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New Era Newspaper Friday August 18, 2017

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28 entertainment

28 entertainment Friday, 18 August 2017| NEW ERA FRIDAY 18 AUGUST 00:00 Prime News ® 00:45 Soccer Pitch ® 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 06:00 Good Morning Namibia (Live) 08:00 Healing Power of Nature® 08:30 Prime Minister’s Question Time ® 09:00 Soccer Pitch ® 10:00 Morning News (Live) 10:30 In Good Shape 11:00 S.A’s Got Talent 12:00 Los Rey ® 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 CNN Global Update (Live) 14:30 Regal Academy 15:00 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 15:30 Sunshine Club 16:20 Just Teenz 17:00 Stars in Style ® 17:30 Club 808 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Los Rey 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Absolute Rugby 19:30 Tutaleni 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Business Today (Live) 21:15 Sport News 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 Generations 22:30 Prime News ® 23:15 Whata-Monday ® SATURDAY 19 AUGUST 00:00 Modern Family 00:30 Middle of Nowhere (R16) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ® 07:30 Mister Maker ® 08:00 Max Steel ® 08:30 Regal Academy ® 09:00 Sunshine Club ® 10:00 Rhythm City (Omnibus) 12:00 America’s Got Talent ® 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 Totally Rubbish 14:00 Inter Sport 16:00 Whata-Tuesday ® 17:00 Doctors the Ultimate Surgeon 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Stars in Style 18:30 Session Studio 6 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 The Scoop 19:30 Whata-Lifestyle 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 NBC Jukebox (Live) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Deep Core (PG13) SUNDAY 20 AUGUST 00:15 The Mod Squad (R16) 02:00 Boxing Match - Crawford vs Indongo (VC) 07:00 Gospel Mix 07:30 A New Season 08:30 Universal Church 09:00 Los Rey (Omnibus) 13:00 Lunch Time Bulletin (Live) 13:30 A New Season ® 14:30 Inter Sport 17:00 News Journal 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Rooted (New) 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 2030 In Focus 19:30 Healing Power of Nature 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Session Studio 6 21:30 Demigods (PG) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Jumping For Joy (PG) FRIDAY 18 AUGUST 00:00 Crooked Arrows (2012) (PG13) 02:00 Al Jazeera News (Live) 06:00 Fitness First Class 06:30 In Good Shape 07:00 Life With La Toya 07:30 Europe in Concert 08:30 Stars in Style 09:00 Good Morning Show ® 11:00 WWE Wrestling 12:00 Broken Vows ® 12:30 Scandal! ® 13:00 Afro Musica 13:30 Generations 14:00 India a Love Story ® 15:00 Jongo 15:30 Run the Adventure 16:00 Steve Harvey 17:00 Whatagwan ® 18:00 Afro Musica ® 18:30 Broken Vows 19:00 India a Love Story 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Session Studio 6 20:30 Scandal! 21:00 NBC Jukebox ® 22:00 Paternity Court 22:30 Hijacked (R16) SATURDAY 19 AUGUST 00:00 The Break (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Stuart Little (All Age) 08:00 Stuart Little Prt. 2 (All Age) 10:00 Local / International Sport 13:00 Broken Vows (Omnibus) 15:00 Generations (Omnibus) 17:00 Shrek – Forever After (PG) 18:30 Hollywood Ultimate Countdown 19:00 Revenge 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Necessary Roughness 21:00 Missing – Season 1 21:45 Free Your Mind (R16) 22:00 Adam’s Apples: 1 “Twisted Connections” (R16) SUNDAY 20 AUGUST 00:00 Under Siege (PG13) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Welcome Back Pinocchio (All Age) 09:00 Book of Negroes ® 10:00 Local / International Sport 13:00 Scandal! (Omnibus) 15:00 India Love Story (Omnibus) 19:00 America’s Got Talent 19:45 Sport News 20:00 The Black List 21:00 Funky Monkey (PG13) 22:30 Middle of Nowhere (R16) (VC) 22:30 Joe Dirt 02:00 Crawford vs Indong (Live) = Movie ® = Repeat (VC) = Viewers Choice Times and programmes are subject to change. Buy once. Get Digital TV forever. No monthly fees. NEWSPAPER FOR NAMIBIA “I enjoy reading the New Era newspaper because it is informative and being an entrepreneur, keeps me posted with latest tender information!” ENTREPRENEUR Kenny Samuels NEWSROOM Tel: +264 61 273 302 ADVERTISING Tel: +264 61 273 322 SUBSCRIPTION Tel: +264 61 273 326 HEAD OFFICE Tel: +264 61 273 300 Corner of Dr W Kulz & Kerby Streets Windhoek New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

Friday, August 18 2017| NEW ERA AIRWAVES 29 AIRWAVES Weekly MY NAMIBIA SONG COMPETITION REACHES THE NATION The launch of the “My Namibia Song Competition” took place at the head office of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) in Windhoek on 10 August 2017. The My Namibia song will complement our national anthem in bringing about feelings of national pride, patriotism and unity. All Namibian authors and composers are invited to write/ compose a song titled: My Namibia which encompasses elements of unity in diversity in terms of culture, tolerance, national pride and patriotism under the theme: My Namibia, My Country, My Pride. The broadcaster’s Otjiherero and Setswana Radio Services together with the My Namibia Song team took to Gobabis after the launch to inform and educate the nation on the competition and to entice artists to participate in this nation-building event. The mass media awareness campaign continues as the team takes to the Kavango-East and Zambezi regions to ensure nobody is left out. Be sure to catch the team alongside the nbc’s Silozi and Rukavango Radio Services at the following venues: 18 August 2017 13H00 - 15H00 Zambezi Region Katima Open Market nbc Silozi Radio Service Live Broadcast 19 August 2017 10H00 - 12H00 Kavango-East Region Rundu Mall nbc Rukavango Radio Service Live Broadcast The My Namibia Song Competition Committee Members in Gobabis. From Left: nbc’s Head: Otjiherero Radio Service, Marina Matundu, nbc Corporate Communications Officer, Beaulah Boois, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Director: Print Media Affairs, Tjiuai Kaambo and nbc Production Manager Glendyrr Bailey nbc NATIONAL RADIO REVAMPED In its quest of moving with the times, the National Radio Service of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) is undergoing a facelift. This revamp will be accompanied by a change in program scheduling to accommodate listeners’ needs. The makeover also comes with a new name for the station, “National FM” and a new tag line - “Prime all the time”. All programming on the new schedule is now considered prime content. The new logo and slogan befit the new look and feel of National FM: a national radio station that delivers on its mandate all the time. The world has evolved and radio listeners have access to many other sources of entertainment and information. In its efforts to maintain its extensive listener base, the nbc’s National FM is introducing two drive-time shows, one at midday (12H00) and another from 16H00 to 18H00. Mario Locke and Laurika Williams will be driving the nation home in style. 01 September is usually associated with the start of Spring; this year, the nbc considers the first day of September as a kind of “spring cleaning day” for its National Radio Service: come 1 September 2017, it will be “out with the old” and “in with the new”. Commenting on the planned revamp, National Radio Service Manager Mwala Muchila noted: “Namibians deserve the best and we at National FM are here to deliver only the best. The implementation of this rebranding falls squarely within the mandate of the nbc to entertain and inform; satisfying both the needs of our clients and the needs of our listeners is what makes us the best radio platform to reach target markets.” The new schedule can be found on the website at www. or in the New Era Newspaper. RENEW YOUR TV LICENCE WITH NAMPOST The TV Licence renewal campaign is in full swing and TV set owners are urged to visit their nearest Nampost outlet to renew their licence(s) for 2017/18. Nampost has been collecting TV licence fees for the past three years alongside its primary mandate to deliver postal services and its revenue has been growing year after year. This year, Nampost set the bar higher to collect more as they plan to aggressively rollout the campaign to all corners of the country, taking advantage of their extensive national footprint. Every year, the TV licence campaign starts in August until 30 September with clients being expected to pay the standard license fee: N$ 204 per TV set for households, N$ 60.00 per TV set for pensioners and N$ 220.00 per TV set for businesses. Once the renewal period has passed, the fees will be subjected to a compounding interest of 10% each month, therefore all TV set owners are urged to take advantage of the renewal period to avoid penalties. When renewing your TV licence, you should furnish the required documents such as: your national identity card (ID) and the old TV licence from the previous financial year. Renewals can be done at any Nampost outlet country wide. ROOTED ON nbc1 The nbc continues to fulfil its mandate by informing, educating and inspiring a growing nation, evident in its efforts of introducing new channels and programming. “Rooted” is a recent addition to the nbc1 platform - a talk show that provides a platform for young adults who seek positive lifestyle solutions, despite the pressing issues of the day. ROOTED talks about the identity of young believers, their aspirations, desires, dreams, individualism, and spiritualism and faith. A program dedicated to the youth from the age of 18-25 to dig deeper into the problems and challenges they face and to help them find solutions to their plight through Christianity. The first episode of ROOTED, “Being Young in Christ”, will be broadcast on 20 August 2017 @ 18H00 and focuses on Timothy, a young man with faith, “who was told by Apostle Paul to let no one look down on him because he is young, but to set examples for the believers, in word, in speech, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Tim. 4:12). “Being young in Christ” looks at the challenges, peer pressure, social media, immoral behaviour and other issues that young Christians deal with. Programs of this nature are inspired by the high level of moral decay the nation is faced with whereby many of our youth face challenges that turn them to become criminals and indulge in destructive activities that ultimately break their lives. The nbc uses its platforms to educate and change the lives of the people into productive beings. Make a date with this insightful talk show every Sunday as we uncover the plights of the youth and help us find solutions together as a nation. BROADCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY TV CENTER Tel: 061 291 3111 RADIO CENTER Tel: 061 291 9111 SALES Tel: (061) 291 3125/3214 TV LICENSING Tel: 061 291 3393/4/5 DTT CALL CENTER Tel: 061 291 3026/3025

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