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New Era Newspaper Friday February 23, 2018

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18 entertainment

18 entertainment Friday, February 23, 2018 | NEW ERA EXHIBITION Juline in collab with local artists Distinctive…A unique photograph from the exhibition, Distinction, a project on which Juline Ndahafa Shipena, collaborated with different artists to bring out some unique photographs telling a different story. Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek Juline has recently collaborated with visual artist and videographer Ericke Tjueza, to launch a project called Distinction. Distinction is aimed at empowering local artists in Namibia and beyond and not to hold back. It consists of three concepts of empowering, collaborating and re-writing the status quo. “It also emphasises the importance of collaboration with other creativities, to bring forth wonderful and far-out visuals,” says Juline. The two artists also collaborated on this project with other artists like Zulu and photographer; and Victoria Hiskia, a blogger. With empowering, Juline explains that people should be encouraged to break out of their shells and create astonishing projects that allow them to showcase their art to society without fear of being discriminated and shamed. As arts comes in different forms such as music, writing, images and photographs, and so much more, different dimensions under arts umbrella came together in a creative collaboration, a Namibia, Windhoek. “As creative and artists, we are working to reset some preconceptions as well call on everyone to describe what ‘normal’ looks like to them and reclaim a label that has been widely misused for far too long,” she explains the concept of re-writing. Juline (21) is a medical student in Lusaka doing arts during her free time. “I create content, blog on insatgram (@vintage_ most of my projects. I style people and take pictures of things and people. My kind of escape place. My with ideas hence I am always keen to put them to life,” she says. Her love for vintage items and hats drove her to launch a brand last September called Psyche. “My visuals and projects are not just images, they've got to speak volume and empower someone out there. Pretty images are a catch to the eye, but what can the next person take out from them? We need to touch the inside,” Juline explains. She has worked on photographic projects like We Are Not A Ordinary People (Stand your ground); Home (No place like home); Psyche Vintage Clothing (Rock what you wear); Unyoke (Do not lose your being, be comfortable in your skin); and Distinction (Empower, collaborate and rewrite the status quo) Arts lovers this year should expect a lot more captivating visuals captivating their souls (psyches), empower them (expand) and more collaborations with different creativities and photographers. Juline is currently working on a project Rooted, which she says, she will talk about it at a later stage. MUSIC Dena and Fora-D-Bok re-enter the lab Ready to return… Wakataviza Dena Tjipura preparing for a great comeback to the music industry. Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek Following a hiatus from the music scene that threatened to last forever, Oviritje musicians Wakataviza ‘Dena’ Tjipura and Fora- D-Bok ‘Omundu-Ejova’ reminiscent of the not-toodistant good old days in the Oviritje genre. It is not a secret nor is there any reason to hide the fact that Dena has had a few run-ins with misfortune. What is worth celebrating today is the fact that his luck did not run out, and his talent has re-emerged unscathed. As for ‘Fora D-Bok’, well, let’s just conclude that the world still love a good redemption story. After all he has now ditched the moniker ‘Omundu-Ejova’ (which literally means ‘stupid person’ in Otjiherero) and is now bragging about his new found wisdom. point whether the two ran into God or maybe God stumbled onto them, either way we all know that this epiphany will only lead to a happy place if a recent glimpse of what they are currently working on is anything to go by. Entertainment Now ran into the two musos at New Light Studios in Katutura where they were gangbanging a soon to be launched collaborative effort under the theme ‘National Team on the was intriguing in a spinechilling kind of way. It’s the past, only better. Talk about waking up in a good is that good. Fora-D-Bok is visibly elated. He is maintaining that this is going to be the best 10-track release this industry. “Other musicians wait until spring to release the summer songs. We have decided to cancel winter all together and get right into summertime vibes,” Fora- D-Bok says. On his part Dena is seemingly more determined to rework the Karekondjombo magic Elated about comeback… Fora-D-Bok Tjipura is spending days in the touches to the album readying it for his anticipated comeback. and to preserve the Tjipura musical dynasty. “The masses already know us, we both just stepping to reclaim the throne and to take the Tjipura brand back up there,” Dena says. The launch of the album, which initially set for this week has been pushed to delay in the duplication of the CDs. Be that as it may, the track titled ‘Number One’ is setting social media platforms ablaze. The two promises two tear through this music industry like a massive earthquake with guaranteed sheer entertainment as the aftershock.

ARTS Friday, February 23, 2018 | NEW ERA entertainment 19 Kavango artists get a new home Jeremiah Ndjoze The launch of the Home of The Arts (HOTA) organisation for artists and likeminded folks, particularly in the two regions of Kavango, heralds the dawn of a new era as far as the mainstreaming of arts in the two regions is concerned. For decades, the two regions have been the prime breeding grounds of artists, particularly in basket weaving, pottery, drumming and music – to mention a few. But due to the regions’ remoteness to the central high grounds, and Windhoek, not much is known about these artists, despite their products featuring prominently in craft shops across the country. But Nanyemba Katamba is set to change this. As executive director, charged with running registered as a section 21 company last December. The goals are to see arts and the cultural industry but all entities linked to the sale of the artworks – and poverty done away with a much bigger scale. “We intend to serve as a one-stop centre, which focusses on the value chain where aspiring artists will learn and be mentored to create, and market their art products and services,” Katamba envisions. He further reveals the organisation aims to be of service to out-of-school and unemployed youth; learners and school teachers; young and old wannabe artists, domestic and international tourists, as well as the broader public in terms of art consumption. Maria Heita chair the board with Hilde Katamba as the secretary. Other members, is Katamba, John Kalunda, Alfeus Mvula, Karl Naimwaka and Regina Mukuta. The organisation is currently preparing a proposal for submission to the United States (US) Embassy Cultural Preservation Fund. If successful the funds will be used for a project for the preservation of traditional musical instruments. Training will also be given for the manufacturing and handling of such instruments. Action…Artist busy in a visual art workshop which was organised by the newly established Home of The Arts (HOTA) in Rundu. Picture: HOTA Photo: Contributed MUSIC Elemotho set for another international award SOCIAL • Jeremiah Ndjoze Globetrotting, award inviting Namibian musician, Elemotho, is in line for another international award. The musician, who impact on the music scene to Namibian borders, has been nominated for the ‘One World Music Awards 2017’ in the United Kingdom. Elemotho, real name Gaalalekwe Ricardo Mosimane, has been nominated in the category of the ‘Best World Music/ Global Fusion Album of the Year Award.’ His management took to the social media recently to break the good news with the hashtag ‘it’s a beautiful world’, which has become synonymous Legendary… Elemotho cannot help being in jovial moods, like in this picture earlier, following his recent nomination for the One World Music Award in the United Kingdom. Photo: Contributed with the singer camp. “It’s a beautiful day...we’re delighted to announce that Elemotho’s album Beautiful World has been nominated.Much love to everyone involved in this project,” the management revel.The announcement was met with a surge in congratulatory messages from fans and musical nemesis alike. His album has been nominated among other projects from fellow musical greats. Hanitra’ album titled Songs from Madagascar, Natalie Jean’s Haiti Mwen Renmenw, Convivencia, as well as Jarmo Rompannen’s Nordic Mandolin. The award winners will be announced on June 3. Originally from the UK, the award’s proponent, One World Music Radio (OWMR) prides itself as the next generation of online radio, featuring an eclectic mix of music from genres including New Age, Space, Ambient, Chill Out, Electronic, Independent, World and many more. According to its website, OWMR’s mission is to unite the world through music. Elemotho is no stranger to international acclaim. In 2012, the musician reached another milestone in his rich music career when he won the RFI 24th Discoveries Music Award in Paris, France. Earlier this year, a “humbled” Elemotho was conferred with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement nod at the Namibia Annual Music Awards 2017 (NAMAs). Love in the air… Day as a couple in Lüderitz last Wednesday. Valentine’s belonged to the Negongos • Tuulikki Abraham “Valentine’s day is here, me and hubby are that kind of couple that believes each day should be Valentines Day, we can’t help but still feel sentimental during this honeymoon stage of our marriage,” say Francina and Goldon Negongo. anniversary also quickly approaches. “This past year of marriage has been most importantly LOVE,” they elate. Francina explains that on Valentine’s plans for that day, especially since they typically have a date night out every up for a lovely dinner with her hubby – even if they are just home.

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