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Friday, February 9, 2018 | NEW ERA 28 entertainment CULTURE Ten African Wedding Traditions • Ndaba Lungu An old African proverb says, “A man without a wife is like a vase Africa, is made up of many nations and tribes with wedding traditions rooted deeply into the Here is a quick look at 10 Bemba In the Bemba culture of Zambia, marriage starts with a class called Bana Chimbusa, a secret counselling session for by Chilanga Mulilo, where the bride’s family takes different family dishes and presents them to the groom’s family, giving a symbolic preview of what the groom will be eating when dance parties, a good warmup for the ceremony, or the Ama the two families where people go up and give advice and best Swahili a separation between the men attends the Henna party the night before the wedding, the dance usually performed to the vows ceremony, after which the groom gets invited to a luncheon climaxes as the groom picks up his wife in a dance and music- The Himba From the Kunene Region of people “kidnap” the bride before her big day, only to work on wardrobe and have her dressed in a pure leather headdress called smeared with herbs and butterfat and crowned in expensive groom’s family plasters the bride in butterfat ointment, marking Zulu ceremony , or Umabo, usually takes place after a white ceremony, lobola, the bringing of gifts for the bride’s mother and close family, or Izibizo and Umbondo, where the bride brings different household groceries for big day, a Zulu bride will change times to convey to her in-laws her beauty in different styles and The Nuer Southern Sudan, the groom is After various celebrations and ceremonies, the wedding is still regarded as not complete up until the wife has birthed two one child and the husband asks for a divorce, he is given a choice between his cows or custody of Igbo Do you wish prosperity lengthy process of negotiations, and approval from the umunna (extended family), and the bride price payment, Ime-Ego, the in a ceremony called the Igba newlywed couple is wished a prosperous future by the throwing and rubbing of banknotes on their Moroccan celebration includes several ceremonies that can last between agreement by witnesses and the the bride goes to the Hamam, Hennaya, where the bride and friends receive symbolic motifs day is characterized by recitals of Quranic verses, white caftans, matching jewelry, food, dance Amhara Among the Amhara people of Ethiopia, most marriages are negotiated by the two families with a civil ceremony sealing the Invited guests arrive at the venue; mostly a decorated auditorium usual attire for the big day is the end of the wedding ceremony, the groom will take his bride to his place and the party will continue Maasai consists of a tedious process of to show his appreciation to his wife through the giving of a gift, usually a chain, which is followed by him giving out strong drinks to his newly-added family members, his the groom is then required to give at least three cows and two sheep; one sheep is slaughtered and its fat is used to decorate the bride’s

Friday, February 9, 2018 | NEW ERA entertainment 29 Vegetarian Diet • Beauty Ndapanda Becoming a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice that can be prompted by health reasons or concern for animals and the environment. There are different types of vegetarians, each group is products that are excluded or included in the diet. Vegan This diet is the strictest when it comes to vegetarians because it eliminates all animal products and animal by-products. Vegans do not dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and they also avoid honey. Some vegans take their lifestyle decision a step further by rejecting any cosmetic products that have been tested on animals. Ovo Vegetarian This diet does not permit meat, for consumption. However, ovo vegetarians consume eggs and products that contain eggs. The protein nutrition from eggs that is not available to most types of vegetarians. Adversely, eggs contain cholesterol and should be eaten in • Jeremiah Ndjoze The Namibia Film Commission (NFC) wants to move away from just helping with scripts and business or production plans qualifying for local, regional and international funding such as for pitching forums depending on the project. “Once you have gone through that process and your script is market ready, that’s when you can apply for production funding,” says NFC chairperson, Joël Haikali. Speaking appointed Chairperson of the Namibia Film Commission (NFC), Joel Haikali, revealed that for the past productions with an estimated local Million, one-hundred-and-fourteenthousand and 268 Namibia dollars). This, he said has created employment for 537 Namibians in various areas, despite the fact that the employment of locals, remain at entry level position. Each foreign production company is moderation. Lacto Vegetarian poultry and eggs, but dairy products such as milk, yogurt and icecream are allowed. By reducing their consumption of meat, lacto vegetarians experience an improvement in their health, while their calcium intake is obtained from derived. The NFC Board was appointed on 1 November 2017, by the Minister of ICT, Honourable Tjekero Tweya for a period of three years. His brief to the Board members was for them to grow the point that it is impactful. He also instructed the Board to its combined expertise to serve the Namibian public Board hit the ground running. “We met over 3 days to interrogate our mandate and to come up with a vision that is not only practical, but also sustainable, considering the current state of our economy. We believe this country needs a thriving itself, but we equally recognize that we have many challenges, such as: lack of adequate funds, limited skills, lack of incentives, lack of collaboration and cooperation amongst ourselves, just to mention a few,” Haikali said. The revamped NFC, according to Haikali further aims to amongst other things develop and improve the mentorship programmes in the also plans to focus on the creation of a favourable policy framework dairy products. Lacto-ovo Vegetarian This diet does not include meat, vegetarians are allowed to eat dairy products and eggs. These vegetarians have a wider variety of options when it comes to selecting food products and they require less additional vitamin supplements. Pescatarian This diet excludes meat, dairy and Pescatarians have reduced risk of heart disease by avoiding saturated fats in meat. Although, some varieties of seafood are polluted with mercury which can lead to health issues, so caution is required. Flexitarian of vegetarian, meaning that animal products, but they do allow themselves to eat meat occasionally. Removing meat from the menu frequently can have a positive impact on a person’s health and the environment. Sources:, www., www.beautyndapanda. com New sheriffs…NFC Communications Manager, Florence Haifene (extreme new board members who this Wednesday. Marinda Stein (commissioner), Joel Haikali (chairperson) and Ziegie Willemse (commissioner). NFC to focus on helping scriptwriting that encourages the private sector to while promoting international and local investment into the production The institution further aims to Share clear funding and disbursement criteria, and to develop mechanism for increased transparency and accountability that are workable for been rather slow in the production of locally brewed projects entering the market, foreign production entities continue to use Namibia as their Africa being the main player, followed by Germany and the United States of America (USA). To substantiate this claim it is estimated that over N million has been spent in Namibia as a past years. Haikali however maintains annual basis and a call for applications will go out around February and March. Nelao Haukongo, a Human Resource Academic deputises Haikali. Other commissioners are Ziegie Willemse, Marinda Stein and Uatirohange Tjiuoro. NSK Industry Loop I think I speak on behalf of all marketing departments, public relations practitioners, creative agencies and anyone that has to deal with the media. That the worst thing that can happen is when invited, media houses do not turn up or of some sort. From the intern right up to the manager of an account must feel like the ground must swallow them to the ends of Lucifer’s bed side when they have guests waiting for a programme to start but delays are the reality because, well, some members of the media are or simply are just not pitching up. As a former radio journalists, I know the stress of hopping from one media conference to another. I am not defending my media colleagues from the print, radio and TV industries but as per custom with Industry Loop, we lay all factors on the table for you to judge for yourself. Hopping from one media conference to another around Windhoek can be extremely stressful. Some media houses are not well resourced like the state broadcaster. Media houses that are not well resourced are understaffed and simply don’t have resources. There might only be one vehicle that is used for all the purposes from fetching mail, to transporting sales people to getting journalists to media conferences. In such a case, these media houses are bound to arrive late or completely unable to attend any event. However, wellresourced media houses really have no excuse. A well-resourced media house should be an entity with enough company vehicles and enough journalists to cover events in a timeous fashion around the capital. I doubt if marketing departments, public relations practitioners, creative agencies etc., experience the same time issues with the media in the smaller towns. If that is the case, let me know via twitter. Whether you are under resourced or not, media houses in smaller towns should really not be subjecting their cross counterparts to this plague. The only solution I have for the two industries to co-exist in peace is communication. It will be pretty awesome if journalists who RSVP’d to an event starting at 3pm, could give the anchors of that event heads up that they have another media conference starting 30 minutes before theirs and that they might be late. Just thinking out loud. Whatever the situation might be, let’s initiate that bit of communication. However, marketing departments, public relations practitioners, creative agencies also need to understand that the media don’t really owe them coverage! Unless of course, it’s the public broadcaster. TO NAMIBIA”! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Oldie of the week: PDK: Lovisa NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email @naobebsekind (twitter)

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