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New Era Newspaper Friday July 21, 2017

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18 entertainment

18 entertainment Friday, July 21, 2017 | NEW ERA LIFESTYLE Beauty in all shapes and sizes Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek – Acclaimed Namibian fashion designer and makeup artist Hannah Nangula-Kolokwe continues to make waves in the beauty industry. Pinehas Nakaziko visited her studio. Well known for beautifying the presenters and hosts at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) over the past years, Hannah takes pride in her passion and believes in the importance of fashion and professional skin care for all sexes. She also believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. “My job is to enhance it. I am passionate about makeup and I find joy in this art form,” she enthuses. She also provides a variety of other beauty services such as makeup art, eyebrow microblading, eyelash extensions and makeup training for individuals and groups. Recognised as one of the best makeup artist in the country, Hannah says the secret behind this is just hard work and creative thinking. “I am always looking forward to learning new techniques and [creating] products to stay in tune with the latest trends in the industry.” Hannah says a makeup artist is an artist, whose medium is the human body, who applies makeup and prosthetics for the theatre, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions, including all aspects of the modelling industry. Mostly, the role of a makeup artist is to apply makeup to presenters, at photo shoots and weddings. Makeup artists also work on artists who want to film a music video, girls going to a matric farewell and many others. She is a trained makeup artist from the College of the Arts (COTA) and started with her first job in 2010 at the Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC). In the same year she also applied makeup for a few people to compliment their attire. “I always knew that my qualification would require me to become selfemployed – so I had to think about what to do after graduation.” Hannah has also worked on makeup for local celebrities such as Dillish Mathews, Ruby Nakaambo, Lucy Kangombe and Uejaa Kazondunge. She says being in this industry makes her happy. “I’m doing what I love, and earn a living from it.” Apart from makeup, Hannah host makeup seminars and workshops countrywide as part of giving back to the community, under the theme ‘Makeup Master Class’. “I noticed that the country needs short makeup courses in the country. Some clients only want to improve their makeup techniques for personal use, while some women aspire to become professional makeup artists themselves, but they do not have the time to go to school on a full-time basis or perhaps there are no such schools in their home town,” Hannah explains about why she came up with the project. She says the market is big enough for one to make a decent living from it. “It is not easy, and one has to put in long hours of work, which requires time.” Her clients include Namibians from all walks of life. This year Hannah intends to go from town to town to offer makeup training. She also plans to launch her new studio. “I am also preparing to start offering my eyebrow microblading and eyelash services. I earlier attended training in Cape Town, South Africa, so I am excited. Most importantly, I want to continue learning to become better at what I do,” she says. In five years’ time, Hannah envisions having diversified her business portfolio and to take advantage of new opportunities in the industry. She currently describes herself as an entrepreneur who turned her qualification in fashion design from the College of the Arts into a business. Hannah Nangula, an acclaimed local makeup artist Eye catching... Hannah Nangula busy applying some makeup on a client's face music Savannah has Europe in her palms Windhoek – Local solo acoustic artist Savannah Collins was fired up with enough passion and ambition to set a spark to the live music scene in France and the UK. She has just touched down in her home country after a six week whirlwind music tour playing at local open mic nights, featured solo concerts and a music festival. The 23-year-old Namibian musician has just completed a jam packed musical adventure abroad, during which she performed her original repertoire of home grown rock/blues to appreciative European audiences. Included in this experience was a full solo acoustic concert at a popular restaurant in Orléans, France, as well as a special river boat show. Savannah also featured as a special guest artist at a famous London Pub – ‘The White Lion’, as well as other open mic nights around town, where she rubbed shoulders with impressive local talent. She was the first Namibian musician to Musical adventure... Musician and songwriter Savannah Collins has just touched down after a six week whirlwind music tour performing on the London and UK music circuit and wowing audiences with her home grown rock/blues acoustic sounds. have performed on those stages, and sold out all her albums on the first night Whilst belting out the lyrics of the foot stomping title track song off her debut album ‘Be Free’, “you’ve got to be free to be alright”, she brought the house down every time. This lively rock number which features Savannah playing a fly guitar solo, is a song that is all too familiar with local fans after it became a regular hit on Radio Wave’s play list. However, Savannah’s highlight was undoubtedly, a three day intense recording session in an Orléans studio, to record a song she recently composed. Here she layered the tracks to a new smash hit single ‘Said & Done’ working side by side with a group of seasoned French musicians. Tapping into the experience she gained during her 12 track album recording in Cape Town last year, she contributed her vocals and guitar in a collaboration with a French bassist and drummer, whilst incorporating for the first time the sweet sounds of the saxophone. New Era caught up with Savannah this week, as she was going flat out with live interviews at NBC national and German radio, as well as Hit Radio Namibia. She was also gearing up for her ‘coming home’ gig at the Boiler Room on Wednesday night. She’s on a roll as the saying goes, and after spending four years in Cape Town studying music as well as performing, she is “happy to be back home”. “I had the greatest response in Europe, and this experience has been the most positive and inspiring part of my musical journey so far,” says the go-getting Namibian musician. “I really felt that there was a huge appreciation for my music and I learnt a lot from the musicians I met along the way, as well as my time in studio. “Recording my new track was a challenge, because no one spoke English Fired up... Savannah Collins is back in Namibia after completing her music studies in Cape Town and an action packed musical adventure in France and the UK. in the studio”, she notes. “So we spoke the universal language of music and that was magical. I cannot wait to drop this new song in September on iTunes, which will also be released on YouTube together with my first music video, shot on location in France.” Savannah explains that ‘Said & Done’ is going to be mixed and mastered in Windhoek by Groove Studios, and she is excited about blending together a collaboration of her French musical influences and sounds, with the creative fusion of one of the finest recording studios in Namibia. “It has been a huge blessing as a Namibian artist to say that I have recorded, performed and have been inspired by such a variety of international musicians,” Savannah says and adds that she has been invited back to France next year to join the band on a European and U.K. live tour. Find Savannah on Sound Cloud, Facebook and instagram @savannahcollinsmusic.

Friday, July 21, 2017 | NEW ERA CULTURE MODELLING entertainment Capital sees cultural explosion tonight The Polyphonia Orchestra band from Reunion Island that will team up with the local talent from the Youth Orchestras of Namibia (YONA) tonight for a unique night of classical music at the Franco- Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC). Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek – After returning home victorious last week with the title of Miss Continents 2017, local beauty, Andeline Wieland (22) will not allow her new-found fame to distract her from her future career plans. Her plans include finishing her degree in six months’ time first, before starting with her assigned activities as Miss Continents full time. “I believe education comes first and that it will help me in my future endeavours. I do, however, intend to remain an active student and citizen on campus during weekdays, but in weekends I will try to help make a difference in my local community,” Andeline says. Sabina Elago Windhoek – A cultural and musical explosion awaits the capital when The Polyphonia Orchestra from Reunion Island teams up with local talent from the Youth Orchestras of Namibia (YONA) this Friday (today). The event promises a unique night of classical music at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC), as Polyphonia visits Namibia as part of its Southern African tour. FNCC communication officer Alexandrine Guinot says the visit will She says her university has acknowledged her accomplishment, and the media industry in Namibia and South Africa where she is currently based has shown great excitement and been supportive of her. “I’m positive about the future,” she says. During her time in Las Vegas she spent most of her time with Mijeanne Marais, the winner of Miss Teen Namibia, who joined her at the event. She also did some shopping with other beauties from around the world, representing their countries. Andeline entered Miss Continents after completing her duties as first princess of Miss Namibia 2016. “I have leeway to do what I want, but form part of a cultural exchange programme between the French region of Reunion and Namibia. The exchange aims to enrich participants and the audience through exposure to other forms of music and other cultures. “Polyphonia orchestra is a group of student musicians from Reunion, who are representative of the island’s plurality and diversity. The orchestra has visited numerous countries around the world, and is now doing a Southern African tour through Namibia, I would like to spend the year uplifting my community, especially women and children in any way I can. I am also an advocate for cancer campaigns, but I’m open to suggestions from the public,” she says proudly. She recently judged her first Miss Drag South Africa pageant which she says was awesome. “I’ve just returned to university to complete my final semester.” Andeline is the former Miss Teen Namibia and hails from Swakopmund but has also lived in Windhoek and Oranjemund. She is currently completing her honours degree in journalism at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. She already holds a degree in drama and theatre studies from the same institution. Botswana and South Africa,” she says. The YONA is a movement that has the vision of transforming the lives of youth through music by providing an intensive music programme that develops a sense of belonging. The local orchestra also teaches members the importance of teamwork and a strong work ethic, and promotes self-confidence and good citizenship. “The overarching principle is to advance children first and music second,” Guinot says. The sound palette of 19 the atypical Polyphonia Orchestra combines accordion, harmonica, woodwind instruments, brass, keyboards and percussion, creating a very original and diverse range of music. The orchestra mixes classical sounds with island rhythms and modern touches. The two bands will perform the piece ‘Tangeni Learns’ by Namibian composer Engelhardt #Unaeb. Tickets are available at the FNCC for N in advance and N at the door. Education comes first …for Miss Continents Andeline Wieland, who was crowned Miss Continents 2017 in Las Vegas, USA, at end of June. CUISINE Patrons at the Pepata Traditional Restaurant in the city centre. The restaurant will celebrate its second anniversary next Saturday. Pepata will celebrate two years in style Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek – One of the local restaurants specialising in traditional cuisine, Pepata, will celebrate two years in business next Saturday. The restaurant is situated in the city centre along Robert Mugabe Avenue, next to The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN). The main aim of the event is to celebrate traditional local cuisine, as well as to give something back to their loyal clients. Queen Avula of Queentique Investment cc, who is organising the event, says they will celebrate the anniversary in style, and food lovers can expect new varieties of traditional cuisine on the menu. “We will also introduce a digital game to suit traditional cuisine,” Avula says. She adds that they will also launch a new wine list from the Wine Bar. “We will also be giving away some free wines to our respective customers, and there will be motivational speeches from the local hospitality industry.” To make it more exciting, Exit will host his media launch of the album ‘Cum Laude’ and also perform some of his classical hits. Richard Meyer, Miss H, 2ko & Koxa, among others, will also perform, with 4X4 Too Much Power closing off the performances. “We also plan to have a traditional food fair where 15 young girls, who will be assisting on the particular night, will serve guests,” Avula says. The new game they will introduce is a digital form of the traditional game called Owela. She promises a memorable, free event of networking and mingling.

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