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New Era Newspaper Friday February 16, 2018

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8 OTHER NEWS Friday, February 16 2018 | NEW ERA SWAKOPMUND MUNICIPALITY Sale of 6 “general residential 1” Erven Located in Extension 1, Mile 4 and Extension 14, Swakopmund This day in history... 2 February Notice is hereby given that the Municipal Council of Swakopmund offers the following “general residential 1” zoned erven for sale by means of a closed bid to the highest qualifying bidder: Extension 1, Mile 4 Erf Size Upset Price 343 3 238 2 752 300.00 366 3 406 2 895 100.00 367 3 829 3 254 650.00 Extension 14 Erf Size Upset Price 4908 2 034 1 728 900.00 4909 5 141 4 369 850.00 4910 4 119 3 501 150.00 1959: Fidel Castro becomes the 16th Prime Minister of Cuba after overthrowing F u l g e n c i o Batista. GENERAL: These erven are located to the south of the built-up southern boundary of the existing Mile 4 township. The Conditions of Sale and a site plan must be obtained from Room BO-22 A, Ground Floor, at the Municipal Office Building) after payment of a registration fee in the amount of N$ 30 000.00. The registration fee must be paid at the cashiers in the Municipal Head Office Building before 15:00 on Friday, 02 March 2018. It can be paid either in cash at the Cashiers, EFT payment or direct bank deposits which must reflect on Council bank account on 02 March 2018 at 23:59. The sale will take place on Friday, 09 March 2018 at the Training Centre at the Municipal Head Office, c/o Rakotoka Street. Doors open for registration at 07:00 and will continue until 09:00. All bids must be placed in the respective boxes before 09:15. No bids will be considered if they are not submitted in compliance with the process prescribed in the Conditions of Sale document. Erven are allocated on the basis of 1 erf per person (married couples are regarded as one person irrespective of the marital regime) / legal entity. The prospective purchaser or duly appointed proxy must attend the registration for the sale in person, with the necessary documents. Enquiries: Ms Emilia Elindi 064-4104228 Ms Lydia Nampala 064-4104229 Ms Martha David 064-4104230 Ms Emilia Nakale 064-4104217 The Municipality of Swakopmund is not obliged to accept the highest, or in fact, any closed bid offer received in respect of any of the erven and reserves the right to withdraw any or all the erven from the closed bid sale. NOTICE NO: 02/2018 C Lawrence Acting Chief Executive Officer 1994: A 6.5 earthquake strikes South East Sumatra, and kills 200 people. 2005: The Kyoto Protocol comes into force following its A diamond ring from your beloved dog’s ashes Forever… Blue and yellow diamonds made from ashes of pets are popular and expensive. Republic of Namibia Ministry of Urban and Rural Development Directorate of Housing, Habitat, Planning and Technical Service Coordination IINVITATION FOR THE EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EoI) SC/RP/17-EoI/2017 1. Background: The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (Ministry) awarded bursaries to three (3) ing (Bsc) and Architecture (Bsc). After completing their studies and being registered as in-training with their years before allowed to apply for full registration. 2. Overall: Objectives: Architecture Requirements: (b) A company registration documents/founding statements - e-mail address: attention Mr. PeyePenda Nghaamwa 6. The address referred to above is: Ministry of Urban and Rural Development 1st Floor, Bid Submission (Deposited in the bidding box); Windhoek A South African woman has spent N,000 to turn her dead dog’s ashes into a 0.6ct blue diamond. The process is thanks to the company called Legacy Pet Crematorium high-quality diamond created from the cremated ashes of your pet as a memorial to their unique life.” All dead pets – from dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, bunnies, birds, to bearded dragons and horses – can be turned into a diamond, according to the South African company. The company say on its website that “LifeGem diamonds are molecularly identical to natural diamonds found at any high-end jeweller. They have and hardness (the hardest substance known) as diamonds from the earth.” The gems are created from the pet ashes using a four-step process by international gemologists. According to the company website available options include coloured diamonds ranging in price from N,188.14 to N1,500. But for those with deep pockets there are deluxe packages where prices are quoted in US dollars, and spending of up to US million is embraced with both arms. The company also provides counselling services to pet owners trying to cope with the death of their loved pet, whatever it might be. NKURENKURU TOWN COUNCIL PUBLIC NOTICE 2017/2022 GENERAL VALUATION ROLL In terms of Section 69 of the Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992, as amended, notice is hereby given that the provisional valuation roll containing provisional values of all rateable properties within the Nkurenkuru Town Council boundary is lying open for public inspections during working hours at the Nkurenkuru Town Council of March 2018, 09H00 to consider the valuations contained in the Provisional Owners of rateable properties in respect of which a valuation is contained in the Provisional Valuation Roll are hereby called upon to lodge objections and the grounds for such objections against any valuations in writing within 21 days from

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