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New Era Newspaper Friday April 27, 2018

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Friday, April 27 2018 NEW ERA 8 OTHER NEWS ‘Body-slammed by a goose’: Golfer sent flying by furious fowl Although Isaac Couling was hoping to get a few birdies while playing golf over the weekend, this wasn’t what he had in mind. The 16-year-old was walking down the fairway, during a golf tournament between Blissfield High School and Concord High School, when he was suddenly chased and knocked down by an angry goose, reported the Mirror. “They were aware of a goose nest on their left, which they were looking at but not bothering with, when from behind them and to the right came the guard goose (protecting the nest),” said Blissfield golf coach Steve Babbitt, according to the Detroit News. To make matters even worse, Couling fell to the ground a second time while trying to flee from the bird. INVITATION TO TENDER FOR AUDIT SERVICES The SADC Parliamentary Forum is a regional institution of the National Parliaments of the Southern African Development Community established under Article 9 (2) of the SADC Treaty. Its mission is to facilitate strategic partnerships within the SADC region, promote information sharing, initiate and implement projects that enhance regional integration and promote effective and professional parliamentary practice. The SADC Parliamentary Forum hereby invites tenders from Audit firms based in Namibia for the annual audit of its Financial Statements and Fund Accountability Statements for Donor funded Projects/Programmes. The term of engagement is for the three financial years ending 31 March 2018, 31 March 2019 and 31 March 2020, respectively. 1. The audit assignment should be completed by end of June after the end of each respective financial year. 2. The audit should be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and should comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards. 3. Criteria for selecting the Auditor will be based on: a) Experience in performing audits of government organization, NGOs, Regional and International Organizations. b) Audit team leadership qualifications and expertise. d) Fee for audit services 4. The tender submitted should comprise of: (i) The total Annual Audit Fees. (ii) Profile of at least 2 Audit Partners or Audit Managers of the Audit firm. (iii) References of some of its existing clients. 5. Tenders in sealed envelopes clearly indicating: “Tender: Audit Services” should reach the Secretary General, SADC Parliamentary Forum by latest 10.00 am on Friday 18th May 2018 at the address below. This day in history... 27 April 1950: The SA government passes the Group Areas Act, formally segregating races. 1960: The French-governed part of Togo land becomes the independent Republic of Togo, Africa’s smallest independent country. 1992: A Zambian air force plane carrying Zambia’s national soccer team crashes into the Atlantic off Gabon, killing all thirty aboard. 1993: Eritrea gains independence from Ethiopia after thirty years of civil war following a United Nations (UN)- monitored referendum. 1994: South Africa’s interim constitution enters into force. The new SWAKOPMUND MUNICIPALITY INVITATION TO UTILIZE BRICK MAKING MACHINE The public is hereby informed that the Swakopmund Municipality is administering a new brick making machine donated by the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency The machine which was donated to the Swakopmund community is stationed on Erf 4867 Swakopmund Industrial area machine is mainly intended for the use by groups or individuals involved in the The brick making machine will be hired can be leased for a maximum period of for the maintenance of the machine and therefore excludes water and electricity Dad apologises for posing with gun in daughter and boyfriend picture Arizona dad and former NFL star Jay Feely posed with a handgun, his daughter, and her boyfriend. Feely has said sorry after posing with his daughter and her prom date while holding a handgun. Father-offour Jay Feely, now an entrepreneur and TV sports analyst, shared online a photo where he appears alongside his daughter and her boyfriend. On Saturday night, he wrote: “Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom #BadBoys”. In his right hand, a handgun is clearly visible. After a considerable backlash, Jay, from Arizona, apologised for the picture and said on Twitter the gun “was obviously intended to be a joke.” Jay said his daughter and the other man present in the photo have been dating for more than a year. He added that he takes gun safety seriously. Still, the 41-year-old’s stunt has been taken badly by some people in America. Right now, gun control is a huge debate. There have already been numerous mass shootings in the US this year, including one at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida in which 17 people were killed. Many who died were students. 6. Proposals will be treated as confidential. The SADC Parliamentary Forum reserves the right to conduct reference enquiries. The tenderer should contact the Director of Administration & Human Resources, SADC PF, for a copy of the Terms of Reference (TORs) and any additional information that may be required. 6. SADC Parliamentary Forum reserves the right to: (a) accept or reject any tender; and (b) annul the tender process and reject all tenders at any time prior to the award of the contract; without thereby incurring any liability to any tenderer or any obligation to inform the tenderer of the grounds for its action. SADC Parliamentary Forum Parliamentary Gardens, Erf 578 Love Street Private Bag 13361, Windhoek, Namibia Tel: (264) 61 287 0000 – Fax: (264) 61 254642/247569 Email: – Website: All interested and eligible groups/ individuals are therefore invited to submit their applications for the use of the brick making machine to the Community For more enquiries contact: 0811444426 Mr C Awaseb: 064-4104604 Notice 16/2018 MPC Swarts Arizona dad Jay Feely had to apologise for posing with a handgun, in the picture of his daughter, and her boyfriend.

Friday, April 27 2018 NEW ERA ADVERT 9 TO THE ‘CONCERNED’ FARMERS – A RESPONSE TO THE PETITION REGARDING ARREARS Following a petition by a group of farmers who are in arrears with their loans, the governance structures of agricultural lender, Agribank, have reviewed the petition and have responded to the demands made by the ‘concerned’ farmers as follows: (a) Demand for group meetings between the clients and Agribank, and only thereafter individual meetings with clients to agree on restructuring of their respective loans. The Bank cannot accede to this demand. The Bank has consistently stated that clients approached the Bank for loan funding as individuals, that their reasons for being in arrears are different for each client and that their respective repayment circumstances are unique. Repayment arrangements must therefore be made at an individual level. We also wish to state that both the Bank and the Ministry of Finance have already met with the leadership of the ‘concerned’ farmers. On 8 November 2017, the Board Credit and Investment Committee of Agribank met with the following representatives of the ‘concerned’ farmers: Messieurs Medmillan Handura, Edison Katjipuka, Benny Amuenje, Arnold Blacky Tjingaete and Bimbo Tjihero. The Board Committee acted on instructions of the full Board to meet with the leadership of the ‘concerned’ farmers. At this meeting, the Board Committee under-scored the need for clients to visit the Bank for individual repayment arrangements. On 14 December 2017, another meeting was held between representatives of the ‘concerned’ farmers, members of the Bank’s Credit and Investment Committee and the Ministry of Finance. Here, too, the same message was emphasised by both the Ministry and the Bank – that client circumstances differ and the only feasible way is for clients to engage individually with the Bank. This message was immediately re-enforced in letter dated 19 December 2017, signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Agribank and addressed to Mr Mbakumua Hengari, who headed the ‘concerned’ farmers’ delegation. Present at the meeting of 14 December 2017 were representatives of the ‘concerned’ farmers, amongst others, Messieurs Mbakumua Hengari, Arnold Blacky Tjingaete, Bimbo Tjihero, Benny Amuenje, Masilo Hochobeb and Edison Katjipuka. In fact, these meetings, and other direct engagements with individual representatives of the ‘concerned’ farmers, demonstrate the Bank’s commitment to profound and honest engagements. To state otherwise, as intimated by the petition, is to fall short of factual reporting. (b) Cancellation of contracts with debt collectors with immediate effect. The Bank cannot accede to this demand. The Bank can use any legitimate channel or entity to collect arrears and has legitimately appointed debt collectors on specified-time contracts. The contracts were for defined periods and will only come to an end when they have run their course and not because clients, who are debtors, so demand. However, even when those contracts have run their time, the collections initiative will not end. In fact, the Bank has strengthened its internal collections capacity in the past year to ensure it continues the collections initiative with vigour, with or without the debt collectors’ contracts. It’s worth pointing out that the Bank has not handed over any new arrears to debt collectors after the initial hand-overs, precisely because this was a time-bound initiative to be supported by internal capacity-building for continuity. (c) Farmers listed on ITC (credit bureau) should be removed with immediate effect. The Bank cannot accede to this demand. Clients can only be de-listed once they have cleared their arrears or have successfully applied for consolidation of their arrears with the Bank. Options are routinely explained in the individual conversations with clients. A debtor cannot dictate to a creditor as to whether the latter can list them on a credit bureau or not. It is incumbent upon the borrower to ensure that they do not land themselves in a situation that results in them being listed in the first place, such as being in breach of their loan agreement and persistently failing to make appropriate repayment arrangements which they should then honour. (d) The Bank should start a process of dialogue with each concerned farmer immediately after meeting with the group. The issue of the group meeting has been explained in point (a). The Bank has always advocated for individual client engagements and will continue to promote this practical approach. In fact, many clients have positively responded to the Bank’s call. A repayment plan must be credible and agreeable - and should be reasonable to both the Bank and the client. In fact, some of the leaders of the ‘concerned’ farmers have already individually approached the Bank. Towards this end, the following representatives of the ‘concerned’ farmers have either concluded, or are in the process of discussing, their repayment arrangements: Messieurs Kahijoro Kahuure, Edison Katjipuka, Bimbo Tjihero, Benny Amuenje and Arnold Blacky Tjingaete. We commend them for doing the right thing. (e) The Bank and the farmers must jointly approach the Government to review the Affirmative Action Loan Scheme (AALS) to make it more sustainable and useful as an intervention by Government in land reform. We appreciate the recognition in the petition that the AALS is a Government scheme, which the Bank administers. In some public postings, this fact has been misrepresented to make it look like it is the Bank that is sustaining this scheme in its current form. As previously advised by the Bank, as ‘concerned’ farmers you can directly engage Government on this score or, if you so prefer, you can submit specific proposals to the Bank to engage with the Ministry. On a related matter, we note that the list attached to the petition is not that of the petitioners but rather of attendees at a meeting convened the evening preceding the hand-over of the petition. We also note that some of the attendees of that meeting have dissociated themselves from the petition as they had not agreed to it. By order of the Board _____________________________________________ Sakaria Nghikembua CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

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