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New Era Newspaper Friday February 9, 2018

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6 NEWS Friday, February 9 2018| NEW ERA Nkurenkuru demolishes stalls over outstanding levies John Muyamba Rundu The Nkurenkuru Town Council on TENDER Tenders are invited for: MTC 01/18/I - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FOR A VOICEMAIL (CALL COMPLETION) SYSTEM MTC hereby invites companies to submit information for the above mentioned RFI CLOSING DATE: Friday, 28th February 2018, 14:30 Price: Free Documents will be available on: Friday, 9th February 2018 at MTC Head Office: C/O Mose Tjitendero & Hamutenya Wanahepo Ndadi Streets Olympia, Windhoek Enquiries and requests for clarification should be directed to: E-mail: Phone +264 61 280 2134 Documents are to be collected & delivered to: The Manager: Procurement C/O Mose Tjitendero & Hamutenya Wanahepo Ndadi Streets, Olympia, Windhoek Before closing date and time. Tuesday threatened vendors at the open market to pay up or get their makeshift stalls demolished due to non-payment of their monthly rental fees of N. WEATHERMEN & CO Some of those allocated the stalls have not paid the N monthly levy since 2015. On Tuesday, nine makeshift stalls were demolished before the operation was called off. “Our staff did not use a bulldozer to break any structure. "They phoned the owners to remove their stuff before they broke them apart by hand and the bulldozer was just parked there,” explained the CEO of Nkurenkuru, Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Thousands of Grootfontein residents squatting at the country’s only remaining single-quarters complex, a pre-independence living quarters for labourers, will soon be relocated once the Grootfontein Municipality them to cheaper houses. The single-quarters complex has 400 rooms and more than 1,000 people are believed to be residing there. Residents will be offered low-cost houses, while those that cannot afford the houses will be moved to an earmarked informal settlement where they could set up their own structures. Petrus Sindimba. “We do understand the importance of these vendors as they are an important part of our town’s economy. We do need them to operate but we have rules, policies and regulations that need to be followed as agreed when they got space at the market. People must pay so that the council pays for the water being used there. We wrote a letter to them early December last year and on 30 January we gave them Land for this purpose has already been secured. “Council has already earmarked another area where people from the single quarters can be accommodated and the municipality will service the area,” Grootfontein Mayor Abisai Haimene said in a telephonic interview with New Era. “We certainly want to improve the living conditions of our people by providing water, shelter and sanitation, but there is a challenge of the informal settlements. people that are evicted from nearby farms coming to town to squat,” added Haimene. To resolve the problem, another letter demanding payment but they ignored ing,” Sindimba informed New Era. The open market has about 140 vendors operating in makeshift structures in the centre of Nkurenkuru. “Some did pay but later stopped because others are not paying. But we later agreed with the vendors that they will make arrangements to pay and we called off the operation,” Sindimba added. Low-cost houses for Grootfontein squatters Haimene says, a reception area will be developed where such people can be quartered. The area is yet to be cleared. Haimene cautioned the community to guard against vandalism of municipal services such as taps and sewage drainage, adding that it has been a culture of residents to steal the steel covers of drains, which they sell at scrapyards. “That tendency must end – whenever adults steal the steel tops, the kids throw objects into the holes, which blocks the drainage and creates a health hazard, and is certainly becoming costly to repair, over and over,” he said. He added that educational campaigns would be conducted to sensitise the community.

Friday, February 9 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 7 Hard work lies ahead of us -Uusiku Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya The Mayor of Omuthiya Katrina Uusiku has undertaken to engage the youth, the community and business fraternity as they are key when it comes to formulating developmental projects. “I would like to assure everyone that 2018 will be a year of hard work and dedication, hence I will be closely engaging the youth and business people in our areas to hear their views and opinions, because thus their contributions are of liquor licences is one of the concerns which the community has brought to my attention which will need to be looked at,” said Uusiku. She is currently finalising her programme to embark on a consultative meeting with the community to foster ties on how they can work together and what areas need to be tackled. “The people’s voice must be heard and it matters the most,” she added, while saying she is still compiling her to-do list. Uusiku said the vulnerable children and orphans that are roaming the street in the town are dear to her heart, thus she promised to work towards helping them, as she is concerned about their welfare. In terms of provision of plots and affordable houses, Uusiku said she could not delve into that yet, as they are still busy compiling a master list of people that applied “I will only pronounce myself on that once we are done with the compilation of the list, because by then I will have more detailed information on the way forward,” concluded Uusiku who previously served two terms as the deputy mayor. Uusiku was elected as mayor in December last year, replacing Toivo Nghilalulwa who has since been lowered to an ordinary council member. “I will only pronounce myself on that once we are done with the compilation of the list, because by then I will have more detailed information on the way forward.” – Katrina Uusiku Health ministry can only employ 15 pharmacists MEDIA RELEASE FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS REGARDING THE SAFETY OF TAP WATER There is a social media message being circulated around regarding the safety of tap water. According to this message, tap water is apparently responsible for the transmission of Congo fever and Hepatitis E diseases. NamWater would like to state categorically that such news is untrue and those that are circulating it are irresponsible citizens. WINDHOEK The Ministry of Health and Social Services can only employ a maximum of 15 of the 18 pharmacists who completed their internship at the Windhoek Central Hospital at the end of January. Speaking at a media conference in Windhoek Wednesday, Minister of Health and Social Services Minister, ministry does not have enough money to employ all the interns. “Let me be honest with you, the money situation at the Ministry will remain the same in 2018. There is no money,” he said. However, he admitted that there is a huge need for pharmacists at public hospitals across the country. “We are meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the matter, perhaps we can meet each other halfway. If it means we should cut on certain expenditures in order to cater for pharmacists, then that is what we will He however said they cannot promise that they are going to employ all the interns and can only employ 12 or at most, 15. “As for the rest, we will see if we can arrange something with the private sector,” he said. Haufiku said the interns will be employed on merit and their willingness to work in remote areas such as Okongo, Opuwo, Karasburg or in the Kavango and Zambezi regions. Local daily The Namibian reported last week that 80 pharmacists who completed their studies at the University of Namibia in 2017 and 2018 are scrambling for only one available post in the health ministry. The report said 18 interns were sent home after their internships ended at the end of January. Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Petronella Masabane was quoted as saying there was only one pharmacist position available in the ministry and the interns had to make way for the new intake. - Nampa Firstly Congo fever (CCHF) is mostly hosted by animals like cattle, sheep, goats et cetera, and it is thus transmitted to people by either tick bites or through contact with infected animal blood. Secondly, Hepatitis E disease is as a result of faecal contamination of drinking water. Tap water all over Namibia is disinfected using chlorine and other disinfectants. This disinfection guarantees that Namibia’s tap water is free from any bacteria contamination. It is therefore highly unlikely that tap water can be contaminated by either Congo fever or Hepatitis E diseases. Based on this, tap water in Namibia is one of the safest commodities to drink. Whoever is spreading this malicious and irresponsible message must stop. Because of these irresponsible messages, it is highly likely that people who may not have funds to afford any alternative water, could use alternative sources which may be unsafe. Lastly, NamWater would like to assure fellow Namibians and visitors to the country that tap water in the country is safe to drink and cheaper compared to most other means of water supply. END OF RELEASE Johannes Shigwedha Head PR & Corporate Communication PUBLIC NOTICE PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT Private Bag 12009 - Patterson Street, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek, NAMIBIA - Tel: (+264) 61 290 2270 / 2614 - Fax. (+264) 61 290 2331 – E-mail: / msu@ / Procurement Management Unit Portal / Website: BID NO: G-ONB-COW-23/2018 Tittle: PILOT STUDY ON STANDARD TRANSFER SPECIFICATION (STS) COMPLIANT PREPAID WATER METERS Description: City of Windhoek invites all Prepaid Water Meter Service Providers to offer meters with specified criteria, for a period of six (6) months pilot study. Submission: Companies interested in providing such products are requested to submit the required documentation and meters at City of Windhoek, No. 59-63 Pullman Street, WINDHOEK - NAMIBIA Disclaimer: This pilot study will be done at no cost obligation to the City of Windhoek. City of Windhoek will also not be under any obligation to acquire any system once proven workable. Therefore, the normal bidding process will follow thereafter. TOR: TOR Documents will be available (AT NO COST) as from Friday the 09 th February 2018, from 14h30 at the Customer Care Centre, Counter no 3 at City of Windhoek head office. Closing Date: Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 11:00 Technical Enquiries: Ms M Siyanga - Tel: 061 290 2097 - Email: PMU Enquiries: Ms. Shekupe Mutilifa /Aune Kapelwa – Tel: +264-(0) 61 290 - 2270/2614 Email: Bid information - Visit our Procurement Management Unit Portal / Website: Notice No. 08/2018 Issued by: Office of the Chief Executive Officer Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Participation Tel: +264 61 290 2365 / 2044 Fax: +264 61 290 2344 E-mail: DM0201800296693 KA

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