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New Era Newspaper Friday December 8, 2017

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4 NEWS Friday, December 8 2017| NEW ERA Selma Ikela Windhoek en more likely to die from AIDS-related illness Men are less likely to take an HIV test, less likely to access antiretroviral therapy, and more likely to die of AIDS-related illnesses than women. Globally, less than half of all men living with HIV are on treatment, compared to 60 percent of women. Studies show that men are more likely than women to start treatment late, to interrupt treatment and to be lost to treatment follow-up. These were remarks of UNAIDS country director Namibia Barihuta Tharcisse during World Aids Day Emmency Nuukala Windhoek “We have a challenge of proper physical infrastructure and especially now that we have introduced free universal education at primary and secondary level,” Education Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa said yesterday at the handover of a N0,000 donation by the Rainbow Fishing Company. The company approached the Education Ministry after reading about The Friends of Education in Namibia Initiative (FENSI). The commemorations hosted by City of Windhoek under the theme, ‘Right to Health’. With this year’s commemoration the focus is on men who were encouraged to get tested, know their status and if HIV positive, to go on treatment. “When people are not on treatment they are more likely to transmit HIV. In Namibia adult testing for women has increased up to 78%, when it is only 62% for men,” Barihuta remarked. Barihuta added that the cycle of HIV transmission from women to men, aged 25 and above, involved men transmitting the virus to young girls. The cycle continues as the young girls transmit the virus to young boys, and initiative aims to bring on broad all friends of education who would want to make a contribution towards education in Namibia. This is in recognition of the fact that government efforts alone cannot meet and provide for all the learners in the education system. “This donation marks a giant leap towards our intention to improve infrastructure development in the education sector,” the education minister said. FENSI stands on five pillars performance agreement, which is her promise to the nation, where together when aging to men above 25 years. “The empowerment of young girls combine with male engagement will break the chain of transmission,” noted Barihuta. Constituency development committee member Bartholomeus Kauahuma encouraged men to go for testing, especially HIV and other diseases, as well. He said men should lead by example and not keep illness to themselves and suffer in silence and leave their loved ones behind. “If you go for testing earlier, this will help you start treatment earlier and in this regard you will be helped and live longer, because each and everyone of us wants to live longer,” Kauahuma advised. with her team they will be able to provide infrastructure, where needed and if resources allow. Free universal education requires more of everything, the minister noted. It requires more classrooms, more teachers, more resources and more of everything. Donors like the challenges, so that the ministry is able to meet the challenges that come with free universal education, she said. Touching on the feeding programme, from which an estimated 400 000 children in selected schools Rapid testing… Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua took a voluntarily HIV-test during world the recent Aids Day commemoration and encouraged men to go for testing and know their status. In the photo Kazapua is being tested by community health counsellor Maria Immanuel from the Walvis Bay Corridor group. Photo: Selma Ikela ducation minister says providing infrastructure a major challenge roll the programme out to secondary schools, as well. The socio-economic problems don’t disappear, just because the learners are in high school, Himarwa remarked. “We need to go paperless and that’s what we are aiming at. The ministry wants to know how to do away with textbooks,” she said. The minister feels that learners are over burdened with textbooks. “You see the big bags with loads of books in the bags that create health hazards,” she said. A future of paperless schools, where children are equipped a USB and laptop indicates the direction the ministry wants to move. In her vote of thanks, permanent secretary Sanet Steenkamp gave assurances to donors that the funds would be deposited into the institutional strengthening and capacity building account, which is audited and the money will be spent on one of the key areas such as ICT, food security, infrastructure, social development and capacity building. “I know that all of us are facing uncertain economic times, however the willingness and power of goodwill should always prevail,” she said. SWAPO PARTY PARLIAMENTARY OFFICE NATIONAL COUNCIL Cde: Margaret Mensah-Williams, Central Committee & Politburo Cde. Hilma Nicanor: Central Committee & Politburo Cde. Rosa Kavara: Central Committee Congratulations to the SWAPO Party National Council Women MPs Our Star of the Week for this week goes to Namibian grape farmers who will be expecting an above average year in terms of income due to the short supply of grapes on the global market this year. About N$ 780 million in revenue is forecast for the grape industry for the year 2017, N$ 180 million more than in 2016, as six million cartons are expected to be packed and shipped to international markets, compared to the 4.6 million cartons shipped the previous year. The grape industry in Namibia is growing stronger and offers better wages than most industries in Namibia, according to the director of Cape Orchard Company, Arjan de Kock.

Friday, December 8 2017| NEW ERA NEWS 5 New strategy to help resettlement farmers Albertina Nakale Windhoek Government has introduced the Scheme Seamen ask Venaani about lost jobs Eveline de Klerk Albertina Nakale Windhoek Great task ahead… The Minister Innovation Dr Itah Kandjii- seated) with the The Weekend DISCOUNTER All your specials for the weekend, in one section! #TalkToUs Contact Ms. Bernadette Nyambe: Tel: +264 61 208 0318 | Email:

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