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New Era Newspaper Friday March 23, 2018

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32 SPORT … Downsizing

32 SPORT … Downsizing the league, the only alternative for progress Friday, March 23 2018| NEW ERA Even a fool NOTICE TO SUPPLIERS this decision has PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT it has hopelessly INVITATION FOR THE SUBMISSION OF COMPANY/BUSINESS PROFILES FOR THE PROVISION OF GOODS, - WORKS, CONSULTANCY SERVICES AND dard and ulti- NON-CONSULTANCY TO AIR NAMIBIA football in the PURPOSE: The national airline in its quest to promote Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and Namibian companies hereby requests to obtain company/business profiles from suppliers interested in conducting business with us in respect of supplying goods, works and services to be procured during the 2018/2019 Financial Year. Service providers are requested to submit relevant documentations and clearly indicate the type of goods, works and services they wish to render, NB: Which should correspond with the nature of business stated in the founding statement. 1. GOODS: a. Supply and delivery of Office Stationery and cartridges; b. Supply and delivery of IT equipment (Computer supplies and related goods); c. Supply and delivery of Office furniture; d. Supply and delivery of refreshments & beverages; e. Supply and delivery of security equipment and related supplies; f. Supply and delivery of cleaning materials and equipment ; g. Supply of first aid amenities; h. Supply of newspapers, books and periodicals. i. Supply of Staff uniform j. Supply of aircraft parts, components & equipment(tools) k. Supply of ground handling equipment and other related. l. Supply of insecticide as per WHO regulations m. Supply of inflight entertainment solutions n. Supply of inflight magazines o. Supply of inflight equipment p. Supply of onboard meals and amenities q. Supply of Beer, Wine r. Supply of hard liquor/spirits s. Supply of office kitchen ware t. Supply of plastic products u. Supply of call center and communication systems Mbidi shoots himself in the foot … His childish actions let Rukoro off the hook 2. WORKS: a. Maintenance of office equipment ; b. Repair and maintenance of buildings; c. Repair of airport ground handling equipment; d. Repair and maintenance of aircrafts; e. Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles f. Electrical works g. Plumbing works 3. CONSULTANCY SERVICES: a. Consulting services for aviation as per regulations. b. HR consultancy services c. Financial services d. Audit services e. Other related consultancy services 4. NON- CONSULTANCY SERVICES: a. Provision of Security services; b. Provision of Cleaning services c. Provision of Car rental services; d. Provision of Catering services; e. Plumbing services f. Electrical services g. Provision of Advertising and Marketing services; Advertising – Print, Exhibitions services, Branding services, Newspaper subscriptions, Promotional Items, Design and Printing, Annual Report Design & Printing, Periodicals, books & other media publicity material. i. Supply of Events Management and decorations; j. Training of cockpit crew k. Training of cabin crew l. Training of ground staff m. Baggage delivery services n. Transport of staff and passengers o. Courier services p. Provision of entertainment services (live brand, cultural group performance etc.); q. Service of Fire Extinguishers; r. Service of Security system (access control and Surveillance Cameras ); s. Rental of warehouses and containers; t. Rental of Mobile toilets; u. Car wash services ; v. Gardening and related services; w. Accommodation Establishments services; x. Rental of property y. Hiring of equipment; z. Supply of cellphones, iPad and other computer accessories; Provision of Health and safety services; Provision of comprehensive multifaceted employee wellness programs Short training course, Symposiums and workshops. Supply of laundry services Supply of Pest control Vehicle maintenance Repair and maintenance of computer equipment; Registered companies should attach the following documents: A valid company registration certificate/founding statement; Company profile; A valid tax certificate of good standing from Inland Revenue; A valid certificate of good standing from Social Security Commission; A Valid Certificate from Employment Equity Commission; SME certificate (For bids reserved for SMEs); Documents of authorizations for specific aviation services.( for services that requires such) Certifications/ documentations of affiliation to regulatory aviation bodies (for services that requires such) Interested companies are requested to submit together with their documents a cover letter indicating Goods/Works or Services they wish to provide as indicated in their founding statements. Suppliers will be subject to Air Namibia’s internal vetting process and therefore suppliers not meeting the requirements will not be listed on the database. NB: Submit profiles in a sealed envelope at Air Namibia Head Office Windhoek, 27-29 Dr. W Kulz Street, Windhoek West, Windhoek. Emailed or faxed documents will not be accepted. Contact: Mr Lebeus Kangandjela: Manager Procurement & Logistics (+264 61 2996067) or Mrs Alta Kruger: Acting Senior Procurement Officer (+264 61 2996124) Closing Date: 18 April 2018 So, the thick-skulled Namibia Football Association (NFA) president, one Frans Mbidi, is becoming a law unto himself? The seemingly trigger-happy NFA president is desperate to have the association’s long-serving secretary general Barry Rukoro grounded at all costs and would stop at nothing to see the back of his ‘trusted soldier’. Not that the author cares much whether Rukoro is retained in the NFA hot seat or not – yours truly has a moral duty to point out certain constitutional issues and procedures. It’s now a well-documented secret that Rukoro’s employment contract has been under the spotlight for sometime as it runs full circle by month end. Mbidi has made no secret about his desire to usher Rukoro through the exit door and has in the meantime also informed the brother that his contract would not be renewed upon expiry. However, the bone of contention is that Mbidi is not the appointing authority and thus has no mandate to eral without the consent of the NFA Executive Committee – which is the appointing authority. To worsen matters, in what can be interpreted as the last kick of a dying horse, Mbidi has now moved to appoint Rukoro’s successor by installing both Tim Isaacs and Titus Kunamwene as alternating NFA secretary generals, nogal. Of course, there’s no dispute that Rukoro’s employment contract will become redundant as a result of ef- Nonetheless, an employment contract is subject to some tacit concepts, which are imputed by operation of law. And as such, to imply that because the term is ending is automatic nonextension is far from reality because that all obligations in terms of the the only mandated organ that should arrive at such a decision is the NFA Executive Committee to be chaired by Mbidi. The powers of appointing and dismissing the SG vests in the NFA Executive Committee and this is a constitutional provision which Mbidi has serially violated with impunity – hence the purported appointment acting secretary generals, Tim Isaacs and Titus Kunamwene, by Mbidi without the necessary mandate and approval from the Executive Committee, is invalid in law. Part of the primary responsibilities of the president as captured in Article 38 (2) (a) is to implement decisions of the Congress and Executive Committee through the general secretariat. To date, this highest organ of the NFA, in between congresses, has been reduced to a lame duck body that is only fed with ‘informative emails’ instead of performing its constitutional mandate. Let’s not rule out the fact that the NFA Executive Committee might arrive at the same conclusion that the accord your fellow Exco members the respect and constitutional space they so dearly deserve. Yours truly has been reliably informed that the NFA Executive Committee will deliberate on the issue at the much-anticipated meeting on the 7th of April at Omuthiya and make a decision. However, for the time being, one should imply that the incumbent SG continue in his capacity until such time the Executive Committee In view of the above and reading between the lines, yours truly is enough to chair the upcoming Exco meeting where Rukoro’s contractual performance is expected to be reviewed, because he (Mbidi) has already pronounced himself on the matter and thus no neutral decision should expected from Mbidi as far as an unbiased and well-informed decision on Rukoro’s future is concerned. By the way, one wonders whether continues to permanently violate his own constitution, which he is expected to guard. I’m just wondering. I rest my case.

Friday, March 23 2018| NEW ERA SPORT 33 ‘Draaitjies’ clinches Uhuru trophy …As retired footballers dominate the greens Staff Reporter Windhoek Experienced and amateur local golfers, including women, men, youngsters and senior citizens teed off in the annual Bank Windhoek Independence Day Golf Championship in Windhoek, last weekend. Former Brave Warriors and Ramblers lethal striker Joseph “Draaitjies” Martin teamed up with Jonas Katti and walked several cash prizes as overall winners of the championship played in better ball format. In second place was the combination of Danville Strauss and Hein Franken, tailed by former national team footballers George Gariseb and Bertus Damon in the third spot. “I would like to thank Bank Windhoek for their tremendous support having witnessed an amazing total number of 72 golfers enter this year’s competition. “The annual gathering is an opportunity for golf enthusiasts to celebrate the country’s independence with their love for golf,” said Gustav Jung, captain of the Windhoek Golf and Country Club. “Bank Windhoek is proud to be associated with this event and with the development of golf in the country, we are also especially proud of their management and organisation of events. “The bank has sponsored golf since the 1980s and remains involved on various levels,” said Suzette January, Coordinator: Sponsorship and Events at Bank Windhoek Marketing and Corporate Communications Services. The full results are as follows: Player A Player B Stableford Pts Comment 1. Joseph Martin Jonas Katti 46 Winners on count out 2. Danville Strauss Hein Franken 46 Winners on count out for 2nd place 3. Bertus Damon George Gariseb 46 Losers on count out 4. Tangeni Mupupa Ignatius Shilinge 45 5. Willie Triegaardt Gustav Jung 43 Winners on count out 6. Edwin Kutara Johannes Mungolo 43 Winners on count out for 6th place 7. Gerbie van Wyk Boris Erasmus 43 Losers on count out 8. Gustav Fransman Aggie Dodds 42 Winners on count out 9. Wessel Louw Natasha Louw 42 10. Tuhafeni Shinedima Hileni Sheenuka 41 Winners on count out Three nearest to the pin prizes were also up for grabs and were won by Cor Beuke, Des van Heerden and Leevi Tshoopara. The fourth one was converted into a Lucky Draw. Competition in national indoor hockey heats up …As WOBSC goes top Staff Reporter Swakopmund The seventh round of the Bank Windhoek National Indoor Hockey League resumed last weekend and proved an intriguing round for all premier league teams with some huge upsets in Swakopmund and Windhoek, respectively. Competition was tough as the match between Windhoek Old Boys (WOBSC), Mad Maroons (MM) and University of Namibia (UNAM) produced a tight and blistering contest in Swakopmund. As it stands, Mad Maroons are two points clear of Saints in the Men’s Premier League while in the Women’s League, a single point at the top of the table separates UNAM and Saints. Men’s Premier League Saints 2 kicked-off the matches as they played Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) whom they defeated 9-0. Saints 1 played BDO Wanderers and were under no illusion of an easy game as BDO Wanderers score was 3-1 in favour of Saints 1. In Swakopmund, Mad Maroons and WOBSC’s Burgundy Bullets, UNAM and NUST all faced each other in matches that produced fireworks. First up was Mad Maroons, who took on UNAM in what was expected to be a humdinger between the two competitive clubs. The game was a seesaw affair as the lead switched sides regularly. It was, however, not until the dying seconds of the game that Mad Maroons buried the ball in the back of the net for the 5-4 bonus point victory. The two teams showcased a titanic battle emerged victorious and walked away with the bragging rights. The win took Mad Maroons back to the summit of the Bank Windhoek Premier League. Mad Maroons then went on to play NUST. The student side kept the score low until late in the game when the Mad Maroons turned up the heat and left nothing to chance in search 5-2 in favour of Mad Maroons. Later NUST took on Burgundy Bullets. NUST gave a good performance and almost salvaged a draw, but it was too little too late for the students, as they once again lost 3-2. The Burgundy Bullets Bullets went on and played another team of students – UNAM. The game was a close one at stages but the power and accuracy of UNAM carried them to a convincing 6-3 scoreline. In Windhoek, the league was turned on its head as one upset followed another. DTS took on the talented and fast youngsters from Saints. It was expected to be an evenly contested have not lost a game yet. They were, however, completely outclassed and outplayed. Saints scored seven goals to one, taking them top of the table for a couple of hours. DTS then went on to play Saints 2. The young Saints looked like seasoned professionals on the pitch and played an astounding game of hockey. They eventually won the game 2-0. Saints 2 took on BDO Wanderers, and gave a good account of themselves but could not match their earlier result and lost 3-2 to BDO Wanderers. Women’s Premier League WOBSC took on NUST in Swakopmund and won 5-1. UNAM played NUST and as expected, it was the green and gold from UNAM who took the honours 5-1. WOBSC also played UNAM in a one-sided affair with the youngsters from WOBSC not up to the challenge of the more experienced UNAM team. Final score: 5-0 to UNAM. In Windhoek, the Angels took on BDO Wanderers and defeated them four goals to nil. The game between DTS and BDO Wanderers was postponed due to water on the turf. DTS later took on Saints, but let up and made sure to get the maximum points for the game Men’s First League The game between WOBSC and Raiders did not take place and points were awarded to Raiders. NUST drew 1-1 with X-Team. UNAM beat X-Team 2-1. UNAM then lost 5-4 to a very talented Raiders side. X-Team was scheduled to play WOBSC but points were surrendered by WOBSC who Raiders played NUST and completely dominated the game as they won 7-0. DTS played Saints but it would be a reversal from an earlier game with DTS winning 7-0. Saints took on BDO Wanderers and won 2-1. Women’s 1st League Raiders defeated UNAM 8-0. Raiders followed that with another win over WOBSC by the same margin, 8-0. Coastals played WOBSC and won 3-2. Coastal then played UNAM and beat them 3-1. Angels played Masters and lost 5-2 with experience coming to the fore. DTS lost 7-0 to Saints. Men’s 2nd League Saints played Gurus and won 9-0. UNAM faced off against X-Team and won 7-2.

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167