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New Era Newspaper Friday February 16, 2018

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18 entertainment

18 entertainment Friday, February 16, 2018 | NEW ERA LIFESTYLE Elaine Timbo, the Valentine's Valentine Donna Collins Swakopmund Timbo works at 'Blumenkorb' longest serving over 300 orders delivered and arrangements delivered to THEATRE Valentine's Valentine…Florist Elaine Timbo still enjoying putting that special touch to her Valentine's Day bouquets after 19 years. hinning Lines’ trailer a hit Pinehas Nakaziko allows art expression as well The cast.. Odile Gertze, Justina Nekwiita, Bret Kamwi, Whilzahn Gelderbloem, Jennifer Timbo and Panduleni Phillipus and Chops Tshoopara of the play Thinning Lines, staging at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) for two days on March 2 and 3. Photo: Contributed

Friday, February 16, 2018 | NEW ARTS ´African Mona Lisa´ mesmerises after surprise rediscovery entertainment 19 LONDON "I think of it as the African Mona Lisa," said award-winning novelist Ben Okri, gazing at the longlost portrait of a Nigerian princess which recently Ben Enwonwu´s 1974 painting of Adetutu "Tutu" Ademiluyi, daughter of a Yoruba king, has taken on almost mythical status in It was last seen in 1975 but is now up for sale after its been a legendary painting for 40 years, everybody keeps talking about Tutu, saying ´where is Tutu?´," the Booker Prize-winning As a prominent Nigerian world stage, Okri viewed the painting at prestigious London auction house Bonhams, where the work will be sold on February the girl, he was painting a symbol of hope and regeneration to Nigeria, it´s a symbol of the phoenix hours looking at it, making up for the time that we work of rumour, but here it The work was uncovered by Giles Peppiatt, director of Modern African Art at Bonhams, after a north London family contacted him following lucrative recent sales of Nigerian remarkable when I walked and saw it hanging on the wall, it was about the last thing I expected to see," he it I knew it was authentic, but I couldn´t say that at the time to the owners because search for "Tutu" was over, the family "were, not surprisingly, pretty Enwonwu, who died in 1994, is considered the father of Nigerian paintings of "Tutu", the locations of all of which had been a mystery until works became symbols of peace following the clash of ethnic groups in the sitter is Yoruba and Ben Enwonwu was Ibo, so they were of different ethnic tribes," said Eliza Sawyer, specialist in Bonhams´ was an important symbol of Enwonwu was from a politically-connected Ibo family and his father was painter stumbled upon his most famous muse by around local villages and sketch local scenes and this young woman whom he not knowing her stature," a little taken back by the "It is the peak of the artist´s career, there´s also the sitter´s status as a princess and thirdly the all creates an awful lot of The rediscovered painting was last displayed at the Italian embassy in Lagos in 1975, and was bought by the father of the north London family during much regarded as his prize "I think he was secretly in pretty audacious, with the light under the chin, which a bit of painting it stands on its own anyway, without any of the other stories," he The painting is expected to sell for around N$ 4152 billion (£250,000 or 7,000, 282,000 euros) in London and Lagos on February 28, but Okri argued that its worth was us a glimpse of an important the art of portraiture," he they given proper due to perfect work to start" to ask MUSIC Karabo, One Blood to spice Okakarara Valentine's Bash Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek The Warakata hit-maker, One Blood, and the Disco stage presence, Karabo are headlining the Valentine's Bash at the No, 2 next Saturday in In what promises an evening blossoming with romance with the two artists performing love songs, they will be Masters, Dobore, and Petrus, also known as Tate Sammy, says the event which was supposed to be hosted on Valentine's Day on February 14, Wednesday, has been moved to next week due to popular “People normally complain when we host this event during weekdays, as they wanted to attend but they are at work, some people need to travel from Windhoek, if we host it during the week, then we will disadvantage the people,” says Tate Sammy, adding A dancing and dressing competition is on the cards with the winners walking away with brand will be decorated red and white, the sees a soccer tournament between Old Bone and Okakarara Master with Brave Warriors, Stinga be lots of promotions by Namibia Breweries, with their Tafel Light also give special price for wine to the people who dress to kill,” says Disco queen…Karabo, one of the artists to set the Valentine Bash alight at Tate Sammy’s Beer House in Okakarara next Saturday. Photo: Contributed LITERATURE Barbara makes pain bearable, forgiveness possible Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek breaking can one heart surely Barbara Nyathi’s compelling life story – rightfully titled Pain, one gets the feeling that while And that very few amongst us eventually draw immense strength from the experience and channel the revulsion as positive energy, bringing truth to the adage ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you represent the embodiment of this Barely a few years ago she was diagnosed with cervical for her mother who was in and out of hospices for an array of loving husband and a gang of supporting friends by her side, commitments seemed to be a After all hubby is in medicine, right? But things got a little complicated when the good doctor dished out some preferential treatment outside the matrimonial home - some of which bordered onto the privileges that were supposed to One bad thing led to another as the plot thickens, one is drawn to the spirit of one remarkable woman that Barbara eventually mother, whom the author only nothing to do with the bedroom ensued after all was said and done and Barbara’s ability to bear the pain in the face of insult – which is the stuff that forgiveness is made of – seemingly came from Nyasha, passed down by

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