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New Era Newspaper Friday March 2, 2018

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40 SPORT Friday, March 2 2018| NEW ERA Republic of Namibia Ministry of Land Reform Oshana Communal Land Board Oshakati Regional Office, Robert Mugabe Street 777 PUBLIC NOTICE (Application for Rights of Leasehold in Oshana Region) The following parties below have applied for the rights of leasehold as per Section 31 (1) of the Communal Land reform Act, Act No.5 of 2002 which states that: “an application for a right of leasehold in respect of communal land must be in prescribed manner to the Board in whose area the land in question is situated”. Region Applicant Land use Size (Hectares) Oshana Patrick Pangashoye Shilongo Bar and Restaurant Business Communal Area 0.4 ha Epyenene Village, Okatana Constituency Traditional Authority Uukwambi The Oshana Communal Land Board therefore invites interested parties to lodge with the Board within a period of seven (7) days any objection regarding the applications listed above as per Section 31 and Regulations 11 (3) of the Communal Land Reform Act, Act No. 5 of 2002. Written Objections must be addressed to the following address: Oshana Communal Land Board, Private Bag 5571, Oshakati. For further enquiries, kindly contact: Mrs. Biatriz Varges-Neumbo (Development Planner) Tel: 065-223877 Mr. Vaino Nuunyango (Secretary: OSHACLB) Tel: 065-223873 REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA NPL’s search for CEO continues NPL chief administrator Tovey Hoebeb WINDHOEK The search for a chief executive officer for the Namibia Premier League (NPL) continues following the shortlisting of six candidates for interviews. Initially, 55 candidates applied. Ten people were selected before the six were invited for interviews. Speaking to the media at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Wednesday, NPL Administrator, Tovey Hoebeb said a panel had done the interviews and was now busy compiling a report which will be sent to the NPL executive committee with recommendations on whom to employ as the CEO. “After the leaking of the list of 10 people to the media, one candidate had to withdraw from the race after his current employers got hold of it. Applications for this kind of work is a sensitive issue,” Hoebeb said. At the same media briefing, which dealt with several issues related to the NPL, the league administrator said the issue of Tigers Football Club (FC), who failed to fulfil their first two fixtures of the season, was sent back to the executive for further discussion. This follows the withdrawal of the case from the disciplinary committee by the league prosecutor Slysken Makando. The league’s executive is expected to meet on March 10 to discuss and pronounce itself on the issue. Hoebeb said the executive committee in their last meeting appointed various chairpersons of sub-committees. Lucas Nanyemba of Tigers FC was appointed chairperson of the finance committee, while Niklaas Kisilipile will head the audit and compliance committee. Paulus Ngolombe of Tura Magic will chair the organising committee for the NPL competitions, while Cyril Isaack is head of technical and development committee. Franco Cosmos of Blue Waters is head of the legal committee, while Ricardo Uirab of Chief Santos will lead the youth football committee. Evaristus Evaristus of the University of Namibia was tasked to lead the medical committee. These chairpersons were then tasked with co-opting three members to their respective committees by the end of business on Wednesday, before coming up with their own timelines, which will guide them. Other issues raised include clubs who fail to provide enough jerseys for players on match days, players using different jersey numbers for every game and the shortage of stadium facilities countrywide. Hoebeb said the league would end a week earlier than anticipated due to the amendment of the fixtures to accommodate the Debmarine Cup. He further warned players and coaches who insult and abuse match officials, saying the league will now punish such offenders. He called on match officials to report any abuse by players and officials to the league so that follow-ups can be made and the culprits can be punished. MINISTRY OF LAND REFORM OTJOZONDJUPA COMMUNAL LAND BOARD NOTICE (No. OTCLB 1/2018) (Application for leasehold right in Otjozondjupa Region) The following people have applied for the rights of leasehold as per Section 30(3) and Section 31(1) of the Communal Land Reform Act, Act No; 5 of 2002 which states that “an application for a right of leasehold in respect of communal land must be applied for, in prescribed manner to the Board in whose area the land is question is situated”. The Otjozondjupa Communal Land Board therefore invites interested parties to lodge with Board within a period of seven (7) days any objection regarding the application listed below as per Section 31 and Regulation 11 (3) of the Communal Land Reform Act, Act No; 5 of 2002. Written objection must be made within 7 (seven) days of this notice. Objection must be addressed to: APPLICANT GERSON KAMEHOZU TIMOTHEUS MUJEU WILLEM RUKORO Otjozondjupa Communal Land Board P O Box 1637, Otjiwarongo, Otjozondjupa Region. IDENTITY NUMBER LAND USE 58101001395 LIVESTOCK AND CROP FARMING SIZE (HA) COMMUNAL AREA 1707.15 ONDJAMO NO. 2 TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY KAMBAZEMBI TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY 70101200501 SHEBEEN 0.6 OKUAPA KAMBAZEMBI TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY 52110800186 LIVESTOCK AND CROP FARMING 524 OTJIUAPORUI KAMBAZEMBI TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY For further enquiries, kindly please contact: Mr. Mathews Shaanika, Land Board Secretary or Mr. Martin Endjala, Development Planner-LBTA at: Tel: (067)302777, Fax: (067)304734 Or Ministry of Land Reform, Otjozondjupa Office Corner of Dr. Frans Indongo Street P.O.Box 1637, Otjiwarongo OMAHEKE REGIONAL COUNCIL PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT INVITATION TO QUALIFIED PRINTING BIDDERS REQUEST FOR SEALED QUATATIONS FOR PRINTING AND BINDING BID DOCUMENTS FOR CICVIL AND ELECTRICAL BIDS BID DOCUMENTS TO BID ARE AVAILABLE AT THE OMAHEKE REGIONAL COUNCIL BID PRICE: N0.00 None refundable THE CLOSING DATE: Tuesday, 7TH MARCH 2018 TIME: 11H00 DELIVERY ADDRESS: ROOM 133 PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT BID BOX LOCATED IN ROOM 133 AT THE OMAHEKE REGIONAL COUNCIL OFFICE GOBABIS, NAMIBIA ATTENTION: THE HEAD OF PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT OMAHEKE REGIONAL COUNCIL ENQUIRY: Mr S.W. Imasiku or Ms Kandando, 062 566500

Friday, March 2 2018| NEW ERA SPORT 41 Slamet Jnr the youngest to race the circuit Donna Collins Walvis Bay With motor sport firmly entrenched in his blood, 13-year-old Richard Slamet Jnr is about to make racing history when he becomes the youngest competitor to race the main circuit at the Tony Rust Raceway this year. And as the 2018 national circuit racing champions’ season kicks off tomorrow with the 1st leg of the national championships, young Richard will attempt his first race in Class X driving a 2-litre 8-valve Golf. The boy is no stranger to the racetrack however, having cut his teeth in the karting circuit where he spent the past five years competing fiercely and currently holds the Junior Max Kart Championship title. He is also the third generation Slamet to carry on the family tradition in motor sport in a long line of circuit racing and rally champions, pioneered by his grandfather Ronald Slamet Snr back in the 80’s racing both bikes and cars at the popular Tony Rust Circuit. His old man Richard (Snr), who is the chairman of the Windhoek Motor Club, is a name that needs little introduction in local motor racing. Richard (Snr) holds the national superbike circuit racing championship title for three years now, and also emerged as a crack rally driver in 2014. His younger brother Ronald has raced the Cape Town Superbike circuit and has five championship titles under his belt, of which three were consecutive Western Province championships. Even their sister Ronel Anderhill raced Superbikes on the Namibian championship series for three years, making her the only female to race the main circuit. So, with racing in his veins it’s no surprise that Richard Jnr is already firing on all cylinders surging ahead to make a name for himself as a leader in motorsport. Young Slamet, who is a Grade 7 learner and member of the LRC at Windhoek Gymnasium Private School, is the youngest competitor to race a car in main circuit racing in Namibia. The young driver was granted special dispensation by the Namibian Motorsport Federation (NMSF), because of his highly rated driving skill, experience and mature racing abilities. The normal minimum age to compete in this elite class of racers is 16 years and Richard Jnr will compete in the 2018 national series in the main circuit races as well as the national championship in the Junior Max karting series, to defend his title. “He’s been practising well ahead of time,” said proud father Richard Snr, adding that his son is a dedicated competitor, and has had a lot of support from the family who are rooting for him all the way to the finish. Racing starts at 12h30 after qualifying practice, which will be the first time competitors drive the track clockwise. The reason for this is to balance the speed of the cars and skills of the driver, as some of the guys are clocking speeds of up to 290 kays in their machines, and racing the track in the opposite direction will slow things down a little. Organizers of the Windhoek Motor Club are expecting around 20 cars for main circuit racing and a line-up of ten karts at the start. Out to make history… Richard Slamet Jnr stands on the threshold of rewriting the history books in local motor racing when he becomes the youngest competitor to race the main circuit at the Tony Rust Raceway this year. TITLE: DESCRIPTION: BID BID NO: SC/RP/NAC-79/2018 PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Development of a 5 year strategic plan NAC is hereby inviting interesting, reputable and experienced companies to bid for the development of a 5 year strategic plan at NAC INVITATION Request for Proposals FOR BIDS Consultancy services for the Information Technology Audit S/RFP/01/11/2017 Construction of the New Maternity Shelter in Katima Mulilo, Applications Systems and Information Zambezi Technology. Region W/ONB/SSC-01/02/2018 1. Request for Proposals are invited from qualified independent consultants to perform an Audit of the 2. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders from the Cashiers at Social Security House, Khomasdal, Windhoek upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 1. Bids N0.00. are invited The through method of Open payment National will be Bidding cash, Electronic (ONB) procedures Fund Transfer for (EFT). “Construction of the New 3. Maternity Interested Shelter eligible in bidders Katima may Mulilo’’ obtain and further invitation information is from open Social to all Security Namibian Commission, bidders. Walter Cloete; at e-mail and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given 2. A below complete from set 09:00 of Bidding to 16:00. Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders from the 4. cashiers Qualifications at the requirements address below include: upon payment of a non-refundable fee of “ Five Hundred Namibia Dollar- a. Certified N0.00. copy of The Company method Registration of payment will be “Cash/EFT/Point of Sale”. b. Original Good Standing Certificate (Receiver of Revenue) 3. Bidding c. Original documents Good Standing will be available Certificate (Social for collection Security) as from Tuesday, 20 February 2018. d. A Certified copy of SME Status (for tenders reserved for SME’s) e. Certified copy of valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate 4. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Social Security Commission, attention: g. Applicable Gottfried Price //Naobeb Schedules at email: and inspect the Bidding f. Proof of shareholding / ownership structure Documents h. Bid Submission at the address Form given below during working hours only. i. Bid Declaration of 10% of the tender amount in Namibia Dollar 5. 5. Qualifications Additional details requirements are provided include: in the Bidding Building Documents. Experience, Financial Capability, and Bid Security. A margin of preference for certain goods manufactured domestically “shall” be applied. Additional Bids details enclosed are in provided a sealed in envelope the Bidding should Documents. be clearly marked with the appropriate tender number; 6. ‘’Technical’’ and ‘’Financial’’ submissions (1 x original and 4 x copies) and delivered to the address indicated below. 6. A compulsory Site Briefing Meeting has been scheduled for 05 March 2018 at 09.00am at Submission of bids: Katima Mulilo State Hospital. • Bids must be delivered at the Social Security House, Cnr. A. Kloppers and J. Haupt Street, Khomasdal, Windhoek on or before 19 January 2018 at 15:00. 7. • Bids Electronic must be bidding delivered will not in be the permitted. Tender Late Box bids located will be at rejected. the entrance foyer at the Security Desk on • or Bids before will be 22 opened March in 2018 the presence at 12.00am. of the Electronic bidder’s’ representative bidding will at not Social be permitted. Security House, Late Cnr. bids A. will be Kloppers rejected. and Bids J. Haupt will be Street, opened Khomasdal, in the Windhoek presence at of 19 the January bidders’ 2018 representatives 15:00. who choose to Further attend information in person can at be the obtained address at below e-mail: on the 22 March 2018 at 12.00am 8. Envelopes The address must referred be clearly to above marked: is: Tender: ‘’ICT Audit Technical proposal’’ and ‘’ICT Audit Financial proposal’’ Tender No.: S/RFP/01/11/2017 Social Security House Closing Date & Time: 19 January 2018 at 15:00 All Corner. documents A. to Kloppers be deposited & J. into Haupt the tender Streets, box Khomasdal at the Social Security House, Cnr. A. Kloppers and J. Haupt Windhoek Street, Khomasdal, Windhoek. BID DOCUMENTS: ENQUIRIES: DELIVERY ADDRESS FOR BIDS SUBMISSION CLOSING DATE & TIME Bid Documents are Available as from the 01 March 2018 at the Cashier on the 5th Floor, Sanlam Centre, 154 Independence Avenue, Windhoek, upon payment of a Non Refundable Deposit of N00 per set. All Enquiries should be in Writing to the Procurement Management Unit Fax: 061-295 5022 - Bid documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked as well as indicating the bid number, title and must be addressed as follow. Tel: +264 61 295 5000 • +264 61 295 5022 Email: • 5 th Floor Sanlam Centre, Independence Avenue THE CHAIRPERSON PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE PO BOX 23061 WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA Bid must be submitted in the tender box At Reception Area, 5 th Floor, Sanlam Centre, 154 Independence Avenue, Windhoek, Closing: 29 March 2018 @ 11H00 Opening: 29 March 2018 @ 11H15 Tel: +264 61 295 5000 • +264 61 295 5022 Email: • 5 th Floor Sanlam Centre, Independence Avenue Qualification requirements include: a) The Bid Submission form b) Bid Securing Declaration c) Qualification information form & document d) The following documents must be evidenced: • Have a valid company registration document • Have an original valid good standing tax certificate • Have an original valid good standing social security certificate • Have a certified copy of affirmative action compliance certificate, proof from employment equity commissioner that bidder is not a relevant employer, or exemption issued in terms of section 42 of the affirmative action act, 1998: • Experience in services of a similar nature and size and details of services under way or con tractual committed; and names and address of client who may be contacted for further infor mation on those contracts, or reference letters from previous employers. • company profile - - - - -

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