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New Era Newspaper Friday February 9, 2018

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4 NEWS Friday, February 9 2018| NEW ERA Geingob irked by Nmillion spent to buy farm Albertina Nakale Windhoek President Hage Geingob has expressed his dismay at the Ministry of Defence spending about N million to acquire to train elite soldiers to live in harmony with nature and to practice their shooting skills. The farm is situated some 60 kilometres north-west of Okahandja. “I hope it is not true. Today [Thursday] I read the Ministry of Defence bought a farm troops home. I do not know if it was done last It has been reported that Major Petrus Shilumbu of the Public Relations Division in farm was bought. He said the initial asking price was N million. Shilumbu said the farm was acquired last year September after the asking price of N million was negotiated down to N million. The ministry maintains the farm is strategically located as it is near the capital. assured the nation that it is safe despite mandatory leave involving thousands of army personnel. of soldiers staying at the seven military bases around Namibia to take forced leave with effect from this month. Those who were on leave when the directive was issued were asked not to report for duty since the army could no longer afford to feed them and pay for water and electricity bills. But Shilumbu said the security situation in remaining 70 percent of soldiers at the military bases are capable of handling any eventuality. 30 percent of army personnel be sent home every month on a rotation basis to cut rising costs incurred by feeding the troops. “Those 30 percent that are on leave are not on leave in a foreign country and they said Shilumbu. easy task for any country especially a country in our current situation – this He said that sending soldiers home has been “The rule is that only 30 percent should be He said the mandatory leave would not affect personal normal leave days so it should be regarded as a bonus. which the army intends to transform into a military airport. The farm also has an Olympic standard shooting range that will be used as a training area. “Feeding, clothing soldiers is not an easy task for any country especially a country in our current situation – this is not new here, rest assured that we are all safe, despite all this. Sending soldiers home has been happening since 1990.” – President Hage Geingob OKAHAO TOWN COUNCIL VACANCY ADVERTISEMENT following position. DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL SERVICES AND INFRASTRUCTURE Division: Environmental Health Services 1 x post: Key Performance Areas: time procedures of driving and impounding of stray animals; animals Minimum Requirements: th Okahao Town Council or By hand delivered OKAHAO Enquiries: CLOSING DATE: 23 rd February 2018 Only short listed candidates will be contacted, no fax or e-mail applications will be accepted and no documentation will be returned Namport asks for more Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay Namport wants the government to consider allocating a bigger budget to customs and excise so that the division can be better equipped in terms of immigration control and cargo handling. Namport also wants the government to look into granting more swiftly against crime within the ports. These were some of the recommendations made by the retired commissioner Festus Parliamentary Standing Committee conducting regional visits to obtain views on challenges concerning immigration control and safety and Walvis Bay Airport. reported within the boundaries of Walvis Bay port is remarkably low because Namport stopped outsourcing the security affairs at the port and instead set up an well as constructed a dedicated the port. we have recorded relatively low crime inside the port. These are not trespassing and fraud that we dealt He noted that container theft has also become something of the past issues such as forgery of documents and some clients not fully disclosing the contents of some containers as a way to avoid paying more charges. excise needs more manpower more effectively with such issues. “Since the port is open for increased presence by immigration he said. Shilongo appealed to the committee for support so that the is within Namport premises. “We require your support in the appointment of port security the jurisdiction of the port as is the practice in ports all over the world. The Namport Act and its regulations are the main enabling legislation that empowers Namport to enforce port regulations. “The Act however has various shortcomings that do not fully empower Namport’s security personnel. A review of the Act and benchmarking with other port authorities is currently underway Shilongo said.

Friday, February 9 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 5 Zambezi farmers re-cultivate fields Aron Mushaukwa Silumbi Communal Farmers in the Zambezi region have started to re-plough following good rains since the beginning of this month. When New Era visited the areas of Silumbi and Sikanjabuka in the Katima Mulilo constituency yesterday, communal farmers could be seen busy ploughing and re-planting where they had previously planted. Speaking to New Era, the farmers stressed they had no choice but to re-plough and plant again because the seeds did not germinate, and where germination occurred they did not grow as they were scorched by the sun. “I didn’t want to re-plough but others encouraged me to do so, with the hope that maybe we might get something. I have to admit that this is strange because this is not the time we usually plough, by this time we were supposed to Trying again… Communal farmers at Silumbi have started re-ploughing. be weeding and by next month we could even start eating maize cobs,” said one of the communal farmers Regina Mujiwa. She added that like many farmers, she planted her maize in but her seeds did not germinate, while in some areas they scarcely germinated. “As you can see I am busy re-planting where I planted already, I am not sure if I will harvest anything because very destroy everything.” Other communal farmers who were also busy ploughing in the area of Sikanjabuka shared the same sentiments. “We heard that the rain is here to stay, so we didn’t want to be left behind that’s why we have also started to plough again, hopefully we will harvest something,” said Richard Mulike. The return of the rains however has come at a cost as it has left informal settlements in Katima Mulilo like Choto and Cowboy Caprivi Senior Secondary School was also left under water. Other areas in the Kabbe South constituency like Nankutwe, Nsundwa, Itomba, Ivilivinzi, Mbalansite and Kasika are also not accessible at the moment due to heavy rains. While Mpukano and Muzii have already been cut-off yesterday stood at 2.57 metres compared to the same date last year where it stood at 2.18 metres. Loide Jason Onkaankaa Upsurge in goat, chicken theft Farmers at Onkaankaa village in Otamanzi constituency in the Omusati region are concerned about children who are allegedly involved in the theft of goats and chickens at the rural farming settlement. Farmers revealed this during a community meeting held in the area organised on Wednesday by the Directorate of Marginalised Groups “I have an example of two children aged six and nine who slaughtered and ate up my goat. But fortunately enough their mothers approached me in a good manner and we have agreed that they must compensate my goat which they already did,” said a local farmer. Another farmer Asser Kornelius said he has lost 57 chickens from his farm stolen mostly by the stock thieves. Kornelius said that the situation has gotten out of hand and this could see farmers taking the law into their own hands. The children accused of stealing chickens and goats no longer go to school as they only went up to grade three, as their settlement does not have a school for fourth Some of those children were placed at Uutsathima boarding are now roaming around the village stealing livestock and vandalising water pipes. Another farmer was furious that these children have become unruly and a menace to the community. “I think these children stealing and slaughtering our animals are being sent by their parents. There is no way a normal, honest parent will allow his children to bring meat at home, and they will keep quiet about it. It is not normal at all,” he lamented. The Director of Education in the Omusati region Laban Shapange said what was happening was a sign of a lack of good parenting; and urged parents to start disciplining their children. ents you need to take good care of children so that they will start understanding the importance of being good and disciplined children,” he said. Meanwhile the meeting also heard that some women who are mostly involved in love affairs with cattle herders at the settlement are also stealing chickens and goats for the pot. Studying abroad is the dream of every student as it gives exposure to students to new country, new culture and new things. CT University in its endeavor to offer quality education with affordable fee structure to Namibian students have decided to offer scholarships up to 50% on tuition fee so that money should not be a hindrance for any parent or student to pursue higher education. India is the largest democracy of the world and known worldwide for quality education with sustainable values of life. Indian teachers and students are helping the world to realize its potential and providing their services in all corners of the world. CT Group is a premier group of educational institutions in the northern part of India in the state of Punjab. CT group was founded in the year 1997 and serving the society in education sector for last 20 years. This group comprises of a University, 17 professional colleges and 2 schools in the state of Punjab. At mass communication & PhD in various disciplines. Awards and accolades bestowed on our institutions are as follows: 1. CT University is constituted under the set norms of University Grants Commission (UGC) – Govt. Body to govern Universities in India served on campus. The department in coordination with faculty & other administrative staff also ensures that a conducive atmosphere be provided to the foreign students so that they can easily adapt themselves to the campus lifestyle. How to Apply for study in India: representatives of universities will be meeting the parents and students to give them on spot offer. August,2018. STUDY IN INDIA PROGRAMMES OFFERED City Dates Venue 1 WINDHOEK 12 th and 13 th February 2018 Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Corner of Auas and Aviation Road 2 SWAKOPMUND 15 th February 2018 Atlantic Villa, 24 Plover street, Swakopmund 3 WALVIS BAY 16 th & 17 th February 2018 Protea Hotel by Marriott

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