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New Era Newspaper Friday July 28, 2017

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16 ADVERT Friday, July 28 2017 | NEW ERA Official Weekly Communique of the University of Namibia - Volume 24 CHOIR TURNS 20 As the University of Namibia celebrates its 25th jubilee this year, the renowned UNAM Choir will be rejoicing in style this September, as it turns 20. The UNAM Choir has been wowing audiences around the world, from heads of states at official gatherings to the crowds that attend their performances in music halls and theatres for the past twenty years! Under their, skilful and talented leader Mr Bonnie Pereko, whether in Scotland, Germany, the United States, France or at home, these talented and enthusiastic university students have been bringing audiences to their feet and inspiring crowds to break into dance! According to Uncle Bonnie, as he is affectionately known by a generation of choir members, “the UNAM Choir possesses an extraordinary blend of voices and movement. Year inyear out, they are proud to present themselves as an innovative, vibrant and contemporary troupe of young singers, who have tackled the challenge of defining a modern Namibian mode of choral expression”. Established shortly after the University enactment, the 70-80 strong youthful UNAM Choir is truly one of Namibia’s cultural gems. The choir sings in four-voice acapella, occasionally accompanied by African drums. Uncle Bonnie says, “the choir sings entertainingly in all Namibian languages, our repertoire consists of religious, concert, traditional, and folk music.” The choir will be celebrating twenty years of singing in style at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) by way of a live DVD and CD recording concert. “It’s going to be epic. The way former choir members know it, the way graduates know it, the UNAM community know and the way how the whole nation admire it”, explained an ever energetic Bonnie. The concert is slated for Friday, 08 September. Tickets are now selling at CompuTicket countrywide for only N0 per seat. “We wish to invite all choral music lovers to this glamorous event of our musical journey. We ask you to come dressed in your Namibian cultural attire, as we celebrate a night of culture, unity in diversity and of singing and dancing,” said Mr Pereko. “We look forward to seeing you there!” The choir will be celebrating their twenty years of singing in style at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) by way of a live DVD and CD recording concert. MOODLE ENHANCES DIGITAL LEARNING In 2015, the Centre for Open, Distance and e-Learning (CODeL) at the University of Namibia (UNAM), launched Moodle as its first eLearning management system to allow students and lecturers to facilitate learning from anywhere across the country, via the internet. Moodle is a learning management system, which core objective is to host courses online and connect students to lecturers, students to each other and to learning resources. Moodle was chosen due to the fact that it is free, scalable and flexible in terms of its use. Moodle places the learning experience at the fingertips of a student. “Moodle has been phased in slowly, firstly through a pilot project involving some faculties and departments, then through pilot online assessment for distance education students,” said Mr. Erkkie Haipinge, the Deputy Director of e-Learning at CODeL. He added: “This has progressed to roll out to all faculties on demand, whilst for distance education students, online assessment has been implemented across all courses for the year 2017.” Moodle is now catering for over 5000 distance education students at the University and without coming to campus, students can still write tests, submit their assignments and engage in discussions with lecturers. Dr Maggy Beukes-Amiss, the Director of CODeL, further mentioned that training the University’s population about the use of Moodle is an ongoing process. “The functionality of Moodle has been further enriched in various ways because of its numerous features that students and lecturers can benefit from, such as discussion forums where students can raise complaints that can be responded to, or for students to engage in peer learning. Chat room facilities are also available and many other systems such as Urkund for anti-plagiarism, multimedia content that supports the use of video, audio and web resources, Moodle mobile app and notifications, Online Conferencing and ePortfolios,” said Dr Beukes-Amiss. Despite the challenges that may delay the visibility of the benefits of Moodle, such Dr Maggy Beukes-Amiss as the need to change people’s mind-set, some resistance, internet and ICT facilities in remote areas, the Centre remains optimistic. “Moodle is here to stay,” Dr Beukes-Amiss emphasised “This has supported the University into entering the 21st century by becoming digital and relieving pressure on its physical infrastructure, timetabling, as well as enhancing access to courses that are only taught at certain campuses.” NEW BLOOD TRANSFUSION TECHNIQUES FOR STUDENTS A group of 75 final year Services, the School of Nursing nursing students from the scheduled a session for final year Main Campus received nursing students to undergo training training on new trends on blood transfusion before exiting regarding blood transfusion. The training held at the Health Sciences Campus recently, was conducted by the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NAMBTS). By and large, the Ministry of Health and Social Services in conjunction with NAMBTS has to ensure that medical and nursing students are appropriately skilled on all blood transfusion processes by the end of their medical training. Therefore, in response to the initiative from the Blood Transfusion their four year course. As of 2017, NAMBTS embarks on regular training of all students of health professions in the country. The training aims to empower the participants, as health care workers to conform to policy and standards regarding safe transfusion of blood and blood products. Paulina Namwandi, a participant, praised the one day training, “the training taught us the new developments in blood transfusion approaches, especially on how to be able to provide safe care to patients during transfusions.”

Friday, 28 July 2017 entertainment entertainment NOW! Local actor, director wants to conquer world Page: 22 City sees first ever Wedding Fair Actor, Director Photo: Gobabis July rivals Durban in fashion Following in the footsteps of renowned international horseraces such as the Durban July Handicap in South Africa and Royal Ascot in London, United Kingdom, the Gobabis July Handicap promises to rival these famous races in the fashion stakes. Kae MaÞunÿu-Tjiparuro previous the race fashionwise

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