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New Era Newspaper Friday December 8, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Friday December 8,

Vol. 23 No. 073 Windhoek, Namibia Friday, December 8 2017 Inside Today Inquiry con- EU somersaults on designating Namibia tax haven Despite the policy of reconciliation, racism and tribalism reign supreme among Namibians, and identify themselves along tribal lines and the colour of their skin. Page 3 Listing Namibia as a tax haven is fundamentally wrong because the country’s tax system “is not based on individual residency but where the income arises”, said the Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein. As a country with a small open economy, Namibia has a tax system based on the principles of equality and fairness and expects all taxpayers, individual or corporate, to comply with the relevant tax legislation. Page 15 In an ugly twist of events at the country’s leading boxing promotion, the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy, it has emerged that Namibia’s former triple world champion Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo has parted ways with promoter Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias, New Era Sport has learnt. Page 56 Desie Heita Windhoek Namibia has neither been labelled a tax haven nor blacklisted, the European Union Ambassador to Namibia has said, shifting the blame on the international media for “mistakenly” reporting as such. Namibia was categorised as a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction, she said, adding that the list is temporary, and is based on the fact that Namibia did not respond to the questions the EU posed and will be revised at least annually. However, finance minister Calle Schlettwein, in an interview Jan Mohr withholds school reports over fees Albertina Nakale and Emmency Nuukala Windhoek Despite a government directive to public schools not to charge parents school development funds (SDF), Jan Mohr Secondary School has withheld learners’ academic reports on grounds that the learners had failed to pay their school fees. In 2012, late Dr Abraham Iyambo, then minister of education, REPORTS on page 2 with New Era last night, was not mollified by the EU’s latest statement, saying “it is semantics” and that the EU seems not to appreciate how sensitive and serious the issue is and the damaging implication on Namibia. The Head of the EU Delegation to Namibia, Jana Hybaskova, issued a statement late yesterday saying the decision by the EU list of “non-cooperative” tax jurisdictions should not be read as a decision listing Namibia as a tax haven. “Namibia was not labelled as the tax haven, as mistakenly mentioned in international press and media. Currently, there are no direct sanctions applied against Namibia,” stated Hybaskova. A tax haven in a country with little or no taxation that offers foreign individuals or corporations residency so that they can avoid tax at home. Schlettwein told New Era last night that the explanation being given is not satisfactory. “With all due respect to the Ambassador, I think it is a play with words. We looked at international press [all respectable journals and media] and everyone understands it as a blacklist of tax havens. “If they understand it otherwise then they must explain it to the international press. EU on page 2 Photo: Emmency Nuukala Jan Mohr Secondary School yesterday withheld learners’ academic reports over unpaid school development fees, despite government’s policy of free basic education. EU Ambassador Jana Hybaskova. Finance minister Calle Schlettwein Chicken shortages loom over festive season Staff Reporter Windhoek There may be shortages of poultry products in the shelves this festive season due to a shortage of chicken on the local market. Further, the cheaper prices of poultry products, compounded by the high demand for poultry, could mean shortages of chicken in shops. In a statement by Namib Poultry Industry said chicken supply will remain under pressure due to festive season high CHICKEN on page 2 Roasted chicken. Celebrating Namibian Stars Look inside for inspirational journeys... “Women Who Impacted 2017”. New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper appclassifieds/discover

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