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New Era Newspaper Friday December 15, 2017

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8 OTHER NEWS Friday, December 15 2017| NEW ERA Grace Mugabe ‘used underwear’ donation case collapses HARARE The case in which a Zimbabwean private media journalist faces a charge of criminal nuisance seemingly collapsed on Wednesday, after a Harare magistrate ruled that it proceeds by way of summons since the State had failed to provide NewsDay reporter, Kenneth Nyangani, who is and based in Mutare about 265km east of the capital Harare, was arrested in October over an article titled “Grace donates used underwear”, where he had donated used underwear to In the story, businessman and Zanu-PF legislator Esau Mupfumi was quoted as saying the donation he was handing over to party “Recently, I visited the State Grace Mugabe, and I was given these clothes so that I can give am told that most of your briefs are not in good shape, please come and collect your allocations sandals and clothes, come and take, this is from your First Lady Grace Mugabe,” Mupfumi was Magistrate Sekai Chiwundura ruled on Wednesday that the case would proceed by way of summons after the prosecution, represented by Arthur Bosha, Nyanganiss lawyer Brian Majamanda from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights told the court that the reporting conditions South African attempts to break Cairo to Cape Town record were infringing on his client’s right questioned the State why it failed The “donation” raised eyebrows in light of reports that Mugabe and her son had recently imported luxury vehicles worth millions of dollars while the majority of - Nampa/ANA JOHANNESBURG Adventurous South African traveller Andrew Russel will attempt to traverse the African continent, from Cairo to Cape Town, travelling by motorbike across eight countries in nine days in a bid to beat the Russel’s journey will take him through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, before Russell arrived in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Tuesday and is currently touring Cairo and its myriad tourist attractions before beginning his arduous He is expected to arrive at the Esheet- Qustul border-crossing between Egypt and Sudan the same day, thereby completing attache Ayman Walash says reviving the corridor between Cairo and Cape Town is in the interests of both countries as the route promotes regional integration, facilitates transport and intra-African trade, as well Nampa/ANA Blind Colombian women ‘see’ cancer with Cali (Colombia) Leidy Garcia awoke one morning in 2011 to discover she could no longer away one sense but sharpened another, and the heightened sense of touch has become a valuable weapon in Colombia’s Garcia and Papamija are two of five women who are blind or visually impaired who have been specially trained to use their The disease is responsible for 2,500 deaths annually in Colombia, where 7,000 new cases are detected each year in a country where sophisticated They are among the latest practitioners to use a method made popular a decade ago by German doctor Frank Hoffman, who noted that the blind have an innate facility to detect nodules – groupings of cells – which may “People with visual impairment have an increased sensitivity,” said Luis Alberto Olave, a surgeon and coordinator of the Hands Save Lives project at “There is a greater sense o f t o u c h a n d g r e a t e r Hoffman’s method was tested in Germany and Austria and was brought to South America with support from F i v e w o m e n b e t w e e n the ages of 25 and 35, free of vascular or neurological problems that could impede After training, they graduated Since then, they have evaluated against cancer a simultaneous “We are breaking a paradigm where people believe that because we have a disability, we cannot think or do things for ourselves,” said Papamija, 35, who lost her sight at age seven when At the hospital, physicians found that checks carried out by the blind auxiliary assistants had “better” results than those “The clinical examination performed by them is a more elaborate examination and requires “This generated in our patients a sense of well-being and comfort that While clinical trials show that a w o m a n performing selfexamination can detect masses of between 15- 20 millimetres and a doctor 10 millimetres, the blind can small as eight R e g u l a r mammograms a r e w i d e l y a v a i l a b l e i n the developed w o r l d a n d recommended for women over the age of 40, but such services are not widely a v a i l a b l e i n Colombia where sophisticated Down tools… A woman walks in a train station during a 24-hour general strike in Thessaloniki, Greece, yesterday. The strike has paralysed the civil service, trains and ships and will also disrupt the operation of public hospitals and schools. Photo: Nampa/AFP medical facilities are relatively rare, making the Cali hospital’s “hands “In developing countries, where we have certain limitations in technology to diagnose breast cancer, manual examination continues to be of great Garcia went almost totally blind six years ago after suffering a cerebral thrombosis, a trauma which forced her to cut short “People who see well are very visual -- that is, they let themselves locate myself a lot by touching Garcia palpates patient’s breasts for cysts or lumps, highlighting possible nodules by marking When a lump is detected, she Examinations last up to 45 minutes, while the traditional ones are usually Papamija explained it “can be a bit difficult” when she has to explain to a patient that she Both women agree that patients react generally in two ways: curiosity or “You have a precision in your touch, a 42-year-old shop assistant after – Nampa/AFP

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