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New Era Newspaper Friday February 16, 2018

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Friday, February 16 2018| NEW ERA SPORT 40 A treat… With all Boxing Association) Fox Sports Africa is working closely with local boxing a s s o c i a t i o n s t o Exciting boxing bonanza set for Mbabane F leader in premium sports – Kwese Sport UAE trump Namibia to reach World Cup qualifiers UAE brought their A game in the most against Namibia helped them make Integration Management Consultants hereby invites Namibian registered companies to an Open National Bidding for the following Tender. The Suitable Candidate companies should submit at least the following mandatory documents along with their bids to be considered eligible: INVITATION FOR BIDS holders the following address: listed above.

Friday, February 16 2018| NEW ERA SPORT 41 So, it’s that time again when local football administrators are stumbling all over their feet like seasoned drunkards jostling for positions within the administration of the beautiful-turned-ugly-game of football. Yours truly has it on good authority that the overly ambitious and selfcentred president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), one Frans Mbidi, is burning the midnight oil to have the NFA constitution amended to make provision for a third term. Dear readers and all football followers, it is now crystal clear that vultures, whose sole purpose is to serve their personal interests at the expense of the real McCoys of the game – in this case the clubs and players, are capturing Namibian football. My ageing fingers are trembling from anger as I pen down this article simply because I am helpless to save our football from becoming a delicacy for stray dogs. It is now a well-documented secret that those pulling the purse Save our football from vultures strings in the top echelons of domestic football have made it their sole province to enrich themselves through unscrupulous deals and manoeuvrings within the game of football. My biggest fear is that as much as we object to a third term on the false proviso that the current elected members serving on the NFA Executive need to have their long overdue lodging prolonged, please don’t ask me for how long, but that’s the chosen path. Obviously, it is my conviction that the majority of the NFA Executive would not want to step down without remain on the bandwagon as long as the gravy train is still in motion. In hindsight, there is no visible remuneration or tangible income that can be derived from one’s presence in Namibian football but wait a minute, dollar entity in the shape of FIFA. The world’s governing football body is a stinking rich institution with subsidiaries, spitting decent perks towards those obedient servants, whose votes ensure the longevity of their masters at the helm of FIFA. Should we perhaps not ask ourselves why adults who are supposed to have other responsibilities are clinging to positions in public entities in the absence of good returns? I’m just wondering. As it stands, the NFA constitution is so skewed that those in charge have shamelessly empowered themselves to dictate the terms of potential Namibian football stands on the threshold of becoming a milk cow for a certain clique of greedy individuals and failure to stop the rot would result INVITATION FOR PROPOSALS/BIDS in the game going south. In conclusion, I humbly and sincerely urge sports authorities, including the portfolio ministry, to stop these shenanigans where elected individuals become a law unto themselves. I rest my case. Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia | ensuring sustainability The Procurment Management Uniit of the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia hereby invites bids from suitably experienced PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER: SC/RP/EIF-01/2018 DESCRIPTION: PROVISION OF ARCHITECTURAL AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND REFURBISHMENT OF THE MASHARE AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (MADI) 08 March 2018 at 09h00AM to 12h00PM, Mashare Agricultural development Institute (MADI), Situated 50 KM east Rundu. HELAO NAFIDI TOWN COUNCIL PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT OPEN NATIONAL BID INVITATION Procurement Ref No: Description: NCS/ONB/HNTC-16/2018 Levy: Bids Documents: PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER: SC/RP/EIF-02/2018 DESCRIPTION: PROVISION OF CROP INSURANCE & INCENTIVE SCHEME (CIIS) FOR CROP-GROWING REGIONS OF KAVANGO WEST, KAVANGO EAST & ZAMBEZI REGIONS PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER: SC/RP/EIF-03/2018 DESCRIPTION: THE PROVISION OF KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOUR AND PRACTICES (KABPS), BASELINE AND ENHANCED LIVELIHOOD SURVEY THROUGH SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE IN CROP-GROWING REGIONS OF KAVANGO WEST, KAVANGO EAST & ZAMBEZI PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-04/2018 DESCRIPTION: PROVISION OF DEVELOPMENT OF A STRATEGIC PLAN FOR MASHARE CLIMATE RESILIENT AGRICULTURAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-05/2018 2 9 DESCRIPTION: THE PROVISION OF EXTRACTION FOR UNDERGROUND AND SURFACE WATER STUDY PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-07/2018 DESCRIPTION: PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY TO DEVELOP THE PROJECT LOGO AND PROJECT IDENTITY GUIDELINES PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-08/2018 DESCRIPTION: THE PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CBNRM EDA PROJECT GRANTS ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS FOR THE THREE (3) SELECTED CLIMATE CHANGE INVESTMENT WINDOWS PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-09/2018 DESCRIPTION: THE PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRAINING MATERIALS, AND CONDUCTING OF REGIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS FOR THE CBOS ON CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS, ADAPTATION AND MITIGATION, POTENTIAL GRANTS FUNDING PROPOSALS DEVELOPMENT AND REPORTING PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-10/2018 DESCRIPTION: PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS RAISING MATERIALS PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER SC/RP/EIF-11/2018 PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY FOR DESIGNING AND ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CBNRM EDA PROJECT WEBPAGE ON THE EIF WEBSITE The full Terms of References, associated bidding documents for each of the procurement requests and instructions are available on the EIF procurement and vacancies webpage, Enquiries: Procurement Management Unit Ms. Owiike Ashipala, Tel: +264 61431 7700 Closing date: 16:00, Friday, 16 March 2018 Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture National Art Gallery of Namibia PUBLIC INVITATION CALLING FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE NATIONAL ART GALLERY OF NAMIBIA BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Honorable Minister of Education, Arts and Culture hereby invites members of the public to nominate a candidate for appointment to the Board of Trustees: National Art Gallery of Namibia. The nominee should be an established artist or a person who has shown dedication and commitment to visual arts development in Namibia, with a broad knowledge of visual arts administration. Nominations, including nominees’ Curriculum Vitae (CV) should reach the Ministry of Education, Arts Ms M’kariko Amagulu, Directorate of Arts, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Luther Street, Windhoek, Private Bag 13391, Windhoek VACANCY Company Secretary & Legal Advisor: D Upper (Part-Time) Financial Accountant: D Lower Assistant Accountant: C Lower Go-getters and passionate individuals are invited to join the Petroleum Training and Education Fund. Make your unique contribution towards our cause of creating capacity for the Petroleum Industry in Namibia. Please apply online at: Closing date: 23 February 2018 All envelopes should be sealed and clearly marked as NAGN BOARD NOMINATION

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