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New Era Newspaper Friday July 28, 2017

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32 AFRICA VACANCY Friday, July 28 2017 | NEW ERA France announces plan to vet asylum seekers in Libya REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA KAVANGO EAST COMMUNAL LAND BOARD (KavECLB) PUBLIC NOTICE APPLICATIONS FOR RIGHT OF LEASEHOLDS Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 31 Regulation 11 subsection 3 & 4 section made in terms of the Communal Land Reform Act. No. 5 of 2002 as amended that the Kavango East Communal Land Board has received the following Applications for Right of Leasehold. Applications for Right of Leasehold for Other Land Uses Name of Applicant Identity Number Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Number of Years Ettiene Scholtz 70010400648 Kakuro Business 7.86 ha 25 Ukwangali Elina Aiputa 53120500283 Mpungu Green Scheme 25.11 99 Ukwangali Applications for Right of Leasehold for SSCFU inside designated areas in Shambyu Traditional Authority Name of Applicant Martin Munenge Kasera Gabriel Haivare Hikerwa Shinonge Paulus Mcclay Mutjoviri Thikusho Andreas Jikerwa Clothilde Ihemba Shirudi Identity Number 77090900231 Shambyu SSCF 63022210116 Shambyu SSCF 73121300164 Shambyu SSCF 92042600059 Shambyu SSCF 58111800452 Shambyu SSCF 86122800333 Shambyu SSCF Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Number of Years T.A Farm Number Agriculture 2556,8578 99 1462 Agriculture 2555,9463 99 1521 Agriculture 2380,0749 99 1569 Agriculture 2547,3981 99 1501 Agriculture 2535,3956 99 1518 Agriculture 2585,5531 99 1559 Applications for Right of Leasehold for SSCFU inside designated areas in Ukwangali Traditional Authority Name of Applicant Identity Number Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Immanuel Mundumbu 73030800180 Ukwangali SSCF Number of Years Farm Number Agriculture 2183,5353 99 1834 ORLÉANS, France France will set up processing centres in Libya for asylum seekers trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean, President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday. “The idea is to create hotspots to avoid people taking crazy risks when they are not all eligible for asylum. We’ll go to them,” Macron said during a visit to a refugee shelter in central France, adding the plan would be put in place “this summer”, with or without other EU countries. But officials in the French presidency doubt whether these could be established that quickly, saying the security conditions were “not yet in place”. Libya is the departure point for migrants from Africa trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean in worn boats operated by smugglers that frequently sink. Macron’s announcement came two days after he brokered talks in Paris between leaders of the two rival authorities in Libya, who agreed on a conditional ceasefire.Presenting the agreement, Macron expressed hope that stability will return to Libya and this would check the outflow of migrants. Since January, more than 100,000 people have made dangerous journeys across the water, according to the International Organization for Migration. Over 2,300 drowned while crossing to Europe. Many land in Italy – the EU country closest to Africa – which has complained of a lack of solidarity from its neighbours in dealing with the influx. Macron said he would send officials from the French asylum bureau to help out in Italy. The plan appeared to take the EU by surprise but European Commission spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud said the bloc was “open to discussing with any and all of our member states” ways to improve the situation in the Mediterranean. “We have between 800,000 and a million people in Libya – in camps, hangars, there’s not even a minimum of humanity,” he said. He also made it his mission to find “dignified” accommodation for those who made it to France. But warned those fleeing poverty, rather than war or persecution, that they will be disappointed. “No country can take all the economic migrants,” he said. – Nampa/AFP Applications for Right of Leasehold for SSCFU inside designated areas in GcirikuTraditional Authority Name of Applicant Identity Number Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Angelika Kaheke Makanga 65021000195 Gciriku SSCF Applications for Right of Leasehold for Other Land Uses Number of Years Farm Number Agriculture 2500,1416 99 1602 Name of Applicant Identity Number Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Vihemba Aloisia Shitemo Number of Years 601224 00380 Shankara Agriculture 3.17 HA 20 years Gciriku TA Klothilde Makena 780514 1033 5 Shankara Agriculture 0.93 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Emmanuel Shitarara Josephine Shihawa Shivishu Ndara Jonatan Mukwangu Klemens Muronga Ndjamba Clemens Likoro Muyenga Gervasious Kudumo Kangumu Mayira Andreas Muronga Andreas Kampuru Ngoma 630501 00184 Shankara Agriculture 1.36 ha 20 years Gciriku TA 770124 10248 Shankara Agriculture 0.45 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA 700627 00170 Shankara Agriculture 1.03 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA 77010111774 Shankara Agriculture 0.87 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA 84050510472 Shankara Agriculture 1.05 ha 20 years Gciriku TA 85050710812 Shankara Agriculture 0.65 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA 6204280700440 Shankara Agriculture 1.20 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA 69062710093 Shankara Agriculture 1.19 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Mbamba Kayeru 90042401496 Shankara Agriculture 3.29 ha 20 years Gciriku TA Winfried Vihemba 60031400108 Shankara Agriculture 3.11 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Lucas Kativa 83071810717 Shankara Agriculture 3.28 ha 20 Years GcirIku TA Bartholomeus Mudumbi Muyenga 64082010057 Shankara Agriculture 3.27 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Bonifatius Kashera 57012100192 Shankara Agriculture 3.25 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Marungu Mukwango 68030100418 Shankara Agriculture 3.15 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Irma Matumbo Shifura 710716 10139 Shankara Agriculture 3.06 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Joseph Mahupe 75082200194 Shankara Agriculture 3.15 ha 20 Years Gciriku TA Andrew N Kashera 81111010560 Shankara Agriculture 1.26 20 Years Gciriku TA Applications for Right of Leasehold for SSCFU inside designated areas in MbunzaTraditional Authority Name of Applicant Identity Number Calvyn Kandunda 83030311201 Mbunza SSCF Esther Nahambo Tusihafereni Neromba Mathias Muronga Sipunga 74102400532 Mbunza SSCF 59012400295 Mbunza SSCF Area Land Use Land size (Ha) Number of Years TA Farm Number Agriculture 2323,2173 99 1921 Agriculture 2500,8561 99 1882 Agriculture 2314,5441 99 1960 The Kavango East Communal Land Board therefore would like to invite interested parties to lodge written objections within a period of Seven (7) days through the Chairperson of the Board or to the Chief / Traditional Authority on or before 08 August 2017. Objections must be addressed to the following address: The Chairperson, Kavango East Communal Land Board P O Box 723, Rundu Attention: Mr. Fernando N. Marungu Secretary, Kavango East Communal Land Board Tel: 066 255401 Fax: 066 255636 / 0886520034 Email: The Gambia slowly recovers BANJUL, Gambia Six months ago, businessman and political novice Adama Barrow took power in Africa’s smallest mainland country after delivering a stunning defeat against exleader Yahya Jammeh, who had ruled for 22 years. When Barrow finally took power in The Gambia in January following a prolonged political crisis, the euphoria soon turned to grim recognition that Jammeh had more or less cleaned out the nation’s coffers before leaving for exile in Equatorial Guinea, he told AFP in an interview. “We inherited an economy that was virtually empty,” Barrow recalls. “With one month import cover – and that is very, very serious – our domestic and foreign debt was at its highest level.” The European Union and World Bank came in to help the new administration to the tune of N9 million – just N$ 78 million more than the government now accuses Jammeh of stealing by diverting funds intended for national telecoms into his own accounts. PRETORIA Hundreds of Tshwane employees, mainly metro police officers, affiliated to the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) took to the streets yesterday, protesting the implementation of “unilateral decisions” by the mayor Solly Msimanga. Samwu spokesperson, Mpho Tladinyane, told reporters at the protest that trade unions were not consulted in Tshwane’s decision to use metro police officers to replace security guards at numerous municipal buildings across the city. “What we are raising is a matter of principle, to say, if there is supposed to be a restructuring, there must be consultation with labour on the matter. Now if there has not been consultation with labour on a particular restructuring process, what will happen is that we will be able to tell our members not to respond to that particular request by the employer to go to various deployments,” said Tladinyane. Barrow says the nation can now cover its import costs – a key measure of economic health – for three months, that food prices are down, and that investors spooked by Jammeh’s tendency to announce herbal cures for AIDS, among other things, are showing strong interest. “There is a lot of goodwill from around the world. And they have expressed interest in doing business with The Gambia,” he says, looking relaxed in a traditional west African “boubou” tunic coloured a bright turquoise. Adama Barrow Metro cops won’t take Tshwane orders without consultation “Thanks is exactly what we have said to our members ... that this thing has not been consulted with us and therefore we cannot own up to that particular process.” Thousands of private security guards manning municipal premises could be jobless as Tshwane has announced that it will not be renewing their companies’ contracts. The announcement has sparked frequent protests from security guards in Pretoria. On Thursday, Tladinyane said his union had observed that the quality of service given to Tshwane residents by municipal employees had taken a knock. “We then discovered that at the centre of these particular challenges remain the low morale that is embedded within our members who are employees of the City of Tshwane. Especially on [Tshwane] Metro Police issues, we met at the metro police and they indicated the following challenges. That is what has led to this march today. The first issue is about unilateral restructuring,” said Tladinyane. – Nampa/ANA

Friday, July 28 2017 | NEW ERA Venezuela strike enters second day as tensions flare WORLD 33 CARACAS A general strike entered its second day in Venezuela yesterday as street protests left two more people dead in an intensifying showdown over President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to rewrite the country’s constitution.Prosecutors said a 30-yearold man was killed in the west of the country, and a 14-year-old boy died in Caracas’ Petare neighborhood, a sprawling slum in the eastern end of the capital city. With the approach of controversial elections on Sunday of a 545-seat Constituent Assembly to rewrite the constitution, the opposition and the Maduro government clashed in the streets.Barricades made from debris dotted eastern Caracas and signs were up that read “No more dictatorships!”Maduro says a new constitution is the only way to bring peace, but the opposition is vehemently opposed, fearing a power grab will keep the embattled leftist government in power. “What happens if they impose the Constituent Assembly? The crisis will worsen. Where does Maduro want to take the country? To a social explosion?” said Henrique Capriles, an opposition leader.The latest deaths in clashes with security forces backing Maduro, took to 105 the number of people killed since April 1. In Washington, the US Treasury unveiled a list of 13 current and former officials, including the interior minister, senior military brass, the president of the electoral council, and the finance chief of state oil company PDVSA, whose US assets would be frozen. Maduro called the US punishment “illegal, insolent and unprecedented”. “Who do these imperialists in the United States think they are? The government of the world?” he said in a speech. But Venezuela, where there are widespread shortages of basic goods and soaring inflation, protesters are showing their discontent with his leadership. Organisers claimed 92 percent support for the walkout. Maduro accuses the US of fomenting the unrest against him and his government, with the help of the conservative opposition, but some 70 percent of Venezuelans are opposed to the Constituent Assembly, according to polling firm Datanalisis. The hardening political struggle has deepened fears that months of street violence could worsen. The opposition has planned another demonstration in the capital today. – Nampa/AFP Volkswagen to refit 1 million diesel cars in Germany EXECUTIVE VACANCY DIRECTOR: ASSET MANAGEMENT Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (PTY) Limited, a subsidiary of Dundee Precious Metals based in Canada, is a dynamic and transforming organization which manages a world-class smelter in Tsumeb, Namibia. The business is in the process of insourcing the maintenance function as part of its business transformation strategy. Dundee, is seeking to appoint a seasoned Asset Management Executive. The successful candidate will manage the asset management function by, providing an integrated and effective service that contributes to overall objectives and profitability of the Company. ROLE ACCOUNTABILITIES: The incumbent, will report to the Vice President and Managing Director and be accountable for: • Leadership: Providing high performance leadership to the maintenance team and optimizing the utilization of resources to deliver business results. • Strategic direction and alignment: Developing a maintenance strategy and aligning the same to business strategy with an implementation plan to enhance plant availability. • Pro-action: Adopting a proactive approach through digitalization to obtain accurate data analytics in order to provide engineering solutions. • Innovation: Continuously seeking and researching innovative ways of improving processes and systems for success. • Financial Management: Setting and managing financial budgets. • Health, Safety and Environment: Providing visible felt leadership in safety, sustainable development and Company values. Assuming the legal responsibility for the safety of employees and machinery. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: • Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science Honours Degree, (Mechanical or Electrical Engineering) or equivalent qualification (NQF Level 8) from a recognized university or institution of higher learning. • Professional registration as an Engineer at, Engineers Council of Namibia (ECN) or Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). • A post graduate business qualification will be an advantage. • 12 years demonstrable maintenance management working experience in an asset management or maintenance environment of which 6 years should have been at senior managerial level. • Mining industry experience will be an advantage. All applications meeting minimum requirements must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualifications and ID documents, which are non-returnable. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. The successful candidate will be required to undergo further assessments Please forward applications to: The Human Resources Department Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb P.O. Box 936, Tsumeb Or Fax: 088 652 4436 Or Email: CLOSING DATE: 11 August 2017 Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb is an Equal Opportunity Employer DUNDEE PRECIOUS METALS TSUMEB BURSARY OPPORTUNITIES Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (PTY) Limited, is offering suitable candidates the opportunity to pursue full-time tertiary studies in selected fields, at a recognized University or University of Technology. The company offers exciting career opportunities in fields as diverse as Metallurgy, Health and Safety and Engineering, as well as growth and development opportunities for candidates who seek to establish stimulating and rewarding careers. Fields of study: • Metallurgy. • Electrical Engineering. • Mechanical Engineering. • Safety Management/Social Work. • Chemical Engineering (with mineral processing only). FRANKFURT AM MAIN Carmaker Volkswagen said yesterday it would offer to refit almost a million more diesel cars in Germany to reduce harmful emissions, as the country’s auto industry is racked by overlapping scandals. At an industry-government summit next week, Volkswagen “will offer to refit four million vehicles and thereby significantly reduce emissions” chief executive Matthias Mueller promised after meeting Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks. Of the four million, some 2.5 are covered by a recall of diesel vehicles the world’s biggest carmaker introduced after admitting in 2015 to cheating regulatory emissions tests in 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide, a company spokesman said. The remainder includes some 600,000 German V6 and V8 diesel vehicles from VW subsidiary Audi announced Friday, of around 850,000 across Europe. That leaves around 900,000 previously unannounced cars covered by yesterday’s notice, including models from Porsche and VW’s Touareg sport utility vehicles, as well as some of its Transporter vans. The spokesman says the company had not yet decided how to reduce emissions in the latest tranche of vehicles announced and its statement did not constitute a recall. Consumers in Germany are increasingly unhappy with diesel vehicles after Volkswagen’s longrunning scandal and fears that some cities could ban them from their streets at times of peak pollution. Manufacturers want to avoid such bans and are trying to convince politicians of their good faith ahead of next week’s summit, where participants are expected to find ways of reducing emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler recently announced a voluntary recall for some three million vehicles across Europe to reduce NOx output. - Nampa/AFP Bursaries listed below are available to the host community (Oshikoto Region only) and people with disabilities: • Law. • Dentistry. • Agriculture (Food Production). Benefits: • Travel costs. • Medical Aid costs. • Tuition and residential fees. • Book and equipment allowance. • Vacation work or integrated learning, as per curriculum requirement. Application prerequisites: • Applicant should be a Namibian citizen. • Grade 12 learners must have a 75% pass mark in major subjects required for the fields of study. • Students already studying at tertiary institution must have a 70% average pass mark in major subjects for the 2017 academic year. • Proof of registration at a recognized tertiary institution within SADC. Please submit a comprehensive application letter, clearly stating the field of interest, detailed curriculum vitae, certified copies of your Namibian identity documents and latest academic record, which are non-returnable. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Please forward applications to: The Human Resources Department Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb P.O. Box 936, Tsumeb Or Fax: 088 652 4436 Or Email: CLOSING DATE: 25 August 2017 TENDER NO: DPMT17013 Provision of Anthracite Coal Dundee invites competent, experienced companies to tender for the provision of Anthracite Coal in bulk. The supplier needs to deliver 800mt of anthracite coal per month to the Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb site for a period of 12 months. Product Specifications: Quality: TM (9NAR) 7-9% 10% max, Ash 16-17% 18% max Volatiles 7-8% 8.5% max CV (NAR) 6,200 – 6,300kcal/kg typical Sulphur 0.9 – 1% 1.1% max Fixed Carbon 75-76% 73.5% min Sizing 10-30mm Quantity: 9600 mt (800 mt / over 12 months) Details of the Tender Cost per set of documents: N$ 200.00 (non-refundable) Tender Document availability: Tuesday, 01 August 2017 to Friday, 04 August 2017 Closing date for submission: Tuesday, 15 August 2017 Please submit all tender documents in a sealed envelope clearly marked: Tender No: DPMT Attention: The Tender Committee, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (Pty) Ltd, P.O. Box 936, Tsumeb, Namibia. Submission requirements, will be defined in the tender document. Metals Tsumeb tenders can be directed to: Christofina Mbangula Tel: +264 67 223 4034, E-mail: Enquires pertaining to the Dundee Precious Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller Photo: Nampa/AFP Eryne Sichone Tel: +264 67 223 4421, E-mail: Tender documents are to be submitted at the Tender Box at the Security Reception Office at Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb, Smelter Road, Tsumeb.

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