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4 NEWS Friday, February 23 2018| NEW ERA No bail for man suspected of killing girlfriend Maria Amakali Windhoek Benjamin Strong, 56, boyfriend to the woman found dead with multiple stab wounds last year in a house in Otjomuise in Windhoek, was denied bail in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court, Katutura. The court concluded that the state had proven that there is a strong prima facie case against Strong. Strong was arrested in September last year for the death of his girlfriend of three years Johanna Resandt, 62, on September 17, 2017. Resandt was found dead in a house in Otjomuise in Windhoek with multiple stab wounds all over her body. Strong applied for bail with offender, a father of three and a Namibian citizen the court would release him on bail while he awaits trial. Handing down judgement the magistrate Cosmos Endjala said that Strong faces a serous crime of murder read with provisions of the Domestic Violence Act. Furthermore, it would not be in the interest of the administration of justice to release Strong on bail. “The factor cannot be isolated from the fact of the seriousness of the case and the fact if convicted the accused is likely to be sentenced to a long period of imprisonment,” stated Endjala. During the bail application it was revealed that on the night of the incident Strong allegedly started an altercation with Resandt, which ended in him assaulting and stabbing her 12 times with a knife. According to a state witness, he saw Strong stabbing Resandt with a knife but in an attempt to stop him he too was stabbed. The witness said he became unconscious after Strong pushed him. The undisputed evidence before court contained in the postmortem report indicate “twelve stab wounds were observed on the corpse including four penetrating the left pleural cavity” as cause of death. Strong, who is accused of having been a violent partner, has denied any wrongdoing, stating that he found his girlfriend dead upon his return home in the morning. Having been denied bail, Strong was remanded in custody until his next appearance on March 15. ‘Free education’ introduced in haste: Dienda WINDHOEK Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Member of Parliament (MP), Elma Dienda, on Wednesday slammed the government’s introduction of ‘free education’ for both primary and secondary structures, describing its timing as premature. Government, through the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, rolled out the Universal Primary Education (UPE) concept in 2013, while secondary school learners were also exempted from paying school development fund fees some two years later. Dienda made the remarks in the National Assembly (NA), when speaking in motivation of the motion on improving support structures in education. She explained that the government’s introduction of the free education system was done hastily, saying that its maintenance has now proven problematic and that the government is unable to provide crucial assistance to public schools. “We cannot introduce free education, if we are unable to maintain it. We are making a mockery of it. It does not make sense at all. We abolish the school development fund, but then try to squeeze it from reluctant parents in various other forms,” she said. She expressed concern that the delivery of learning material such as stationery and the dispersing of the annual subsidy by the government to schools are often done late, thereby affecting the execution of quality education. “You will be surprised to learn that no stationery has been delivered to state schools, and no money has been deposited into school ac- year. I don’t know for how long this ‘stand still’ situation can be allowed,” she said. The PDM MP also questioned the size of the budget allocated to schools, stressing that it is a mere drop in the bucket in terms of covering the needs of schools. “I was told by one principal that he/she received the last payment last year from the ministry for this year for 800 learners in the amount of N,000. No stationery, no toilet paper, no cleaning material,” she noted. Other problems hampering the effective implementation of free education, Dienda stressed, is the high learner-to-teacher ratio, as Elma Dienda free education often leads to a rise This, she said, leads to teachers not to being able to control their classrooms as their classes are full of learners. – Nampa This week’s Star of the Week is 16-year-old Zerihongua Muhenje (right) who was courageous enough to speak out against her forced marriage to her 56-yearold husband with whom she recently had sexual intercourse. She relayed her story in the presence of her uncle who admitted to have given his blessing to the marriage. She was married off to the quinquagenarian husband when she was only 8 years old, and the timid Muhenje revealed to New Era that she only agreed to the sexual encounter because “culture dictates so”. “I don’t love him,” she lamented, with her eyes depicting great sorrow. “I just want to be home. He is abusive. He makes us work the whole day without giving us food,” added the teenager. Muhenje is not the struggle against cultural practices whereby children usually have no choice but to go along with the cultural dictates. As evidenced by the response to the story by the regional police and social workers in the area, Muhenje’s voice served as a wake-up call to the authorities, and the public, that action needs to be taken to stop some of these practices that society so often condone in the name of culture. SWAKOPMUND MUNICIPALITY SWAKOPMUND MUNICIPALITY Sale of 6 “general residential 1” Erven Located in Extension 1, Mile 4 and Extension 14, Swakopmund Sale of 6 “general residential 1” Erven Located in Extension 1, Mile 4 and Extension 14, Swakopmund Notice is hereby given that the Municipal Council of Swakopmund offers the following “general residential 1” zoned erven for sale by means of a closed bid to the highest qualifying bidder: Notice is hereby given that the Municipal Council of Swakopmund offers the following “general residential 1” zoned erven for sale by means of a closed bid to the highest qualifying bidder: Extension 1, Mile 4 Erf Size Upset Price 343 Extension 3 238 1, Mile 4 2 752 300.00 366 Erf Size 3 406 Upset 2 Price 895 100.00 367 343 3238 829 2 752 3 254 300.00 650.00 366 3 406 2 895 100.00 367 Extension 3 829 14 3 254 650.00 Erf Size Upset Price 4908 Extension 2 034 14 1 728 900.00 4909 Erf Size 5 141 Upset 4 Price 369 850.00 4910 4908 24 034 119 1 728 3 501 900.00 150.00 4909 5 141 4 369 850.00 4910 4 119 3 501 150.00 GENERAL: These erven are located to the south of the built-up southern boundary of the existing Mile GENERAL: 4 township. The These Conditions erven are of located Sale and to the a site south plan of must the built-up be obtained southern from boundary Room of BO-22 the existing A, Ground Floor, Mile at 4 township. the Municipal Office Building) after payment of a registration fee in the amount of N$ The 30 Conditions 000.00. of The Sale registration and a site fee plan must must be be paid obtained at the from cashiers Room BO-22 in the A, Municipal Ground Head Office Floor, Building at the Municipal before 15:00 Office on Building) Friday, after 02 payment March 2018. of a registration It can be fee paid in the either amount in cash at the of Cashiers, N$ 30 000.00. EFT The payment registration or direct fee must bank be deposits paid at the which cashiers must in the reflect Municipal on Council Head bank account Office on Building 02 March before 2018 15:00 at on 23:59. Friday, 02 March 2018. It can be paid either in cash at The the sale Cashiers, will take EFT payment place on or Friday, direct bank 09 deposits March which 2018 must at the reflect Training on Council Centre bank at the Municipal account Head on 02 March Office, 2018 c/o Rakotoka at 23:59. Street. Doors open for registration at 07:00 and will continue The sale until will 09:00. take All place bids on must Friday, be placed 09 March in the 2018 respective at the Training boxes before Centre 09:15. at the Municipal Head Office, c/o Rakotoka Street. Doors open for registration at 07:00 and will No continue bids will until be 09:00. considered All bids must if they be placed are not in the submitted respective in boxes compliance before 09:15. with the process prescribed in the Conditions of Sale document. Erven are allocated on the basis of 1 erf per No person bids will (married be considered couples if they are regarded are not submitted as one in person compliance irrespective with the of process the marital regime) prescribed / legal in entity. the Conditions of Sale document. Erven are allocated on the basis of 1 erf The per prospective person (married purchaser couples or are duly regarded appointed as one proxy person must irrespective attend the of registration the marital for the sale regime) in person, / legal with entity. the necessary documents. The prospective purchaser or duly appointed proxy must attend the registration for the sale in person, with the necessary documents. Enquiries: Ms Enquiries: Emilia Elindi Ms Lydia Nampala 064-4104228 064-4104229 Ms Ms Martha Emilia David Elindi 064-4104228 064-4104230 Ms Ms Emilia Lydia Nakale Nampala 064-4104229 064-4104217 Ms Martha David 064-4104230 The Municipality of Swakopmund is not obliged to accept the highest, or in fact, any closed bid offer received in Ms Emilia Nakale 064-4104217 respect of any of the erven and reserves the right to withdraw any or all the erven from the closed bid sale. The Municipality of Swakopmund is not obliged to accept the highest, or in fact, any closed bid offer received in NOTICE respect NO: of any 02/2018 of the erven and reserves the right to withdraw any or all the erven C Lawrence from the closed bid sale. Acting Chief Executive Officer NOTICE NO: 02/2018 C Lawrence Acting Chief Executive Officer

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