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New Era Newspaper Friday December 1, 2017

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24 Friday, December 01, 2017 | NEW ERA entertainment MUSIC Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek Keetmanshoop is the next stop on December 16 in the One Night with Matongo show – one of four such gigs which kicked off with a bang at Walvis Bay’s Club Chez Ntemba last Saturday. The trio is throwing fans back into time with hits such as ‘Koes’ and ‘Manuva’, to mention a few. Strauss “Makoya” Lunyangwe, one third of the group, maintains that the turnout and overall response to their performance was way better than they anticipated. “It went down heavy my brother. It was good,” he says. The gigs are meant to musically cater for the group’s diehard fans in four different towns, deliberately selected to cover the west coast, north of the country. The new concept, explains Makoya, is from one of their brainstorming sessions some four years ago. The group intends to solely treat its fans to a musical journey with no other supporting acts but spinning deejays. “We don’t always get the opportunity to throw such a musical experience as time constraints and other limitations are almost every artist’s nightmare. And once you’re booked by a promoter to perform, you’re also limited to day and age, the onus is upon performers to ensure that they always bring their A-game to the party if they are to secure corporate support or maintain their fans. This, Makoya says, takes a combination of unique ideas and their implementation. Other members of the group are Damara Dikding who can be credited for most of the group’s production work, and Thembizo. The Walvis Bay gig also featured deejays 2Piece and Flavour. The trio set the music industry alight back in the 1990s when it blazed the trail of Namibia’s kwaito scene. After gracing numerous stages with an array of hits, the group members went separate ways. Makoya kept releasing albums, Damara Dikding went deep into honing his skills as a producer, and Themba virtually disappeared. It turned out he was on some deep introspection and soul-searching my purpose in life. Now I can say I’m reincarnated,” Themba says, adding that he has found some spiritual awakening, hence his new stage name, Malume, meaning ‘uncle’ in a couple of southern African languages, including Xhosa. Makoya says their time apart has made each of them stronger and wiser as all of them have gone full-circle and know exactly what is expected of them and what to expect from others. “We’re now bringing wisdom to the studio and with that comes great music and entertainment for our fans,” Makoya says. The next One Night with Matongo after Keetmanshoop is Gobabis on a date yet to be cattle country do, the Matongo engage fans at Funky Lab in Ongwediva on December 31 The trio… Damara Dikding, Malume (formerly Themba) and Makoya who have embarked on an intimate affair with their fans in the four corners of the country with the next serenade in Keetmanshoop on December 16. FRIDAY 01 DECEMBER 00:00 Prime News ® 00:45 Soccer Pitch ® 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 06:00 Good Morning Namibia (Live) 08:00 Wild Jobs: Namibia ® 08:30 Prime Minister’s 09:00 Soccer Pitch ® 10:00 Morning News (Live) 10:30 In Good Shape 11:00 Wipeout USA 12:00 Los Rey ® (Final) 13:00 (Live) 13:30 CNN Global Update (Live) 14:30 Panda Fanfare 15:00 Friendship is Magic 15:30 Sunshine Club 16:20 Just Teenz 17:00 Fashion District TV 17:30 Club 808 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 TBA 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Absolute Rugby 19:30 Tutaleni 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Business Today (Live) 21:15 Sport News 21:30 Rhythm City 22:00 22:30 Prime News ® 23:15 Missing – Season I (PG) SATURDAY 02 DECEMBER 00:00 Modern Family 00:30 The Break (R16) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 Friendship is Magic ® 07:30 Mister Maker ® 08:00 Silly Season ® 08:30 Panda Fanfare ® 09:00 Sunshine Club ® 10:00 Rhythm City (Omnibus) 12:00 America’s Got Talent ® 13:00 (Live) 13:30 Cook and Chefs 14:00 Inter Sport 16:00 Whata-Tuesday ® 17:00 Surgeon 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 S.A.’s Got Talent 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 Session Studio 6 19:30 Whata-Lifestyle 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Whata-Monday ® 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Revenge For Jolly (R16) (VC) SUNDAY 03 DECEMBER 00:15 Sink Hole (PG13) 02:00 Russia Today (Live) 07:00 Gospel Mix 07:30 A New Season 08:30 Universal Church 09:00 Los Rey (Omnibus)(Final) 13:00 (Live) 13:30 A New Season ® 14:30 Inter Sport 16:00 Culture Paradise 16:30 Know Namibia 17:00 News Journal 18:00 News Flashes 18:01 Rooted 19:00 News Flashes 19:01 2030 In Focus 19:30 Wild Jobs: Namibia – S3 20:00 Prime News (Live) 20:45 Sport News 21:00 Session Studio 6 21:30 Story of My Life (PG) 22:00 Prime News ® 22:45 Monster-In-Law (PG13) (VC) FRIDAY 01 DECEMBER 00:00 Al Jazeera News (Live) 06:00 Fitness First Class 06:30 In Good Shape 07:00 The Close Up 07:30 Europe in Concert 08:30 In Focus 09:00 Good Morning Show ® 11:00 WWE Wrestling 12:00 Broken Vows ® 12:30 Scandal! ® 13:00 Days of Our Lives ® 13:30 14:00 Seize the Day ® 15:00 Check Point 15:30 In Good Shape 16:00 Steve Harvey 17:00 Whatagwan ® 18:00 Days of Our Lives 18:30 Broken Vows 19:00 Seize the Day 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Session Studio 6 20:30 Scandal! 21:00 Bound By a Secret (PG) 22:30 Territory 8 (R16) (VC) SATURDAY 02 DECEMBER 00:00 Copycat (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 08:30 10:00 Sport 13:00 Broken Vows (Omnibus) 15:00 17:00 Monkey in the Middle (2014( (PG) 18:30 Countdown 19:00 Whata-Tuesday 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Necessary Roughness 21:00 Missing – Season 1 21:45 Free Your Mind (R16) 22:00 Adam’s Apples: Season 2 “Split Second” + “ Double Shake” (2013) (R16) SUNDAY 03 DECEMBER 00:00 Cross (2011) (R16) 02:00 Al Jazeera (Live) 07:00 Music & the Spoken Word 07:30 Days of Our Lives (Omnibus) 09:30 Unusual Suspect 10:00 Sport 13:00 Scandal! (Omnibus) 15:00 Seize the Day (Omnibus) 19:00 Caught on Camera 19:45 Sport News 20:00 Hustle 21:00 Boys (PG) (VC) 22:30 Falcon Rising (R16) 22:45 Revenge for Jolly 22:45 Monster-In-Law 22:30 Territory 8 21:00 Boys = Movie ® = Repeat (VC) = Viewers Choice Times and programmes are subject to change. Buy once. Get Digital TV forever. No monthly fees.

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