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New Era Newspaper Friday March 2, 2018

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NEW ERA | World’s largest hospitality association honours rainmaker digital Page 30 We cannot rely on others to create growth for Namibia Page 30 INSIDE BUSINESS This news is your business Discovering the price of Namibia’s rough diamonds on the international market Staff Reporter Windhoek Due to Namibian diamonds being of the highest quality in the world, the world’s diamond manufacturers and diamantaires, therefore, have a great appetite for these locallysourced precious stones. This is according to Kennedy Hamutenya, chief executive officer of Namib Desert Diamonds (Namdia), which was established in 2016 “to discover the price of Namibia’s rough diamonds in the international market”. According to Hamutenya, Namdia can play a significant role in entrenching Namibia’s economic independence. “It is imperative that we as Namibians take ownership of our decisions and ensure that our strategies towards self-reliance are successfully implemented. And part of those decisions is for us – as Namibians – to be able to exercise our sovereignty, especially over the God-given natural resources for the improved socio-economic development of our country and its people,” Hamutenya said. Namdia was established in 2016 by the government to serve as a “window on the international diamond market”. This implies that Namdia can, through its purchase entitlement from the Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) of 15% representative cut-off of the Namdeb Holdings production, go outside of the traditional sales system. This is an outcome of the Sorting, Valuing, Sales and Marketing Agreement concluded in 2016 between the Namibian Government and De Beers, which amongst others, made provision for greater allocation of local diamond production to the local diamond industry and which ultimately led to the establishment of Namdia. In terms of this agreement, Kennedy Hamutenya Namdia buys 15 percent of Namdeb Holdings’ run-of-mine production from NDTC. “It must be understood that Namdia buys the diamonds from NDTC and then engages potential buyers to offer best prices possible for these highly sought-after goods,” Hamutenya said. Hamutenya also explains that there is no homogenous price for diamonds. “In simple terms, diamonds are valued based on the four ‘Cs’ of each diamond, which are carat weight (size); clarity (quality); cut (shape of the diamond) and colour. Each stone is unique in character in terms of colour, clarity, shape and carat, which is a measure of weight. It is crucial that each individual stone is valued according to these criteria. And therefore, it stands to reason that there cannot be a one-sizefits-all price for diamonds. One common indicator is the average price per carat, which is calculated by dividing the sums of the prices of all individual diamonds by the total carat weight.” Since its establishment in April 2016, Namdia has made great strides. Some of its shortterm achievements included the appointment of its board of directors and the executive management team, completion of its own building to operate from and perhaps most importantly, it has made over 14 diamond sales transactions to date. Hamutenya maintains a positive outlook for the diamond industry in 2018. “Although a continued challenge facing the diamond industry is the question of long-term demand for natural diamonds with the introduction of man-made synthetic diamonds, we in Namibia stand strong on the premise that we have some of the finest high-gem quality stones in the world for which there will always be a demand. And that demand allows us to fetch a premium price for our stones, through which we can meaningfully contribute towards the socio-economic development of our country. We are confident that we will remain relevant for a long time yet in the global diamond industry,” Hamutenya said. Wirecard does credit card payments for Air Namibia Staff Reporter Windhoek The national carrier, Air Namibia, and Wirecard, a leading specialist in digital financial technology, are cooperating in the field of payment processing. Air Namibia customers around the world who book via the airline’s website ( now have the option of paying by Diners/ Discover and JCB credit cards in addition to Visa and MasterCard. Wirecard will assume responsibility for the payment processing as well as risk management. For the payment processing of local travel agencies worldwide, Air Namibia uses the International Air Transport Association (IATA) interface for billing together with settlement plan (BSP) via Wirecard’s multi-channel payment gateway. This allows Air Namibia to process ticket sales in a faster and easier way, as this is the most widespread system in the world for simple processing of airline ticket sales. In order to offer holidaymakers and business travellers additional convenience and more choice during the payment process for their online booking, Air Namibia is implementing Wirecard’s technology solutions straight away via both channels. Eckart Reiche, vice-president global airline sales at Wirecard, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with another African airline, Air Namibia. With the increasing number of worldwide bookings, customers’ requirements for a large range of payment options also increase – especially in a market like Africa which is growing rapidly. We can make this a reality together with Air Namibia.” Paul Nakawa, manager of corporate communications at Air Namibia, said: “We strive to always meet the service expectations of our customers, for whom booking tickets online or via travel agents is an essential service. We are delighted to be able to offer our passengers improved credit card acceptance around the world from a single source, thereby making the booking process even more convenient than before.” Wirecard AG is a global technology group that supports companies in accepting electronic payments from all sales channels. As an independent supplier, the Wirecard Group offers outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payments. A global platform bundles international payment acceptances and methods with supplementary fraud prevention solutions. With regard to issuing own payment instruments in the form of cards or mobile payment solutions, the Wirecard Group provides companies with an end-to-end infrastructure, including the requisite licences for card and account products. Brewers… From left, Bogart Butler, plant manager AB InBev Namibia Brewery Okahandja, Bryan Versfeld, plant manager Ibhayi Brewery, John Stenslunde, PM Newlands Brewery and Gavin van Wijk, brewery director for SA South and Namibia. Photo: Contributed AB InBev wins prestigious brewery awards Staff Reporter Windhoek AB InBev Namibia, one of the youngest breweries in the global AB InBev network and the smallest under the brand in Africa, was honoured to win a top-three placing for both the Best Beer in Africa award, and for the Engagement Leadership award for AB InBev Supply 2017 held on February 9 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In addition, the brewery received a third award for having the best Quality Culture along with the other four breweries within the Southern African region at the Quality Culture awards in Johannesburg on February 16. AB InBev brewery, located in Okahandja, was recognised for brewing the best Carling Black Label in Africa in 2017 and for having good engagement within the organisation in the first year that the awards were presented. These are significant achievements for AB InBev Namibia, which has only been around for four years and was measured against much larger breweries, some over 100 years in operation. According to AB InBev, its culture is built on ten principles, all of which are designed to foster a healthy work environment, a vision driven and empowered workforce, satisfied consumers and a better world. “All the people at the Okahandja brewery have taken ownership of the company and believe in leading by example, and never being completely satisfied with their results, no matter how good, which keeps them reaching for greater heights,” reads an AB InBev statement.

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