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New Era Newspaper Friday March 2, 2018

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4 NEWS Friday, March 2 2018| NEW ERA Steep increase in police tariffs Staff reporter Windhoek As of yesterday, members of the public started paying more for services rendered by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) with the fee for a police clearance certificate going up from N to N0. Because of the increases, vehicle owners will now also have to pay N0 for vehicle clearance certificate up from N. NamPol spokesperson, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, told New Era that it has been seven years since the last revision of the tariffs. The office of the Inspector general, therefore, saw it fit to increase the tariffs to align them with the cost of the specific services. Shikwambi said NamPol requested the tariff increases from the Treasury Department in the Ministry of Finance and was granted approval in a letter dated December 19, 2017. Furthermore, she said the police band would start charging N,500 when invited to perform. Shikwambi added that if the event is happening outside Windhoek, the inviting institution should provide decent accommodation for band members, their meals and running cost of their vehicles. Shikwambi said the band was previously dispatched at government’s cost, where it availed transport, S&T, meals, and accommodation but this depleted their funds. No. Services Current Tariffs New 1. Roads Accident Report-Pol.66) report N.00 N.00 2. 3. Sketch plan on an accident/photo plan per sketch plan 9 without photo Statement obtained from complainant/witness/victims per statement. Any additional document per A4 N.00 N.00 N0.00 N.00 N.00 N.00 4. Vehicle clearance certificate (per certificate ) N.00 N0.00 5. 6. Classification and tracing of fingerprints for criminal record per individual certificate of conduct per application (companies) Storage of seized and confiscated property per day as from notification N.00 N.00 N0.00 N$ 150.00 N.00 7. Storage of corpse in police mortuaries per day as from notification N.00 N.00 8. 9. 10. 11. 12 Service rendered by NamPol band, local performers per performance. Outside performers per performance. The inviting institution should cater for decent accommodation, meals and running costs of vehicles Service rendered by Nampol force (guarding) of private institution of ministries per hour per person per eight (8) hours’ shift National Forensic Science Institute printing cost per page of certificate/photo/ high-resolution page NFSI Lab Division charges fees Scientific Examination: 1 Unit Exert Testimony court Material(other expenses): 1 unit Scientific Test: Qualitative: 1 unit Scientific Test: Quantitative: 1 unit Subsistence & Travel : 1 unit Distance Travelled Tariffs for Air Wing Directorate: fluctuating annually due to depreciation (travel value) the rates below indicate tariffs based on Euro copter standard List of new tariffs New Services N.00 (per person) N.00 (for 8 hours) New Services New Service Single Engine AS 350 B3 (per hour) N,200.00 EC 145 (per hour) N,350.00 (To be included annually, 10 to 20% increase on service, maintenance, insurance and fuel. N,500 N.00 N0.00 N0.00 N3.00 hour/per N3 hour/per expert N.40 item N0.00/test N,000.00/test Direct cost recovery N.50/km 6th ANNUAL TRADE FAIR 2018 28th May - 2nd June 2018 Goverment / Corporates (20 Spaces Only) Car Wash | N$ 1,000.00 SME’S | N$ 1,000.00 N$ 5,000.00 Kapana (25 Spaces Only) | N$ 500.00 Kiddies Park (1 Only) | N$ 1,000.00 Bar (10 Spaces Only) | N$ 1,500.00 Livestock Registration (goat/sheep) | N$ 200.00 Mobile Vans (6 Only) | N$ 3,500.00 Educational Institutions | N$ 3,500.00 SME’S Crafts | N$ 600.00 Information Session(45 Minutes Only) | N$ 1,000.00 REGISTRATION 7th March - 6th April 2018 Hideyuki Sakamoto ACTIVITIES Exhibition Stalls Product Display Information Sessions Kapana Kiddies Park Cultural Village Livestock Show & Auction Miss Opuwo 2018 Music Performances Much More Our Star of the Week is Japanese Ambassador to Namibia, Hideyuki Sakamoto, who through the government of Japan donated USD 800,000, approximately N$ 9.5 million to the Namibian government through the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The funds will be channeled to assist drought and flood victims’ needs. Sakamoto said this week the funds would be used to mitigate the impact of drought and flood emergencies on children and their families and increase their resilience by providing the health and nutrition status of the most vulnerable through strengthening of health systems in areas such as Okavango East, Kavango West, Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Kunene and in the Zambezi region. These areas have experienced intense drought episodes as well as flooding events over the last two years, Sakamoto added. Gala DINNER 7th March 2018 CONTACTS Gateway Conference Centre Table - N,000.00 Individuals - N,000.00 18:00h - 20:30h Office: 065273007 | Mr. Makono: 0813116515 | Ms. Ruhumba: 0813560959 | Email:,

Friday, March 2 2018| NEW ERA NEWS 5 Unam undertakes research on renewable energy Albertina Nakale Windhoek The University of Namibia’s (Unam) Faculty of Science is currently undertaking research on renewable energy with the aim of utilising local natural resources such as copper and zinc, among other minerals. The research aims to convert the resources into new solar materials using thin films technologies, which could capture light particles and convert them into electricity. Unam outgoing vicechancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, revealed this new development on Tuesday during a N0,000 donation handover by Ambassador Zhang Yiming of the People’s Republic of China to Namibia towards research at Unam. Hangula said that with the availability of resources the research has the great potential to produce an output that would improve the lives of many Namibians in rural and urban areas. Further, he noted, it would contribute to the reduction of carbon emission in the quest to reduce global warming. Hangula said that research on renewable energy, especially photovoltaics, would enable Namibia to tap energy from the sun. “This is key for electricity generation to all corners of Namibia,” he added. Hangula said the donation does not only enhance the targeted area of research, but also strengthens the existing strong ties and collaborations between Namibia and China as development partners. From its establishment in 1992, Unam has grown into a comprehensive academic and research institution offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as well undertaking research, innovation and development. Among the research areas identified by the National Commission of Research, Science and Technology (NCRST), renewable energy is one of the Largesse… Unam vice-chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, received a N0,000 donation from Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming. top priorities on the research agenda list. Zhang said Namibia’s science and technology development need to catch up with the times, serve industry revitalisation, support livelihood improvements and help the country to achieve prosperity. This is not the first sciencerelated Chinese donation to Unam. Unam has profited from equipment from China in the fields of science and engineering before. Chinese lecturers have also been teaching in the Faculty of Science and recently also at Confucius Institute where students study basic Mandarin. He said that with its political stability, sound rule of law and robust regulations, Namibia has set an example for other African countries in many aspects. He said Unam is Namibia’s top academic institution with a distinct mission and responsibility, both in scientific research and production-learning integration. As an allweather partner of Namibia, Zhang said, China is willing to actively support the research work of Unam and the establishment of a multifunctional science, research and development centre. Further, he said, China is ready to provide help and assistance to national science and technology rejuvenation and economic development. “We hope to work together with Unam to promote the development of scientific research and people-topeople exchange between the two countries and jointly create a bright future for our bilateral relations,” he noted. In recent years, he said, China has made remarkable achievements in numerous fields such as high-speed trains, large commercial aircraft, aircraft carriers, quantum computers and deep-sea observation, adding that it has not only promoted economic development but also changed people’s lives and boosted national progress and rejuvenation. Hangula, who accepted the donation, which is in addition to the upcoming generous donation of a Chinese-funded Confucius building, said it will go a long way in assisting researchers to meet some of their primary objectives, REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA ‖KHARAS REGIONAL COUNCIL as far as research outputs are concerned. “Investing resources in developing the research aspect of our academic offerings will allow our academics and researchers to undertake teaching and research of international standard. Thus, at this juncture, the University of Namibia is very grateful to the Chinese government through His Excellency, Ambassador Zhang Yiming, for facilitating and securing the donation of the sum of N0,000, towards research activities at Unam,” Hangula said. REGIONAL PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE INVITATION FOR THE OPEN NATIONAL BIDS ‖Kharas Regional Council Procurement Committee is hereby inviting bidders to apply for the following bids available in the Region: 1. Bid number: W/ONB/‖KRC/DOE-01/2017/18 - ‖Kharas Region Description Construction of Module CLA4s Four Classrooms & Store as well as Electrical Installation at Krönlein Primary School, Keetmanshoop, Kalahari circuit Levy: N$ 500.00 per bid (non-refundable) 2. Bid number: W/ONB/‖KRC/DOE-02/2017/18 ‖Kharas Region Description Construction of a New Ablution block (toilets) ABL 2 and Electrical Installations at Krönlein Primary School, Keetmanshoop, Kalahari Circuit Levy: N$ 400.00 per bid (non-refundable) 3. Bid number: W/ONB/‖KRC/DOE-03/2017/18 ‖Kharas Region Description Construction of Module CLA2s Two Classroom Block with a Store as well as Electrical Installation at EHW Baard Primary School in Noordoewer !Garib circuit Levy: N$ 400.00 per bid (non-refundable) CLOSING DATE: 03 April 2018 CLOSING TIME: 10H00 Incest case postponed to April Staff Reporter Windhoek Police investigations into the case of a father who stands accused of sexually violating his daughter and forcing her to abort numerous times are yet to be finalised. Making a brief appearance before Magistrate Michelle Kubersky in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, the 29-year-old father, who cannot be identified to protect the name of the victim, was informed investigations into his case have not yet been finalised. The court postponed the case to April. The father of seven stands accused of sexually abusing his daughter who is now an 18-yearold, between 2013-2017. The prosecution is charging him with counts of rape, abortion and incest. The accused is a soldier in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF). According to the charge sheet, he allegedly intentionally and unlawfully raped her on numerous occasions and forced her to terminate the pregnancies. The prosecution says the two are guilty of incest given the fact a father-daughter relationship existed between the two. The accused, who resides in Okuryangava, Windhoek is out on bail of N,000 after the victim indicated she was not opposed to the court granting him bail. The victim confessed to what transpired between her and the father. The accused was arrested on November 8, 2017 after the victim’s boyfriend reported the matter to the police. Having been granted bail, the accused was warned not to have direct or indirect contact with the victim, who is currently living in a shelter. The court remanded the matter to April 16 to give ample time for the investigators to finalise their investigations. Payment method: Cash payment or deposit to ‖Kharas Regional Council – Main Account, First National Bank, Account no. 62088499449 Keetmanshoop, Branch no. 280271(NB: Proof of payment must be presented when collecting a bid). NB: No Cheques are allowed. Enquiry: Administrative Mr. M.Shikongo /Mrs. J.E.Humphries, Tel: 063 221900/ 063-227000, Technical Mr. Pieter Theron Tel: 063 227000 Delivery Address: Directly into the Bid Box available at the Ground Floor, ‖Kharas Regional Council Headquarters, Wheeler Street, Keetmanshoop, Namibia Note: Compulsory site visit will be held at the Education Boardroom, ‖Kharas Regional Council, Wheeler Street at 10h00, on the 03 April 2018.

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