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New Era Newspaper Friday December 8, 2017

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6 NEWS Friday, December 8 2017 | NEW ERA /TNM578 IT’S THE SEASON TO GET YOUR SMART ON! Festive Specials GET THE BEST SPECIALS FOR SHARING, CHATTING, TEXTING AND SURFING THIS FESTIVE SEASON. GET EXTRA 1GB DATA ONCE-OFF SMARTENTRY Start the conversation N9 Subscription per month x 24 Includes: 200 National Minutes 150 National SMS’s Was 150MB Data NOW 500MB Data See website for cellphone options Oshakati Council maintains status quo Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Oshakati joined other northern local authorities in retaining their local council leadership this week. In addition to Ondangwa, Oshikuku, Oshakati Town Council also retained their leadership at a swearing-in ceremony at the town on Wednesday. Mayor Angelus Iyambo, who will steer the ship for another year, said council would work towards attracting investors to the town. He said the council wants to see the full implementation of the publicprivate partnership policies in order to foster development at the town. Also topping the council’s priority list are the construction and improvement of road infrastructure at the town. Iyambo called for unity and cooperation between the municipal council and the community at large. “Problems of unemployment, housing, quality of services, corruption and poverty would not exist; hence at this point unity of purpose is a necessity and not an option if we are to holistically improve development at our town,” Iyambo stressed. Iyambo is deputised by Ndamononghenda Amunyela. Gabriel Eelu Kamwanka was also re-elected to serve as the chairperson of the management committee. Other members to serve on the management committee are Johannes Shilongo and Loise Shivolo. Katrina Shimbulu and Linus Tobias will continue to serve as ordinary members of council. Chinese nationals forewarned against poaching SMARTPLUS N5 Subscription per month x 24 GET EXTRA 4GB DATA ONCE-OFF Includes: 500 National Minutes 200 National SMS’s Was 1GB Data NOW 3GB Data See website for cellphone options SMARTFLEX Put your smartphone to work N5 Subscription per month x 24 GET EXTRA 2GB DATA ONCE-OFF GET EXTRA 8GB DATA ONCE-OFF Includes: 400 National Minutes 150 National SMS’s Was 600MB Data NOW 2GB Data See website for cellphone options SMARTELITE Maximise your connectivity N5 Subscription per month x 24 Includes: 900 National Minutes 250 National SMS’s Was 1.8GB Data NOW 5GB Data See website for cellphone options T. Reaching out… Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming, in black suit, hands over a cheque of N,000 to Mainstream Foundation, one of many recipients that got funds amounting to N0,000 from the Chinese business community in the Zambezi Region. Photo: Aron Mushaukwa Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming has echoed his earlier warning to fellow Chinese nationals to refrain from poaching and to strictly abide by Namibian laws, as anything contrary to this will tarnish the excellent diplomatic ties existing between the two countries. Zhang said Chinese nationals who engage in poaching and other illegal activities create a bad image and tarnish the reputation of all well-meaning Chinese business people and expatriates in Namibia. “In every country we have a few rotten apples, but those rotten apples cannot represent the image of the country, the image of the majority of innocent people. I can assure you that the Chinese government will continue to render our assistance to the line ministry, to the law enforcement agencies, to protect the wildlife in Namibia,” he said, reiterating appeals he has made since his appointment as he strives to strengthen and take the existing relationship to a political high. He was speaking in Katima Mulilo during a handover ceremony, where Chinese businesspeople in Katima donated N0,000 to non-governmental organisations in the region yesterday. He thanked the Chinese community in Zambezi for their generous donations and encouraged them to continue making a meaningful contribution to Namibia, which has good ties with China. Those who benefited are Mainstream Foundation, which takes care of children with disabilities (N,000); Cheshire Home, which also takes care of children with disabilities (N,000); Buikezezo which takes care of orphans also received N,000, while the Zambezi Sports Organising Committee received N,000, that will be used in the preparation for next year’s Newspaper Cup to be held in the Zambezi Region. At the same occasion, Zambezi Governor Lawrence Sampofu said the region appreciated the gesture shown by the local Chinese community. “We appreciate this donation… We would also like to thank the Chinese community in our region; they are doing a tremendous job to provide jobs to the locals. We say thank you very much.”

Friday, December 8 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 It’s warm outside Swapo, says Swartbooi EXCLUSIVE BOUTIQUE Call 0812060483/0815553787 Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Contrary to the perception it is cold outside Swapo, by many who had fallen out with the ruling party, former Swapo parliamentarian Bernadus Swartbooi says it is actually warm. Swartbooi, who is now the leader of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), says it might have been cold outside Swapo when Ben Ulenga and others left the party, “which is why Ulenga went back to Swapo, but for him it is not the case. “Don’t get me wrong, I like Ben, Ben is my good friend and I think he’s a gifted man,” he said during a press conference in the capital yesterday. “It is actually warm outside Swapo, very warm, you don’t need to be ashamed of theft and corruption, you don’t need to feel ashamed of poor service delivery because you are not part of it,” he said. Swartbooi also shot down the perception apparently by some analysts that Swartbooi starting a new political party would not be a wise decision. “Some of these analysts say LPM will only get two seats and only 20,000 Namas will vote for Swartbooi if he starts a political party – no, they are wrong,” he said. “When we travel Bernadus Swartbooi across the country, we go and set committees, we go and engage people one on one, we are not playing, we want a new Namibia not this type of new Namibia of Ben Ulenga.” Swartbooi asked the Namibian nation to be patient and wait until February next year for an important announcement to be made by the organisation. Furthermore, Swartbooi said there was a growing trend, which concerns the LPM, that Namibia’s global policy (diplomacy) and international solidarity are misplaced and still anchored on the principles obtained by Swapo during the Cold War. “As of late Namibia votes against, or abstains, on critical human rights issues of the oppressed and subjugated. At the Rohingya vote, Namibia abstained. So did South Africa.” He said for these two countries, which suffered apartheid colonialism, to have abstained from such a critical vote calling for humanitarian intervention in Myanmar, portrays a vision of a country suppressing the rights of the oppressed in international politics. “We are of the view that LPM shall stand in defence of all the oppressed and downtrodden peoples of the world,” said the outspoken Swartbooi. He said LPM will do that in the same way they believe in the establishment of a sovereign and independent State of Palestine premised on the June 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital – “so shall all peasants and those seen as weak in the society remain our highest national priority.” “We shall be in solidarity with the Rohingya people,” he emphasised. ‘African education should comply with market needs’ Memory Mutenda Cairo Samia Abbas, the secretary general of the Union of African Journalists, says Africans need to invest more in education to improve the quality of education to comply with market needs. “Millions of children in Africa are not in school – Africans should seek practical ways to improve the lives of children, e.g. address long distances to school and equip schools with facilities,” Abbas informed young African journalists attending a course in Cairo, Egypt. She was addressing the roundtable discussion with African journalists attending the 50th training course for young African journalists in Cairo. The training was organised by the Union of African Journalists in collaboration with Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation. The Union of African Journalists has now trained more than 1,000 journalists from the African continent. According to UNESCO, 29.8 million children living in Sub-Saharan Africa were out of school in 2011, which is half of the total 57 million of children worldwide who were out of school in 2011. “As Africans we have a great chance of cooperating with each other to channel the right education in Africa, to equip learners with the required materials, and vocational and technical education,” said Abbas. Young African journalists at the training gave recommendations on how African countries can improve the education system, through putting more effort and emphasis on entrepreneurial and vocational training – to inspire children and youth in their own terms. “Educationalists should be incentivized appropriately to avoid them taking their skills elsewhere, off the continent, and the quality of education for a girl child should be made easily accessible – and safety should be prioritized,” said journalists at the closing ceremony of the course. Countries were also urged to consider school feeding programmes to keep children in school. *Memory Mutenda is an information Unemployed seamen try to bar journalists Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund Jobless seamen who had gathered in front of the Kuisebmond sports stadium tried to bar journalists from covering the meeting on Wednesday morning, accusing the media of not giving them enough press coverage. About 500 seamen were waiting to have a meeting with the president of the opposition Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), McHenry Venaani, at around 10h00. Shortly before Venaani’s arrival, journalists from New Era, Nampa and NBC were initially barred by the seamen from attending the meeting as the seamen claimed journalist do not report on their issues. “We are tired of being interviewed as our stories are never printed,” one of the seamen said, accusing the media of choosing sides on matters affecting them. They said the media is supposed to show the world the situation they feel nothing is being reported. “You are supposed to put our situation in the news so that everyone can see what we are going through – so we are not going to speak to journalists or entertain any questions as we are tired,” said one seaman, who spoke on behalf of the group. However, upon arrival Venaani convinced the angry seamen to allow the media to cover the event.

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