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New Era Newspaper Friday February 23, 2018

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8 OTHER NEWS Friday, February 23 2018 | NEW ERA UPI Smelly farting forces plane to make emergency landing Dear Media Partners This day in history... 23 February 1901: 1963: 1951: 1974: and technology through: ISSUED BY THE BUSINESS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BOARD AND MANAGEMENT

Friday, February 23 2018| NEW ERA ADVERTS 9 MUNICIPALITY OF SWAKOPMUND Leasing of a site , to Mobile Telecommunications Limited Notice is hereby given in terms of the provisions of Section Notice is 63 hereby (2) of given the Local in terms Authorities of the Act, provisions Act 23 of of 1992, Section as 63 amended, (2) of the Local that the Authorities Municipal Act, Council Act 23 of Swakopmund 1992, as amended, intends that to the lease Municipal a site Council to Mobile of Telecommunications Swakopmund intends Limited to lease (MTC) a to site build to up Mobile their network Telecommunications base station: Limited (MTC) to build up their network Property base station: Description (New Zone No. Lease) Property Description (New Public Zone Open 1. No. Erf Lease) 2854, DRC – Block 8 (144 m 2 ) Space Full particulars of the above transaction Public will Open 1. lie for inspection Erf by 2854, interested DRC – Block persons 8 (144 at m 2 the ) Municipal Space Head Office situated at the corner of Rakotoka Street, Swakopmund, Full particulars Room of the BO-22 above (Ms transaction Ndiili Kandjengo), will lie for inspection ground floor, by interested between 07:30 persons – at 16:00 the Municipal weekdays Head until Office Friday, 09 situated March at 2018. the corner of Rakotoka Street, Any Swakopmund, person objecting Room to BO-22 the proposed (Ms Ndiili lease, Kandjengo), may lodge such ground objection floor, between in writing, 07:30 duly – motivated, 16:00 weekdays to the Chief until Executive Friday, 09 March Officer, 2018. not later than 12:00 on Tuesday, 13 March 2018. The Any person contact objecting person is to Ms the Ndiili proposed Kandjengo lease, may at lodge 064- such 4104214 objection or in writing, duly motivated, to the Chief Executive Officer, not later than 12:00 on Tuesday, 13 NOTICE NO: 8 / 2018 March 2018. M P C Swarts Acting Chief Executive Officer The contact person is Ms Ndiili Kandjengo at 064- 4104214 or NOTICE NO: 8 / 2018 MUNICIPALITY OF M P C Swarts Acting Chief Executive Officer Suspensive sale agreements Bank Windhoek wishes to inform our customers and the public at large about the implications of buying a vehicle or article under a suspensive sale agreement, commonly referred to as hire purchase. While an article is under suspensive sale agreement with the Bank, it remains the Bank’s asset or property until the amounts due and owed in terms of the suspensive sale agreement is settled in full. Full ownership of the vehicle or article will only pass to the credit receiver (customer of the Bank) once the conditions of the suspensive sale agreement are complied with in full. As such, should a customer of the Bank sell a vehicle or item that is still under suspensive sale agreement conditions, the outstanding amount of the agreement must be paid over to the Bank immediately once the customer receives the funds from the sale. Failure to settle the full amount due constitutes several offences: • Firstly, it amounts to a breach of contract and the Bank is then entitled to approach the court for a restitution order. This means that the Bank will apply to the court to have the vehicle or item returned to the Bank. #398 Anton Smit Executive Officer – Credit • Secondly, selling a vehicle or item that belongs to the Bank amounts to fraud and the Bank is also entitled to lodge a criminal case with the Namibian Police. PARLIAMENT: NATIONAL COUNCIL DIVISION: SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES Post designation: Deputy Director Grade 4 (Security Operations) 1 x Post: Windhoek Salary Scale: N8 220 x P – 502 753 Salary Notch: N8 220 p.a. Motor Vehicle Allowance: N2 701 p.a. N 188 p.a. Minimum Requirements: A B-Degree in either Security Management, Police Science, Correctional Service Intelligence Service (NCIS). Main duties: 4. To ensure that security, security policies and plans in the National Council are developed, managed and National Council. Enquiries: Wilson Ukule Telephone: 061-202 8073 CANDIDATURE IS LIMITED TO NAMIBIAN CITIZENS. RACIALLY DISADVANTAGED AS WELL AS PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES WHO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. The legal principal that you cannot transfer more rights than what you have applies in these types of agreements. This means that the person selling the vehicle or article must be lawfully entitled to sell the vehicle and transfer ownership because they own the item and have paid for it in full. If there are amounts still owing under the suspensive sale agreement, the client wanting to sell the vehicle to a third party is not the lawful owner and places any third party who buys such a vehicle at risk. The impact on the person - or third party - who buys any vehicle in this manner is that he or she could lose the funds used for the purchase of the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself. To recover funds in such a situations leaves the buyer having to institute legal action against the “Seller” to recover the funds paid over to him or her. Alternatively, the buyer will have to settle the outstanding amounts due and owed to the Bank should the buyer want to retain the vehicle. This effectively means that the buyer could end up losing his purchase cash and the vehicle OR end up paying double for the vehicle. We strongly recommend that any person interested in buying a vehicle privately first approach a financial institution and for a small fee, conduct a hire purchase enquiry (HPI) report. Approved dealerships will also be able to assist with a HPI enquiry. The purpose of an HPI enquiry is to provide a financial status report on the specific vehicle. The HPI report indicates through which financial institution the vehicle is being financed, or if the vehicle has been released. Also, the “Seller” must provide proof that he or she is the lawful owner of the vehicle. In this regard we need to further advise the public that registration of the vehicle in any person’s name is not sufficient to constitute proof of ownership. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact your own branch for assistance. Win N00 in our Opinion Poll 0% No A completed Application Form for employment in the public service should be addressed to: OR Hand deliver to: While an article is under suspensive sale agreement with the Bank, it remains the Bank’s asset or property until the amounts due and owed in terms of the suspensive sale agreement is settled in full? Yes/No Email: with the answer. Can you send EasyWallet via the Bank Windhoek Mobile App? 100% Yes Sirkka T Andreas is the lucky winner in the Money Matters Issue 397 poll draw.

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