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New Era Newspaper Friday July 21, 2017

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8 DOWN MEMORY LANE Friday, July 21 2017 | NEW ERA

9 IN OTHER NEWS Friday, July 21 2017 | NEW ERA This day in history... 21 July 1730: States of Holland put death penalty on “sodomy”. 1816: Baron Paul Julius von Reuter, founder of the Reuters News Agency, which is today called the Thomson Reuters Agency, is born as Israel Beer Josaphat in Germany. 1901: The burning of Bremersdorp, today’s Manzini in Swaziland in the Anglo-Boer War. Reacting to complaints from Swazi Queen Regent Labotsibeni concerning the conduct of Steinaecker’s Horse, Commandant-General Botha sends Tobias Smuts to attack Bremersdorp. Members of Steinaecker’s irregular British unit of about 50 mercenaries, employing about 300 Tsonga tribesmen, have been tasked to seal the borders between South Africa and Mozambique. They, however, “spend at least as much time looting Swazi homesteads, ransacking abandoned White property and gunrunning as they did resisting the Boers”. The mercenaries are quickly overpowered, 41 prisoners are taken and the town burnt down. 1967: Chief Albert Luthuli, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of the banned ANC, is killed after being struck by a train on a narrow railway bridge near his home in Groutville. Florida drug dealer called police to report stolen cocaine Police in Florida, USA, said a man who identified himself as a drug dealer called to report cocaine had been stolen from his vehicle. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office received a call from 32-year-old David Blackmon, who said someone stole cash and a baggie of cocaine from his center console. “[Blackmon] told the responding deputy that someone entered his car while it was parked at 400 Ed Street and stole .00 and about a quarter ounce of cocaine off the center console,” police said. Upon approaching Blackmon’s car, the deputy found drugs and drug paraphernalia in various locations. “The deputy however spotted cocaine still in that spot. He also found a crack pipe on the floorboard by the driver’s door and seat and a crack rock on the center console by the cocaine. The money was not located,” police said. Blackmon was ultimately arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, resisting arrest without violence, and possession of drug paraphernalia. - UPI 1913: The Egyptian government announces a new constitutional system and electoral law. 1915: Winston Churchill sends the third Lusitania note, warning Germany that future infringement of American rights will be deemed ‘deliberately unfriendly’. 1946: South African Indian Congress (SAIC) Executive meets in Cape Town and pledges full support to the passive resistance launched by the Passive Resistance Councils of Natal and the Transvaal. 1954: Britain, the USA and the World Bank refuse aid to Egyptian President Gamal Abder Nasser to build the Aswan Dam in the Nile River. 1960: Katanga proclaims itself a republic and secedes from the central Congo government under the leadership of its president, Moise Tshombe. 1964: The United Nations Committee on the Policy of Apartheid of the Government of South Africa expresses very serious concern at the reported arrest of Abraham Fischer, defence attorney in the Rivonia Trial. 1969: Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to step on the Moon at 2:56:15 AM (GMT). 1981: Explosions occur at two electrical power stations in the Eastern Transvaal, causing damage of several millions of rand. Responsibility is claimed by the ANC’s military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe. 1994 Tony Blair is declared the winner of the leadership election of the British Labour Party, paving the way for him to become prime minister in 1997. In Arts, Entertainment, and Sports… 1928: Halina Knonpacka of Poland is the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal. 1957: Althea Gibson is the first black to win a major US tennis tournament. 1999: Sergio Motsoaneng, a gold medal winner in the 1999 Comrades Marathon, admits his brother ran sections of the race in his place. The marathon takes these masochistic athletes over a 90-kilometre jaunt along South Africa’s rugged coast, between Pietermaritzburg to Durban. Sergio and his brother Fika switched places but were only caught out after a newspaper published some very questionable photographs of Sergio in the race in which Sergio had apparently switched his watch from his left wrist to his right wrist and inexplicably grown a scar on his left shin. Flying at two feet sea level A woman called Jessie Char encountered this very scenario on Wednesday, as she got on a holiday flight. She tweeted what she called a “nightmare,” a picture of the two bare feet protruding between the seats next to her. The picture was captioned by the tweet: “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare.” The feet are of a fellow passenger seated in the row behind her. And the twitteratis were not impressed with such kind of behaviour, responding immediately with memes and emojis that show it is disgusting behaviour – the tweet response included this gold nugget: “We are currently cruising at two feet above sea level.” And Twitter went on fire… Jessie Char @jessiechar You guys will never guess what happened after that. The left foot reached over and opened a window. Australian man hung up on lottery winning call A man in Australia nearly missed out on a multi-million dollar lottery prize after hanging up on an official that called to inform him of his win. Oz Lottery officials called the unidentified man from Manly to inform him he was one of three winners in a joint million jackpot, prompting him to slam his phone down after being shocked by the news. “Are you serious!?! You are kidding me! I can’t believe it,” he told Oz Lotto after regaining his composure. “You have made my whole life! How amazing is this?” The lottery officials persisted and continued to call the man after his reaction to the initial call, which he said prompted him to check his ticket. Pádraig Prendergast Would DIE Riyadh Khalaf @RiyadhK PLEASE MAKE IT STOP Kirsty Webeck @KirstyWebeck “We are currently cruising at two feet above sea level.” Scott Fahrig @scottfahrig Maybe you make this into a positive and launch your debut album? Dean @CraftyDeano Eww… Next time, dip your fingers in a cup of liquid, and flick towards the feet with a perfectly synchronised fake sneeze. Jim Correia @jimcorreia What’s wrong with people? “When you rang before I thought it was a bit strange,” he said. “But then I went and grabbed my ticket, then I checked my ticket and saw the numbers.” While the man’s abrupt reaction indicated he may have been blindsided by the news of the .6 million, he said he had a feeling he might have been a winner. “Earlier today I thought I’d love to win,” he said. “I was just thinking in my head driving along and lo and behold, I won. I can’t believe it.” He said he planned to invest the winnings and “have a happy life.” The other two winners were a Western Australian man and a woman from Queensland who also had an extreme reaction, as she screamed “for several minutes” upon hearing the news. “Oh my god! You’ve stopped my heart! I need my heart fixed!” she yelled. “I can’t wait to call my husband and tell him!” - UPI

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