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2 NEWS Friday, December 1 2017 | NEW ERA Product of New Era CC MEMBERS From page 1 She made the remarks at the launch of the book Leadership at the Helm, which covers the journey of Swapo chief whips in the National Council since 1993 to date. At the same event, former Swapo SG Nangolo Mbumba said he handed Wednesday. very precious. You have to pay for it if you want it. I have time to have my eyes checked, my teeth cleaned. I have changed my dress code. I don’t have to impress anybody anymore. I don’t have to sit a long time for things.” New Era enquired from Shaningwa whether she had tendered her resignation since the SG is a full-time position, the 15th of December. I will have an answer for you.” The ruling Swapo elected the Head of State Hage Geingob as its president a week ago during the Swapo congress. Geingob, president of Namibia since 2015, won 574 out of 766 votes at the elective congress. Geingob won the Swapo presidential position with 574 votes out of 768 votes, youth and sport minister Jerry Ekandjo came in second place with 153 votes, while former prime minister Nahas Angula only managed 39 votes. Geingob’s preferred candidates for the three top positions also emerged victorious at the congress. These are Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah for vice-president, Shaningwa for Swapo SG and Marco Hausiku for Swapo deputy SG. Nandi-Ndaitwah got a resounding 552 of the 766 votes cast, defeating Home Affairs and Immigration Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, who managed to get 194 votes, while Helmut Angula, only received 20 votes. Swapo regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu for the SG position. Shaningwa got 523 votes, while Amukwiyu received 243 votes. Geingob must still name his six nominees to the Central Committee. Shaningwa said congress is now done and dusted – hence she urged all Swapo members especially those in parliament to work hard. “We have to be accountable to our electorate. We have to be accountable the house of review, we should not sit idle. The moment the Bills come from the National Assembly, we have to act so that at least we put laws into place to give services to our people. I trust in your leadership and trust that we will all pull together to give services to our people.” Shaningwa warned against ministries returning funds to Treasury – funds under-utilised while they were budgeted. “Let’s not have budgets but at the end of the day it’s returned to Treasury. l is possible and was provided as The newly-elected SG also urged that Namibians do away with the tendency of quoting American authors. She said it’s time people started quoting Namibian authors. Tel: +264 61 - 2 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Mumbala exhorts Swapo members to move on Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala says there should be no hostility between members who supported different factions during the recent Swapo congress. for the top four positions, with one known as Team Harambee, consisting of President Hage Geingob and his slate, while the other group was known as Team Swapo, and consisted of youth and sports minister Jerry Ekandjo and former prime minister Nahas Angula, who both challenged Geingob for the Swapo presidency, while others from the team also contested the top four positions. President Hage Geingob was duly elected as Swapo president, while the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, got the nod for the party’s vice-presidency. The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaningwa, and Swapo Party rector, Marco Hausiku, were elected as secretary general and vice-secretary general respectively. And while there had been tensions and name-calling in the build-up to the Swapo congress, Mumbala said this should all be in the past and all Swapo members should MOTORCADE From page 1 He added that it is the international norm and courtesy accorded to leaders worldwide, and Namibia is no exception. The categories of VVIPs and VIPs using motorcades in the Namibian context include the current and former heads of state, the vice-president, prime minister and foreign dignitaries who enjoy immunity from stopping at intersections and He went on to say that in the case of a VVIP or VIP moving from one point to another, a state motorcade is used to and Road Safety Act and in accordance with the Namibian Police VIP Protection regulations regarding the escort of VVIPs and VIPs. ling together for the purpose of conveying Namibian VIPs or foreign dignitaries and visible blue lights and sirens to forewarn public road users of the oncoming motorcade of the VIP, to ensure safe passage and the unimpeded journey of the VIP, the police chief said. He added that it therefore becomes obligatory for every citizen to now be one united team, and focus their energies on producing wonders during the 2019 and 2020 elections. The Swapo regional head said the best outcome from the congress is not who won and who lost, but the togetherness and comradeship among party members after the congress. He added that the most important outcome of the congress is the unity amongst the two teams. He furthermore urged members to stop identifying with either team, as these teams are no more, and instead identify as one people united under one Swapo. “I do not want to hear someone calling anyone names such as Masalad – there is no Team Harambee versus Masalad. Congress is over and it is now up to us to ensure that come 2019 and 2020, we get resounding victories,” he said. He also encouraged members to refrain from negative comments on the various WhatsApp groups of the party, and called on administrators of these groups to control their members and monitor what members say. Mumbala said instead of negative comments towards each other, members of the party should, on such platforms, speak on important issues and challenges facing the community and how best to address them. respect and give the right of way to the motorcade to pass unimpeded, by stopping their vehicle. He further outlined the procedures to approach and during the passing of the state motorcade, the driver of every vehicle on the road must bring his/her vehicle to a halt at the extreme left of the road where the road is demarcated into one or two remain stationery and only proceed when instructed to do so by hand signals of a policeman or when the motorcade has passed if the vehicle is stopped in any vehicle to a halt in a safe position, which may include a lane reserved for right- into more than two lanes for direction of draw the vehicle to a halt at the extreme left of the road. No person driving a vehicle shall overtake or attempt to overtake any vehicle in a state motorcade – and any person who contravenes these laid down procedures and regulations shall commit an offence. When dealing with persons interfering in motorcades, Ndeitunga said, the law - intruder will be the last resort. AMUKWIYU From page 1 Amukwiyu’s rise to stardom in politics stems from his grass-roots development in youth politics. He is a former national executive committee member of the National Youth Forum. He also served in the national leadership of several youth koto regional coordinator for Swapo since 2004. However, the 6th Swapo elective congress spoke a different language and Amukwiyu lost – with 243 votes to Sophia Shaningwa’s 523 votes. New Era met up with Amukwiyu and asked what his future political plans are and what lessons he learnt from last week’s congress. He said that in future, should he participate in such contestation, he would never associate himself with any grouping. Amukwiyu campaigned under the now disbanded Team Swapo with six other party members, namely the former prime minister Nahas Angula, former minister Helmuth Angula, home affairs and immigration minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, youth and sports minister Jerry Ekandjo, Petrina Haingura and businesswoman Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun. “I think from here and not only me and the rest of the party leaders, candidates who will contest for whatever position, especially at national level, must avoid campaigning under certain groups because this to me is factionalism and promotes levels of disunity and division within the party. During the campaign you saw comrades from the same party looking at each other with angry faces, being angry at one another as if they had done each other wrong, just because people were identifying with a different team,” he said. He added that candidates should also avoid sending wrong messages during the campaigns and refrain from pointing out what fellow candidates failed to do. When asked if he sees himself contesting over and above the position he competed for, Amukwiyu was quick to point out that he didn’t lose anything “as you only lose something you had”. “I didn’t lose anything – that’s my take on this issue. I was rather vying to become the SG of our party and I knew very well this is democratic contestation and I was going into elections, and we were two candidates.” “I was mentally and psychologically prepared that an election produces two sides – either you emerge as victor or could fail and not make it. And being from the same party as the SG is, I do not regret. In fact, I am proud of those who supported, rallied for and elected me from the beginning to the end of the process,” said Amukwiyu, adding that if his comrades nominate him at the next congress, he would avail himself for whatever position. The just-ended congress also set a new tone of political maturity and sense of unity among party members who even though they competed against each other, vowed to work together following the election results. Amukwiyu pledged his support for President Geingob – and said it is no longer about who belongs to what team, but about Swapo and contributing towards the party and strengthening its unity. He said he would return to his structures to harmonise the party members as it is no secret that the past campaigns left the region divided. “First thing is – we going to have a come-together party this Saturday, where I will invite all party structures in the region. I will appeal to them to accept each other and rally behind the winning leaders.” He added that he will also draw up and will get input from religious and traditional leaders, and regional and local councillors. Political commentator Dr Hoze Riruako said this is the time for Amukwiyu to take stock of what he has done and decide how he wants to resuscitate and strive towards becoming what he wanted to be. He indicated that Amukwiyu should work within the system and not against it. “Work with the power that is – make sure you rekindle that good relationship you had with comrades in the party,” advised Riruako, adding that Amukwiyu has learnt his lesson and that in Swapo you don’t come via the back door. “He is ambitious – you can see he wanted to come to the centre. He has the potential and he is an energetic and forceful guy. I think he is a hardworking type of person. He has all the caviar that will make him succeed if he works within the party,” stated Riruako, pointing that that Amukwiyu now stands a better chance of being picked and placed somewhere. He said Amukwiyu’s wishing to partake in the next congress would be determined by how he asserts himself right now. “Take Utoni Nujoma, for example, he was very low on the last congress list and in this congress he is at position 34.”

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