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New Era Newspaper Friday July 21, 2017

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INSIDE BUSINESS This news is your business Bank Windhoek welcomes first GDP graduates Page 26 lectricity support tariff provides elief to low-income consumers OSHAKATI The pilot phase of the National Electricity Support Tariff (NEST) mechanism, which will provide financial relief to low-income households, was launched at Oshakati on Wednesday. The mechanism is intended to make electricity affordable through a subsidised tariff for household consumers on a connection capacity below 15 amps. In a statement read on his behalf, Minister of Mines and Energy Obeth Kandjoze said NEST is intended to make basic electricity needs and modern energy more affordable. Customers on this low connection will buy the first 50 units of electricity for N.15 per unit, compared to the normal rate of N.06 per unit. Between 51 and 200 units will be sold to consumers for N.61 per unit, while more than 200 units will be sold for N.06 per unit. The Electricity Control Board (ECB) through the Ministry of Mines and Energy is mandated by Cabinet to implement the NEST mechanism nationally. The first phase will be piloted through Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE) in Oshakati this year from August 1, ahead of the planned national implementation next year. Kandjoze said planning of the mechanism started in 2012. “It was developed by the ECB on behalf of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and approved by Cabinet in 2016,” he said. The minister said similar systems are used in other countries, where it is known as free basic electricity or social tariffs. Kandjoze urged eligible households to approach OPE to register and to ensure that they get acquainted with the conditions attached to support tariffs. Also speaking at the launch was ECB chief executive officer Foibe Namene, who said the pilot phase will, amongst others, help with preparations for the national roll-out of the NEST project. OPE has already started a free connection project aimed at connecting some 1,200 inhabitants of Oshakati in the informal areas to the national grid and 470 households have been connected so far. NEST is only available to residences and not applicable to businesses. - Nampa Photo: Nampa Help for the needy… Acting permanent secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Gloria Simubali, Electricity Control Board CEO Foibe Namene and others pictured at the official launch of the National Electricity Support Tariff (NEST) at Oshakati on Wednesday. N0,000 for great ideas Staff Reporter Windhoek The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) has launched its 2017 Innovation Awards, a sister to the annual Good Business Awards. The Good Business Awards are selected from the ranks of DBN clients, but the Innovation Awards are open to public entry. Talking about the purpose of the Innovation Awards, DBN senior communication manager Jerome Mutumba says that Namibia is fertile ground for innovation with an environment that can find value in good ideas that transform enterprises and processes. This creates an environment in which innovation can be recognised and rewarded. Namibia, Mutumba says, still has to mature as an environment for innovation. In spite of a strong institutional environment, processes and ideas are still imported from across the border. The Innovation Awards seek to showcase the best of Namibian ideas and make them accessible for additional sources of finance and further development. The 2017 Innovation Awards continue the quest for ideas that can transform the NDP5 sectors on which DBN focuses: manufacturing, tourism, and transport and logistics. However, Mutumba stresses the awards are also focused on innovation that provide solutions to economic priorities such as generation and distribution of electricity, provision of affordable land, housing and water. Transformation of Namibian raw materials, and innovative processes that improve enterprise efficiency will also receive favourable attention. Ideas, Mutumba says, should be supported by detailed descriptions of the innovation, as well as marketing plans and forecasts. He adds that enterprises with plans for innovation can also enter. Ideas will be judged by a panel of independent experts, as well as experts from DBN. In addition to a cash grant for further development of the idea, Mutumba dangles the prospect of further assistance from DBN through its Project Preparation Fund for ideas with exceptional development impact potential. The DBN Project Preparation Fund is deployed to develop marketability and financial preparedness for projects that are deemed to have an extremely strong development impact. Asked about ownership of intellectual property, Mutumba says that ownership belongs to the project proposer. The bank’s interest lies in bringing the benefit of the innovation to Namibia, as well as ensuring that the owner of the idea prospers. Previous winners have included cosmetic manufacturer Kiyomisandz and insurance product Eenda Nawa, which is distributed by SMS. At the same time as the Innovation Awards, DBN will also host the Good Business Awards. These recognise excellence on the part of SMEs and larger enterprises financed by the bank, and excellent administration and development impact. Nominees for the Good Business Awards are selected within the bank and winners are selected by a panel of independent experts. Jerome Mutumba Air Namibia says it’s business as usual Staff Reporter Windhoek Air Namibia has clarified its position pertaining to leased aircraft and the subsidy from the government through the Ministry of Works and Transport. Air Namibia says it continues to operate as normal and has valid and legally binding agreements with HOP!, a subsidiary of Air France, for the utilisation of four Embraer Jet aircraft (ERJ 135), utilised to service domestic routes and some regional routes. The lease agreements with HOP! expire in the first and second quarter of next year. “Air Namibia, without reservation, wishes to state that its rights and obligations arising from the aircraft lease agreements are well documented in the written lease agreements,” said the airline’s spokesman, Paul Nakawa, in a statement. “Therefore, the national airline expects the operations to continue as normal, without any interruptions. The scheduled flights remain intact and will continue to be operated as before. In the same vein, we would like to assure the market and all stakeholders that it is business as usual.” Nakawa added that regarding the government subsidy, which has been delayed, Air Namibia is in consultations with the Ministry of Works and Transport. “During these difficult times we remain optimistic that the short to medium-term funding can be resolved to ensure that the national airline continues to carry out its mandate, which is to provide air transport services, promote tourism and encourage business investment in Namibia,” said Nakawa.

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