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New Era Newspaper Friday March 2, 2018

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18 entertainment

18 entertainment Friday, March 2 2018 | NEW ERA FASHION A brand making waves Trendsetting… Local model promoting the DreamChasing brand, which has been making waves. • Pinehas Nakaziko Founded and owned by Skelem Kambonde, the DreamChasing clothing brand is currently trending and making waves locally. Pinehas Nakaziko brings you the story from Windhoek. Founded in 2016, it has been attracting many fashion lovers who have taken a liking to it. Skelem’s main aim of establishing this brand is to encourage local people to work towards their dreams, and make them come true. “We need people to support local brands. DreamChasing is an inspiring brand and have inspired many people to work towards the dreams they always had before society,” says Skelem. Products range include t-shirts, summer vests, ladies tops, pull overs, hoodies, overalls and high quality golf t-shirts. The brand is currently selling country wide with the help of NamCourier. “it always reaches customers destinations,” says Kambonde. The brand is also penetrating international markets, selling in neighbouring countries like South Africa and Zambia. “We are also represented in China. So far DreamChasing managed to sponsor Miss Copper Festival in Tsumeb last year.” Going an extra mile and be unique amongst other brands are among Skelem’s future plans. “I would like to work hard and make my customers [happy] by giving them quality products and services worldwide one day. I also want to inspire people to work towards their goals and keep moving through the brand,” he signs off. CELEBRITY NEWS An item.? South African Media personality, DJ Zinhle, who is rumoured to be dating Namibian businesperson Collin Venaaṋi, rumour her PR manager, Jessica Porter, could not confirm. DJ Zinhle on new bae rumours: We are just friends DJ Zinhle’s management has not confirmed whether she was dating Namibian tendrepreneur, Collin Venaaṋi or not, but revealed they had become friends over their shared interest in real estate and design. “Her home project has led to a greater interest in property, décor and design, which has opened multiple opportunities for Zinhle. Collin and Zinhle have become friends through this newly found interest,” her PR manager Jessica Porter says. She says that Zinhle’s focus was solely on her music, child and new home.”Zinhle is currently completely focused on her daughter Kairo, her career and settling into their new home,” says Porter to TshisaLIVE on Monday. The South African Sunday Sun tabloid sources claimed Zinhle and Collin were spotted all loved up in a Johannesburg nightclub three weeks ago and that the real estate businessman was keeping her mind off her alleged break-up with Brendon Naidoo. Zinhle has in the past refused to comment about her private life, only speaking out occasionally on social media during her relationship with Brendon. Speaking about the toll building her new home had on her health, Zinhle recently told TV host Tumi Morake that at one point she felt so overwhelmed she thought she was going to die. Zinhle says she learnt to cope with the endless demands by taking it one moment at a time and leaning on the support of others. “I make it work but I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. It is a bit too much. Especially with the house project, I thought I was going to die at one point.” DJ Zinhle is one of our favourite media personalities across the globe, the beauty has been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years and she is still one of the biggest names in South Africa. Not only is she an entertainer, she is also a businesswoman with several businesses. Although the star has achieved a lot of success, many people tend to focus on her personal life and who she is dating. Collin (34) is a real Estate businessman who has managed to make a name for himself in a mostly white dominated industry amassing millions. Additional reporting-Times Live

FASHION Friday, March 2 2018 | NEW ERA Ingo growing fashion brand entertainment 19 • Pinehas Nakaziko Local fashion designer, Ingo Shanyenge, is expanding his clothing brand. In this regard he has been recently on a photo-shoot stint in the Capital of his latest menswear collection titled Royalty, under the theme Casual and Leasers. “Royalty is a ready to wear garments. It’s not a new collection as such, but more like a branch-off from ‘Royalty’ which was the collection I showcased end of last year at the Windhoek Fashion Week,” he says. He established his contemporary and Afrocentric clothing brand in 2013. “This is just one of the few Namibian fashion brands that caters for both men and women,” explains Ingo. His achievements in the fashion industry so far is showcasing his sophisticated and well-crafted garments at the Windhoek Fashion Week, Zimbabwe Fashion Week and Brighton Fashion Week in England for the past years. “My latest collection will be dropping at the beginning of March, in a week or two. I release the photo-shoot images online, so there won’t be a fashion show around this collection,” says Ingo. He says he creates something completely new by taking inspiration from things around him, environment or particular situation. “I would research the theme thereof and manipulate the raw research, for example, images of landscapes,” he says. His new collection focusses more on the current trend, which is “high wasted menswear trousers.” I added my touch to it by combining them with easy wear shirts. Focused on growth… Ingo Shanyenge, who is working towards growing his brand this year. LIFESTYLE • Jeremiah Ndjoze In a calculated drive to breathe fresh air in the array of somewhat tapped-out recreational activities in Rundu, Werah Café and Theatre, a prime hangout spot in the town is introducing three fresh activities on its menu of fun. ‘Werah’s Exhibition and Acoustic Sessions’, ‘Night around the Fire at Werah’, and ‘Werah Talk’, according to the venue’s owner Nanyemba Hafeni Katamba, are all new treats at the place, aimed at ensuring that the town’s population does not Werah Café, Theatre steps up dwindle as a result of boredom. The ‘Werah’s Exhibition and Acoustic Sessions’ will feature one or a group of artists exhibiting their art pieces or performing songs using few music instruments. “The goal is to create a space for artists to entertain and inspire by talking to the audience about their products and the journey it took to make it,” Katamba says. The purpose of the ‘Night around the Fire at Werah’ is to increase the community’s awareness, own identity, and use it as a driver of social mobilisation and empowerment. This, according to Katamba, will be achieved through traditional performances, choirs, acapella and storytelling through theatre plays, comedy, poetry, fashion shows as well as good food. ‘Werah Talk’ on the other hand, is platform were speakers will be invited to share ideas, research results or experiences for the benefit of those in attendance. “The goal is to inspire one another and to facilitate behavioural change,” Katamba says. Established in 2015, Werah is a deliberate attempt to refine nightlife in the Kavango East capital, predominantly characterised by noisy shebeens and a few overcrowded nightclubs as the ultimate hangout spots at the town. Borrowing from Windhoek’s well defined evening scene, where diversity is the spice of life when it comes to the choice in venues – Katamba established his enterprise at Ndama, along the Trans-Caprivi Highway in Rundu. In recent years the entrepreneur’s vision has seemingly come to fruition, with the venue proving to be an all-encompassing spot where visual and performing artists can imagine, create, and act while discovering their true potential. The venue can accommodate about 200 people inside at full capacity and 100 individuals in the courtyard. “The place is fairly small so performances are primarily focussed around achieving a certain level of intimacy, ambience and quality as opposed to gunning for the large crowds,” Katamba explains. Overall the venue offers a multi-purpose theatre hall, a restaurant and bar, as well as a gift shop. MUSIC Gospel album a ‘must listen’ Album release…Pastor Alfeus Araeb rehearsing in the studio. The Gospel veteran musician have released an album. • Clemans Miyanicwe It’s evident on the ten track album that pastor Alfeus Araeb is a veteran of the Gospel music, as his experience in the industry is strongly felt on the album titled Khoe-khoegowab ‘#Ei oatara (I remember). Araeb started his musical career at the then South West African Broadcasting Corporation (SWABC), now Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) with a twelve song cassette Garere !Khuba ti /oms (Praise the Lord oh my soul). #Ei oatara was released two days before last Christmas. Araeb is joined by Bonny Araeb, his nephew, and Outjo Gemeente Choir, Diana / Uiras, who trembles a listener spiritually with her angelic alto voice. #Ei oatara, track three and the title song is about remembering good things that the Lord has done for you and on that track / Uiras kicks off the song singing in her sweet angelic voice while Araeb makes the song more powerful with his lay voice as he praise the Creator for his goodness. Araeb says he wrote the song when he was disappointed in 1995 when he was declined a study visa to the United States of America (USA). On track one, Araeb and /Uiras, My Lord they plead for the Almighty’s love. The lyrics are so powerful making one emotional as the due beg God. Mapa tani I (Where will I go) /Uiras starts the songs in her angelic voice with two asking God numerously where to having been born in this sinful world. Track four, Tita Ge !Khuba and is based on Psalm 40 verse 3 while track five, Sats gao oats (You are the Great King), the song is about keeping to His holly word and worship if one is forever to see His Kingdom. Track six, #Goms di / Geiba (Give me great faith) is about asking God to give us faith. Track seven, Sau tere (Save me) is pleading for the Lord’s saviour while on track eight Araeb and / Uiras sings I am looking up to the cross. On Track nine, Ada /Nam Gure, Araeb he is joined by his nephew, Bonny Araeb, and the last song Gare !Khuba (Praise the Lord ooh my soul) is about praising God’s wonders. Araeb is gifted and plays both guitar and keyboard, and writes and does instrumental for all the songs on the album. The gospel music veteran also composes songs for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) choirs such as Soli Deo Gloria choir, Gangandara choir, Rogate choir and Lutheran Men’s choir.

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