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New Era Newspaper Friday July 21, 2017

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34 AFRICA/WORLD Friday, July 14 2017 | NEW ERA Boko Haram suspects killed, tortured in Cameroon custody LIBREVILLE Dozens of Boko Haram suspects have died in Cameroon custody, rights group Amnesty International said Thursday, with security forces brutally torturing them in the fight against the jihadist group. Though Boko Haram originated in Nigeria, the Islamic State-affiliated group has carried out frequent attacks in Cameroon, Chad and Niger. The NGO said it had found 101 people who said they were held in secret and tortured by the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) and the General Directorate of External Research (DGRE), Cameroon’s intelligence services, between March 2013 and March 2017. “They asked me to tell them if I knew members of Boko Haram. That’s when the guard tied my hands and feet behind my back and started to beat me with an electric cable, while throwing water on me at the same time,” Amnesty cited a prisoner as saying. “They beat me half to death,” he added. Of the 101 documented individuals, 32 claimed to have witnessed the death of a fellow prisoner, according to the Amnesty report “Cameroon’s Secret Torture Chambers: Human Rights Violations and War Crimes in the Fight Against Boko Haram”. The group said most of the torture was carried out in two sites: the BIR headquarters in Salak and a DGRE facility in Yaounde. Amnesty said US and French military personnel were present at the BIR base in Salak and called on the two governments to investigate whether they were aware that illegal detention and torture was taking place on site. – Nampa/AFP AIDS claimed 1 million lives in 2016 – UN PARIS AIDS claimed a million lives in 2016, almost half the 2005 toll that marked the peak of the deadly epidemic, said a UN report Thursday proclaiming “the scales have tipped.” Not only are new HIV infections and deaths declining, but more people than ever are on life-saving treatment, according to data published ahead of an AIDS science conference opening in Paris on Sunday. “In 2016, 19.5 million of the 36.7 million people living with HIV had access to treatment,” said the UNAIDS global roundup. This marked the first time that more than half of infected people were receiving anti-retroviral treatment, which subdues the AIDS virus but does not kill it. “AIDS-related deaths have fallen from 1.9 million in 2005 to one million in 2016,” said the authors, adding that “for the first time the scales have tipped.” The year 2016 saw 1.8 million new infections, almost half the record number of some 3.5 million in 1997, said the report. In total, 76.1 million people have been infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, since the epidemic started in the 1980s. Some 35 million have died. “Communities and families are thriving as AIDS is being pushed back,” said UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe. “As we bring the epidemic under control, health outcomes are improving and nations are becoming stronger.” As yet, there is no HIV vaccine or cure, and infected people rely on lifelong anti-retroviral therapy to stop the virus replicating. Without treatment, HIV-infected people go on to develop AIDS, a syndrome that weakens the immune system and leaves the body exposed to opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis, and some types of cancer. Treatment carries side effects and is costly, but allows infected people to be healthier for longer. Most progress has been made in east and southern Africa, the region that was hardest hit by the epidemic and where many interventions were focused. Since 2010, AIDS-related deaths in the region declined by 42 percent. The region accounts for half the world’s infected population, with women and girls disproportionately affected at 60 percent. Sixty percent of all people who receive anti-retroviral therapy live in east and southern Africa which, along with west and central Europe and the Americas, is on target to meet the so-called 90-90-90 targets set by the UN, said the report. By 2020, states the plan, 90 percent of infected people must know their status, of whom 90 percent must be on treatment. In 90 percent of those, the virus will be “suppressed” by medicine to the extent that it cannot function or replicate. By 2016, 70 percent of infected people knew their status, said the new report. Of those, 77 percent were on treatment, and 82 percent had virus suppression. UNAIDS expressed concern about two regions with worsening AIDS trends: the Middle East-North Africa, and eastern Europecentral Asia. Both are areas marred by conflict and political uncertainty. New HIV infections rose by 60 percent in eastern Europe and central Asia, and deaths by almost a third from 2010 to 2016. In the Middle East and North Africa, the number of AIDS deaths increased by a fifth in the last six years. “Globally, progress has been significant, but there is still more work to do,” the authors said in a statement. “Around 30 percent of people living with HIV still do not know their HIV status, 17.1 million people living with HIV do not have access to anti retroviral therapy, and more than half of all people living with HIV are not virally suppressed.” Of the total infected population, over two million were children younger than 15, said UNAIDS. Only 43 percent of them were on treatment. New infections among children almost halved from 300,000 in 2010 to 160,000 last year, said the report. This was partly due to more and more HIV-infected pregnant women -- 76 percent in 2016 -- having access to drugs blocking virus transmission to their offspring. – Nampa/AFP City of Windhoek Vision: To be a Caring and Smart City by 2022 PUBLIC NOTICE ROAD WORKS IN CLANWILLIAM STREET US opposes seat for DRC at UN rights council Description of the Affected Roadworks: The road works will be the upgrading of a portion of Clanwilliam Street to bituminous standards and the installation of municipal services. This will necessitate a partial closure of portion of the street for the construction period with minimal access to residents only. The partial closure will affect the motorist travelling in an easterly and westerly direction on Matshitshi Street and will be routed onto Green Mountain route with clear signs indicating the detour. Clanwilliam Street will be off Green Mountain Dam road and will be for residents only for the duration of the construction period. Duration: 01 June 2017 until 30 May 2018 Locality Map: Issued by: Enquiries: Office of the Chief Executive Officer Department of Infrastructure, Water & Technical Services Windhoek Consulting Engineers Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Participation Engineering Technician: Elizabeth Ndjalo-Haufiku Engineer: Heiko Fleidl Tel: +264 61 290 2365 / 2044 Tel: +264 61 290 3345 Tel: +264 61 370 900 Fax: +264 61 290 2344 Fax: +264 61 290 2583 Fax: +264 61 238 880 E-mail: Email: Email: UNITED NATIONS The United States on Wednesday berated African countries for backing a bid by the Democratic Republic of Congo to win a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, saying the move would fuel the conflict in the African country. The Geneva-based rights council is investigating atrocities allegedly committed by the DRCongo’s forces and militias in the Kasai region, where more than 80 mass graves have been uncovered. US Ambassador Nikki Haley said the decision to put forward the DRCongo as a candidate was “an inexcusable failure” to promote human rights by African countries. “When the nations of the Africa Group put forward a country like the Democratic Republic of Congo to be a member of the Human Rights Council, it does more than just weaken that body -- it adds to the conflict that is causing so much suffering on that continent,” Haley told a debate at the UN Security Council. The UN’s main human rights body can be an asset for the continent if African states put forward “credible candidates with strong human rights records,” said Haley. The General Assembly is expected to hold elections in October to fill seats at the 47-nation council, which monitors and investigates rights violations worldwide. African countries have agreed to put forward four countries to fill the four seats reserved for the region at the council -- Angola, Nigeria, Senegal along with the DRCongo. The United States has criticized the “clean slate” practice for choosing members of the rights council and has pushed for competitive elections to challenge countries with questionable human rights records. During last year’s vote, Russia failed to win re-election to the council, losing out to Croatia, but China and Saudi Arabia won their seats by running unopposed. Human rights groups have also raised concerns about giving the DR Congo a seat at the council, citing the violence in Kasai, the murder of two UN experts who were investigating mass graves there, and the arrests of scores of opposition demonstrators. “A seat for the Congolese government will be a huge blow to the council’s credibility,” said Akshaya Kumar, Human Rights Watch’s deputy UN director. The rights council decided last month to send a team of investigators to the DR Congo to look into allegations of killings, torture, rape and the use of child soldiers in the Kasai. – Nampa/AFP

Friday, July 21 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERTS 35 ONGWEDIVA TOWN COUNCIL URGENT NOTICE TO ALL UNDEVELOPED RATEABLE PROPERTY OWNERS IN PROCLAIMED TOWNSHIPS OF ONGWEDIVA. Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 76A (1)(a)(b) of the Local Authorities Act, that the Town Council of Ongwediva shall levy penalty rate for properties; • Not exceeding two times the rate levied under section 73 (1), on ratable property which has remained unimproved for a period of two years or more reckoned from the date of commencement of this section. • Not exceeding four times the rate levied under section 73(1), on ratable property which has remained unimproved for a period of five years or more reckoned from the date of commencement of this section. Take note that this payment shall be effected as from 01st September 2017 if not already in place. For further queries, do not hesitate to contact Officer Mr. Nestor Iimene/Ms. Mirjam Ndjalo @ 065 233743/2 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ONGWEDIVA TOWN COUNCIL Monday, 17 July 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Old Mutual Life 09:30-15:30 Swakopmund Town (Ferdinand Stich Str 4) 13:00-18:00 ____________________________ Tuesday, 18 July 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Walvis Bay NAMBTS (Behind Welwitschia Medi-park) 13:00-18:00 ____________________________ Wednesday, 19 July 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Outjo Town (Mathys Greeff Old Age Home) 11:00-18:00 Emergency Management Training & Specialist Services 09:00-14:30 Ramos Realtors Namibia (Swakopmund) 09:00-16:00 ____________________________ Thursday, 20 July 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-18:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Otjiwarongo Town (NG Church Hall) 11:00-18:00 NIMT Arandis (Building & Trade) 09:00-16:00 ____________________________ Friday, 21 July 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Motovac (Lafrenz) 09:00-14:30 Manica Group (Walvis Bay) 09:00-13:00 ____________________________ NOTICE OF SUPPLIERS REQUEST FOR THE SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILE FOR THE PROVISION OF GOODS, WORKS AND SERVICES TO THE MUNICIPALITY OF OKAHANDJA 1. Purpose: To obtain company profiles from suppliers interested in doing business with Okahandja Municipality in respect of supplying of goods, works and services to be procured during the 2017/2018 financial year. Companies are requested to submit relevant documentations and indicate the type of goods, works and services they used to render and it should correspond with the nature of business stated in the founding statement or amendment. 2. The need of Okahandja Municipality for 2017/2018 financial year are as follows, but not limited to: GOODS 1. Supply of newspapers, periodicals, books and other media publicity materials 2. Supply of stationery/general office supplies 3. Supply of cleaning materials and equipment or related materials and supplies 4. Supply of computer hardware, software and related goods 5. Supply of equipment, tools and materials 6. Supply of data and communication network and related equipment 7. Supply of cell phone, pads and electronic accessories 8. Supply of Flowers and corporate gifts 9. Supply of office furniture 10. Supply of related hygiene 11. Supply refreshments 12. Supply of security equipment and related supplies 13. Supply of promotional items 14. Supply of photocopiers and recording system 15. Supply of Plants 16. Supply of protective clothing 17. Supply of tyres 18. Supply of road and traffic signs 19. Supply of pipes, irrigation fittings and plumbing fittings 20. Supply of tools and equipment 21. Supply of electrical motors 22. Supply of pump and pump spares 23. Supply of refuse bins 24. Supply of fuel and oil 25. Supply of Heavy and light Trucks, Cars, Machinery, Grader and Earth moving equipment 26. Supply of pesticides, fertilizer and herbicides 27. Supply of Organizational booklets (Namprint) requisitions, order books, etc 28. Supply fencing materials (fencing, poles, droppers steel wire, gates) 29. Supply of prepaid water meters and its management systems WORKS 1. Operational equipment and office equipment 2. Installation of water meters 3. Supply of electrical and mechanical services 4. Engineering services 5. Interior design services 6. Software design services 7. IT Infrastructure 8. Street cleaning and sweeping 9. General works (trench digging and laying of pipes, water lines and sewer lines 10. Paving services 11. Painting services 12. Surfacing of roads 13. Renovation of Building, construction and painting 14. Graves, De-bushing, Weeding and Tree Pruning 15. Rehabilitation and maintenance of boreholes 16. Rehabilitation and maintenance of oxidation ponds 17. Rehabilitation and maintenance of water pumps CONSULTANCY SERVICES 1. Architecture services 2. Quantity survey as services 3. Town planning/Layout planning and design 4. Land surveying and Beacon relocation 5. Structure Plan/Spatial Development framework 6. Engineering services 7. Property Valuation 8. Auctioneers 9. Legal and conveyancing services 10. Medical services (includes specialist services in various medical needs) 11. Laboratory services 12. Environmental Management Services(EIA, Feasibility studies) 13. Transportation services 14. Car hire services 15. Drafting of Policy 16. Supply and maintenance of financial management system 17. Sand management services 18. Other consultancy services NON CONSULTANCY SERVICES 1. Supply of air tickets and transportation services 2. Service of operational equipment (elevators, machinery etc.) 3. Service of air conditioners, fire extinguishers. 4. Service of security systems (access control, alarm systems and surveillance cameras) 5. Provision of training, courses, symposiums and workshops 6. Advertising 7. Printing 8. Event management and decorations 9. Hospitality and catering services 10. Supply of computer equipment (computers, servers, switches and printers) 11. License and software related agreements 12. Refuse removal services + skip containers 13. Rental of photocopier 14. Branding services 15. Cleaning services 16. Laundry services 17. Security services 18. Entertainment services (live band, cultural group performances, jumping castles,etc.) 19. Hiring tents, chairs and tables 20. Rental of mobile toilets 21. Hiring of heavy duty equipment 22. Hiring of casuals 23. Supply electricity 24. Supply of crowd barriers 25. Car wash services 26. Debt collection services 27. Corporate photos 28. Replacement/refilling of gas bottle 3. The document outlined below are mandatory in order to be eligible to participate: • A valid company Registration Certificate • A valid Registration Certificate from a Local Authority Health Department or Ministry of Health and Social Services • An Original valid Goods Standing Social Security Certificate • An Original valid Good Standing Tax Certificate • A valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate, proof from Employment Equity Commissioner that bidder is not a relevant employer, or exemption issued in terms of Section 42 of the Affirmative Action Act, 1998 • A written undertaken as contemplated in Section 138(2) of the Labour Act 2007 • A Certificate indicating SME status (for bids reserved for SME’s) 4. The Municipality of Okahandja shall have the right to: a) Ask for clarification of evaluating company profiles, and b) Reject any company that fails to submit all mandatory documents as requested in paragraph 3. c) Due to security reasons, some services may require vetting. d) Remove non-performing suppliers from the list. NB: Submissions of profiles are to be submitted in sealed envelopes and should be submitted at Municipality of Okahandja, 65 Martin Neib Avenue. Okahandja. Enquiries: Charles Ilukena Tel: 062-505100/125 Closing date: 28 th July 2017

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