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New Era Newspaper Friday July 21, 2017

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16 ADVERT Friday, July 21 2017 | NEW ERA AbrAhAm hAodom’s WArm Wishes for UNAm’s 25th Official Weekly Communique of the University of Namibia - Volume 23 deAN of stUdeNts doNAtes to fire victim With every growth, comes the support, contribution and love from those that take part, while the University of Namibia (UNAM) celebrates its 25 years of successful academic headway, Mr Abraham Haodom (63), a technician who has been with the University for 33 years, shares the sentiments of his journey from 1984. Haodom attributed his success and fulfilment to the University and the memories that the years he spent have given him. “As a technician at an institution, one would normally not imagine that there would be any connection to the other parts of the University such as the staff or even the students, but my heart at UNAM has been with the students as I have worked for them and my furthermost efforts have been to deliver to them,” said a caring Haodom. He continues to hope that, as the University celebrates its jubilee, it continues to expand, to create and open the mind of those that have had and will have the privilege to go through it. “My wishes for UNAM are to grow and carry on making a difference in our communities”, said Haodom. He adds, “this University Mr Haodom pictured with Long Serving Awards has indeed supported my growth in ways I believe I couldn’t have had anywhere else.” During his time with UNAM, Mr Haodom has attained most of his life’s best memories while serving the University as a young man despite the fact that its community comes from all around the world. This is the time I have felt closest to the students.” About his soon to come absence from the University, “Abbs” as he is from Tsumeb then, to being married, affectionately known, wished for and now having his last born child studying at the Campus. UNAM to uphold and be proud of its achievement since its enactment. “As I look forward to enjoying He also deeply shared his attachment my retirement, it has been a life to the culture that the University has continuously ensured as a way to changing experience, rewarding welcome and appreciate its diversity and differences that exist among and unforgettable journey, and I wish UNAM a blissful 25th anniversary.” the students that come from near and afar. “The University annual *Article by Patience Ahumuza. Cultural Festival is one of my favourite Patience is a media intern at the moments and in my opinion what has Communications & Marketing kept UNAM as one whole big family Department The Office of the Dean of Students (ODS) staff recently donated clothes, mattress, blankets and shoes to Ms Dian Vihayo, a 43 years old unemployed single mother of three from Havana informal settlement. Ms Vihayo and her kids lost all their belongings when their shack caught fire early last month. The family is temporary renting a small shack in the same settlement. The donations form part of ODS’s social responsibilities to reach out to the community. Assistant Dean of Professional Services, Mr Tangeni Velikoshi, narrates how the office came to react to the story that was broadcasted on national television, “our reaction was out of the deepest care. After we heard about the fire incident, we made out a call to staff members to donate any items towards the victims. The response was overwhelming, and we are grateful for each and every staff member that came through.” Ms Vihaya was exited to receive the items and thanked the University for their care and support, and wish the staff blessings from above. “For people at the University to come visit and spend time with us, and bring us all these items, is such a blessing. Giving to someone that you hardly know is very rare these days that is why our family is so thankful for all the donations.” eY NAmibiA & icAN spoNsor NAts progrAmme The National Accounting Talent Search (NATS) programme recently received sponsorship for this year’s search from the auditing firm EY Namibia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (ICAN). EY Namibia as the main sponsor, gave N$ 50 000 this year and ICAN as co-sponsor, underwrote a cheque of N$ 40 000. NATS has been an annual initiative since 2011, launched by the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Income Tax in the Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences. This initiative aims to enhance the awareness about accounting and interest in accounting as a career and nurture their talent. At the cheques handover event, Pro-Vice Chancellor: Administration, Finance & Resource Mobilisation, Dr Ellen Namhila, remarked that “we are thankful to EY Namibia and ICAN for their commitment towards this initiative and your partnership on this programme annually, for the last six years now.” Further adding that this kind of engagement between the University and the industry is in line with UNAM’s mission to contribute to the development of Namibia. Speaking der Walt, Partner at EY Namibia, stated that, “EY is privileged to be part of this initiative. Our continuous commitment to NATS is testimony on how it has proven to create awareness of the accountancy profession among learners. In the long term, contributing to the number of chartered accountants in the country. We are proud to be associated with this progression.” ICAN emphasised that an accountant is a Doctor of a business; this person can diagnose the health status of a business, as a General Practitioner does on patients. Abel Akayombokwa, ICAN FLTR: Danica van Wyk , Sakeus Kapenambili, Deon van der Walt, Dr Jacob Nyambe, Dr Ellen N. Namhila, Abel Akayombokwa, Koos du Tooit and Claretta Gamses. accountant and an economist they can drive the economy of our country in a good direction. That is why we need more of these business Doctors in Namibia.” Since 2012 EY Namibia has of N$ 800 000 to date, as well at times providing personnel to mark the NATS exams. Ever since the initiative launch, ICAN has co-sponsored over N$ 225 identify potential learners who have an at the same occasion, Mr Deon van Vice-President said, “If we combine an sponsored this programme in excess 000 to date.

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