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New Era Newspaper Friday December 15, 2017

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4 NEWS Friday, December 15 2017 | NEW ERA Twenty reed houses go up Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Grape workers once again lost their belongings and national identity about 20 reed houses at farm Komsberg, situated 70 kilometres west of the Ariamsvlei border post, on Wednesday night. in one of the reed houses at about 23h00, and spread rapidly, burning down the 20 houses. Workers lost all their belongings as many could not salvage anything after arriving in a rush from their workstations. Due to the grapes being harvested, grape workers work long hours to package grapes and sometimes work from early morning up to midnight. Karas regional crime investigations coordinator Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo told New Era that although no casualties were reported, three people sustained injuries. Fire-prone… Reed houses in the south, in which grape farm workers live. Photo: Matheus Hamutenya It is alleged that one of the workers, Elizabeth Ndjamba, 33, was burned on both her legs and arms, while another two sustained other injuries and were all taken to the Ariamsvlei clinic for treatment. was still unknown, and that police were still investigating the cause. Karasburg East Constituency Councillor Dennis Cootzee, during an interview with New Era, expressed concern about the regular more should be done to prevent them in future. “This also happened last year, so I want to make a plea to those staying there to be careful when these reed houses it is just a spark and everything burns down, but luckily no lives were lost,” he said. In December last year it was reported by The Namibian newspaper that 190 reed houses at Komsberg with 260 workers allegedly losing Cootzee said he would travel to the farm today to assess the situation could provide. Judgement day for suspected Angolan drug mule set Maria Amakali Windhoek Joao Pascoal Huyeye, an Angolan national who is on trial for having been found with cocaine in his stomach, is set to hear judgement next year after the magistrate postponed the matter to 2018. Huyeye, 41, has been in custody following his arrest at Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA) in December 2016 for possession of cocaine worth N3,500. It is alleged that Huyeye was in transit from Sao Paulo, Brazil via South Africa en route to Angola. Making a brief appearance before magistrate Elina Nandago in the Windhoek Regional Court, Katutura on Thursday, Huyeye was informed that judgement in the case would be handed down on February 8. “The matter is on the roll for judgement – however the presiding state prosecutor Menencia Hinda. Furthermore, the accused’s defence counsel was out of town. Huyeye denies guilt on a charge of possession of cocaine following an anonymous tip-off to the police that he would be transporting drugs through Namibia’s borders. During the trial it was revealed Joao Pascoal Huyeye that he was found with cocaine he had concealed in his digestive system. Detective Chief Inspector Immanuel Namundjembo, during his testimony when he took the stand during trial, informed the court that through medical examination at Katutura Intermediate Hospital, it was discovered that Huyeye had foreign substances in his digestive system. Subsequently, Huyeye’s stomach pellets wrapped in plastic were obtained. Through forensic investigations were cocaine. According to police reports, Huyeye was very lucky to have walked away with his life after some of the cocaine pellets had burst inside his body. VACANCY CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (Windhoek, Namibia) 12/2017 ABOUT NCRST: The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) was established in 2013 in terms of section 4 of the Research, Science and Technology Act, 2004 (Act No 23 of 2004). The NCRST is mandated to ensure the coordination, monitoring and supervision of research, science and technology in Namibia as well as to promote and develop research, science and technology. apply for this position. JOB PURPOSE: The CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER is responsible for the overall implementation of NCRST’s strategic direction, provide leadership, and ensure that NCRST is will report to the Board of Commissioners. APPLICATIONS: The application and recruitment process will be internally facilitated by the HR Subcommittee under guidance of the Board of Commissioners of NCRST. Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and no documents will be returned. All relevant information for the position can be found on the NCRST website: Ms. Josephine Haubas (Chairperson of the HR Committee) Tel: +264 (0) 818 600 315 CLOSING DATE OF APPLICATIONS: Friday, 05 January 2018 at 17h00

Friday, December 15 2017| NEW ERA NEWS 5 Schützenhaus owner to give 25% of his profit to workers Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop In an effort to show appreciation to his workforce and in line with calls for companies to empower their workers, the owner of Schützenhaus Guesthouse at Keetmanshoop workers yearly. Speaking to New Era, owner of the establishment Ingo Klitzke said his family has been part of the Keetmanshoop community since the 1900s and that the residents of the town have always been near to his heart since he took ownership of the guesthouse in 2005. He said the gesture aims to show appreciation to the workers and to support government efforts to improve the lives of people. “I am very much in support of the president’s [Hage Geingob] Harambee Prosperity Plan, and shared by the personnel, who have been with us for at least a year,” he said. He explained that his guesthouse has received much support from the Keetmanshoop community, from government and tourists, and because this is where he makes his living, it was only fair to share with those that make it possible. Thus, come February next year all workers will get a share of Also during the dinner on Tuesday, which he sponsored, and which was attended by //Kharas Regional Governor Lucia Basson and various local leaders, he donated food parcels worth N,000 to elderly people in the region as a Christmas gift. Klitzke said the elders of the region, who are unable to work and generate an income for themselves should be assisted in every way possible, and that the food parcels were his little contribution. He said he hopes more companies will join and assist the people in the areas they operate from. Basson during the handover called on companies in her region to follow suit, so that more people can be assisted and in that way contribute Merry Christmas… Photo: Matheus Hamutenya N million maternity shelter at Opuwo progressing well Staff Reporter Windhoek Having operated as the only commercial bank in Aussenkehr Valley in the //Karas Region for the past 13 years, Standard Bank has once again taken the lead to recently unveil a modern banking facility to the tune of N.5 million. The new Aussenkehr branch Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva The construction of a maternity shelter at Opuwo is progressing well, with expectant mothers expected to make use of the facility by February next year. The N million shelter will be constructed under the Programme for Accelerating the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PARMACH) over a period of four months and is being funded by the European Union (EU). The maternity shelter for expectant mothers will ease the hardship of mothers delivering outside health care facilities and thus reduce infant mortality rates. Apart from Opuwo being without an was officially opened by Standard Bank’s chief executive Vetumbuavi Mungunda and the owner of Aussenkehr Farms, Dusan Vasiljevic, last week Aussenkehr valley is a leading exporter of table grapes to major world markets. The area is also home to up to 20,000 inhabitants who work in the grape industry. With currently over 2,000 hectares of grape farming production in the valley, Mungunda noted that this was a successful example of private sector investments driving the emergence of new economic activities and growth in the country. “The valley of Aussenkehr has grown and is growing fast and is a welcomed development for foreign exchange earnings, creation of employment and expectant shelter, Outapi as well as Engela District Hospital have been in the news for the same shortcomings. World Health Organisation (WHO) point Celia Kaunatjike said the Opuwo shelter seeks to draw expectant mothers to the hospital and will facilitate access to professional health care and ensure safe deliveries for mothers, leading to improved survival rates for mothers. Kaunatjike said the shelter would contribute immensely to saving the lives of mothers and children in the region, adding that Opuwo district is marred by challenges, such as extreme levels of poverty, long distances to health care facilities and low health seeking behaviours. “This has resulted in low performance Standard Bank pioneers banking in Aussenkehr Valley Pioneers… Photo: Contributed the creation of downstream economic activities such as retail sector. It also means that critical amenities and services such as housing, roads, schools and banking services have to follow these developments,” said Mungunda. He thanked the investors in the Aussenkehr valley for their pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit in developing a new industry and economic sector from scratch. Mungunda noted that grape production and grape farming gives an example of the new approach to Namibia’s potential in terms of agricultural and food production. He cited that in complimenting the private sector’s drive, over the last two years Standard establish new banking facilities in other towns like Okongo, Karibib, Gobabis, Omuthiya and Okakarara. “As a bank, we need to provide inclusive banking by supporting these economic activities and the customers migrating to Aussenkehr. It is for this reason that we saw the need in an old warehouse building in 2004,” Mungunda added. in maternal and child health care indicators. Opuwo has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and the lowest deliveries at facilities,” Kaunatjike said. The shelter is expected to house 60 mothers at any given time and is being constructed on land donated by Opuwo Town Council. The expectant mother’s shelter is part of the €10 million funding from the European Union, which converts to over N0 million. The PARMACH programme aims to complete the programmes of the MOHSS to accelerate the attainment of Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5: the reduction of child mortality by two thirds and maternal mortality three quarters by 2015 compared to the same levels in 1990. MUNICIPALITY OF SWAKOPMUND RENEWAL OF LEASE AGREEMENT FOR THE ERECTION, MAINTENANCE AND DISPLAY OF ILLUMINATED CITY CLOCKS IN SWAKOPMUND Notice is hereby given in terms of the provisions of Section 63 (2) of the Local Authorities Act, (Act 23 of 1992), as amended, that the Municipal Council of Swakopmund intends to renew the lease agreement of Messrs Media Solutions Group CC for the erection, maintenance and displaying of illuminated city clocks at various places in Swakopmund. The lease is 9 years and 11 months. Full particulars of the above lease transaction will lie for inspection in Room BO – 22 A, between 07:30 - 16:00 weekdays until Friday, 22 December 2017. Contact person is Ms B Ramos Viegas at (064) 4104215. Any person objecting to the proposed lease may lodge such objections in writing, duly motivated, to the Acting Chief Executive 27 December 2017. Take note: no objection via e-mail will be considered. The objection must be made by postal address and telephone number. Enquiries: Ms B Ramos Viegas E-mail: Tel: (064) 4104215 Fax: 088 614 514 Notice No: 64/2017 M P C SWARTS ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

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