email through the Procurement Office. Please note: No Faxed or emailed applications will be accepted No document of unsuccessful companies will be returned and; Only short-listed suppliers will be contacted. NB: Kindly bind all your documents together and submit your application in a sealed envelope marked EOI FOR GOODS AND SERVICES 2017/2018 and address it to: The Chief Executive Officer Business and Intellectual Property Authority 188 Sam Nujoma Drive Windhoek Application Closing Date: MONDAY, 17 JULY 2017 at 15H00 For more information contact: Mr. David H. Hamukwaya Procurement Officer Tel : 061- 2994415/00 Email : P.O. Box 185 | Windhoek, Namibia | Tel: +264 61 299 4400 | Fax: +264 61 401061 | E-mail: |Website:

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