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Friday, December 15, 2017 | NEW ERA 24 entertainment ARTS Teo Kermeliotis Nairobi Ever since he was a young boy, Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru has envisaged breathing new life into his surroundings. “When I woke up every was trash,” recalls Kabiru, whose childhood home faced a garbage was dumped. “I used to say to my dad that when I grow up, I want to give trash a second chance.”And do. A self-taught sculptor and painter, Kabiru is crafting visually striking artworks from abandoned refuse he collects from the streets of the Kenyan capital. The talented artist is best known for his “C-Stunners,” a series of eyecatching handmade spectacles. In wires, spoons and bottle tops gain a new lease of life as vital components of whimsical pieces of art. Stripped of their original value, the recycled materials are transformed into steampunk, oneof-a-kind creations that transcend traditional forms and challenge waste,” says Kabiru. “I just see the trash as a chance for creativity.” Early struggles fascination with glasses started at a very young age, inside the small two-bedroom house he siblings. He wanted to have a pair of his own spectacles, but his glasses-wearing father refused to give him his or get him any new father was beaten by his mother after accidentally destroying a bought him. That incident stayed young son that if he wanted to have eyewear, he should make it himself. to heart. Soon after, he started crafting his own frames using cutlery, plastic and any other house. Uninterested in studying, Kabiru would stay up at nights to use his creations to barter with his classmates. how I survived in school.” After father wanted him to study electronic engineering, like most members of his family. Kabiru, however, had no desire to study. His rebellious attitude, coupled with his refusal to adhere to any his family or community. “I grew Kabiru. “Grownups used to tell International recognition Without any support from his family, Kabiru took his artwork and moved from his house to embark on his artistic journey. He rented a studio where, apart from his arresting spectacles, he started working on colourful and satirical paintings, as well as sculptures - all made of recycled materials collected while roaming the streets of Nairobi. “I love nature,” says survive without walking,” he adds. creations and commitment to the environment are increasingly earning him international speak at major events such as the TED2013 conference in California and Milan Fashion Week, while his work has been featured in many shows across the world. Closer to home, Kabiru says things are changing as well -- his perseverance and hard work have now turned him into in his community. Earlier this “[It made me] very proud,” says Kabiru. “They are now happy.” “Selling poverty” for the soft-spoken artist, now in Kenya,” he admits. dwell on the struggles of the past or Too many Kenyan and African artists, he says, are interested in “selling poverty instead of creativity.” “You get people saying, grew up in this place and this place, “I want to change that -- not telling people about my problems, good to sell the creativity you have done, telling people you have this place [so they can come] to buy your work and see your ideas.” Promoting art compelling artwork in his studio, or scouring the streets for materials, Kabiru is visiting rural communities in Kenya as part of his “Outreach” initiative, aimed at encouraging creativity and raising awareness about ecological issues in his country. In these areas, he holds workshops and teaches people how to create art with the materials surrounding them in an environmentally friendly way. He says he targets older generations because they are the ones who can have an impact in their communities. “If I teach grandmothers something about deforestation or taking grandmothers to teach their children,” he says. art is winning more and more admirers of all ages both home person who needs convincing. “My grandmother is, up to now, keep looking for a good job for me,” says Kabiru. “When you visit my grandmother, she asks you whether you work,” he adds. ask you whether you can get an MUSIC studio album John Muyamba Rundu Ill Game, aka M.I.G, has dropped its Rukwangali. P-star, Slim-D, Callous, Rockid, their producers Chuwee and Jimmy and Prince Muha (manager). Their 22-track album features Zemoney from Katima Mulilo, Rundu-based SPG and Tesh from Windhoek. “We have been working on the album since December 2016, which makes it 12 months of work until the release,” the group said. song on the album with a video already playing on NBC TV, Trace Africa as well as on the Mighty Ill Game music genres, hip-hop, RnB, rap, dancehall and soul. “So far we only have one video but we plan on shooting half of the 22 year,” crew member, P-star. M.I.G was established in 2010 in high school. until we made unscheduled meetings after classes where we talked about music. Those little meetings turned into studio sessions without proper equipment. Then we approached studios using ideas from the sessions “We have put together some equipment and built our own studio and we also market our music by way of online advertising stores and ads that we pay for,” he noted. M.I.G promises fans nothing but good music. Apart from iTunes, a copy of the album can be found in Post Street countrywide from +264817928907 or via email on mightyillgamemusic@ “Please do support us as we embark on a journey to entertain you,” P-star appealed. Pride of Rundu… The M.I.G crew Rockid, Chuwee, Slim-D and Jimmy. Seated are Callous and P-star. The group has just dropped its debut album.

Friday, December 15, 2017 | NEW ERA entertainment 25 29 Season of giving The festive season puts a great deal of emphasis on giving and the rewarding aspects of generosity. Presents are not the only things that you can give, there are many sublime ways of giving during this special time of the year. Give to yourself It’s important to give yourself a break and do something that you EVENTS Staff Reporter Windhoek Holiday makers at the coast, will be entertained with a variety of activities scheduled during this year’s Summer Festival courtesy of Bank Windhoek. The annual festival, which kicked off on December 8, is guaranteed to offer entertainment and activities for everyone until the end of this month. Swakopmunder Musikwoche The 2017 Bank Windhoek Swakopmunder Musikwoche started in Swakopmund on December 8 and will end this Sunday. The annual music event takes place under the patronage of the German Evangelic Lutheran Church community of Swakopmund. Music professionals from national and international institutions are invited to instruct and assist young and old musicians of Namibia. The event lasts for 10 days and culminates in a series of concerts offered to the public. Date: Friday, 8 until Sunday, 17 December 2017 Venue: Various venues around Swakopmund Tickets: Namib High School between 09h00 and 12h00 every day For more information, visit the Swakopmunder Musikwoche’s website, or contact Christiane Berker via email at enjoy. If you are a student, worker, spouse or parent, you’ve spent most of the year taking care of your responsibilities. Now you can slow down and relax, go to the spa, sleep a little longer, read an interesting book, get a new hairdo…anything that makes you happy. Before you know it, the festive season will be over and you’ll be glad that you actually took the time to unwind and rejuvenate. Give quality time If you are fortunate to have loving family and friends in your life, the holiday gives you plenty of free time to have fun with your loved ones. Whether you go on vacation or stay at home, spending quality time together creates delightful and fond memories. This is also a wonderful opportunity to have those important heartto-heart conversations that help to strengthen bonds. Festive gettogethers are the ideal occasions for taking family portraits, so go ahead and take lots of photos. Give in to cravings Overindulging in mouthwatering food and drinks is a Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Clinic Bank Windhoek is the proud sponsor of the Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Clinic. The clinic is aimed at training and improving the skills of coaches and the youth. will be provided to participating coaches and children. Date: Monday, 11 until Monday, 18 December 2017 Venue: The Dome Swakopmund For more information, contact Dave Hammond on Tel: +264 64 400 301 or send an email to The Namibian Chess Federation The Namibian Chess Federation will be hosting the Kehat Beukes Memorial Chess tournament at the coast. The tournament is hosted in December with the aim of attracting international travellers and the best of the local chess players. Date: Saturday, 16 to Sunday, 17 December 2017 Time: All day Venue: Swakopmund Municipal Conference Centre For more information on the Kehat Beukes Memorial Chess Tournament, please contact the Namibia Chess Federation on Cell: +264 81 211 6463 or via email at president@ temptation for everyone during the festive season. However, you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. Always be prepared by deciding in advance what you are willing to consume or decline, especially if you have any medical requirements. If you are simply worried about gaining some extra pounds over the festive season, you can still enjoy those scrumptious delicacies by eating small portions while maintaining your exercise routine. Give to the needy What better way to show your appreciation for the blessings in your life than to give to those who are less fortunate. You don’t necessarily have to buy new things to give away, simply gather up or old toys that your kids stopped playing with and donate them to your local charity. If you are good at entertaining children or interacting with the elderly, you can volunteer at an orphanage or old age home and discover the joy of giving. Summer Festival kicks off Tennis The Namibia Tennis Association, in collaboration with Bank Windhoek, will host the Bank Windhoek Open in Swakopmund. Participants 14 years and older are invited to enter. Date: Friday, 15 until Sunday, 17 December 2017 Venue: Swakopmund Tennis Club Entries close on 9 December 2017. For more information, contact Wellington on Cell: +264 81 726 0534 or via email: wllgtn73sibanda@ Bank Windhoek Beach Volleyball Bash Bank Windhoek is the proud sponsor of the Beach Volleyball Bash designed to cater for professional players and young holiday makers. Teams with a maximum of six players can enter. The entry gives team members access to the Beach Bash taking place at the same venue. Prize money of N 000 is up for grabs. The event is hosted by Namib Rage and Timeout Beach Volleyball Academy. Date: Friday, 22 December 2017 Time: All day Venue: Long Beach Entry fees: Pro League or Social League – N 500 (Tickets to the Beach Bash included) NSK Industry Loop I’ve been preaching about the importance of sound check for years now. It seems artists simply do not get it OR me. Let me ask you this…do you like it when you are about to be introduced at live shows to be debating with the sound engineer about the PC that cannot read your USB? Do you like it when you say “Mr DJ, give me track number 5…” #DjPlaysTheWrongSong “No man, I said track number 5”? Do you enjoy the embarrassment of having been cut from the line-up because you did not show up for sound check? Do you enjoy getting into verbal (sometimes physical hey) altercations about the sound not being “right” for you? If your answer was “NO” to all the questions, then why do you continue to do the number 2 on sound check? Do you know that all of the issues I indirectly underlined in the above questions can actually be avoided, hey? Ever heard of “prevention is better than cure”? As a professional MC, I hate introducing an artist and silence ensues because you did not sort out your music with the sound engineer. Know this, it’s nothing personal but Denzel Leroy //Naobeb aka Naobeb Se Kind but you can call me NSK WILL CUT YOU FROM THE LINE UP! I will move on with the show. Who do you think you are to stall the show? Because of your ignorance and sheer lack of professionalism we had to force the show into the wee hours of the morning? I’m cutting you! I am an extremely well drilled and experienced MC and I will not let you dampen the value of what we (with the event organisers) are trying to achieve. Let’s avoid all of that animosity and have you honour the sound check. Sound check does not need to be cool for you. Sound check is a necessity. There are no fans at sound check. Only professionals who want to make sure you sound and perform like a superstar later that evening. I am yet to see a live band not attending sound check. Which is fantastic. That means they take their craft seriously. If I am wrong and it has transpired where a band skips sound check… ladies and gentleman you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You cannot be a band and not attend sound check. You want to tell me, I announced you, 500 people are screaming for your band and waiting in anticipation and only then you want to connect your guitar, piano and drums? Dude? Are you being serious right now? That takes at least a good 30 to 45 minutes to get the band in sync! Every day you complain of the Namibian public not taking your brand seriously but honestly who is to blame for that? I swear neh…if I’m a reveller in the crowd… been waiting for you’re behind for hours and when I have to wait another 30 to 45mins for you to come on neh…I will be Baster level pissed! Jy kani vi my so lat wagi man. Poof…gone is the little respect I had for your band! Honour sound check and have a prompt and great performance! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Oldie of the week: Curtiz You Got Me Like NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email @naobebsekind (twitter)

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