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New Era Newspaper Friday March 23, 2018

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4 NEWS Friday, March 23 2018| NEW ERA Robbers shoot farmer’s wife, steal N0,000 Loide Jason Windhoek The 56-year-old wife of a semi-commercial farmer sustained serious injuries after she was shot with a shotgun by robbers who then stole N0,000 her husband generated from selling some of his farm produce. The incident occurred on Tuesday at Embumba village, Oshikuku Constituency, Omusati Region. The victim is the wife of the owner of an irrigated smallscale commercial crop farming project known as Epandulo in the constituency of Onesi. Rauha Haduwa, a Namibian female from Embumba village, has since been discharged from hospital after she received treatment for her injuries. It is alleged the victim was fast asleep when the criminals used unknown objects to open the window and cut the burglar bars of the window, to gain entrance to the bedroom. According to information provided by the police spokesperson of Omusati Region, Warrant victim was shot in the right arm during the robbery. “They broke the door of the victim ‘s sleeping room, shot three times through the door with the bullets hit the victim in the right arm (next to the wrist), then kicked and tied her up with ropes and stole the money,” said the Shikongo said the gang of four suspects initially got away with shotgun and the safe containing N0 000. The value of the gun is N,800 N,653. However, Shikongo said the TV and shotgun were recovered from one of the getaway vehicles that got stuck when the gang tried The policeman said the suspects had three getaway vehicles of which two got stuck and they only managed to get away in one vehicle, leaving the other vehicles behind. Wanted… This man is being sought by the police to help them with their ongoing investigations. This person or any person who knows his whereabouts should contact the police. “Two X Toyota Corollas with registration numbers N 34629 SH and N 1586 SH allegedly used in the commission of crime were seized by the police. One vehicle was found about 78 metres from the victim’s house and the other vehicle was found stuck in the mud at Embumba village,” explained Shikongo. Both vehicles are being kept by the police. Shikongo said a case of armed robbery with aggravating circumstances was opened against the culprits although no arrest was yet made. A manhunt is on for the criminals. SADC PF mourns SCHIMMING-CHASE Staff Writer Windhoek The SADC Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) has expressed profound sadness following the passing on of former diplomat and former parliamentarian Nora Schimming- Chase. SADC PF Secretary General, Dr Esau Chiviya, offered his “deepest condolences” to the government and people of Namibia as well as the entire Schimming-Chase family. “A respected diplomat and fearless advocate of the rights of women and girls, Hon Schimming-Chase diligently served as vice-chairperson of SADC PF from 15 November 2006 to 27 November 2008. Whenever she presided over the Plenary Assembly Session in place of the chairperson, she did so with unrivalled eloquence The SG noted Schimming-Chase once served also as a member of the HIV and AIDS Standing Committee of the SADC Parliamentary Forum from June 2006 to November 2008. “Overall, she devoted a lot of her time and energy furthering the ideals of SADC PF. Namibia and indeed the continent have lost a steadfast advocate for human rights. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives were positively impacted by this great woman. Her passing on is a major loss,” he said. His Royal Highness Prince Guduza, the former Speaker of the National Assembly of Swaziland, who also once served as chairperson of SADC PF expressed “great shock and a deep sense of sadness” following Schimming- Chase’s death. “I recall with gratitude how much of a very wise and intelligent person she was. She added value to the very many important tasks that the SADC PF had charged us with,” HRH Guduza said in a statement. He said Schimming-Chase had supported ongoing efforts to transform SADC PF into a regional parliament. He added that she was a stickler for optimal use of scarce resources at the forum and cherished peace and tranquillity. “She was instrumental in motivating various countries that are represented in SADC PF, to go on a goodwill mission and ascertain that the government of Zimbabwe was operating in conformity with the guidelines and dictates of the Government of National Unity (GNU).” HRH Guduza reminisced that she had remarkable leadership qualities, exuded authority and diligently presided over the Plenary Assembly Session of SADC PF whenever she acted as chairperson. “She was an extraordinarily brilliant and gifted person.” Botswana’s former MP Ambassador Duke Lefhoko described her as “the embodiment of kindness, resoluteness, candidness, excellence and diplomatic He said, “She was endowed with the among women rather than men,” adding that she was a brave woman. Amb Lefhoko worked with her within SADC PF when he was treasurer and subsequently vice-chairperson of the forum. “We participated together in some election observation missions in the SADC region. She was meticulous at work.” He recalled that Schimming-Chase was deeply hurt and shed a tear when the executive within the SADC region “dealt the SADC Tribunal a fatal blow”. He said Schimming-Chase was a “true democrat” and that her passing on was a loss not only to Namibia, SADC and Africa, but the rest of the world. World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa middleweight champion Walter Kautondokwa, in action on Tuesday when he successfully defended his crown. Our Star of the Week is the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa middleweight champion Walter Kautondokwa, who on Tuesday successfully defended his crown when he knocked out tough-as-nails Argentinian opponent Billi Godoy in the main bout of ‘The Legacy Independence Boxing Bonanza’ held at the Ramatex Hall in Windhoek. touching distance of the world title. Nestor Tobias said: “It was a great performance best. It was a job well done and we will go and sit down and plan the way forward for Walter and hopefully go for the number one spot on the rankings because if Walter becomes the mandatory challenger, the world champion N0 million for teachers’ development Maria Amakali Windhoek The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture plans to spend N0 million curb the shortage of teachers the ministry experiences. In 2016, the education ministry had 30,042 teachers in 1,846 schools with learner enrolment of 722,248. Out of the number of teachers in the country about 25,958 (89%) had of three or more years. “Training is in place for the unqualified and underqualified teachers through the Centre for Continuing Professional Development, Teaching and Learning Improvement at the University of Namibia,” explained Absalom Absalom, the ministry. teachers have Grade 12, while underqualified teachers have qualifications from the former education college. The ministry will spend the budgeted N0 million for a period stretching from 2016 to 2024. A total of 1,627 (years 1 and 2) In-Service Education and Training (INSET) teachers have been enrolled in the expected to complete training in 2019. “Besides the above continuing professional development initiative, 35 school principals (trainers of trainers) were trained in the implementation of the revised curriculum for junior secondary phase in 2016,” said Absalom. In 2016, 84 mentor teachers received refresher training on how teachers in schools. “Information communication technology (ICT) training of teachers, facilitated by the National Institute for Educational Development, took place in 2016 in some of the fourteen political/administrative regions of the country,” noted Absalom. With the support from UNESCO through the Chinese-Funds-In- Trust project, an online education forum called KOPANO provided a virtual space that brought educators together as a community of practice regardless of distance, and facilitated discussions, communication, learning and sharing of best practices.

Friday, March 23 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Likoro to appeal in Supreme Court Roland Routh Windhoek Windhoek High Court Judge Dinah Usiku, with Acting High Court Judge Johanna Salionga concurring, on Tuesday morning granted rape convict Vincent Likoro leave to appeal his conviction in the Supreme Court. Likoro, the former special advisor of the then Minister of Lands and Resettlement, Alpheus Naruseb, was convicted and sentenced on a charge of rape that happened in July of 2013 during Region. His appeal against conviction in the Windhoek High Court was already dismissed by Judges Christi Liebenberg and Dinah Usiku on December 8 last year who cancelled his bail and ordered that he be brought before the Regional Court in Katima Mulilo where he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in 2016 for committal. He claimed the judges were wrong in concluding the cumulative effect of the failures or omissions by his legal representative during the trial in the magistrate court indeed did not constitute an irregularity of such magnitude that it impermissibly and unlawfully infringed upon his right to a fair trial. In his notice of appeal, Likoro Ex-cop accused of killing sons wants retrial Roland Routh Windhoek Albertus Ganeb, the former police constable accused of fatally jealousy over suspect text messages on their mother’s cellphone, wants the judge presiding over his trial to recuse herself from the proceedings. He feels the judge, who presided over his trial, was biased. Ganeb lodged the application at the Windhoek High Court at the Windhoek Prison premises when he accused Judge Dinah Usiku of favouring the State in his murder trial. According to Ganeb, the court’s rulings, comments or conduct are biased in favour of the State and against him. He appeared in person, as his state lawyer, Boris Isaacks, withdrew from the case after Ganeb accused him of incompetence. He claimed the court intervened on various occasions when his lawyer was busy with crossexamination and “protected or shielded” witnesses from answering pertinent questions. Ganeb further claimed Judge Usiku was unduly uncompromising when she ruled on objections from the State and ordered the defense to move on when they were still pursuing a line of questioning. This, he said, was done without just cause and had the effect of curtailing thorough cross-examination. He quoted Section 166(3)(a) of the Criminal Procedure Act that is dealing with cross-examination and re-examination of witnesses. The section Vincent Likoro states: “If it appears to the Court that any cross-examination contemplated in this section is being protracted unreasonably, the court may request the cross-examiner to disclose the relevance of any line of examination and may impose reasonable limits on that cross-examination regarding the length thereof or regarding any particular line of examination.” According to Ganeb, the court erred in law and /or fact when it did not follow the guidelines of the section in question and just unilaterally ordered the defense to move on to the next question instead of establishing the relevance of the line of questioning. “I am of the opinion my right to a fair trial, as guaranteed by Article 12 of the Namibian Constitution, is being threatened by the unjust decisions of the court and this gives me an opinion that justice will not be seen to be done” (sic), Ganeb stated. He quoted an earlier judgment where it was stated that justice says Judge Liebenberg was wrong when he found that the appeal against conviction is without prospects of success and refused the appeal. Likoro claims his lawyer during the trial, Kennedy Haraseb, failed to put his defense to the State witnesses properly, which infringed on his right to a fair trial. According to Judge Usiku, the gist of the matter is whether Likoro had an effective legal representation during the course of his trial in the Katima Mulilo Regional Court and whether he received a fair trial in terms of the Constitution. She further said it is to be established whether the magistrate had properly carried out his obligations in terms of sections 168 and 186 of the Criminal Procedure Act, which makes provision for a court to adjourn a matter to any date and for a court to subpoena any witnesses it deems necessary. “It is a principle of our law that courts must ensure justice not only to be done but be seen to be done whereby aggrieved persons receive fair trials,” Judge Usiku stressed. She further said it common cause that an applicant in this type the court there are reasonable prospects of success on appeal and that another court may come to a different conclusion. “Having considered the grounds upon which the application is based, the absence of any precedent in our jurisdiction on the subject matter and the authorities referred to by the applicant which are of a persuasive nature, this court is persuaded that there is a reasonable possibility that the Supreme Court may or would arrive at a different view,” Judge Usiku said before she granted Likoro leave to apply to the Supreme Court. He will, in the meantime, remain in custody unless he succeeds in obtaining bail. Likoro was represented by Advocate Louis Botes on instructions from Jan Wessels and the State by Advocate Dominic Lisulo. must not only be done but must also manifestly be seen to be done. He further said the court failed in the execution of its duties and responsibilities to ensure a fair trial because of the non-compliance and incompetency of a judicial He further said impartiality of a judge goes to the heart of the matter and is fundamental to a fair trial. “Impartiality requires a mind open to persuasion by the evidence and the submissions by counsel. Lack of impartiality may well form the basis of an apprehension of bias,” Ganeb stressed. State Advocate Palmer Khumalo opposed the application. Ganeb is facing two murder counts for the death of his sons and, in addition, faces another two assault charges with intent to do grievous bodily harm for allegedly assaulting the mother of the deceased boys, Romilly and again in 2014. Finance to introduce biometric cards Nuusita Ashipala The state-owned medical aid, Public Service Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS), is in the process of introducing biometric cards to identify its members and to eliminate fraud. The biometric cards are part of the ongoing PSEMAS reforms to mitigate dubious transactions. PSEMAS falls under the Ministry of Finance. In the meantime, the ministry has put on hold payment of about 25 service providers while the administrator, Methealth, and the ministry conclude investigations. “The Ministry of Finance had appointed a committee of health care service providers to help the ministry with the review of PSEMAS claims to identify outliers and inappropriate claiming,” said Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein when he addressed health providers at an engagement - to review and analyse the current PSEMAS governance structure and oversight of the A consultant was appointed to lead the project within six months. Going forward, health care service providers are required to sign contracts with PSEMAS by March 31. Service providers who do not sign contracts with PSEMAS will not be bound by PSEMAS terms and conditions. “Therefore, if a PSEMAS member makes use of the service of a non-PSEMAS service provider, the member will have to pay the service provider him or herself and then follow deviation process to claim the amount which PSEMAS would have paid for that service if it were rendered by a contracted-in service provider,” said Schlettwein. The minister said the ministry had settled claims amounting to N. 48 billion by February 11 and the balance will be settled by the end of this month. Accumulated arrears will be honoured early next month. Chairperson of the Namibian Medical hospital, Akutu Munyika, said those who overstepped are a small fraction that has created a bad name for the profession. He called on those found to have overstepped to be dealt with in accordance with the law. Expect more.

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