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New Era Newspaper Friday March 23, 2018

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14 ADVERT Friday, March 23 2018| NEW ERA Official Weekly Communique of the University of Namibia - Volume 08 POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY - A NAMIBIAN PERSPECTIVE The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences recently held a guest lecture in preparation for the first African Positive Psychology Conference (APPC) to be held 04-07 April 2018, at the Northwest University, Potchefstroom campus. SPEAKER OF STUDENT PARLIAMENT REVELS IN ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE The guest lecture focused on teachers organisational commitment and work engagement; the health and burnout of nurses; the levels of work engagement of police officers; and the relationship between job demands-resources and burnout of police officers and nurses in Namibia. The event was well attended by academic staff members and students. Mr Wesley Pieters and Ms Nadia Auanga indicated that, order to improve the education system, “parents, teachers, relevant ministries and stakeholders need to be involved in order to reach the goals of Vision 2030.” Ms Letisha Matheus and Ms Clare Hasheela explained that even though the public has a distorted view of nurses and police officers, we as the public need to understand the working context before we pass judgement. They highlighted the challenges faced by nurses and police officers in Namibia, the need for wellness programmes and how the provision of job resources can mitigate the calamitous impacts T he University of Namibia (UNAM) Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof Frednard Gideon, has expressed his gratitude towards the support in ‘reaching out and assisting’ students, shown by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (ICAN) and Ernst and Young. in of a heavy workload. Ms Hasheela specifically placed emphasis on the importance of leadership within the Namibian Police and the importance of leadership training to enhance engagement levels of police officers. Ms Amoret van Heerden elaborated on the importance of a balance between job demands and job resources. When employees are provided with the needed resources they can cope with higher workload (sponsors) are doing is laying the foundation which helps us as a University and more importantly the students,” he added. This year, Ernst and Young donated N 000, with ICAN contributing N 000, while BuildIt Outapi sponsored N 000. Mr Wesley Pieters demands. Job resources are vital to ensure that employees remain engaged in their work instead of experiencing burnout. Members that attended, cautioned against recommendations that might stretch the budget even further. Questions were raised about the changes in the education system after independence and the impact thereof. Positive psychology aims to enhance the quality of human functioning by focusing on strength and already existing resources. recognition prospective employees are placing on NATS. “Students are now attaching their NATS certificates on their CV’s,” he said. “This shows that it’s something that they are proud of and believe is of great importance,” added Mr Stier. For Elizabeth Ipangelwa, this is an experience which she will look back at fondly, and understandably so. After attaining the nomination to attend the 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education, Ministers held in the Republic of Fiji, a chance was presented for the incumbent speaker of student parliament to represent the University of Namibia at an international audience, as a student, but also as a leader within the student community of the university. Unsurprisingly, for Elizabeth, the idea that her family was looking on is reason enough for her to be pleased with the whole experience. “My parents were obviously proud of me,” says Elizabeth. “I would say I travel a lot, I do a lot of community activism work, youth engagement also, and I know I made them proud, so it’s something that makes me happy,” she added. The conference ran under Elizabeth Ipangelwa the theme ‘Sustainability and Resilience: Can Education Deliver’ and Elizabeth feels this was a fitting tag to run by. “We all have a role to play to make the education experience whole,” said Elizabeth. “It is not just the government’s and university’s duty to realise that, and we have to identify that role as students and student bodies so that we can fulfil it.” Having had her flight ticket sponsored by UNAM Foundation, Elizabeth feels that the Foundation is in line with its mission of ‘transforming lives through education’ and students should be motivated by it. “It was an important occasion for me,” Elizabeth recollects. “It was the first time this kind of student sponsoring has happened, so it was more of me being an ambassador for the Foundation,” she added. “I felt I achieved something during my time at UNAM - something I could point to, and students should look at this support as a source of inspiration.” NATS OFFICIALLY RECEIVES SPONSORSHIP CHEQUE Speaking at the National Accounting Talent Search (NATS) official sponsorship cheque handover ceremony, hosted at the University recently, Prof Gideon was keen to point out how ‘important’ the NATS initiative is within the university fraternity. “I always say if we get the foundation right then the education will prosper,” Prof Gideon remarked. “What you Mr Jaco Coetzee, who was representing the emissary from Ernst and Young, was optimistic about the ‘bond’ that is starting to form between the University and its accounting partners. “The decision to sponsor you was not a difficult one, because we can see the change that this initiative is bringing,” said Mr Coetzee. ICAN Council member, Mr Arner Stier, was particularly pleased with the NATS is an initiative launched by UNAM’s School of Accounting, in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (FEMS), in 2011, primarily sponsored by ICAN and Ernst and Young. It aims to enhance awareness of accounting, as well as identify potential learners who have an interest in accounting as a career, and nurture their talent. FLTR: Mr L. Nakweenda, Coordinator: NATS; Mr J. Coetzee, EY Namibia Representative; Dr J. Nyambe, Dean: FEMS; Mr A. Stier, ICAN Representative; Prof F. Gideon, PVC: AA; Deputy Coordinator: NATS.

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