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New Era Newspaper Friday February 16, 2018

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6 NEWS Friday, February 16 2018| NEW ERA New Era journalist Kuzeeko Tjitemisa yesterday interviewed Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Namibia Vahid Karimi. The interview touched on various topics but mostly on the potential cooperation between Namibia and Iran. Below are excerpts of the exclusive interview. NE: What is the current trade volume between Namibia and Iran and what is Iran’s main export to Namibia and vice versa? VK: “In the name of God, thank you very much for providing me with this opportunity. I think it is very important that we have an interview every six months so that I can update you on our relationship with Namibia. It has been almost a year that I have been in Namibia. During this period I have been trying to establish a relationship with the people of Namibia. Coming back to your question. Unfortunately, there are no trade relations between the two countries. All that I have heard that is that there are Namibian products in the Iranian market but this is indirectly, maybe via the European market or the South African market. Also, I have heard that there are some Iranian products in the Namibian market and again that’s indirectly, maybe through South Africa. However, this is a good opportunity to start a trade relation. In saying that, in the near future I am going to meet the managing directors of some chain shopping centres to provide them with a list of hundreds of Iranian items that can be added to their list. But going into bigger projects, during the last year we have succeeded in convincing the Namibian government to import Iranian-made tractors that can be used for agriculture. Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Iranian Ambassodor speaks on bilateral ties HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCILS OF NAMIBIA (HPCNA) NOTICE INCREASE IN FEES PAYABLE TO COUNCILS BY HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS 1. Councils would like to inform all healthcare practitioners about the increase in fees payable to Councils with effect from 15 December 2017. The increments are as follows: 2. Detailed information on such fees can be accessed at (website) and inquiries can be made at telephone number: 061 245586 or e-mail: ANNUAL MAINTENANCE FEES PAYABLE TO COUNCILS BY HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS And also last year we had a successful Namibian delegation which visited Iran that was headed by the governor of the Omusati region, Erginus Endjala – they signed eight memorandums of understanding. But when he came back he picked up two – one is the tractor so now the ball is in the Namibian court because they have to order the tractors, so now we are at that stage. The second one is the setting up of an assembly plant for trucks, which can be produced in a Namibian brand so that it can be sold to the rest of Southern Africa. That’s how far we are.” NE: I heard recently that the Iranian government is planning to go into partnership with the Omaheke region in the area of providing housing. Can you share with us what this is all about? VK: ‘’No, we haven’t come to that conclusion, but one of the things Iran is good at is the housing sector. We have experience in mass housing. We have done it to the Iranians, why not here? Why I say Iran can help Namibia in constructing cheaper houses is because we have done it for Iranians and we are open to do it here. We can provide cheaper houses – it all depends on the Namibian authorities. I am a fan of NBC news at 8pm and one of the things I have noticed is that there is a need for housing in this country. Let me explain, the process will be very simple, we can set up a cement factory here, we can also bring our experts and housing materials.” NE: What kind of houses are we actually looking at? VK: “This could be housing complexes for singles, for families Vahid Karimi and bachelors. And all this will be very cheap.” NE: Iran is one of the largest global oil and gas producers, have you ever considered Namibia as a potential market for Iranian oil? VK: “Again this depends on the Namibian authorities – Iran is very rich in gas and oil. We can provide gas to the kitchens of the people of Namibia. If Namibia wants that, I can facilitate that. The base can be installed either in Walvis Bay, Swakopmund or Windhoek. Also, this can be piped out to neighbouring countries like Botswana and others.” NE: I also understand that the Iranian government is considering importing Namibian beef, can you also shed light on this. VK: “Yes! Again this has not been concluded. These are some of the ideas that I have been selling to the places I have been visiting. Yes, why not? Red meat is popular in Iran and we have been importing red meat from Brazil, and Namibia is much nearer to Iran, and this again depends on the Namibian authorities. I am inviting people who want to export read meat to Iran to visit me. I am ready to facilitate the process.” NE: Any other additional information? VK: Yes, other areas that can be explored are tourism. Seventy thousand Iranians visited South Africa in the last year – why can’t I facilitate that to happen here? Another thing I want to bring to your attention is that Iran recently constructed a science park in Uganda, why can’t we do the same here? The ball is with the Namibian authorities.”

Friday, February 16 2018 | NEW ERA ADVERT 7 Official Weekly Communique of the University of Namibia - Volume 03 2018 ACADEMIC YEAR KICKS OFF More public and private institutions in support of well-trained graduates Main Halls at six of the Foregoing an official international twelve University of trip, the Vice Chancellor took the Namibia Campuses were opportunity to inform the University filled to capacity, as community of his imminent end of students and members of staff marked tenure as Chief Executive Officer of the the opening of the 2018 academic institution in five months’ time. “Today year of the national University in the is my last commencement address to traditional sense, with gaudeamus igitur. you all, so I deemed it rather necessary to spend this day with you.” Having registered about 23,000 students thus far, from African, In as much as there is enough American, Asiatic and European reason for the University to celebrate countries, the University has once again set in motion its machinery as mandated by its Act to spearhead the agenda and be a partner in its achievements, there is also a resounding call to all to redouble efforts in order to take UNAM - on which so many national hopes and national development in Namibia. This partnership is the culmination of UNAM’s efforts to ensure that all critical areas of Namibia’s human resources needs are considered and embedded in the architecture of her academic plan in the form of faculties, schools, departments and curricula. aspirations are pegged - to the next level of performance, achievement and success. “I therefore wish all our dear students across all twelve UNAM campuses and the seven regional CODeL centres a successful 2018 academic year ahead,” concluded the Vice Chancellor. Delivering his remarks, UNAM Vice Chancellor, Professor Lazarus Speaking at the University official Hangula, who is celebrating his silver opening ceremony, the Student jubilee at the University this month, Representative Council (SRC) said: “To attain the envisioned level of our restructuring, each and every one of us - staff members and students alike - needs to pull up the socks, work hard and make things happen.” The President, Mr Tuhafeni Kalola, did not mince words when he delivered his remarks to fellow students and members of staff. Vice Chancellor also expressed joy on the internship opportunities and Mr Kalola said: “Every faculty support received from industry. He officer, every lecturer, every staff said: “I am very happy that more and more public and private institutions member and every student should be on board. We should all strive to are joining hands with UNAM in an effort to produce well rounded and highly employable graduates. The aim of all these partnerships is to provide internships and professional training attachment opportunities to senior students.” contribute to quality service and play our part in making the university a reputable institution. 2018 should be the year where we all play our part in making this institution one of the best in Africa. Its starts with you and me.” UNAM Vice Chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula SRC President, Mr Tuhafeni Kalola FIRST LADY BRINGS ANTI-VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN HOME TO HER ALMA MATER The UNAM Commencement Ceremony on the Main Campus was graced by the presence of Madame Monica Geingos, First Lady of the Republic of Namibia, as a Guest Speaker. The First Lady used the occasion to remind students how the decisions they make while at university impact their life trajectory. Sharing her own experience as a young UNAM student then, Madame Geingos said: “I had to make decisions on my own and I was exceptionally unequipped to make those decisions. The issues that you face now are not different from the issues that we faced then, the only difference is the exposure to social media today that was not the case in our time”. The Office of the First Lady (FLON) concerns itself with social issues which have an impact on the academic outcomes of students. To this end, Madame Geingos used the opportunity to introduce the #BreakFree Anti-violence campaign to UNAM students and staff. This is an anti-violence engagement initiative aimed at helping Namibians internalise the significantly high levels of violence in the Namibian society. Speaking about violence FLON said, “GBV does not exist in isolation from generally high levels of violence within society. We must speak of the greater context of violence. We have a tendency of believing that if we have not been viciously assaulted, it is not that bad and that we are not victims or perpetrators of violence.” It is this powerful message that brought the audience packed hall to action as 90% of those present signed the #BreakFree campaign pledge. The anti-violence pledge seeks to get all Namibians to individually commit to see an end to all forms of violence plaguing our society. The signing of the pledge was led by Professor Lazarus Hangula, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Namibia, which makes UNAM the third major institution to mobilise it’s support for the #BreakFree Campaign.

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