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New Era Newspaper Friday December 15, 2017

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6 NEWS Friday, December 15 2017 | NEW ERA Municipal court to start next year Roland Routh Windhoek The envisaged municipal court under the auspices of the judiciary is expected to come into operation in March next year, the judiciary said. “His Lordship, Peter Shivute, Chief Justice of the Republic of Namibia, has expressed his hope shall be fully-functional by the very the Judiciary informed New Era. It said the March deadline would only be met if all stakeholders fully bring their side. The municipal court will exclusively deal with municipal misdemeanours, such as transgressions. It is a joint effort Ministry of Justice and the City of Windhoek. provide magistrates and support personnel, the Ministry of Justice will supply prosecutors and the of- the City would avail the premises. and constructed by the municipality at the corner of Sam Nujoma Drive and Bismarck Street. é, the Next year… The municipal court could become operational as early as March 2018. Photo: Roland Routh judiciary expressed the hope that the logistics team comprising staff members of the three entities involved will ensure the deadline is met, adding that in essence “teamwork will make the dream work”. The establishment of the municipal court has been the idea of the City of Windhoek for many years as it has increasingly experienced which are currently dealt with by only one court. management unit of the City Police, Adam Eiseb, during a previous interaction on the proposed court told New Era the proposition to create a municipal court has nothing to do with increasing revenue, in spite of murmurings that the idea was to increase Windhoek’s revenue stream. He said he was not happy with the as less important in the magistrates’ courts compared to other offences. However, a source at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court informed New Era that this will not be the case as legislation only makes provision that the money paid for Until the laws are amended to say that the municipalities and town councils should be the recipients of gressions. Vacancy: SUB-EDITOR Grade: C4 KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: special projects publications; MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: COMPETENCY/SKILLS: The Human Resources Department RECEPTION New Era Publication Corporation New Era Publication Corporation Private Bag 13364 Or Cnr of Dr W.Külz and Kerby Streets Windhoek Windhoek Email: Closing date: 18 December 2017 Namvet’s Ndeunyema dumps PDM Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibian War Veterans Trust (Namvet) founder and chairperson Jabulani Ndeunyema says he is leaving the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), formerly known as DTA, as it does not represent his interests, nor his organisation’s concerns in parliament. Namvet says it has over 30,000 registered members – mostly former members of Koevoet and SWATF armed units – but Ndeunyema says he is leaving the party individually after being a member for 28 years. Ndeunyema says it is necessary that he tells the public he is exiting the party. He said he would remain neutral and not align himself to any political party until further notice. Namvet is an organization made up of former SWAFT and Koevoet members, with several hundred of them housed at Clemence Kapuuo Street in Katutura, at the residence of the late Ovaherero paramount chief Kuaima Riruako. Some of them travelled to Windhoek from Opuwo in Kunene Region and have been camping at Commando Leaving… Namibian War Veterans Trust (Namvet) founder and chairperson Jabulani Ndeunyema Photo: File Hall in Katutura since 2016, in protest of the government’s refusal to recognise them as war veterans, an honour that would have seen them receive a war veteran grant. Ndeunyema said he told his organisation’s members of his plan to exit the party and it is up to other Namvet members to decide their political destinations. “I don’t see any need to follow a political party. They (PDM members of parliament) are sleeping [during debates] and haven’t once discussed our issue. They are eating well at their houses while we are suffering,” said Ndeunyema, who added that they are a large group and there is no way their issue shouldn’t have been discussed in parliament. He said he has eight reasons why he is leaving PDM. He said some of the reasons are sensitive but he will share them next week at a media make the announcement about his exit from the party. One of the reasons he alluded to is the assistance they received from business people, traditional leaders and others, while those they voted for haven’t even visited them.

Friday, December 15 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Horse mackerel could curb pilchard job loses Matti Amukwa WALVIS BAY The only hope to save jobs in the pilchard industry is by allocating horse mackerel quotas to United Fishing Enterprises and Etosha Fishing companies. This was said by the chairperson of the Confederation of Namibian Fishing Associations, Matti Amukwa, and the president of the Namibia Seamen and Allied Workers’ Union, Paulus Hango, on Wednesday. which was barred for the next three years to allow the stock to recover in an announcement made by Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Tjekero Tweya on Tuesday. Approached for comment on Wednesday, Amukwa said the best solution would be to allocate horse mackerel quotas to the two companies so that workers can continue working. Another suggestion was that the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) arrange with other horse mackerel right holders who do not process, for their catches to be processed at United and Etosha Fishing. Some of the horse mackerel right holders are Namsov Fishing, Kuiseb Fishing and Gendev – which do not have land processing factories. The processing factory at United Man commits suicide at Outjo OTJIWARONGO A 45-year-old man at Outjo committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope on a tree, allegedly after an argument with his girlfriend over money on Tuesday night. The deceased has been who lived at an informal settlement Fishing closed last year due to low catches, but Etosha managed to sustain its operations by importing pilchard from Morocco, though still had to retrench some workers. As such, more than 3,000 employees from the two companies lost their jobs since last year. Amukwa said it is not clear whether the stock will recover in the next three years and that if it did not, the jobs would remain at risk. Also adding his voice to the matter, Hango said horse mackerel canning is the solution. He however said it could Bernhardt Esau to give such quotas to companies who do not have rights, considering that the public and right holders could object. “I personally feel for the people who lost their jobs and who might follow if this situation is not addressed. Our industry is supposed to create jobs, not to retrench,” Hango said. About 600 seasonal and 200 permanent workers are currently employed at United and Etosha Fishing. Also speaking to the media on Wednesday, the managing director of Etosha Fishing, Pieter Greeff, said the from Morocco and that there would be no job losses next year. Greeff admitted that there will be paying salaries and other operational the situation. – Nampa of Outjo. Spokesperson of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Maureen Mbeha on Wednesday said the close relatives of Shiyoleni have been informed of his death. She said police preliminary investigations indicate that Shiyoleni and his girlfriend on Tuesday argued over money belonging to him and also about his alleged alcohol abuse. Mbeha said it is suspected his suicide might have been triggered by the argument. “Shiyoleni did not leave behind any adding that no foul play is suspected so far. An inquest docket into the matter has been opened at the Outjo Police Station and police investigations continue. – Nampa

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